Test the Limits

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I was a nervous wreck. I was presenting my doctorate thesis in front of the University Board of Directors for their approval. My business suit had been delayed at the cleaners so I had run out and bought a new one that morning. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized my skirt was a little shorter than it should have been. I hoped they wouldn’t mind.

I spent a good portion of the day at the auditorium, checking my boards and slides, making sure everything was in order. My notes were impeccable and my speech was flawless. I felt confident I could answer any question put to me. After all, this thesis had been my life for the past six years.

My boyfriend, Steve, had promised he would be there. My presentation was in an hour. I knew if I could get a hug from him, then I would feel better, calmer. Boy, was I wrong.

He showed up and quickly led me to a back classroom. There, he shut the door, locked it and pulled out something from his bag. In one quick move, I was pinned on the desk, my belly and breasts pressing. My breathing quickened and I felt my nipples go hard.

“Not now Steve!”


His hands lifted my skirt, exposing my garterbelt and pantyless crotch. I moaned in delight as I felt something hard press on my opening and then slide into my moist cavern. It was so hard and big, filling me so completely it almost hurt. I pushed back, trying to take him deeper. Only when it started to vibrate did I realize it was not him. I heard his chuckle and then felt a butterfly press against my clit, pulsing and vibrating so splendidly.

“How much control do you have?”

It was a game we had played before. He would escort mecidiyeköy push my body, test its limits. He would try to his best to make me cum and I would try my best not to. It was a wonderful game that normally ended in explosive sex so great I sometimes passed out.

I heard the click of a lock and realized he had belted the toys into me. A black leather belt now lined my crotch pressing tightly into me. My lips were spread over it and he had pulled it as tight as possible. A tiny padlock kept it securely around my waist. It would not move until he unlocked it.

“Such a nice picture, lover. Now fix your skirt and go do your presentation.”

My presentation!

“No, you can’t mean to… you wouldn’t…you won’t…”

“I can, I will and I love you.”

He kissed me hard and then walked out of the classroom. I quickly smoothed my skirt and walked to the Ladies Room. I felt the vibrators pressing me every step of the way. I was so full! I quickly checked my appearance, and reapplied my lipstick. Thankfully Steve hadn’t mussed my hair. Normally that is the first thing he does.

I was about to leave the Ladies Room when I felt the vibrator in my cunt stop. I sighed in relief only to moan when my clit went haywire. For about five minutes, I leaned against the bathroom wall as he alternated speeds on each vibrator, never letting me know what would happen next.

My watch beeped. I had ten minutes. I took a deep breath and then walked out of the Ladies Room and to the back room of the stage. My Advisor, Tom, met me there.

“What is wrong with you!? You have less than ten minutes and you decide to show bayan escort up now! I hope you’re ready. You’re pale, what’s wrong!?”

“Relax Tom, I’m just nervous.”

“Well, you damn well should be!”

He went to present me and blessedly, I felt the vibrators turn off. I was so hot, I imagined my juices dripping down my legs. For six years I had worked on this and now I couldn’t even remember my topic! I was going to kill Steve! Right after I fucked his brains out.

My heels clicked as I walked onto the stage. The lights were so bright, I couldn’t see into the audience. My displays…thank God. I quickly remembered my topic and in a scientific, doctor tone, began my presentation.

I almost forgot that I was full between my legs. That is until the vibrators started again. I caught my breath and almost orgasmed on the spot. Taking a quick sip of water from the podium, I began speaking again.

Steve would play with the remotes, turning on one, then the other. One would be on low for endless minutes, then to shoot up to high. The other would climb for a minute until I almost climaxed, only to stop and leave me close to sobbing with desire.

I concentrated on my presentation, remembering and reciting facts and figures, displaying experiment results, test cases. How long was my presentation? I couldn’t call up the figure for a moment. Was I showing my dilemma? No one seemed to be noticing. Oh GOD…not now, please not now. Yes, just a little MORE…I took a gulp of air as the sensations went from full force to complete stop.

My presentation was over. I had done it. I quickly acknowledged the applause and then went bayrampaşa escort bayan backstage. I had fifteen minutes between the presentation and the question and answer period. Steve met me at the back door and quickly pulled me to a classroom.

My skirt was lifted and the belt dropped to the floor. I was pushed bent over against the wall. He was in me, thrusting hard. I cried out and climaxed almost instantly. His hands held my hips roughly, taking me hard and fast.


I felt his hand clamp over my mouth and bit down, wanting to shout my ecstasy. I felt my ass slapped hard and then his body tightened. I could feel him pulse, but none of his wetness filling me. It took me a moment of panting to calm down and realize he was wearing a condom.

“That wasn’t very nice. I wanted you in me.”

“Shh. Later, darling. For now, you have to finish becoming a doctor.”

He kissed me tenderly, straightened my skirt and patted my bottom as he sent me out of the room.

I walked out of the classroom and back towards the auditorium. I could barely remember the presentation or the question and answer period. All I could think of was my Steve and what later would bring for us. I was wet again just thinking about it.

* * * * *

Tom watched as Steve dropped the condom in the trash and picked up the toy belt.

“Damn, what a woman.”

“Back off Tom, she’s mine.”

“You don’t want to share? Maybe…pretty, please?”

Steve looked at Tom and zipped up his pants.

“Hey, you asked me to make sure she wasn’t too nervous and I did. You never said anything about sharing.”


“We’ll see Tom…if she gets her doctorate.”

Tom smiled wickedly as Steve walked out. He imagined what he would do to the beautiful vixen he had worked with for over six years. She would get her doctorate, and he would get his.

DAMN what a woman!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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