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Valerie looked down at her watch and then glanced out over the small training room. Clearing her throat, she stood up and announced, “It’s eleven o’clock, one more hour.” She then settled back down into her chair, suppressing a smile as several people groaned.

She leaned back in her chair and looked back at the people seated at the tables. They were all looking down, reading and writing, frantically working their hardest. This exam was the culmination of their efforts, each had paid a considerable percentage of their income for an intensive training course, a training course designed to help them pass this test.

The Personal Proficiency Test was originally designed to identify specific skills and knowledge in an effort to find the best possible career for the person taking the test. When graded and evaluated it provided detailed information regarding a person’s aptitudes and abilities in a wide variety of career fields. Based upon the results of the test, a person could then be directed into the best possible occupation for themselves. At least that was the original intent of the test.

Valerie ran her hand over her arm, feeling the goose bumps that had formed as she sat in the almost icy cold of the training room. She had announced at the beginning of the test that the room was purposely cooled to that temperature to offer the optimum environment for a test of this type. In actuality, she kept the room this cold for one reason a reason she did not divulge to anyone.

She slowly looked over the individuals taking the exams. At the front of the room was a tall woman with attractive blond hair. Her shoulders were broad and she had proportionately large breasts. Valerie noted the two impressive bulges in the fabric of the woman’s blouse and sighed appreciatively. Looking at the woman’s face she saw faint lines of concentration across her brow and a confident glare in her eyes.

Looking onward she quickly passed her over a row of three men at the next table. All three appeared to be working quickly and efficiently. She looked to the next table and focused on a dark haired woman.

The woman had soft oriental features with a light olive tone to her skin. Her breasts were small, but her nipples were very perky, standing firm beneath her gray blouse. She was not as attractive as the statuesque blond in the front row but something drew Valerie’s attention.

The woman was distraught, practically in tears as xnxx she fumbled over her test. She had erased several answers, changed them and then went back and erased them again. Valerie smiled and glanced down to her watch calling out, “Thirty minutes.”

Almost immediately the dark haired woman began weeping. She was very quiet and no one else in the room noticed, but Valerie, staring intently at her, could see the tears rolling down her face. She knew it was time.

Slowly she stood up and walked over to the weeping woman. Squatting down beside her she whispered, “You know there is another way to pass this exam.”

The woman gazed up at her hopefully, “Excuse me.”

“You can forgo this formal written portion of the test and simply take the oral exam instead,” Valerie whispered.

“What do I need to do?” the woman asked.

“Simply slip all your papers into your envelope, place it up on my desk and then leave this room. I will be waiting for you in another training room, Room 412. Meet me there and I will administer the oral exam.”

The woman nodded and began stacking her pages as Valerie walked out of the room. She headed directly to Room 412 where she pulled the blinds closed and then sat down on the sturdy desk at the front of the training room. After a few minutes the woman opened the door and stepped inside.

“Okay, we need to get started right away,” Valerie said. “Please sit down at that table and make yourself comfortable.” She then walked to the door and pressed the button to lock it. She then walked up to the table where the woman sat.

“Are you ready?”

The woman nodded.

“Okay, please slide back a bit,” she replied and then slipped in between the table and the woman. Sitting on the table, she lifted her skirt, opened her legs and reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties aside.

The woman looked down at Valerie’s pussy and then up to her face, “But…”

“The oral exam. This is part one.”

“Part one?”

“Yes, unless you want to go back and complete the written exam.”

“No, no, I can’t do that.”

“Well, then you need to do the oral exam.”

“But I have never been with a woman before,” she replied.

“You have had sex before?” Valerie paused while the woman nodded, “Oral sex?” Again the woman nodded. “Your husband…”


“Your boyfriend went down on you?”


“Well, simply do what bakire porno he did, or what he tried to do. Get creative, think about what you wanted him to do when he went down on you and simply do it to me.”

“And if I do…”

“If you do it well you pass the test, hell, even if you do it poorly you will pass.”

The woman leaned forward and then paused, “Should I kiss you first?”

“Do what you want, just do something,” Valerie exclaimed, gently reaching out and sliding her fingers though her dark hair. She felt the woman first kiss, then run her tongue along her thigh. She responded, “Yes, that’s nice.”

Feeling the woman’s hot breath on her pussy, she closed her eyes and let herself focus on the sensations between her legs. She felt the inexperienced probing of her tongue as it slipped into a place it had never been before, tasting the salty, tart flavor that Valerie often found herself craving. Feeling the woman’s hesitation, she encouraged her, “Yes, yes, that’s it, but deeper, yes deeper, like that. Now move it around inside me.”

It was incredible, the woman followed her every instruction as Valerie asked her to slip a finger inside her as she worked her tongue up between her lips and up to her clit. “Yes, now run your tongue over my cliit, harder, yes, now suck it in between your lips. Keep sucking, yes, suck it.”

Valerie didn’t know if it was the feeling of power, or just the delicate, hesitant motion of her lover, but it simply drove her wild and in no time she felt the pleasure building inside her, deep inside it built until an electricity ran through her body and she cried out, “Yes, yes I am coming, I’m coming.” She felt her pussy sudden begin convulsing, squeezing the woman’s finger again and again.

She looked down and saw the woman looking up at her face. Her lips and cheeks glistened in Valerie’s juices as she asked, “Was that good?”

“That was incredible,” Valerie replied, closing her legs and trapping the woman’s finger inside her. “You felt how I came didn’t you.”

The woman nodded, then slowly smiled, “Yes, yes I did.”

“And you liked it?”

The woman turned her head and looked down at the floor.

“You liked it didn’t you?”

She paused, seeming to hold her breath.

“Didn’t you?” Valerie asked again.

“Yes, yes I loved it, the way you moved, the wet, yes the wet.”

“Well then, are you ready for bedava porno the second part of the oral test?”

“Second part?”

Valerie nodded, opened her legs to release the woman’s fingers and then slid off of the table. The then knelt down on the floor and move her hands to the woman’s knees. Looking up at her dark eyes she replied, “Yes the second part.” She then gently pried the woman’s knees apart, reached up under her skirt firmly grasped her panties at the waistband.

As she began pulling her panties down, the woman lifted up and then wiggled in her chair, helping Valerie slide the panties down her legs and finally over her feet. Leaning forward, Valerie dipped her head up under the woman’s skirt and took in a deep breath, feasting on the damp, heady aroma.

She immediately slipped her tongue up into her opening, finding it already very wet. Plunging her tongue inside her, she let the tangy flavor wash over her tongue. Circling inside the woman, she drew her juices into her mouth before retracting her tongue and working up to her clit. She worked her tongue around the tiny firm nub as the woman began moving her hips in response to the pleasure.

Valerie heard the woman whisper, “Oh, so good, I never felt anything…” the words slurred into a groan. The woman’s legs draped over Valerie’s shoulders and pulled her into the woman. She slipped her lips over her clit and began sucking. She slowly eased a finger into the woman’s soaking pussy and worked it in and out.

“Yes, yes,” the woman suddenly cried out loudly. “Oh yes,” she moaned as she lifted her hips, gasping for breath. Valerie felt the woman’s pussy sudden squeeze on her fingers and then release. It squeezed again and again. When she finally moved her head out from under the woman’s skirt, Valerie looked up at her face. Tears ran down the woman’s cheeks.

“Well, it looks like you passed the test.”

“Are you sure? Perhaps I should take it again?”

“No, no, I think you have don’t quite well as it is. Besides I have to get back to the other participants.”

“Thank you, Thank you,” the woman said, reaching her arms out. Valerie wrapped her arms around the woman and squeezed her in a long hug.

Valerie let the woman to the hallway and then watched her walk away. She then returned to the original training room. Looking over the people taking the test, she noticed another woman glancing around the room nervously. Her hands shook as she held her pencil.

Valerie walked over to the woman, squatted down beside her and said, “You know there is another way to pass this exam.” She felt a tingling inside her as she noticed the look of relief wash across the woman’s face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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