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“Thank god it’s Friday,” Amy said with a sigh as she stared at the clock, willing the minutes to tick by faster. “30 more minutes and I’m done with this shit!”

Resolving to accomplish a little more work she accessed her email and began reviewing a message from her boss. “These pricks have no idea what they are doing,” she mumbles to herself and begins to compose a reply.

As she’s typing away her cell alerts her of a new text message. She reaches over and sees it’s from her boyfriend David.

“You leaving?”

She hates to tell him that she’ll be awhile but before she can respond he sends another text.

“You better hurry home, I invited some friends over and they are dying to see you.”

She asks, “who?” And he responds “you’ll just have to wait till you get home.”

“I wonder what he’s up too,” she says aloud and decides work can wait until Monday.

On the drive home Amy racks her brain trying in vain to figure out who David would have invited over. Pulling into the driveway she still has no idea what he’s up to but she’ll soon find out.

Amy enters through the garage and is surprised to see no one in the living room or kitchen. She ascends the stairs and hears voices from the bedroom.

“That’s weird,” she thinks as she walks down the hallway.

Approaching the doorway she looks in the room and sees David along with two other men. Men she doesn’t recognize. David smiles and kisses her hotly, slipping his tongue into her mouth. He withdraws and says, “this is John and Chris, we thought you’d like an Amy night.”

“I like the sound of that,” she says, as Chris approaches her and kisses her deeply. While their tongues are entwined Amy feels David ease up behind her and begin kissing the back of her neck and ears.

Chris steps back and John leans in picking up where Chris left off. Chris takes up a position on his knees directly in front of Amy, David mirrors this position directly behind Amy.

Both men reach under Amy’s skirt and remove her panties. Then Chris lifts up her skirt and buries his face in her hot, hairy pussy, while David’s tongue forcefully enters her ass.

Amy moans in ecstasy while both men devour her pussy and ass hole. Meanwhile, John has removed her shirt and bra and is sucking on her erect nipples. The pleasure is nearly overwhelming but she steadies herself on the massive bulge in John’s pants.

Tracing his cock through his pants she exclaims,”it’s fucking huge!” Hurriedly, taksim escort she unbuttons his pants, releasing his giant, fully erect dick. “I can’t wait to feel this inside me”, she says, as she aggressively strokes his long thick cock.

It’s so thick she can barely get her hand fully around it. “I don’t think my tight little pussy will be able to handle this,” she says with a smirk.

John grins and begins removing the remainder of his clothing. Amy refocuses her attention on Chris and David, relishing in the pleasure their tongues are providing. “How does my ass taste baby?”

“Fucking delicious, do you want a taste?,” he asks with a wry smile

“Mmm, I sure do.” David stands and kisses Amy passionately, both savoring the taste of her hot, sweaty ass. “I wanna taste my pussy too.”

Chris stands and Amy sees her juices all over his face. The pair lock lips momentarily then Amy proceeds to lick his face clean. Amy then removes her skirt, dropping it to the floor, while Chris and David remove their clothing.

Amy looks between Chris’ legs and sees a member identical to John’s. “This really is an Amy night,” she laughs while staring at the two rock hard dicks. “What should I do with them?” Amy asks David,

“Well,” he says, “if I were you I’d spend some time blowing those big cocks. I’d like to watch that, I’d like to see you take them in your mouth.” Amy eases down to her knees, both men standing next to each other.

She takes one in her left hand and one in her right hand and licks the tip of each while stroking. She then takes John fully in her mouth, licking and sucking while stroking Chris.

After a few minutes she swaps it up and takes Chris’ cock to the back of her throat. “God their dicks taste so good,” she says and looks over at David.

She sees him furiously stroking his own hard cock, hypnotized by the sight before him. “Come kneel down here next to me, right in front of John.” David complies with her request, his mouth now inches away from John’s dick.

Amy looks at David and says, “I’d like to watch you blow his big cock, will you do that, will you suck his dick?”

“Yes,” he says breathlessly, “yes, I want to, I want to taste his dick.” David reaches up and takes John in his hand. Amy watches lustily as David opens his mouth and eagerly devours John’s cock.

Amy returns to Chris’ cock stroking and sucking it while rubbing her clit and watching David give a man oral pleasure. mecidiyeköy escort She’s never been this turned on. Never been burning with this much lust and desire.

Amy releases her hold on Chris’ cock, stands up and leans over the bed with her round ass in the air. “Fuck me Chris, fuck my sweet little pussy, I need to feel your big dick inside me,” she says with a twitch of her ass.

Chris places one hand on Amy’s left ass check and with his right grips the base of his long shaft. Amy can feel him as his hard cock begins to prod her soaking pussy. He finds the part in her lips and slowly eases himself inside.

Her tight hole stretching to accept his massive size. She grunts and moans as the initial pain transforms into pleasure. “Oh shit,” she cries out as his full length enters her pussy.

She looks over at David, now licking John’s balls, and sees the lust in his eyes. Chris begins a rhythmic pumping-harder and harder-faster and faster his cock filling her up. Amy rubs her clit furiously as Chris thrusts in and out. “You’re so deep,” she breathes huskily.

“God your tight pussy is gonna make me cum quick,” Chris says as he slowly pulls out, needing a moment to calm himself.

“Are you enjoying that cock baby?” Amy asks, as David finally releases John and comes up for air.

“I am, it’s so delicious,” he says, wiping saliva from his face. David then turns around and grabs Chris’ dick, licking the shaft and head, sucking Amy’s pussy juice right off.

Chris jumps back, “damn man you almost made me cum again,” he says with a laugh. David grins and stands up, Chris’ large cock still in hand.

“Why don’t you and I eat her pussy together,” David says. ” I like that idea,” says Amy, rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs.

Chris and David take a position side by side between her legs and begin to aggressively tongue her pussy. David reaches over and takes Chris by the dick, Chris does likewise to David and the two pump one another’s cocks while devouring Amy’s pussy.

Their tongues flicking over one another’s in the process. Amy beckons John to bring his hefty cock forward and insert it into her mouth. Again she marvels at the size while taking it down her throat.

Amy releases his cock momentarily as she feels the two men between her legs cease their activity. She glances down and sees the two with their tongues entwined.

“This is so fucking hot,” she says while stroking John.

David avcılar escort disengages himself and states, “yes it is but it’s about to get hotter I think.” ” do you wanna have two cocks inside you?”

“Oh I don’t know if I could handle that,” Amy says, although David can tell she wants it. Needs the double penetration. Needs her holes filled with hard cock.

John lays down on the bed, his erection bobbing in the air like a flag pole. Amy straddles him and slowly lowers herself onto his long cock.

No pain this time just sheer ecstasy as he fully penetrates her. She pumps him a few times, slamming her ass down into the tops of his legs, then leans over with her ass angled outward.

Chris eases up behind her and begins rubbing his cock against her ass hole. He slowly presses forward, his head barely penetrating, then waits as her ass adjusts to the intrusion.

Inching forward again, Amy gasps as her ass begins to fully open for the large cock.

“Ohhhh, ohhh god!!!,” she exclaims as she realizes both men are completely inside of her. She nearly cums at that realization.

Once they are both inside, they give her a moment to recover. Amy looks over at David and sees him staring, mouth agape, dick rock hard.

“Do you want to watch, do you wanna see these men fuck my pussy and ass hole with their big cocks?”

“Oh I do, fuck her brains out, do it, give her those big cocks,” David demands and both men comply.

Chris and John begin pumping Amy’s pussy and ass hole, both fully stretched now, filled with long, thick, hard dicks. Amy can’t even move, the pleasure is overwhelming, paralyzing.

Chris is the first to explode, with a loud grunt, he empties his cock inside of Amy’s ass hole. A massive amount of cum shooting deep inside.

David looks on and sees the hot cum seeping out the sides of her hole. Chris pulls out and David immediately fastens his lips to Amy’s ass hole, sucking Chris’ cum right out.

Meanwhile, John has slowed the tempo of his thrusts. Chris’ orgasm nearly triggered his own. He slowed further and pulled out completely. His large cock bobbing in the air.

Amy situated herself onto her knees, right next to David. John took his cock in his right hand and angled it at Amy’s face. She was already opening her mouth, tongue sticking out.

John began stroking his rod fast and soon it erupted. Hot, thick ropes of cum shot forth from it. Some of which glazed her face, but most found its mark.

Amy held it all in her mouth until John was finished. There was so much cum it was spilling out down her chin. She hungrily swallowed his heavy load and smiled with intense satisfaction. David happily cleaned the remaining cum off her face with his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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