Thank You Sir

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She was always a statuesque beauty with eyes that sparkled with mischief. I remembered how she walked, astonishing poise and elegance. She was also a bloody nuisance with very definite ideas about what she wanted. As a school student she was friendly and mature for her age although reluctant to adhere to rules.

These thoughts were plaguing me as I tried to get involved in the conversation. Now she was a confident, very forthright and self possessed adult, she wasn’t so much conversing as interrogating as we stood in a bar in the city centre.

She grasped my hand and checked where the wedding ring used to be, this intensified the interrogation.

The meeting lasted for far too short a time but we swapped phone numbers and agreed to meet for a coffee at a later date.

As the time for our coffee date came near I was surprised at how nervous I was, I couldn’t put a finger on why but there it was. I was shaved, after-shaved and as presentable as I could be as I left my recently acquired lat to meet her.

Wow! In a dark bar after a night out with my friends I thought she was stunning. Standing looking at her now I realised I had underestimated her. We ended up in an Italian restaurant having forgotten the coffee. She was very interested in my life since we had last met, telling me how adventurous her own Keçiören Escort life had been and how she had travelled widely. Now, many years later her life experience had changed her greatly, she was no longer a gauche teen but a well rounded, forthright and attractive adult.

On reflection it was the eye contact that got me hooked. She looked at me like she was interested in me and was very skilled in directing the conversation back towards me. Everything was so very civilised until she reached across the table to hold my hand, she leaned closer to tell me how curious she was to see what I was like in bed. I was unsure which emotion was the strongest: flattery, amazement or desire. Once the confusion had eased desire won hands down.

The journey back to my flat passed in a blur. We kissed and held each other as we got to my car, in the car and, rather dangerously, as we were driving. Her body felt so good, curvy, firm and soft at the same time. I couldn’t wait to see her naked, to taste her and allow our primal instincts to come to the fore. The shear honesty of the girl was erotic in the extreme. Her hand had grasped my cock at one point which further deteriorated my driving skills.

We stumbled through my front door tearing at each other’s clothes. I pressed Etimesgut Escort her against the door to close it and moved in for more horny kisses and dry humping which didn’t last long. After we had just about covered each other’s bodies outside clothing I reached down to feel her pussy through her knickers and felt that beautiful honey leaking through. She was so very wet, I asked permission to lick her and the only answer I got was two hands pushing my head down. I pushed those damp knickers to one side and lost myself in her delicious pussy.

She orgasmed while pressed up against my front door and her legs almost gave way. We adjourned to the bedroom in a tearing hurry. I started to undress but she stopped me, she said that was her job and one she had planned on many a dark night. My tie hit the floor first, then my belt. Her hands worked on my shirt buttons but were interrupted as she dragged her nails along my chest and bit my pecs and nipples. My shirt was pulled over my shoulders, the cuffs were still fastened and acted as a sort of restraint. Then my trousers were peeled off to reveal my cock which she took in her mouth with no hesitation.

I undressed her with speed, total lust and desire. As I revealed more and more of her body I was increasingly Demetevler Escort sure that this was a dream, a wonderful, surreal and immensely realistic dream. Her breasts were a delicious size with nipples that demanded attention, one was slightly shy and became erect slower than the other, her skin glowed with youth and vitality and as we lay down together I moved over her to gaze down on the sexiest body I had ever seen. The curves were curvy, her hip bones almost dangerous in the sharpness and the way the lamplight played across her body she looked every inch a Goddess. I looked at my cock hovering over her bush and could not believe I was really here.

I entered her and it was bliss. Her muscles twitched and sent a thrill along my cock that didn’t stop until it hit my toes. Her hands cupped my arse cheeks and her nails dug in as she pulled me in deeper, I could swear she drew blood. It felt like we had been fucking for years, I was able to sense her need and changed pace and angle to suit and she scratched, bit and squeezed me in all the right ways. We shifted position and I entered her from the back, I was able to pay attention to her clit and I stroked into her with a rhythm that was borne of lust and desperation. She orgasmed with my cock buried deep inside her and I met her as I sprayed my cum inside that beautiful pussy. We both rolled onto our backs breathing deeply and shakily, it was then she reached for my hand and put it back on her clit, she wasn’t satisfied until she had orgasmed three or four times more.

Sated, she relaxed back on the bed and spoke the first words either of us had uttered since we got through the door.

“Thank you Sir!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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