That Friday

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I’ve never thought of myself having lesbian traits, last New Year’s Eve, I was involved in a three some, but I’ll tell you about that later. However, my boss, who appears to be in her mid forties (I’m 32) holds some attraction for me. She’s attractive and slender but last Friday, she peeked more than just my interest.

We’ve shared some tales and she’s cried on my shoulder when corporate got too much for her, but nothing more.

I was standing next to her while she was seated at her desk reviewing a problem I’d uncovered. “That’s quite alright,” she sighed, “we can take care of it later.”

She gave me a look that melted me, “I like that blouse on you,” she held my red blazer open a little more. “You are so naughty not to wear a bra, though!” her steel blue eyes glared into mine.

“I’m, I’m sorry,” I stuttered, her fingers dangerously close to my breast.

“Don’t be sorry, my sweet young thing,” her finger tips traced a circle around the impression my hard nipple was making in my white silk blouse. “I’m happy to discover such a delightful surprise!”

I’m afraid that I froze! As much as I liked her, I couldn’t move!

“Would you rather I not do this?” her long slender fingers rolled across my nipple.

I couldn’t speak! I just nodded , “No.” Her touch was sending signals to my pussy, making it moist.

The door to her office was open and there were a couple of people still hanging around. Hamilton, one of the sales guys in the office, turned fifty today and many of us were going to Christopher’s, a bar not far from our office.

I glanced up as Kathryn’s other hand was easily slipping up my skirt. I found myself moving my feet apart to allow her better access, and looked again and saw no one around.

“My naughty darling!” her fingers reached the top of my thigh high stockings, “No even panty hose?” Maltepe Escort she shook her head, “You are so very naughty!”

My head tipped back a little and I bit my lower lip as two of her fingers teased my nipple in my favorite way and I felt more fingers touching the crotch of my panties.

“You are so wet!” Kathryn looked at me, almost in disbelief, “I think we’d better take of this before we leave here!”

“Well, girls, ahhhhh!:” Hamilton had reached Kathryn’s office door, stopped upon seeing us like this and smiled, “Is this my birthday present?”

“What ever do you mean?” Kathryn’s composure was regained immediately as her hands retreated and she stood up. “What do you think we might have in her for you?” her slender body stepped closer to the man with an obvious bulge in his pants.

“It looked like the two of you might be able to use what I’ve got in my pants!” Hamilton teased.

“Let’s see it!” Kathryn smiled sexily at him, “This see this mighty organ!”

I relaxed a little, seeing Kathryn take control of this possible touchy situation. I saw Hamilton open his slacks and work his cock out of his gray boxer shorts.

“Let’s get a good look at it,” Kathryn closed the door and turned facing Hamilton again.

“There’s enough for both of you,” Hamilton bragged.

His cock looked about normal size to me, my husband’s is about six or so inches long and his didn’t seem any thicker.

“What do you think?” she motioned me to come over to them, “Do you think there’s enough for us both?”

“How many times?” I broke my silence, “How many turns do we get?”

“Holly shit!” Hamilton laughed, “You’re trying to tell me that the two of you could kill me?”

“You’d go with a big smile on your face,” I smiled, my hand reaching down to join Kathryn’s on his cock.

“I think I know what Ümraniye Escort we’ll do,” Kathryn took charge, moving Hamilton to sit on the front edge of her desk. “I think you should takehim in your soft mouth,” she looked intently at me.

“This is going to be the best present I’ve ever had!” Hamilton grinned from ear to ear as I moved closer.

“Your vein is so swollen,” I leaned over and started to lick and kiss the underside of the shaft.

“Oh, my God!” he gasped.

“It’s head is so big,” I licked around the tip and flicked my tongue across the slit in the tip of it.

“Oh! Jesus!” he cried out again.

As I started getting to work, I felt the back of my skirt being lifted. With my face in Hamilton’s lap, I could see Kathryn’s face moving in between my legs, she moved them open a little more.

Now comes the bad part, I remember taking Hamilton deep in my mouth and working his balls with my fingers, but once Kathryn’s fingers slipped past my sopping panties, I’m afraid I was in so much ecstasy, I didn’t do much for Hamilton. Even though he quickly shot into my throat and cried out my name in rage a few times.

Her fingers easily uncovered my clit and she flicked it gently and then sucked my pussy with an intensity I’ve never had from a man. Her long slender fingers probed and poked the folds of my pussy and I know I gushed.

She took it all in stride, like the expert she acted like.

After regaining what ever composure I might have left, I slipped off to the bathroom to clean up my thighs and my face. I had Hamilton’s cum all over my face and my thighs were sticky from what Kathryn did to me.

“Wait a minute,” Kathryn called to me as I came out of the bathroom. “I hope you didn’t mind me eating your sweet pussy.”

“You heard me protesting?” I smiled, following her back inside.

“Would İstanbul Escort you ever reciprocate?” she stopped.

“Happily,” I smiled.

“What about now?” she leaned back against the countertop and pressed her fingers to her crotch, “I could use you now!”

I moved closer, our lips met and our tongues darted back and forth.

“I can taste a hint of Hamilton in your mouth,” she sighed. “The next time we kiss, I want to taste me there too!”

She seemed really ready and I was out of my mind with a passion I’d not shared for a long time.

She lifted the front of her knee length black dress and I slipped my fingers to the waistband of her silky black panty hose.

“Would you mind terribly if I yanked these off you?” I teased.

“Oh, sweet baby!” she moaned, “I need you so bad!”

I tugged them down to her ankles, lifted her feet and knelt down, letting her rest her legs on my back.

“I want you so much!” She grabbed my face and drew it to the crotch of her black silk panties.

“I think there’s something wet in here!” my fingers slipped in and pressed into the folds of her gash.

“God I need you!” she almost screamed, reaching down and ripping her panties to shreds.

“I guess you must,” I slipped my tongue into her pussy and drew moisture and lifted the little hood. I flicked my tongue around her clit and she grabbed my head, moaning and groaning like she was ready to cum.

“Get it, bitch!” she ordered, “Make me cum on your face! Be my fucking bitch!”

With that, she grabbed my head and held it tight to her body, My fingers and tongue worked her pussy and clit as I knew I liked mine worked.

Her thighs tightened against my face as she screamed, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” and she banged my face and her pussy hard together!

She came. Oh God, did she cum!

I licked as much as I could and she realized that I could only breathe into her gash, and released me.

I let out a little gasp and she smiled, “You are one good fuck!”

“That’s better,” she leaned down and we shared a kiss, “Now you taste like my pussy!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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