The Adventures of Alison?

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She tried to sound cool, just friends catching up, but he knew her too well. It was as if he could read her mind. Sometimes she hated him for that. He wasn’t one to let her slide either, he enjoyed giving her a hard time. And a hard time, was exactly what she needed.

One thing she loved about Kyle, was that he enjoyed eating pussy almost as much as she loved giving head, together, they were quite a pair. They shared many interests. He wrote poetry, and they both loved music. His voice was amazing and never failed to cause her to melt. She was sure he could have been a writer, or a singer had he put his mind to it, but in her opinion was wasting his considerable talent in a dead end job.

Kyle was 12 years younger then she was, but it seemed hardly noticeable to either of them. He was cynical, brooding, deep, and she loved him for it. She considered it her “mission” though, to pull him from the depths of his own despair. They had shared many a long, lazy, afternoon in bed on her so called “missions.”

They had enjoyed slow, hot, sweaty sex, that left them both spent and too tired to think. They needed each other in a way that she couldn’t explain. So after making plans for the following evening, Hope decided a long hot soak was in order. She could take a dip in the pool, but felt more like laying back, relaxing, and dreaming of Kyle and his hot little tongue.

She was trying to decide what the two of them should do. Maybe they would just stay in, but she felt like going out. Dancing would be nice. Damn, she hadn’t been in so long. Besides the rokettube garden, the only other place that she felt completely comfortable and in her element was on the dance floor. She was passionate about many things. Sometimes she was too passionate she thought, and actually wished she wasn’t. But dancing and gardening were right up there, after sex of course.

She felt free when she was dancing, whether there were 50 people or five, she felt like she was the only one in the room. She felt very sexual when she was dancing, even more than usual, if that were possible. She could feel the music, it seemed to go right thru her making her skin tingle. She liked to touch herself, run her hands across her body. Something she really didn’t do unless the dance floor was crowded enough to not make too much of a spectacle of herself. But she really didn’t care, she figured she had gotten to a point in her life where she just didn’t give a fuck what anybody else though. She’d spent the first half of her life for somebody else, now it we her turn.

People seemed to like watching her dance, especially men. She could feel their eyes on her and felt a perverse pleasure. She usually didn’t dance with any guys when she went out. She felt better dancing alone, but would make an exception for a pretty face, a female face.

She had to admit, she appreciated the female form. Besides that, women were usually much better dancers. She could get just as turned on dancing with girls too. She didn’t know if it was the attention they’d receive from the touching and kissing asyalı porno which it sometimes lead to, or she just did like girls. She figured it was a little of both, and also, that pleasure was pleasure, and she was an equal opportunity employer in that respect.

She heard a noise, and knew immediately what it was. For years now her next door neighbors son, would sneak over and take a dip late at night when he must have thought she was sleeping. She had caught him many times over the years. She’d watch from the window as he was getting out, sometimes naked, but she never said a word. He had a nice body, for a kid. He must be home for the summer, from college she thought. As she watched him strip off his shorts and quietly slide in, she felt that familiar tingle between her legs. Maybe she needed a nice, slow, long, session with her vibrator. Then, she got the most wicked idea. She was still just wrapped in a towel, she hadn’t even dried her hair, she went downstairs and without turning on a light went out to the pool.

She listened, nothing, only the sound of the fish shaped fountains which lined two sides of the pool, shooting a thin stream of water from their mouths, making a delightful sound. Slowly, and with much ceremony, she removed the towel, letting it fall to the ground. Was that a gasp she heard? She wasn’t sure. She was sure that at that distance he could probably see her well enough though, well enough to make out her large full breasts.

She sat down on the side of the pool, the stone cool against her skin. azeri porno She swirled her legs in the water, imaging what Ryan must be thinking. Probably scared shitless she thought, and almost laughed out loud. Finally she slipped from the edge into the water, it felt wonderful. With all the warm days lately the water had heated up quickly, and now it was perfect, perfect for a night swim. She just stood there enjoying, actually savoring the moment. She felt that all to familiar rush which she loved. It was exciting, exhilarating, knowing what she was about to do. Why did it feel so good, to be so bad?

She said his name, no answer, said it again, “Ryan, I know you’re there.” She could just make out his face from the soft light coming from his house, filtering through the Leyland Cypress which surround the pool. Finally he answered, he had a nice voice, nice, deep–young. She swam over to him under the water and somehow even in the dark, managed to pop up right next to him.

She was mere inches away, looking straight into his eyes, she reached out and found his hand. Slowly she brought it to her breast, he didn’t say a word. She stepped closer and pressed her lips against his, their bodies just barely touching, she swore she felt him shake.

It didn’t take much coaxing, him arms were around her in a flash, his hands sliding down and squeezing her ass. Not what she had expected, but she liked it. She could feel his cock between them and was dying to get her hands on it–her mouth on it.

The next morning she woke to find him still in her bed. Looking down at him, he reminded her of a puppy. The way his dark brown hair had dried in small messy curls and how was curled up next to her. He was very cute she thought to herself, maybe too cute to dispose of quite so soon, and she smiled a wicked smile.

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