The Adventures of Becky Ch. 6

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It had been a week since my husband, Ben, caught me and my virgin lesbian lover, Sandy, in a hot 69. Then he got to be the first man ever to fuck her. Ben and I had cautiously felt each other out about the situation, with the conclusion that we both wanted very much to continue to share her sexually. In fact, we agreed that we enjoyed our sex together more just by fantasizing about her. We called Sandy and she seemed very eager for us to visit her in her apartment. Ben and I got a baby sitter, and were looking forward to a very delightful bisexual encounter.

Sandy was ready for us, and was wearing only a light robe when she met us at the door. She was an extremely lovely and sexy sight. Her conical breasts and huge nipples were holding the robe out beautifully. I could hardly wait to start fondling and sucking them. She asked us in quickly and closed the door. She had a very nice apartment, and a good stereo system was playing soft music.

“I’m so glad to see you. I have thought of you both constantly. I don’t think I could have waited another day without seeing you. I need to be with you,” Sandy said.

“We wanted to be with you, too, Sandy. We both love you so much. We’ve talked about you all week,” I replied, as I took her into my arms.

We embraced and kissed ardently, our tongues probed and twirled around each other. My hands parted her robe and I squeezed her firm tits and large nipples. She pressed a knee between my legs, with her crotch rubbing up and down my thigh. She worked her hands up under the back of my dress until they were around my waist, then began working them downward under my panties to caress my ass cheeks. I felt compelled to go down on her right then and there, and probably would have, if it hadn’t been for Ben’s very obvious and intentional clearing of his throat. He seemed a wee bit jealous of our attention to each other.

“Sandy, baby, I think Ben would like a little welcome, too. Think you could spare him a kiss?”

“Oh, yes, – a lot more than that. I’m looking forward to the second time I have ever been fucked by a real cock. I’m on the pill, now, so we won’t have to mess around with rubbers. I’m really looking forward to his bare cock.”

Sandy opened her robe, then took Ben’s hands and placed them on her tits, which he squeezed gently. She reached around his neck and stretched her upturned face to meet his mouth for a very wet French kiss. As she worked her tongue around in his mouth, she pressed her right leg into his crotch while rubbing her pelvis against his leg. In the process, she wiggled her ass beautifully. Ben’s arousal was very obvious from the bulge in his pants.

“Sandy, baby, Ben’s getting a hard-on, and we’ll all be hot as firecrackers in a few minutes. Let’s get a shower and onto your bed before I start masturbating,” I said.

As they separated, Sandy said “I’m certainly ready! My shower is large enough for both of you. I just finished mine. Please hurry. I may not be able to resist masturbating until you get back.”

Ben and I lost no time in getting into the shower. I wanted to be first with Sandy, so I hogged the shower, soaped up quickly, gave myself a quick douche and rinsed with the hand held sprayer. I stepped out of the shower and dried off quickly. I didn’t bother with a robe, but opened the door quickly, surprising Sandy. She was sitting in a large chair near the bed and had one hand on her pussy while the other was squeezing a tit. She jumped up to welcome me and we began kissing and feeling each other all over. Her nipples were already hard, and as I ran my hand between her legs, I found that she was also very wet.

“Sandy, baby, you’ve been a naughty girl, playing with yourself. I want to taste your pussy, Sandy. Let me lick your clit before Ben gets back. Lay back on the bed and get your legs up.”

“Oh, Becky, I love you so much. I want to lick your pussy, too. How about a 69?”

“Not yet, baby! Right now I want to taste your cunt. Get on your back and get your legs up. Hurry, I want to suck your clit good before Ben gets here.”

Sandy responded quickly, moved over to the bed and sat down, then laid back. She raised her legs high and spread them wide. I spent a few seconds admiring her long slit, then ran a finger along it before spreading the lips wide to place my tongue very lightly just below her clit. I licked back and forth slowly, then more rapidly up and down over her clit. Her cunt lips became swollen and her enormous clit stood at attention.

“Oh God, Becky, that feels so good. Your tongue’s so nice on my clit. Oh! O-o-oh! Lick it! Oh, yes! Suck it! Eat me! Put your tongue in me! Oh, Yes! Fuck me! Oh! Oh! Yes! Faster!” Sandy cried as she bucked and squirmed and lifted her cunt for me.

I heard Ben come from the bathroom, and, without looking up, said to him, “Ben, get ready to give Sandy her first good bare-cock fucking. Lick her pussy while I suck your cock ’til it’s good and hard.”

“I’ll love gaziantep escort licking her pussy, but I sure don’t need any help with a hard-on. I’ve been thinking about you two in here and I’m so hard it hurts. Why don’t you let Sandy lick your pussy while I get a good taste of hers? We’d all enjoy that.”

“Oh yes, Becky, let me eat you. I can’t wait to taste your juices. Straddle me with your back to Ben then move up over my face and lean back.”

As I positioned myself above Sandy, she reached up and coaxed me to spread my legs apart, then pulled my ass cheeks toward her, getting me to move up until my slit was just above her mouth. Her hands spread my already swollen lips apart as she raised her mouth into my crotch. She licked very lightly and slowly from one side of my cunt to the other beginning from near my ass hole and gradually moving forward, back and forth between my lips.

“Oh, God, Sandy, you must be the best cunt licker in the world. You are teasing me, and getting my clit so sensitive! I might explode if you don’t hurry!”

I moaned in anticipation of the end of her tongue’s journey, of the strokes across my hard and eager clit. I wanted her to hurry, to stroke, then suck my clit, to eat me. Suddenly, as her tongue finally reached my clit, she turned it’s incredible capability on full force. I was reminded that her long narrow tongue was the most marvelous, slithering, probing, jabbing, fucking instrument ever created. It set my clit and cunt on fire. I couldn’t stay quiet.

“Yeah! Yeah! That’s it! That’s my baby! Do it to me! Flick my clit! Oh! O-o-o-oh! That’s so good, so good. I love your tongue on my clit! In my hole!”

I began to squirm and moan as my excitement heightened; then gradually, she nearly stopped. I realized that she was being distracted by Ben’s treatment of her pussy. She was near orgasm, and she had stopped working on me to do a little moaning and humping on her own. I turned to see what was happening and saw that most of Ben’s face was in her cunt, his nose rubbing her clit while his tongue was as far up her hole as it would go. She was bucking against it wildly.

“Hold on Ben! Let’s get your cock into this hot bitch. I want you to fuck her good. Let’s get her further up on the bed, then you stick it in her,” I ordered, “I’ll suck her tits.”

I got off of Sandy while she moved up and raised her legs high. Ben got in place between her legs. She spread her cunt lips wide with one hand as she guided his big stiff cock to her cunt with the other. In one fast hump, he stuck it in her almost to the hilt.

Sandy cried out, “Ah-h-h-h, Yeah! Yeah! Oh, God, that’s good. All the way, Ben! Yeah, gi’me all your big cock! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! In an’ out faster! Faster! Around and around! That’s it! That’s it! Oh – Oh – Oh – ”

I got on my hands and knees above her, and into a position that let me suck one of her tits, while one of mine flopped over her face. I sucked her cone-shaped tit into my wide open mouth until the big hard nipple was almost down my throat, nearly gagging me. I gradually pulled away until only the nipple was in my mouth and I milked it hard with my tongue. She was crying out, moaning and humping from Ben’s fucking, but I could tell by added jerks, quivers and squeals that she was getting added pleasure from my tit sucking, and I was very pleased.

I gradually worked my right hand down across her belly toward her cunt. I found her large wet clit with my middle finger, and began to rub it in unison with Ben’s thrusts. Those thrusts, punctuated by loud “ohs” and grunts, became faster and harder as Ben began coming into her now loose and dripping cunt. Her cries, gasps and squeals became louder and louder, and she began to shiver and shake as she had an orgasm.

Ben withdrew and laid on his back beside her. They were both quite exhausted from the hard fucking. I saw that Ben’s come was running out of her cunt and down her crack. I got into position to lick it up, but Sandy’s cunt was so sensitive that she asked me to stop. I went to the bathroom and got a washcloth to wipe up some of the surplus. I went to the kitchen and got us all some wine cooler. We talked for about fifteen or twenty minutes while we sat up on the edge of the bed to sip the cooler.

Finally, we finished our drinks and I took the glasses back to the kitchen. When I returned, Sandy stood and embraced me then gave me a very wet and exciting kiss with her darting tongue dueling with mine. Her French kisses always had the same effect on me – exciting erotic spots all over me; tits, cunt, navel, ass hole, and even my ears. She simultaneously got one slender hand busy on a tit, squeezing and massaging it as the nipple got so hard that it ached. It became so sensitive that I jerked each time she touched it. She began running a finger around and over it as I groaned.

Ben, watching from the chair, said, “Sandy, baby, I think that you can get Becky hotter giresun escort than I have ever seen her, don’t you think so Becky? I can’t wait to see you eating her soft cunt. Why don’t you get together on the bed while I watch?”

“I’ll sure try, Ben. I love her, and I love to excite her. I think you like my love making, don’t you Becky, baby?”

“Oh, God, yes, Sandy. I love you, I love your tongue in my mouth, on my tits, on my clit, and in my cunt. You have the nicest, most marvelous tongue in the world. Tease me with it, make my pussy drip.”

We got up on the bed, and I lay spread out on my back as Sandy laid on top of me and between my legs. She squeezed and massaged both tits at once and the nipples got so hard and sensitive that I could not stay quiet; I jerked and moaned a little each time she touched one.

“Oh, God, Sandy, you make my tits feel so good, can’t wait for you to begin sucking on them. Your tongue is going to make me go crazy!”

She continued working on them with her hands, becoming more and more aggressive and pinching the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Oh, Sandy, baby, you’re getting me so hot! I love it! Pinch them harder, twist them. Flip the nipples back and forth your fingers.”

She did as I requested, as they got more and more sensitive and I began squirming and moaning. She then began slowly licking around one then the other of them. They continued to get even more sensitive. When she flicked a nipple back and forth with her tongue as I moaned with pleasure.

“Oh, baby, suck it! Suck it hard. Make your tongue work on it. They’re both aching for your tongue. I can’t wait to feel your tongue milking them. Pinch one and suck the other, please, do it now!”

She began licking and sucking each tit in turn. When she sucked on one nipple, she pinched and pulled the other. Finally, the moment I had been anticipating arrived, and she began the rapid poking and flicking with her tongue as she sucked on one of my tits.

“Oh God, baby, that’s good, I feel like I’m all tits. Suck my hot tit, suck it harder! Oh, yes! That’s it! O-o-oh, I love your tongue on my tit! Make me come sucking and playing with my tits!”

“Oh, no, Becky, that’s not what we have in mind. I’ll let you cool down a little while I make my way down to your lovely cunt. You can work on Ben,” she said to me.

“Ben, get on the bed with us. Get so Becky can work on your cock. I want you to get a big hard-on for her. I’ll bet she knows how to do that, doesn’t she, Ben?”

“Oh, yes, Sandy, she knows how to get me ready, she’s been doing it for years!”

Ben first got into position on his side facing me, with his feet above my head and his head near my spread legs. I twisted my body so that I could get my mouth to his cock, while keeping my ass flat on the bed and legs spread for Sandy. Ben got the idea to have Sandy swing around over my leg so that he could get to her cunt while she got to mine and I got to his cock. This triangle worked pretty well, and we were all busy sucking and licking. With his tongue in Sandy’s cunt and his cock in my mouth, it didn’t take long for Ben’s cock to start hardening.

Sandy licked and sucked my cunt lips, but avoided my clit. I really wanted her to suck on my clit, to torture it with that jabbing, probing tongue, but she seemed intent on just keeping me in suspension, just short of an orgasm.

“Sandy, you’re torturing me, but I love it. I could let you keep licking my cunt forever. It just keeps getting more and more sensitive, and I know I’ll go crazy when you really get to work on my clit!”

“Um-m-m-m, you’re so wet and taste so good. I think I could keep on eating you all night, but I’m sure Ben would like to fuck you, too. I’m just going to get you really ready for him.”

She continued to lick and suck my cunt lips as I licked Ben’s cock, and noted how hard it was. No doubt his thoughts of Sandy licking my cunt and his tongue lapping at her cunt helped turn him on. I was getting very eager to feel his big hard cock fucking me.

Sandy started licking lower and lower in my crack, approaching my ass hole. It felt good, but I didn’t say anything. Finally, she licked directly over my hole, and I responded with an involuntary jerk. It was becoming very, very erotically sensitive, and I realized that I really wanted her to pay more attention to it. Without my saying so she did just that. She licked into my hole and soon began probing into it. She worked slowly at first, then increasingly faster with her tongue. I could feel my muscles relax as she began to fuck my ass hole with her incredulous tongue. I loved it, and decided I wanted Ben to fuck me in the ass, but I wanted it to be a surprize. He couldn’t see what Sandy was doing to me.

“Oh, God, Sandy, you really got me heated up! Use your fingers. Get me good and slick for Ben.” I said, hopeing that she would not let him know that she was working on my ass hole.

She gümüşhane escort was so busy licking and tongueing me that she didn’t say a word. Soon, she wet a finger in my hot cunt, then slowly pushed it into ass my hole, twisting and wiggling it around and around. I was getting so hot that I was wiggling and grinding my ass as she inserted two, then three fingers. She had returned to licking my cunt lips, but still avoided my clit. “Oh, God, Sandy, you’ve really got me hot, and Ben is good and hard. Let him fuck me doggie style while we are in a 69 with me on top,” I suggested.

“I’d like that, Becky, I’d love to twiddle your clit while he fucks you. Think you can give her a good fucking, Ben?”

“I’m ready, Sandy. She has me hard as a rock again, and I can’t wait to fuck her. She’s always a good fuck, nice and slick.”

We quickly assumed our positions; I on my knees with my feet just over the edge of the bed. Sandy crawled under me as I spread my knees apart and bent them so she could get her head just under my cunt. In that position, her head was just about off the bed, but not quite. I then rocked backward a little, lifting my ass so Ben could get access to fuck my cunt. He lost no time in running his cock along my slit a couple of times, then started inserting it slowly. I was so ready that I couldn’t wait for his slow entry, and reared back into him, taking his big cock in to the hilt. I groaned in enjoyment as Sandy added to my pleasure by gently rubbing my dripping clit. My hot ass hole was unattended and I wanted that situation rectified.

“Ben, honey, would you like to fuck my ass hole?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, Baby, I sure would. Ever since I saw Sandy fuck you in the ass with a dildo, I’ve fantasized about it. I’d love to give it a try if you think you’ll like it.”

“Oh, yes, Ben, I’m sure I’ll like it. You may be too big, but I want you to try. I want my ass hole stretched to the limit. Fuck my virgin ass hole, Ben. Hurry, I can’t wait, I’m ready”

Ben backed out of my cunt and I shuddered at the emptiness I felt. Sandy rubbed her hand along my dripping slit, then back around my ass hole. The teasing had me squirming, and I could feel my sphincter muscles again relaxing in successive waves as I became increasingly eager for penetration. She inserted one finger, then two, then three as I squirmed and moaned.

“OK, Ben, I think her hole is ready. It’s about as loose as it can get. Fuck it while I eat her pussy. Let’s give it to her good.”

“Yeah, Ben, fuck my ass. Give it to me. Stretch me! I’m ready.”

I bent my legs further, lowering my cunt over Sandy’s mouth while getting to the right height for Ben’s cock. He cautiously placed it on my eager hole while spreading my cheeks with his hands. I was ready; I wanted it inside me, and I wanted it in quick. As he began to press his cock into me, I could feel the tightness, and anticipated a little pain. But I was too aroused to feel pain, and the tightness felt wonderful. I wanted his cock in me, and I wanted it bad. He backed out a little, then pressed in again, slowly. It wasn’t fast enough for me.

I nearly shouted, “Shove it in, Ben, now! All the way! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh! Yeah! Yeah!”

Ben pumped in and out slowly at first, then faster, and I rocked backward for every thrust. I loved the feel of his big cock sliding in and out of my cock hungry ass hole. I was on the verge of an orgasm and just staying there. I was ecstatic.

I was so much in motion that Sandy was unable to get her mouth to my cunt, but she worked on it with her hands, putting the fingers of one hand into my loose and dripping pussy, while rubbing and massaging my clit with the other. She finger fucked me harder and harder in time with Ben’s thrusts into my ass. I was just about out of control, squirming and twisting as well as humping and squealing in shear ecstasy! I was getting fucked as I had never been fucked before, in both holes, and by the two people I most loved to fuck. I began a series of orgasms that just seemed to go on and on. I shook and cried as Ben reached orgasm and also began groaning and jerking. Finally, as Ben withdrew his cock from my ass hole, I nearly collapsed on Sandy, but managed to roll to one side and then get further up on the bed to stretch out and rest. Ben went to the bathroom to clean up, and Sandy followed him. I dozed off on the bed.

The next thing that I knew, I was awakening and became aware of some movement on the bed. I opened my eyes to see Ben and Sandy in a 69, with her on top and his legs out straight. He had a soft cock, and she was alternately sucking it all into her mouth and licking and probing around the head. I could tell by his actions that he was getting close to an orgasm, but I knew that his cock was not going to get hard. I felt that I should warn Sandy.

“Sandy, baby, you are doing a beautiful job on Ben, and he may come in your mouth if you keep it up. I you like, I’ll finish him,” I offered.

Letting up for a few seconds, Sandy said; “Oh, no! I want to learn what it’s like. I want him to come in my mouth. I want to suck him dry. I like to feel him hump and flinch when I lick below the head. I want to get good at sucking his cock. OK with you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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