The Adventures of Matt , Tom Ch. 02

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I met Matt in college. He was actually a friend of a friend. We were all hanging out one day and he wanted to go out on the town that night. I was the only one that agreed to go. We lived in a resort town in a southern state and we were only a few miles from the beach so the club scene was pretty hopping. I was really looking forward to meeting a girl since it had been awhile.

I wish I could say that we went out and the girls were falling all over us, but that wasn’t the case. We met girls and danced with them but that’s as far is it got. In fact we crashed and burned the first few times we went. It was insanely frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t bad looking. Matt was a little short at around 5’4″ but was in good shape and always had tons of energy. I wasn’t bad either. I was 5’10” and had played football in high school so I wasn’t in horrible shape. We always seemed to get girls to laugh so our sense of humor was also in check. We couldn’t figure it out since we had never had so much trouble meeting girls.

We didn’t give up though. We just figured we were in a slump. One night we went out and ran into Matt’s ex girlfriend, Lisa. They were still good friends and I had met her before. She was a knockout. A little blonde, same height as Matt, super pretty eyes and probably the nicest ass I have ever seen, which says a lot coming from me because I’m a breast man. We hung out with Lisa and her friend Tina. I had never met Tina before but I had heard of her.

I was pleasantly surprised. She was cute, shoulder length blonde hair, not afraid to show her large breasts, and a sweetheart too. She was super friendly. We chatted for a bit before heading to out to the dance floor. I was taken back when Tina stood up, she was really tall, plus she was wearing heels which just made her tower over everyone. She had a great shape, maybe a little overweight but she carried it well. Whatever, I figured, we were just out doing the friend thing so who cared anyway.

We danced for a little while. I noticed Matt and Lisa were getting a little bit more than friendly. Groping, kissing, and Tina noticed too. We just made one of those uncomfortable smiles at each other and kept dancing. After a while we decided to head out for a bite. Around the corner was a little pizza place that stayed open late. We headed over there and ordered a pie. We were really having a great time and decided that since it was still early we would head over to Matt’s place and catch up over a few drinks.

In the car Matt was really excited. He never wanted to break up with Lisa and he still had feelings for her so he saw this as the chance to get back together. We got to Matt’s just before the girls. His place wasn’t anything special, just your typical one bedroom apartment. He always kept it neat, which was more the I could say for my place. He pulled out some Göztepe Escort wine and glasses along with some beer and we all sat down to talk. The girls worked on the wine while Matt and I tossed back a few beers. Tina actually asked for tequila which took me off guard a little. Tina was sitting closer and closer to me on the couch. Our nervous looks became more flirty as we became more comfortable with each other. Matt and Lisa also seemed to be getting more comfortable with each other as they kissed and groped at each other. I wasn’t surprised when they headed off to Matt’s room even though it was still pretty early.

It was a little uncomfortable with the two of us alone. I got up to grab another beer and offered Tina some wine. I filled her glass and she said, “If I drink and more glass of this wine I won’t be able to keep my hands off you.”

I smiled at her. “Is that right? Then drink up sweetheart!” I put my hand under her glass and lifted it up to encourage her to drink. She swallowed the whole glass down! She held it out and nodded at the bottle so I filled her glass up again. I sat the bottle on the table and sat down with my beer.

She was smiling coyly at me and my cock was starting to respond. Her tits looked great in the low cut blouse she was wearing and her legs were tan, long and shapely as they came out of her skirt. She had piercing blue eyes and an adorable round face.

I sat down on the loveseat across from Tina and took a big sip of beer. “So what happened to all that ‘won’t be able to keep your hands off me’ stuff?” I asked. I wanted to let her make the first move. I liked Lisa and didn’t want to be known as the perverted guy who hit on her friends.

Tina paused for a moment with a sexy grin on her face before she stood up. She had left her shoes at he door and wasn’t as imposing without her heels. She was still a big girl though.Thick boned may better describe her. Our eyes locked and she walked over to me. She took the beer out of my hand and placed the bottle and her glass on the table next to me before she switched off the light and straddled me, lifting up her skirt and sitting on my lap. She held my face in her hands and looked into my eyes.

She smelled good. I know it’s a strange thing to think of in a situation like this but that’s what I noticed. She slowly moved in for a kiss. It was soft and gentle at first. Her lips tasted sweet. Tina’s kisses became more passionate as her breathing got heavier. I finally reached up and took a hold of her breasts. She gasped and kissed me harder!! I noticed she was slowly grinding her pussy into my crotch.

Tina sat up and quickly unbuttoned her blouse, removed it and tossed it aside. There was still enough light coming into the room from the fixture still on in the kitchen. Her chest jutted out as her arms went behind her back İstanbul Escort to unclasp her bra. Suddenly I was looking directly at her huge tits! They were magnificent! Big and round, not droopy with pink areola the size of quarters and nipples poking out like pencil erasers!

I didn’t have time to admire them though. She leaned forward and my face was suddenly buried between them. Yeah…she smelled good. I reached up and grabbed her left tit and guided the nipple into my mouth. Her hand was holding my head and I heard her moan, “Oh yeah”. This just encouraged me to turn my head and suck the other one. She moaned again. I lined both her nipples up and sucked on both of them at the same time as I looked up at her. She grabbed a handful of hair on the back of my head and pulled my off her amazing tits and kissed me so deeply and passionately. She broke the kiss and while looking into my eyes said something that both scared and excited me beyond belief.

With an earthy growl she said, “I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!”

I was frozen and just stared at her. I’m pretty smooth, ain’t I? She unfastened my belt and yanked my shorts down to my knees. Then she grabbed my face and kissed my roughly and deeply before she dropped to her knees. She pulled my shorts off the rest of the way and tossed them aside with my shoes. She grabbed my semi hard cock and looked at me with evil, hungry eyes.

Suddenly I was in her mouth. There was no lovey, kissy, get it hard bullshit. She went right down, sucked me hard and went all out. It was like she was possessed!! As she sucked me she pushed up on my shirt…I just pulled it over my head and threw it aside. I was now naked as Tina devoured my dick. She was a moaner and a slurper. I was lost in the pleasure she was giving me. By now I was holding her head as she rubbed my balls. I happened to look to my right and saw Matt standing in front of the bathroom door giving me a thumbs up, grinning ear to ear. Fucking perv.

Tina let my cock out of her mouth and climbed on top of me. She was also naked…tho I’m not sure when that happened. She dropped those tits in my face again and I grabbed them and started sucking. I felt her hand go between her legs and play with her pussy as I enjoyed her boobs. Fact is, I needed a break anyway. Not sure how much longer I was going to last after that blowjob she’d been giving me.

She pulled back and grabbed my cock, she slowly guided it into her soaking pussy. She was tight, and super wet. She bottomed out and began grinding. I love grinders!! She sat up on my and fed herself her nipples. I just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Again I looked to my right and now Matt and Lisa were watching us. Both of them were naked, Matt’s arm over Lisa’s shoulder as she stroked his cock. “Damn she’s fucking hot!” I remember thinking just as Tina Anadolu Yakası Escort dug her nails into my chest and shook on top of me. “Oooooooo!!” I could feel her muscles tense as she came.

Tina was like the Energizer bunny. Once she came down from her orgasm she started really fucking me. The grinding session was over! She went into all out fucking gear! Up and down she went on my cock, tits flopping up and down with her. It was quite a sight. I was just a tool for her pleasure as she rode me.It didn’t take long before she was getting off again!! She went back to grinding mode and gave herself another orgasm.

Look, I’m no Superman. But a night of drinking had given me a case of whiskey dick. I was hard only because of Tina’s hard fucking. Normally I would have cum much sooner. But now I needed to cum. I was past wanting it. Tina collapsed onto my chest.after her second orgasm. My cock was still in her as I sensed she was done. ‘No fucking way’, I thought to myself.

I pushed her up and grabbed her, standing briefly before falling onto the couch. Damn she looked so good lying on her back. I climbed onto her and rubbed my cock head on her pussy lips. She was so wet. I pushed into her and began fucking her. My cock looked so good sliding into her shaved snatch. Tina pulled me down on top of her. Turns out she could be quite verbal.

“Fuck that pussy, Baby! You like it? That’s your pussy now. Ah! Oh! Yeah, fuck me! Fuck my juicy pussy! Anytime you want it, that pussy is yours Baby!! Mmmnnn. Ohhh, yeah.”

Of course she’s humping back to meet my thrusts and soon I was grabbing her ass cheeks and unloading into her. Damn, I came hard. I remember feeling her nails dig into my ass as I squeezed every drop of cum into her. She grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips and cheeks, telling me she loved me, saying I could have her whenever I wanted.

I believe I fell asleep soon after becasue, you know, I’m so smooth. But I woke up at some point just as the sun was rising needing to pee, but we were covered with a blanket that I assume Matt or Lisa put on us.

The morning wasn’t terribly uncomfortable. We all showered and had a bite to eat and the girls left. “Call me” Tina whispered in my ear as they left. You know I did.

We talked about a lot of stuff, growing up, sexual experiences, and why Matt and I couldn’t get laid with so many girls around. I mean we struck out constantly! What Tina told me has affected my approach to women ever since. She told me that men are hunters, seekers looking for their next conquest. Women feel like a conquest when approached in an aggressive manner, even if the guys don’t feel like they are being aggressive, and this is usually a turn off for most girls. But we didn’t do that with Lisa and Tina. We chose to get to know them in a neutral place for pizza. No commitment or pressure.

Lesson learned.

Of course, then she told me that she wanted to feel my cock shoot a load of hot cum into her mouth. She was good that way. And if you like, let me know and I’ll tell you more about me and Tina. I should have married that girl…

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