The Agency h. 01

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Story 1 – Home Delivery

It could have been the board meeting of any company at any boardroom table. But it wasn’t. This was the weekly meeting of the executive of The Agency. The executive was made up of the seven departmental executive officers and Elizabeth Monaghan, founder and chief executive, who was seated in the plush leather chair at the end of the table. She turned to the prim, well dressed woman seated to her left. “Thank you Cat, I’m sure we all agree that those figures are very pleasing indeed”. Catriona Macdonald, chief financial officer, smiled in return and closed the file in front of her. She had just presented a briefing on the financial results of the first six months of business which had showed that The Agency had brought in more than three times the projected figure for turn over. They had known when setting up the business that demand was high for their ‘product’ amongst their exclusive clientele, bud had underestimated just how high. Soon, they spread from their London headquarters to open offices in cities worldwide.

Their business was simple… sperm. The Agency provided rich women with the ability to select the precise gene pool to which their offspring would belong. Nationality, intelligence, eye colour, physical build, The Agency left no stone unturned when it came to researching the ancestry of their donors. But what makes the agency different is their ability to provide services out with the bureaucratic legal framework. In today’s human rights obsessed culture, many countries insist there is a legal obligation on such organisations to maintain records of donors and clients, and to allow access to that information to the authorities upon request. For a substantial fee, however, The Agency could provide a totally anonymous service. No paper trail, no names, no comeback. The donors for these customers would usually be handpicked by The Agency’s team of researchers, though on occasion they would be named by the customer themself. For these custom ‘donations’, The Agency would usually assign one it’s team of beautiful seductresses. The donor would be put under surveillance for a period of time and would then be subject to the agent’s seductive methods, until the product was obtained.

“So, almost done….”, Elizabeth peered over her spectacles to Margaret Beckington, head of customer services, “Margaret, how are the current transactions? Any problems?” she asked.

Margaret Beckington, an attractive brunette in her mid thirties passed a sheet of paper up the table to Elizabeth, “All straight forward except one.” She paused to allow Elizabeth time to scan the details on the paper, before continuing “It’s a job that’s come in from the Los Angeles office, the client has a number of specific criteria including complete anonymity and ….a Scottish ancestry”.

Catriona raised her eyebrows, “Clearly a woman with taste.” she smiled, being from Glasgow herself.

“Indeed.” said Elisabeth placing the paper back down on the table. “That’s quite a specific request sheet the client has compiled here, ” she tapped the sheet with a perfectly manicured nail, “Have we located a target?” she aimed the question at Carol Lombard, head of the donor services department.

“Yes, we located a donor though it wasn’t easy.”, Carol replied. The short, slightly plump lady in her late fifties could have easily passed for a librarian. In actual fact, given the amount of research she and her team carried out, she virtually was! “We attempted to put a honey trap assignment in place but decided that it was very unlikey to be successful given the donor’s characteristics. He’s single, hardly surprising given the amount of time he spends working. Doesn’t visit pubs or clubs often, seems quite shy in female company. “. A ‘honey trap’ was the term that The Agency used to describe the seduction of a donor.

“I see.” Elisabeth took off her glasses and leant back in her chair, causing the leather to creak. After a few moments thought she turned back to Margaret, “What’s the fee on this job?”.

“Thirty five thousand dollars”. There was an approving murmur around the table. “Yes, Hollywood is proving to be a particularly fruitful area. Word is spreading of our ability.”

“Very well.” Elisabeth sat up and looked down the table to the woman sitting quietly at the far end. “Gerda, can your team pick this up?”.

Gerda Fleisch was a tall, well built woman. Now in her early fifties, she had been a colonel in the former East German ministry for state security or Stasi as it was better known. Her rise within that organisation had been brought to an abrupt end by the reunification of Germany in 1990. Since then she had worked as a security consultant for private German companies, but had felt out of place until she had been headhunted by Elisabeth to head up operations within the Non-Voluntary Acquisitions Department, or NVAD for short. On some occasions, where a seduction was impractical, The Agency would call on the services of it’s NVAD agents. The NVAD agents are highly trained Maltepe Öğrenci Escort operatives, mainly recruited from the security services of Eastern Europe. Given total responsibility for recruitment, training, and operations, Gerda was finally back in a role that she could totally immerse herself in.

Though her spoken English was good, albeit with a strong German accent, she would occasionally pause to pick the appropriate word. In her business, misunderstandings could prove costly. “Believing that this subject might require the…. attentions of my department, I have taken the liberty of already placing the target under surveillance. I have an agent on standby, ready to carry out the… operation as soon as you give the order.”

“Oh” said Carol. “I wasn’t even aware we had passed you the details of the donor’s identity.”

Gerda smiled, but it was not a warm smile. “You didn’t” she said simply.

“Well, your efficiency and ingenuity never cease to amaze us Gerda!” Elisabeth said, though from the awkward glances around the table it was clear that some members of the executive found Gerda’s unerring ability to know more about what they were up to than they did themselves somewhat unsettling. “You have my blessing Gerda, carry out a non-voluntary acquisition at the earliest opportunity please.” Immediately, Gerda stood up, nodded curtly in Elisabeth’s direction, and left the room.

For a moment there was silence, broken eventually by Carol who had picked up the sheet of details on the donor. The irony of the term ‘donor’ was not lost on her. Whatever plan Gerda’s agent had, it would not contain an opportunity to ‘donate’. “Poor man won’t know what’s hit him.” she said.

The text message simply read “NVAD Green light”. Tanya Nikorski flipped the phone shut and placed it back in the pocket of her black leather raincoat. She had been sitting in the car watching the target’s flat. His name was Paul Glenson, and he lived in the luxury first floor flat across the road from where Tanya was parked. Everything was in place, the target was at home alone and the surveillance team had reported that the downstairs neighbours had left the day before in an airport taxi weighed down with enough luggage to last a fortnight.

Tanya opened the door and climbed out. She was an attractive woman in her early forties. Though only five foot five inches tall, the heels on her black leather knee boots raised her another three inches. Her frame was neither thin nor overweight. She was voluptuous but several hours a day in the gym kept her body in excellent shape. Her blonde hair held back by a black velvet hair band.

It had been four months since Gerda Fleisch had contacted her in Moscow, where she was working for the Russian domestic state security agency, the FSB. Having been trained in her teens by the FSB’s predecessor, the KGB, she found the current bureaucracy and limitations stifling. In the old days, agents had the freedom to carry out their assignments as they saw fit. They held true power and were respected by the authorities, In comparison, she found the FSB to be impotent. Now the power was with the new breed of capitalist that held the purse strings in Russia. Not she had anything against capitalism, on the contrary. She was simply jealous of the power she felt that she should have. Gerda had selected Tanya from a shortlist of potential agents because of her training, discipline, ability to carry out field work, and of course her KGB training in using her sexuality as a weapon against vulnerable foreign male diplomats. When Gerda told her of the Agency and, in particular, the work carried out by the NVAD, Tanya had relished the opportunity.

The car boot lock clicked open, and Tanya pulled the black sports towards her out of the gloom. It was winter and the night’s drew in quickly, soon it would be dark. From the bag she took out a pair of the finest quality lack leather gloves and carefully pulled them on. They were very tight and she took time to make sure each finger was firmly in place. The gloves were long, and went almost to her elbows, so she pulled each cuff back tight before pulling the cuff of her red satin blouse and her leather coat back over the top. Finally, she took out a clipboard and pen from the bag, before zipping it up and placing the strap on her shoulder so that the bag swung round her back.

After locking the car, she strode confidently up to the main entrance to the flat, her heels clicking sharply on the pavement. Whilst appearing casual, all the time she was watching closely to make sure that her entrance was observed by as few people as possible.

Paul Glenson put his cup of tea on the coffee table and collapsed onto the sofa. Picking up the newspaper he quickly turned to the television section, wondering if there was any live football on that evening. Just as he started to scan the listings… the door buzzer went. “Who the hell can that be?” he said out loud, groaning as he pulled himself to his feet. Maltepe Çıtır Escort He picked up the door entry handset “Hello?”.

“I’m sorry to bother you sir, I’m from the health authority, can you let me into the stairwell please?” The voice was a woman’s with what seemed to be an eastern European accent. Paul knew that the nearby hospital employed a number of staff from eastern Europe, so that made sense, but what on earth did she want? He wasn’t in the mood for visitors. He rarely was.

Tanya waited impatiently at the front door. After what seemed like an age, she heard the buzz from the door mechanism and pushed the door open, making her way quickly up the flight of stairs.

“Maybe she’s dropping leaflets through the doors” thought Paul. Plenty of random people would press the door buzzers to get in and put Chinese restaurant menus, flyers advertising gyms, and other assorted junk through people’s letter boxes. He stepped over to the door and pressed his eye towards the peephole lens. A figure dressed in black appeared from the left coming up the stairs. The fish eye lens in the peep viewer obscured most features, but Paul could make out that she had blonde hair, which seemed to be held back by something on her head and she seemed to be holding a book, was it a book?… no, a clipboard, yes that was it, a clipboard. A black gloved hand reached up to the door bell button. “Oh bugger” he thought, as the door bell rang.

Tanya heard the lock click back and the door opened. “I’m so sorry to bother you Mr Glenson, my name is Olga Solokov, ” She briefly held up an ID card in her gloved hand, then returned it to the clipboard, “and I’m carrying out a survey…”

“A survey? Oh, I don’t really have time I’m afraid” interrupted Paul. Tanya tried to win him over with a disarming smile and a subtle flutter of her long eyelashes.

“… but Mr Glenson, it will only take a few minutes, and I would be so grateful…”

“I really don’t think so” squirmed Paul, pushing the door a couple of inches towards closing. Tanya knew that every second she was standing here she could be seen, it was imperative that she gained access to the property as quickly as possible. Her charms had not worked, no wonder the seduction agents had given up on that idea.

“I’m authorised to pay fifty pounds for a completed survey!” she said quickly as Paul started to close the door. Suddenly he stopped and smiled.

“Fifty pounds! Really? That seems generous. Ummm… ok, come on in.” He stood aside of the door, and Tanya quickly entered the hallway, as Paul closed the door behind her. He held out his hand to guide her into the living room, “Please…. take a seat.”

Tanya quickly scanned the room as she took off her coat, folded it, and laid it down on the arm of the seat. There was a large television as the focal point against the wall, a two seat sofa across from it with a coffee table in front, and another two seat sofa to the left of the table. The curtains were shut, and Tanya spotted a full cup of steaming tea on the table. “Perfect”, she thought.

Paul noticed that the woman who had introduced herself as Olga was looking at his cup of tea as she folded her leather coat in two and placed it on the arm of the seat next to the sports bag that she had brought with her. “Errrr… can I get you a drink of anything?”

“Coffee, black, no sugar” she said before smiling and adding “please”.

“Sure. Won’t be a second” he said as he wheeled round and left the room, heading for the kitchen. He headed over to the cupboard and whilst preparing her coffee he thought “Strange that she took off her coat and yet kept her gloves on. Not cold in here….hmmm, must be the fashion in the Czech republic or Lithuania, or wherever it is she’s from”.

As soon as Paul had left the room, Tanya reached into a side pocket of the bag and took out a small plastic bottle of clear liquid, gripping the top in her gloved fingers, she quickly unscrewed it. She paused and listened, she could hear Paul next door in the kitchen opening a cupboard. Leaning over the coffee table she carefully released five drops of the liquid into the tea.

Paul opened the door to the living room. “Here we go, hope it’s not too strong”. He passed the cup over, and as Tanya took hold of it, her gloved hand brushed his fingers.

“It will be perfect, I’m sure”, she almost purred in her Russian accent, nonchalantly placing the cup on the table without even taking a drink. She sat down, crossing her legs and picking up the clipboard.

“So, what’s this survey about then?” Paul sat down on the other sofa and picked up his cup of tea.

“We are just gathering a few pieces of information about lifestyle habits of local inhabitants. Nothing too complex.” As she explained, Paul sipped at his tea. “We’ll start with a few questions about diet and then move onto exercise habits”. She started to scribble things down on the clipboard and asked Paul a few questions about his eating habits. Did he eat Maltepe Elit Escort a healthy breakfast every day? How many units of alcohol did he consume per week? After a few minutes, Paul was feeling uncomfortably warm. Perhaps he’d just drunk his hot tea too fast. He peered into the cup and, realising it was all gone, placed it back on the table which caused Tanya to look up from her clipboard, glance at the cup, then at Paul. Still looking directly at Paul, Tanya uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again the other way. Paul could have sworn he saw a glimpse of stocking top under her short black skirt. She smoothed her skirt down with her gloved hand. “Have you ever smoked?” asked Tanya, looking back down at her clipboard.

“Errrr… I err… sorry, what was the question?” Paul was trying to concentrate on what she was saying but there seemed to be so many distractions. Those beautiful leather boots, those wonderfully toned legs in that short black skirt. He realised that he was becoming aroused and crossed his legs quickly. It was all very odd, he didn’t normally react this way. My God, it was hot, how on earth was she able to keep those gloves on in this heat.

“Smoking. Have you ever smoked?” repeated Tanya.

“Ummm no, never” he replied and as Tanya scribbled it down, Paul rubbed his eyes.

“Are you feeling alright Mr Glenson? You seem…. distracted”, she asked without even looking up from her clipboard.

“Yes, sorry… I’m just feeling a little errr.. dizzy”. He tried to focus his vision on her, but his senses seemed to have a life of their own. Suddenly he found the smell of her perfume to be overpowering yet intoxicating, and once again he felt his groin stirring. What on earth was the matter with him? Tanya was looking at him. She had her mouth open and was tapping her pen between her teeth. A rhythmic tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. His ears were full of the sound. Tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. He couldn’t take his eyes away from that gloved hand playing with her pen. Tap.. tap.. tap.. tap.. He realised he was staring, but he just couldn’t help it. Those red lips…Tap.. tap.. tap..

“Mr. Glenson? Mr Glenson?” The tapping had stopped, and Tanya’s voice almost sounded as if she was singing his name. So quiet, so beautiful, so insistent, that accent was hypnotic. Finally Paul managed to tear his eyes away from her gloved hand. He put his head in his hands.

“I’m so sorry…. Don’t know what’s… the matter…. Feel dizzy” he just about managed to say.

“Perhaps you should take a nap, let me help you to your bed before I leave.” Tanya stood up and placed her clipboard on the coffee table next to her now cold and untouched coffee. “Come on, let’s get you up on your feet.”

Paul felt Tanya’s gloved hand take his left hand and place his arm around her shoulders, her other arm slipped around his waist and she helped to pull him up from the sofa. “That’s it. We’ll soon have you nice and comfy”. His arms and legs felt heavy, as if he’d had a long workout at the gym. He was also aware of his level of arousal. Every contact as they moved out of the living room into the hallway, the smell of her perfume, the buttery soft touch of her gloves on his skin. It was as if his senses were hyper tuned to every possible sexual signal, he couldn’t help it. He felt sure that she must have noticed the large bulge in his trousers, and he felt embarrassment. He was usually so shy.

After reaching the bedroom, Tanya helped Paul to sit on the bed. “That’s better, isn’t it? Lie down…. You’ll feel better”. Tanya was standing beside him with one knee up on the bed as she placed her gloved hands on his shoulders, gently but insistently pushing him back onto the bed.

“Yes, much better…. thankyou, I’m so sorry again, would you… errr see yourself out please?” he was lying on the bed with his feet still on the floor and his arms by his side. But she had already left the room. Paul heard her going into the sitting room to gather her things. After a few moments she returned. Paul turned his head and saw her coming towards the bed carrying her bag. “Is everything… ok?” he asked, curious as to why she had returned with the bag. But Tanya ignored him, placing the sports bag on the bed beside him and unzipping it.

Tanya knew that the sedative element of the drug cocktail that she had placed in Paul’s drink would not last much longer. The dose was not large, enough to reduce his strength and disorientate him but not so much as to interfere with the quality of the sperm sample. She had also mixed in a sexual arousal inducer that would last several more hours. This drug was used by the seduction agents, but Tanya found that it often made her job easier too.

Paul was beginning to panic now, even in his dazed state, he knew that something was wrong here. “Olga… ” Still with her hand in the bag searching for something, Tanya climbed up to kneel on the bed and sat astride Paul’s chest, his arms pinned to his side by her boots. “Olga!.. wha.. Mmmmpphhh” Tanya’s free hand clamped over Paul’s mouth. She straightened her arm so that her elbow locked, placing maximum force on his jaw. “mmmmmfffffff” was all he could manage beneath the gloved hand, his head sinking into the mattress such was the force that she was exerting. Paul tried to move his arms, but it was futile.

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