The Appointment

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Big Dicks

I was anxious, it was my first time with a dominatrix. I walked up to the door and knocked. A gruff voice answers, “What the fuck do you want?”

Is he a bouncer or pimp? I wondered. “Is this the, uh, right house for, um…”

The doors opens. “Yes it’s the right fucking house. You bring your money?” He interrupts.

“Um, uh yeah” I stammered, fumbling in my pocket for some bills.

I had been enjoying BDSM porn for awhile, had seen a lot of advertisements and finally found the courage to click. I had found someone about right, her picture had some leather, a riding crop and a feather boa. Mistress Kim. We had exchanged emails about the amount, date and location, I emailed that I wanted some tickling and spanking, you know, light stuff. Here I was at her door for my appointment.

I walked in timidly, the guy had jeans and flannel shirt, goatee, typical. I didn’t see anyone else there. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but thought there would be like leather and chains, contraptions and stuff, you know, just like in all the porn clips.

“Is, um, Mistress Kim going to, uh, come out now?” I asked.

“Shut the fuck up!” A bouncer and pimp I thought to myself. “Strip down to your shorts and sit the fuck down!” He barked.

“Are you sure I’m…”

“Shut the fuck up!” He growled.

“Um, okay” I looked around as I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled off my pants. I sat down on the couch.

“Now suck my fucking dick!” He snaps at me.

“Hey! Wait a minute! This is not what I had in mind!” I blurted. Just like that he was in front of me, he had pulled his member out of his pants and had it in my face. Then he grabs a handful of hair with one hand and stuffs his unit in my mouth with the other.

“Mmmo! Mmmo!” I couldn’t get any words out.

“You better suck it good bitch!” Another growl.

It was then I noticed. It was silicone rubber, a strap on! It was not a him! It was her! Mistress Kim! Okay, not at all what I was expecting. What am I supposed to do? I noticed that the goatee was fake and she must have had on some kind of sports bra that flattened her chest. “Mmmf! Mmmf!” was all I could manage. She was gripping two handfuls of hair tightly and was stuffing it in my Maltepe Esmer Escort mouth pretty good now.

“Fuck you are fucking bad at this! Who the fuck taught you how to suck!” I tried to go along but there was nothing like this in our email exchange. Where is the feather boa?

“You better fucking swallow it all bitch! Fuck you are bad at this you fucking cocksucker! Hey! Watch it with the fucking teeth! Bitch!” I tried to push her off so I could get a word in edgewise but the grip on my hair tightened. I’ll have to wait until she is done.

“Oh fuck yeah that’s it! Keep sucking!”

She was ramming it in my mouth pretty good. She hit my gag reflex and I choked. “That’s right bitch! You better fucking take it all in!”

I didn’t know how to interrupt. We hadn’t agreed on a safe word, I wasn’t going to be able to say anything right now.

“You better swallow it all! Bitch!”

Uh oh! Is there some kind of pump attachment?

“That’s it! Right there!” I guess I’ll be able to say something in a minute. “Oh yeah! That’s it! You better fucking swallow it all you fucking bitch! Oh yeah! Here we go! Oh yeah! Oh Fuck Yeah!” She gripped harder and kept thrusting. “That’s it! Oh Fuck! Arrrrrggghhhhhh!!” her body spasmed and shuddered just like the real thing. “That’s it! Swallow every last fucking drop! Bitch!”

No pump, thankfully. I tried my best to make a fake swallowing sound.

“Aaarghh!” That was a pretty good fake orgasm I thought. Okay now I can tell her to lighten things up a bit.

“Aarrgh!” One last thrust then she slipped it out of my mouth and let go of my hair.

“Okay! You know this isn’t exactly…” I tried to interrupt but in an instant she had a ball gag in my mouth. “Mmmo! Mmmo!” Before I could think she wrestled me down on the couch. Click! Click! My right hand was cuffed to my right ankle! Click! Click! My left hand was cuffed to my left ankle! “Mmmf! Mmmf!”

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” I wrestled with the cuffs but there was no escape.

She got up and stepped over to what looked like a toy box. Oh no! She’s coming back with a big black ten inch attachment for the strap on! She swaps it out from the medium size unit she had for my mouth Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort “Mmmf! Mmmf!” I squirmed on the couch, trying to get free.

“That’s right bitch! You did such a fucking bad job sucking I’m going to have to fuck you in the ass!”

“Yeah that’s what I fucking thought, bitch!” as she points to the wet spot on my boxers. Yank! and they are at my knees. “Ha! Ha! Ha! That has got to be the smallest fucking dick I have ever seen!”

Now I know I’m not that big. I think once I got four inches when I kind of pushed down on the ruler a little. How are you supposed to measure it anyways?

“That is one fucking tiny dick you fucking cocksucker! What the fuck? I’ve seen bigger fucking clits than that!”

I had an erection but it felt like it was retreating back into my body.

“You fucking bitch! I’m going to fuck you in the fucking ass!” She smacked my face a few times with the big strap on. There is no way that thing is going to fit. She wrestled with me some more. Now I was face down on the couch with my rump in the air. I saw her go to the toy box come and back with something, lots of lube I hope. Squirt! I felt it running down my crack.

“Mmmf! Mmmf!”

“That’s right bitch! I’m going to fuck you right in the ass!” I couldn’t see but could tell she was moving in behind me. I hear some rustling, then another squirt. She grabs my hips. My heart is racing. I brace myself. I can feel the tip against my opening.

“Mmmmo!! Mmmooooooo!”

“That’s fucking right bitch! Ten fucking inches of fucking cock right up your fucking ass!”

“Mmmf! Mmmf!” Slam! She runs it home. “Mmow?” Wait! It’s not so big! She must have changed it out for a smaller one while she was behind me!

“That’s right you fucking bitch! I’m fucking you right in the ass!”

“Mmf! Mmf!” I groan as she plows me with the strapon.

“Oh fuck yeah! Bitch! Right in the fucking ass!” Thankfully it was a thin and smooth model. Is there such a thing as a trainer?

I’m pretty hard now. I don’t know what is supposed to happen but I’m hoping that there might be a reacharound or something.

“I bet you want me to whack you off you fucking little bitch! You’re not going to Maltepe Evi Olan Escort get shit! Bitch!”

“Mmf! Mmf!”

“I’m going to come all over your ass! Bitch! Aarrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!” She moans as she pulls it out. I feel a squirt up my back, must be the lube. So that’s how that feels. “Aarrrrrghhhhh!” Another squirt, then she hollers “Next!” I hear her fumbling, this must be another attachment. I guess you could call this a strapon gangbang.

“Mooh!” This one was ribbed and I felt every ridge as it slid into my opening “Mmmo Mmoom!” How do you say ‘more lube’ with a ball gag in your mouth? She got the idea and squirted some more on.

“Oh fuck yeah that ass is tight! Thankfully she slowed down the pace and finished quick. Aaaaarrrghhhhh!” She pulls out, I feel stuff squirting up my back again. “Bitch!”

She wrestles me onto my back, grabs my boxers with both hands and rips them apart. “Mmmf!”

“Get me some fucking tweezers!” She laughs. Okay, I had heard that one before, not funny. She went to the box again and came back with another attachment. This one had all kinds of raised things that looked like veins.

She positions me at the edge of the couch and gets ready to go at me again.

She is smiling as she makes a show of pouring lube on her thumb and index finger. Come on! I think to myself, I’m not that small! Then she pours a big glob of lube on her hand and my unit. “Mmmf!”

The unit slips right in and she starts in on me with her hand. “Mmmooohhh!”

It didn’t take long, she is ramming me with the strap on and stroking me like a pro. I’m feeling every vein. I’m at the edge, closer, closer, then I explode. Spasms of pleasure course through my body.

“Mmmmmaaaghhhhh! Mmmmmaaarrrghh!” A string of stuff hits me in the chin, another hits my cheek as she slows the pace with hand and strapon. More spasms and splatters. I’m writhing and shuddering with pleasure. Chest heaving, I’m gasping through the ball gag.

Finally it stops. There is a big puddle of goo on my belly.


She undoes the cuffs, pulls out the gag and hands me a towel.

“Hey, you know, this wasn’t what I was expecting at all” I say as I’m pulling up my pants.

“Oh no!” she says, “What time is it? I must have made a mistake on the appointment!” I start to reply but there is a knock on the door. “Shit! That’s my next client! Quick, get out the back! I am so sorry!”

I step out the back door, walking gingerly. As I step out I hear a gruff voice “What the fuck do you want?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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