The Art of Massage Ch. 02

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A couple of weeks ago I signed up for an adult education class that teaches the art of sensual massage. The class is a study into massage techniques guaranteed to provide pleasure for your partner. The first class was a lecture on the finer aspects of massage. Future classes promised some hands-on experience.

This past week was uneventful while I waited for Thursday to roll around and my chance to go to the second session. The time finally came for me to head over to parks and rec. I arrived a little early and took my place at the same desk I occupied last week. It’s funny how we become creatures of habit. The single man and single woman were already in their same seats, as was one of the couples. The other single lady walked through the door and took her seat right next to me. We smiled and said hello to each other.

Wow, why did I not pay attention to her last week? She is beautiful. Her bright smile and high cheekbones are framed by her lovely auburn hair done up in a bun. She is wearing a very seductive shade of red lipstick. I held out my hand and introduced myself. She shook my hand and said her name is Jane. I was about to say something when our blonde bombshell instructor walked in carrying another stack of handouts. Anna proceeded to get the class started right away, even though a few people hadn’t arrived.

Anna informed us that the other people decided not to continue with the course for one reason or another. Only six of us remained; the one couple, the two other single people, Jane and me. Tonight’s discussions continued on the subject of the environment, websites that focus on sensual massage and places to buy massage products.

Anna talked about the different types of oils and lotions. She provided many samples and explained their specific use. She also passed out a small bottle of lotion to each one of us. Once again the 90 minutes flew by. Before we adjourned Anna told us to bring towels to the next session because we were going to do some hands-on training. She also told us to remember what our mothers always told us; be sure to always wear clean underwear.

My classmate, Jane, asked if I would partner up with her next week. I didn’t have to be asked twice. I immediately answered yes. She was about ready to leave when I took a chance and asked her if she would like to get a cup of coffee. Jane accepted my offer.

We walked over to the coffee shop across the street from the parks and rec buildings. We shared information about our lives, likes and dislikes and what makes us laugh. It was a wonderful time together. I learned that Jane teaches third grade; is 37 and never been married. A fellow teacher challenged her to do something outside of her comfort level so she chose this class on a dare. I should send many thanks to her fellow teacher. We departed around 10:30 after talking for nearly two hours. Jane needed to rise early for school the next day.

She was planning to spend the weekend with her teacher friend and they were going to make it a girl’s weekend. We agreed that we would look forward to next Thursday and see what develops. Jane gave me a kiss on the cheek before we left and went our separate ways.

As I drove home, I could not get the thought of next week with Jane out of my mind. Even at home I continued to obsess over Jane. Whenever I get in this kind of mood, I do the only thing I know that will clear my mind. I grabbed my laptop and clicked on my favorite website. The screen filled with images of Double-D babes being massaged by studs with nine inch cocks. I found my favorite model and started her video. It seems as though all of these videos begin in the shower. I sat back in my recliner and began to fantasize. Before long, I undid my belt buckle, unzipped my jeans and had my hand wrapped around my seven inch shaft.

I pumped my cock as I watched the lady get her big boobs massaged. I am always prepared when I watch porn. A towel and the sample bottle of lotion from Anna were at my side. I grabbed the bottle and poured some of the lotion into my palm. I wrapped my hand around my cock and greased up my shaft. The massage oil has a lemon scent and warms to the touch.

It feels so good to stroke myself as I watch videos. I squeezed down on my seven inches as I moved my hand up and down. My glans throbbed with my touch. The crimson head was dripping pre-cum. As the scene heated up I stroked faster. I twisted my hand as I pumped up and down. I felt my climax build and was seconds from orgasm. When the stud fucking my lady pulled out and shot his load all over her tits, I exploded and shot my cum six inches into the air. I shut my eyes and curled my toes as the climax flowed through my body. Three healthy ropes of jism erupted from my cock covering my fingers, shaft and balls.

I slumped back into my recliner fully satisfied. My breathing slowed as I completely relaxed in my chair. I cleaned my hand, wrapped the towel around my deflated cock and dozed. A few hours later I awoke and managed Maltepe Escort to make my way to bed until morning.

Chapter 2:

I have a whole week to go before the next sensual massage class and next hook up with Jane. I neglected to get her phone number last night at the coffee shop. Perhaps it’s best to go slow with her.

Since it’s the holiday season, my friend Laura is putting in long hours at the drug store and not available for our love connection this week. My other friend, Gloria, the lady with the wonderfully hairy pussy, is out of town. What to do, what to do. Well my other girl is Sandy, who happens to live in the same apartment complex. She is a 68 year old widow whom I befriended about nine months ago. Sandy was returning from the market with her hands filled with groceries. She was struggling to get up the stairs, so I jumped in and lent her hand. She gave me her key to open the door. While she took her bags to the kitchen, I ran back to her car and grabbed the last two sacks.

Sandy invited me to stay and offered me a cup of coffee. What was supposed to be a ten minute chat turned into a three hour visit. She lost her husband several years ago and has been on her own since then. Sandy shared many memories of her past and was just as interested in my life. We became instant friends. Over the months we have grown closer. It became physical four months ago when Sandy was lamenting her lack of intimacy and held little hope for the future. She still felt young and still enjoyed orgasms; they just seemed less satisfying since most were induced by her vibrator. Sandy shared very intimate information with me. She told me it just felt good to open up to a man again. I let her know I thought she was crazy sexy and admitted that I spied on her a few times when she was sunning at the apartment’s pool. I said I thought her body could match any 30 year old any day of the week. She said I was full of shit but thanked me anyway.

Sandy wanted to know what I was thinking when I saw her at the pool. I said I wished she had gone topless because her boobs looked really big and I love big boobs. That made her laugh and then she got serious.

“So, would you really like to see my breasts? They are big, but they sag more than I care for.”

All of a sudden my mouth went dry. She called my bluff and was serious about flashing her wares.

“What’s up, the cat got your tongue?”

Sandy grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. She sat me on her bed and proceeded to lift her sweater over her head. Her magnificent breasts came in to view, encased in a sexy blue lace bra. Her mounds overflowed the cups and created some mouthwatering cleavage. I held my breath as her hand reached behind her back to unsnap the fastener. Her blue lace undergarment came free and her large breasts tumbled free. I was mesmerized. They did sag, but not as much as she let on. She swung her tits back and forth for my pleasure before holding them up for my inspection.

Sandy had a wide grin as she moved in on me. Sitting there on the bed I was eye level with a beautiful pair of large boobs with dark red nipples staring right back at me. Her three inch wrinkled aureoles were too inviting to pass up. I grabbed hold of the underside of her globes and lifted them to my mouth. I sucked her left nipple between my lips and pinched her right. Then I changed boobs and sucked her right nipple. Sandy held my head close to her while I sucked, kissed and licked her tits.

I decided to take a chance and suggested to Sandy that we cuddle in bed and I would rub her to orgasm. She seemed pleased with my plan but said that I must get naked as she wanted to play with my cock. Sandy turned around and let me unzip her skirt. It dropped to the floor revealing matching blue lace panties. I eased them down over her hips and had her step out of them. I held her panties to my face and inhaled her aroma. She turned back to me showing me her sweet pussy. Her mound was sparsely covered with soft gray hair.

I reached out and ran my fingers up and down her slit. She was moist but I knew she would require some lube to bring on her climax. She pointed to her night stand and said I would find a bottle in the drawer along with one of her vibrators. I teased her, “Just how many vibrators do you own?”

“Maybe I’ll let you find out later. Right now I want you naked.”

Sandy pulled me to my feet and unbuttoned my shirt. She ran her hands all over my bare chest. She moved her hands lower to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. In no time she yanked my pants and boxers to the ground in one fell swoop. My cock sprang up and Sandy quickly wrapped her hand around my shaft.

She sighed, “It’s been a long time since I held a cock. You feel good, nice and hard.”

We moved our lips together and shared a soft kiss. She held my cock in one hand and used her other to pull my head tight against her. Our lips opened up and she snaked her tongue into my mouth. İstanbul Escort Our kiss became more passionate as our lips locked together and tongues moved about. She pumped my shaft as we continued our kiss.

After several minutes standing there and getting more turned on, I finally broke our kiss and pulled her into bed. Sandy lay on her back and I was on my side with one leg draped over hers. Her large breasts splayed out to either side. I ran my hand all over her upper torso, across her boobs and down to her pussy. I spent a long time massaging her body while she kept a firm grip on my dick. I moved my hand over her nipples and lightly pinched them. Her skin was so soft and warm. I did my best to get her to relax. I used my palm to coax her legs open; she spread them with no hesitation. I moved my fingers through her sparse pubic hair and rubbed her mound. I moved my fingers up and down her slit. I spread her outer lips and dipped my middle finger between her folds.

Sandy was cooing and enjoying my roving hand. I reached for the lube on the night stand and poured some in my palm. I spread lotion all around her slit which helped to open her up. I poured more lube into my hand and quickly transferred it to her quim. I used my fingers to separate Sandy’s pussy lips and push two fingers deeper into her gash. I coated her inner lips with lube and was able to move my fingers around a little easier. I propped myself up on my elbow so I could reach out and keep my hand gliding up and down her pussy lips. She was properly lubed and I used three fingers to stimulate my friend.

Sandy responded to my fingers. I could tell she was climbing toward an orgasm by her tight grip on my cock. She was now locked in and breathing hard. Every few moments she moaned as I moved my fingers back and forth across her inner lips. I felt her clit harden beneath my fingers, so I moved them in a circular motion around her hard nub, occasionally pinching it. I could tell she was seconds from her orgasm by her murmurs and moans. I continued to run my fingers up and down her pussy and then she came hard. Sandy bucked her hips as I rubbed her crease. Her whole body jerked several times before she grabbed my hand and pleaded for me to stop.

I moved my hand up to her boobs and rubbed her mounds as she caught her breath. She was swept away with pleasure. She never let go of my shaft and started to stroke me. I told her not to worry about me, this was all about her pleasure. Sandy told me that as long as she cums, she’s going to make sure I do too, and she doesn’t want to hear another word. I laid back on the bed and let her have her way.

Sandy sat up and put pressure on my cock. She squeezed my shaft hard and pumped. Her big pendulous breasts swayed as she stroked my shaft up and down. She used her free hand to rub my chest which felt really nice. The different sensation of soothing my upper body while she furiously jacked me off was an amazing feeling. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I told Sandy. This fueled her determination even more and her hand became a blur moving up and down my shaft. I came hard. I shot several ropes of jism in the air and the cum covered her hand and my belly. Sandy let go of my cock and licked the cum from her hand. I was still hard as she ran her fingers around my crotch collecting more of my semen.

She seemed so content with our mutual masturbation session. Sandy grabbed a towel and cleaned the rest of my sticky goo before lying back down beside me. I stretched my arm out around her and she rested her head on my chest. She stroked my chest while I stroked her back. We were satiated and dozed off for an hour.

This took place four months ago and we have connected several times since then, each session identical to the first. I would use a lot of lube to stroke her pussy to orgasm. She would sit up and reciprocate. Each time I blew my load, she would clean me with her soft lips.

Sandy and I have not fucked, yet. Every time we get together I tell her I really want to eat her pussy and make love and feel my cock buried in her cunt. Her response is always the same, she tells me soon, perhaps. Sandy loves that I shave my cock. When we lay together, she cups my balls and rolls them around her palm. She strokes my cock for a few moments and then goes back to holding my balls. I never complain.

I texted Sandy and asked if she was free this weekend. I heard back from her an hour or so later. She said she wanted to see me on Sunday afternoon and I should plan on staying the night. I’ve spent several nights with Sandy.

I ran errands on Friday and Saturday waiting for Sunday afternoon to roll around. Finally around 2:00 PM, I walked over to Sandy’s apartment and knocked. She opened the door wearing a pink babydoll and no panties. Her huge tits were supported in the bra with just a thin bow holding the front together. The top pushed her boobs up high in a very seductive manner. Sandy has never answered the door Anadolu Yakası Escort dressed like this, especially at 2:00 in the afternoon, so I figured something was up

We hugged and she held me close.

I complimented her, “Sandy, you look so enticing. I love your negligee.”

She took my hand and led me into the dining room where two glasses of wine, bread and cheese were waiting. We talked about our last couple of weeks. I told her about the massage classes and what I wanted to learn. She was very receptive and said I could practice with her.

We finished our first glass of wine; Sandy grabbed the bottle and led me back to her bedroom. We sat on her bed. She held my hand and spoke softly, “Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my husband’s death. I miss him dearly, but it is time for me to move on. I am now at peace with my loss. These last few months with you have been exciting and fulfilling. I am ready to make love with you. But, for these first few encounters it has to be on my terms. I want you to lay back and I’ll ride your lovely cock. Let me take charge and we’ll enjoy the moment.”

I wrapped my arms around Sandy and hugged her tight, “I’m so happy you trust me enough to take this next step”

I stood up and I removed my shirt while Sandy unbuckled my belt. She unzipped my pants and pushed them down to the floor, followed by my boxers. Once again my hard cock flopped up against my belly. Sandy grabbed my shaft while I stepped out on my clothes.

“It looks like the prospect of fucking me has you in the mood.”

I had to agree with her. She pushed me back on the bed and I laid back as she straddled my hips. Sandy bent down to kiss me. Our lips met and immediately her tongue invaded my mouth. I enjoyed her aggressiveness and met her tongue with mine. She pulled back and whispered, “I’m not wet enough to slide down your cock, how about you take care of that?”

Sandy sat upright and slid up my chest. She kept sliding forward until her pussy was above my face. Her inner labia protruded just a bit below her outer lips and begged to be licked. Sandy lowered herself to my lips and I licked and lapped along her slit. I raised my head to make further contact with her quim and suck on her inner lips. I covered them with my saliva to get her wet and prepared to take my cock. I snaked my tongue deep into her recesses, splitting her lips and creating more moisture. I ran my tongue back and forth along her slit and poked deep into her pink flesh. I flicked her clit back and forth; it hardened and came into view from beneath its hood.

Sandy was breathing hard and ready to take me deep into her cunt. She slid back down my chest and angled toward my stiff shaft. She grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance of her womanhood.

“Rob, your magic tongue has me ready. You’ve been a gentleman waiting this long. I know you tired of me saying ‘perhaps soon’, I hope you enjoy this, I know I will. You almost made me cum with your tongue; make me cum now with this big cock.”

Sandy eased down on my shaft taking it nice and slow. She savored every inch and so did I. Her tight pussy accepted my entire length. When she was fully impaled, she sat still and felt a fullness that had eluded her for more than five years.

I reached up and untied the front bow on her pink babydoll. Her big pendulous breasts tumbled free. I held them in my hands and squeezed them together. I ran my fingers over her nipples which hardened with my touch. Sandy left her lingerie on and began to move up and down my cock. She was wet enough to slide up my shaft thanks to my tongue and her natural lubrication. My cock felt like I was in a vice, a soft, velvet vice. She squeezed her inner flesh as she rose up as if milking me of my cum. Sandy increased the tempo as we both neared our climax. She put her hands on my chest for support as her hips bounced. I held on to her tits. We came together with me filling her pussy with several jets of semen as her inner flesh quivered. Sandy’s body shook and then she fell prone on me. We held each other as our climax subsided and breathing slowly returned to normal.

My cock softened and Sandy released me from her grip as we relished our afternoon delight. We stayed in bed kissing and caressing for more than an hour. Finally, hunger overtook us and we made our way to the kitchen. Sandy didn’t bother putting on her babydoll; she just grabbed a thin cover-up which didn’t cover up much. Her dark nipples were on display behind the transparent material. I was wearing my boxer shorts.

Sandy had prepared sandwiches and potato salad earlier. She grabbed them from the refrigerator along with some fruit. We ate while Sandy talked about her life over the past several years. She spoke of the loneliness and quiet solitude. Sandy smiled when she recounted our first meeting and the pleasure I have brought to her this past year. She wanted to hear more about the massage class and what I’ve learned so far. I talked about some of the techniques and more about the sensual aspects.

After our light snack, Sandy suggested that we have a warm bath together and maybe I can try some of my special massage techniques. She went in the bathroom to start the water running while I cleaned the dishes.

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