The Audition v. 02

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Big Dick

Myles sat down nervously, looking at the short plump man on the other side of the desk. What was he letting himself in for? It was true he had read a lot about the porn industry, watched a lot of videos about it – watched a lot of porn videos! – but he was also dead sure that nothing he could read or see on his computer would prepare him for the real-life experience.

The middle-aged agent had introduced himself as John. He sat looking over Myles’ signup form while Myles nervously chewed his lower lip. After a while John looked up and said “Relax! No-one is going to bite you! Take it easy while I just go over the rest of your details here.” His expression was neither hostile nor friendly.

“Am I that obvious?” asked Myles. He was getting more apprehensive about this by the minute. “I’m not even sure I want to do this, after all. I really just answered your ad on a bit of a dare, you know -“

“It’s going to be fine. Don’t worry. You’re actually lucky, normally I audition a few guys at a time but we happen to have a slow day today and you’re the only one. Some guys have a problem with auditioning together with others but I’m often so busy I can’t avoid doing several screen tests a day. Anyway,” he said as he put the clipboard down on the desk, “tell me a little about yourself. So you are 23 and single, ok, but firstly what motivated you to come here today?”

“Well as I said it was really just a dare – some friends said I’d never even fill in the application – but having done it, what got me to actually get on the bus and come here today? I dunno, curiosity, I guess? Plus of course I’m almost perpetually totally horny, can’t keep a girlfriend more than a few weeks because they all tell me enough is enough. I thought, what the hell, if I can’t make it in porn at least I gave it a try, right?”

“OK, well that’s a good enough reason to want to try out. Ever cum in front of anyone else?”

“You mean apart from the girl I was boinking… uh, no…”

“So you don’t really know if you can even do it with an audience? Like it says on my website, it is best if you at least know that in advance.”

“Yesss…” he hesitated again, “well, I, that is to say – umm, I have had sex when there was sort of an audience, we just never got to finish. So I have screwed in front of, uh, third parties, just not cum…”

“OK well that’s better. As long as the reason you didn’t cum wasn’t that the audience put you off and you lost it.”

“No, no – my girl at the time suddenly realised she was out past her curfew and she lost it! That was a very frustrating evening.”

“All right then. So – let’s see if you have a good enough reason to actually get past the first hurdle – drop your pants.”

Myles’ heart started thumping against his ribs. Whoa – this was even more sudden than he had expected. “Umm – ” he started to stammer, “you have seen my photos I emailed, I saw them on your desk just now, uh -” He realised he was putting off the inevitable by arguing. He knew he couldn’t expect to audition on paper, but the agent’s instructions had caught him off guard. Slowly he stood up and started to pull his shirt off over his head.

John’s smile was not unfriendly, but Myles still felt a little intimidated. “Yeah, well, you could have sent me anyone’s pics,” John said as he leaned back in his chair. “Come, move around to the side of my desk. I don’t bite, I don’t even grope.”

Myles took two steps to the side and loosened his belt. “I’ve just never – um – had another man want to look at me naked before, you know? If you know what I mean. Well, none that were being honest about it… I guess there are some guys in the gym locker rooms who are always perving at you, they just never – uh -” He realised he was rambling a bit, shut his mouth. Opened his jeans button and unzipped. He pushed the pants and undershorts down to his knees and straightened to expose himself to the king of porn.

After a few seconds he realised he had his eyes tightly shut and was holding his breath. Carefully he allowed himself to start breathing again, and slowly opened his eyes. He was staring at the wall about 3 feet above John’s head. As he lowered his eyes to the agents’, he realised the man was smiling at him. “See? Still haven’t bitten you,” he said. “Not so bad, is it? And not that different from looking at yourself, except now you have a more honest audience”.

After a couple of deep breaths Myles was starting to feel a little better. His heart had slowed to a rate closer to normal, and his hands weren’t so clammy any more. He tried to picture what John saw, hard to do when you have looked at yourself in the mirror virtually every day for 20-something years. He was above average height, around 6′ and bit, natural blond hair that almost always looked like it needed a cut, and clean, clear enough features that most girls told him he was good looking. His grey eyes were bright and perhaps a little wild right now, a mixture of apprehension and arousal making him twitchier than a squirrel. His slim build didn’t Escort Ankara come naturally, he worked out 5 days a week and still had to watch the carbs but the results were worth working for – he had a decently well defined body tone and a firm butt.

“OK, Myles, what I see so far is plenty good enough for the industry. You wouldn’t believe the number of guys who come in here who are just too small – sure, most of them are big enough when they get a hard-on, but most porn doesn’t start with a hard-on so you have to be – well, impressive enough as the pants come off. And the fatties – my God the fatties. Not much call for that. So, you are impressive enough, let’s not waste any more time. Get all your kit off, you can leave it on that chair over there, and let’s see some action.”

Now Myles was even more hesitant. “Here in this office? I’m not sure I -“

“Sheez I keep telling you to relax, guy!” John had turned to his PC, and next to it was a small console. He pressed a button and a curtain that covered one entire wall of the office started to hum open.

The other part of the office was a smart bedroom, really a mini film set, with three large flat-screen TVs – on two walls and the ceiling – and a camera dolly. “Ok, we like to keep it realy simple for this part. I’m not going to bring in any more people, cameramen or anything, it’s just you and me.

“The way this works is I am going to give you some very simple directions, you won’t have to do anything involving concentration or lines or anything like that, but I’m also not going to let you know too much in advance either. I find that at this stage it’s best to keep it on a need-to-know basis. What you need to know at this stage is that I need to see you get up and get off.

“So. Get on the bed and show me an erection.” Myles had meanwhile stripped completely but was also still completely flaccid, his normally tight scrotum sagging even lower than on a hot day after a long gym workout. He was a long way from being able to show anyone an erection just yet.

“Um – ” he began again.

“Yeah, yeah – hard to get a hardon with a hairy pot-bellied old man your only company. I know. What are your favourite type of porn scenes?”

“Right. Yeah. OK – doggy style and reverse cowgirl? Completely clean-shaven, definitely, or maybe a little brazilian design. Um. Young girls – not illegal young, teens, smallish titties, tight asses, slim hips…”

John was typing and clicking at his computer while Myles made himself comfortable on the bed, his penis lying uninterested on his belly and balls stretching down towards his asshole. Idly he stroked his scrotum, lifting his balls and at the same time pulling back his foreskin to expose a nicely formed, dark red head. With his other hand he doubled a pillow over and arranged it under his head, as he sometimes did at home when watching himself masturbate. Despite his apprehension he realised his balls were already getting tight.

John was talking as he typed and moused around on the computer screen. “So, nothing fancy. Please don’t try to show me any clever techniques, endurance, or athletic ability. Get it up, get it off. Cool?”

The screens all blinked to life at once, and he found himself looking at a dark-haired beauty slowly stripping. Suddenly the video sped up as John fast-forwarded it and in a couple of seconds she was as naked as Myles. She was probably the same age as himself, maybe one or two years younger, and not petite at all – so it seemed John had missed on a couple of his criteria but Myles wasn’t about to complain because this girl was *hot*. Above average height for a girl, probably only an inch or two shorter than he was, and with what he considered an absolutely perfect body weight for her height. He was virtually stopped stone cold by her flawless beauty, lovely perky titties that he judged to be “C”-cups, slim waist, narrow hips, and l-o-o-o-o-n-g long legs.

She sat on the edge of a bed – idly he noticed it was the same bed he was on – and opened her legs to show a lovely, smooth pussy, the outer lips very slightly parted to show a little inner lip and just the fold lines of her clitty. Under his hand he felt himself stirring, his balls starting to pull up higher and his scrotum getting tighter.

The girl went through the obligatory motions of touching herself while putting a finger in her mouth and pouting at the camera, and the video went into fast-forward mode again as John got past the teaser parts. Presently a man wearing only a pair of jeans appeared from off-camera and the video resumed normal speed again.

The girl turned to her co-star and unbuckled his pants, opened them to release a three-quarters erect dick that sprang out. Myles himself wasn’t far behind. This was familiar territory, and he was almost beginning to forget that there was anyone else in the room, even though John had moved behind the camera and was now focusing it on him. Slowly he teased himelf erect while he watched the girl take the man into her mouth and proceed to Ankara Escort give him an expert oral workup.

Myles was almost completely hard now, and John was using a remote to fast-forward the action again, getting past the blow-job and stopping just as the girl turned on her hands and knees on the bed, presenting a stunning ass and pussy to the camera. The man moved up behind her and for a second it looked like he was going to block the camera’s view, but the camera angle changed and presently there it was again, a beautifully framed and very well lit close-up of a fastidiously maintained, completely hairless cunt with a large hard cock poised to enter.

And enter it did. Myles was now completely hard, the whole smooth length of his shaft feeling stiff but rubbery in his hand and his balls tight up against the outside of his fist. The first small droplet of pre-cum started to ooze from the end and he used his fingertip to spread it around the head, now turning quite purple. Slowly he stroked himself, looking back at the on-screen action to watch that long member stroking into a truly beautiful pussy, while in his hand his own silky length felt so good. He didn’t even notice that John was panning the camera around him to film him from different angles.

He watched as the pornstars sped up, matching their pace with his hand but still not yet touching the glans – he was only stroking the length of his shaft and occasionally pulling the head tight with his downstrokes. He realised to his own surprise that he was not going to last very long, despite the circumstances, but decided not to chance spoiling the mood by talking about it. He just slowed himself down a bit, went more gently while on screen the couple, to judge from their grunting and groaning, were apparently getting quite close too.

Suddenly the guy withdrew and the camera, in tight-framed close-up, showed the internal muscles of the girl’s vagina clenching in orgasm as her entrance slowly closed. In the high-definition video Myles could even see a bead of lubrication running out of her… she took a moment to recover while the guy, meanwhile, lay flat on the bed exactly in the position Myles now was, holding his dick up and stroking himself exactly as Myles was doing. Then she was on top of him, facing the camera, and sank herself onto his length with an audible groan from both of them. Her whole clean cunny was completely exposed, clitty winking at him while the lips were pulled out and in, out and in by the gentle friction along their inner surface. The man’s equally clean balls and cock were as tight as Myles’ and he was enjoying this every bit as much as watching porn in the privacy of his own home – even more so, probably – the tightening of his stomach and groin making him almost forget he was nowhere near the comfort or safety of home.

Myles couldn’t restrain himself any longer and started to jerk off for real, getting his own lubrication all over his hand and stroking himself thoroughly and sensuously along his entire length. He felt the cold sweat break out that told him he was going to cum, didn’t care if he was supposed to warn John, he just kept going… little did he realise he was groaning like an old ship in a rough sea and John didn’t need to be told, he knew the cumshot was about to happen.

Myles exploded like he hadn’t come in weeks, although it had only been less than 24 hours since his last ejaculation. Semen flew up in a long ribbon, his first shot hitting himself across his left nipple. This was a goody – an eight out of ten orgasm, the best he ever got from self-pleasure. With his second squirt, always his most powerful, he reached his chin, making himself grin, but not stopping him from finishing himself off properly. Wow, he thought, from a super-uninterested cock to a record cum in a few minutes flat. “Mmmm,” he murmured, “well that was a couple of firsts. Definitely the first time anyone has watched me jerk off…”

John didn’t say anything, just let Myles finish before stopping the camera. As Myles was starting to sit up and look around for some Kleenex, his erection starting to droop, he said, “Not bad for an amateur. Not bad, actually, for an experienced pro. There is an element of excitement though, that you will soon get used to, so don’t go expecting yourself to be that keyed up always. But,” John was fiddling with the camera, plugging it into his console by the desk while Myles cleaned himself up as best he could with the tissues, “you definitely have a future in porn if you want it.

“A couple things I have to tell you about this industry before we go on. Because if we do go on from here, I wil expect a commitment from you so that I haven’t wasted my time here today and because you have to give it a try to be true to yourself. If you make it through the next step you have to give yourself the chance to make this work for you, put in some serious effort and stick to the industry through at least three shoots or three months, whichever comes sooner. Just between you and me, the three Ankara Escort Bayan shoots will come sooner – way, *way* sooner.

“OK. So. What you have to know. First, don’t expect to be able to keep it a secret from your friends or family. It will get out, it’s just a matter of time. And secondly, don’t give up the day job; not yet, or ever, if you can avoid it. You could make good money in porn, but there will come a time when it dries up, for whatever reason. It might be difficult if you work in a sales or PR position, because of the fame factor, so I hope that doesn’t apply to you or that you can make something else work for you. Like getting a job in porn sales.

“So. Do we go on? We’re not done here yet, if you are still interested. A lot of guys give up at this point when they find out I want them to come again, now, because in porn we shoot on a tight schedule and you have to be able to perform again and again, whether you feel like it or not.”

Myles was starting to find this all rather fun. “Yeah, sure,” he said, “I don’t care if my friends know – they put me up to this after all – and I don’t have any family any more. So, sure. I’ve always been quite proud of how soon I can go again, so let’s see if I meet industry standards!” The porn clip was still running, and at that point the girl had just jumped off the guy to blow him to climax. Pretty soon he was shooting all over her face while she used both hands and her lips and tongue on him, rubbing his cock all over the splooge on her face. She looked pretty happy about it too.

“OK then,” said John, “quick shower. Through that door, you’ll find clean towels in there.” Myles was relieved, he always preferred to get completely clean after cumming, and merely wiping himself off with Kleenex still left him feeling soiled.

Presently he was back, towelling himself off unselfconsciously as he walked back into the “bedroom”. “Same again, boss?” as asked, hopping back onto the bed. He was still semi-hard and his balls had thankfully not started to dangle again, he knew most girls hated when that happened.

“Actually I had something else in mind,” the agent said, with a little smirk as he pressed another button. “You can get started in the meanwhile, but let’s watch that performance, ok?” Suddenly Myles saw himself on the TV screens, lying on his back playing with himself. It could almost have been a live action feed, because he was lying in the same position again and idly stroking himself again, except the self on the screen was not yet nearly as aroused as he was now.

In fact, discounting the slight distaste he had for the sight of his own body – he thought he was altogether too hairy, and always noticed that little roll of fat on his tummy – he was getting more aroused just seeing himself doing it from a different angle.

John gave a little director’s commentary from time to time during the screening. “Good size,” he said, and “It’s good you keep yourself shaved”, “Excellent erection, it stands up away from your belly”, “solid glans, that’s good”, and when Myles got to the point of no return, “you signalled your climax well in advance, didn’t you?”

Myles was a little sheepish about that. “Didn’t even realise,” he mumbled. He wasn’t all that comfortable discussing himself in such clinical terms just yet, and he was still wondering if he was going to be able to keep up the self-grooming schedule, having only recently started trying it out. Little did he realise he was going to be getting a lot of help with that.

“Great cumshot,” John enthused. Myles looked across at him to get a measure of his facial expression – he wasn’t sure to take the evaluation at face value or not, but it seemed the agent was being perfectly sincere. “I’ve been thinking how I could use this whole scene in a movie in fact. Not a lot of call for guy masturbation scenes, maybe on a gay website. You don’t mind being in gay porn, do you.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Well… I guess, as long as you don’t ask me to screw a man, or be screwed by… well, by anyone, actually.” Myles was still playing with himself, watching himself playing with himself in the wind-down period as his on-screen spasms subsided. The video ended before he started wiping himself up.

“Yeah I keep telling you to relax. Remember the waiver you signed asked about gay or hetero scenes – don’t worry, I’m pretty ethical. Unusual, in this industry, but there you go. OK, Myles, that was a pretty hot screen test. Now, next phase. Colleen here will be helping you with that -” Myles whipped his head around, remembering that John had said no-one else would be in the room with them. But then he saw Colleen, and three things struck him more or less at once: she was the pornstar he had just watched fucking a stud on screen; she was even more beautiful in real life; and she was just as naked as she had been in the video and as he was now.

Instantly he was rock hard again and John was scrambling to restart he camera and get it set up on the camera mount. Colleen smiled at him and his heart started beating like a trip-hammer again. His hand, that had been stroking himself, had forgotten what it was supposed to do, and just sort of hovered half-hiding himself like a little boy caught in the shower by his mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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