The Aunt Who Shaped Me! Ch. 01

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This is my first story, so if I have made any mistake pardon me. You can contact me through my profile.

Feel free to comment and review this story. Every comment will be accepted gracefully. Read it, love it, recommend it and share your reviews and experience in the comments section below.


I live in a village. Well, its not a typical one. It is a developed one. I live there with my family which consists of my mom, granny and of course me. My dad lives in the city of Mumbai doing his job. So we are only three of us living here. I am 19 years old and (STILL) a virgin. I studied in my village till my SSC school and then moved in with my dad in Mumbai for further studies. After my first year in degree I had a long summer vacation so I went to my village. I was having quite a good time there. It was hot summer so mostly I used to be at home whole day. I live in Konkan region of Maharashtra. Here the summer is hot upto 36-38 degree Celsius. So it was not at all my mood to go and hang out with my friends.

One fine day a woman in her late 30s maybe in her early 40s came to my home. My family members welcomed her with their usual warmth. After welcoming her mom went to a nearby place for satsang. She was a family friend. She came for her personal work. She wanted to buy a piece of land in my village. She was a lady with deep brown skin. She was a beauty. May be her skin colour was a mixture of brown and a tint of black in it.

She was good looking with her facial as well as bodily features. She was wearing a black saree having small white dots on it. She had long hair and her eyes were so beautiful that even if she looks with them at anyone he wouldn’t leave them without appreciation. Talking about her figure she was not thin. She had mass wherever needed. Her figure was 38-34-36(the exact same figure I love in a mature woman). What is more important that she seemed graceful in her every move but did not seemed to be inviting anyone to look at her. She was beautiful!

Even though she was a family friend I saw her first time since I had grown up. I did not know anything about her. So I did what most of us do. I asked my mom in the evening “who is she and why is she here?” My mom told me that she is daughter of my Granny’s friend. So she was a family friend to us. She was going to be with us for next 3 days. When she was home my granny and she talked a lot. I was there, sitting with them, just listening to their conversations.

From their conversations I came to know a few things about her. First of all she was a widow. Her husband died of a fatal car accident about 11 years ago. Since then she has not married and living alone in Mumbai. But now she felt lonely so she took leave from her daily life and visited my village. Even she was looking for a place to be bought in my village as an investment and even as a vacation home. While looking for a place she was looking for a tour of our nearby area. She told it to my mom. My mom had sympathy for her as her husband died. So she told me to be her companion for this trip. So now I was going to be her guide cum companion for next three days.

When she came our home I had no intention of going intimate with her or going intimate with any one at all. I was happy being single. And as far as she was concerned, she did not have too. There was no sign on her face that she was starving for sex. After all a woman who resisted her natural bodily needs for 11 long years how could she show any signs of that thing on her face?

She came to our home in the noon. It was a Sunday noon. My mom went home as she went to satsang after welcoming her. So my granny and she were having a bit of a chat. They had their nostalgia talk and she had lunch. After that we had our intro, we exchanged smiles and she went to sleep as she was tired after a long 6 hour bus journey.

In the eve when my mom got back I asked her about the woman. She told her name as Bindu. She told me her story. Sympathy was all in her eyes. Then my mom and Bindu had their chat a long time. After that mom asked me to be Bindu’s guide for three day trip to nearby places for which I after some time and resistance agreed to. Our home there in village is not so big. We sleep there in our hall. My granny used to sleep in the only bedroom we had.

So now me, my mom and Bindu were going to sleep in hall. I slept at 10:30 that night. Bindu and mom were talking to each other while watching TV. After some time they too slept. Our positions were like this- Me sleeping at the extreme right side having wall at my Maltepe Escort left side, mom at extreme left and Bindu was between us. There was a gap of 2 feet between me and Bindu and about 3 feet between mom and Bindu. It was summer so nobody had taken anything to cover our selves while sleeping. I have a habit of rolling around while in sleep and putting on my arm around on anyone sleeping beside me. That night Bindu was beside me.

I was in deep sleep I rolled on and put my left hand on her. My hand was on her stomach and for a few time it was there only. She did not try to put it off her. Sometime after somehow my hand moved towards her boobs. My hand was over her left boob. Her whole boob was in my palm. She did not put off my hand even then. Now I felt something soft yet firm in my hand and I woke up. Thankfully I did not pressed her boob and she did not wake up. If she would have woke up and came to know that my hand was on her boob and told to my mom she would have killed me the very minute, but, but she didn’t and I survived through.

Next day my mom told me to take her to a place which was some distance away from village and where she can buy a plot in that area for herself. I said ok and at 10:00 am I took her on my Activa and left home. We went to that place. It was a plain land with some trees on it. I parked my activa in the shed of a tree and we moved on. I was showing her the area. She liked the view from there and said I would love to have a house here.

She was talking about how that place was perfect for her dream home. I asked her about her dreams to which she replied that right now she has one dream, to ride my activa! I was surprised, but was not ready to do that. She pleaded me many times to which eventually I said okay and handed over the keys to her. She started activa and I sat as a pillion. Now she asked me where to go? I said if you are done with the place checking we can roam around for a few time and then get back to home. She said okay. So we headed to a place which I suggested her.

We were heading to a place a bit far from village. This place had lots of pine trees around and had a lot of shed so that we could sit and enjoy there. That place was kind of a forest on a hill from where we could watch blue Arabian see and enjoy the view. Though the place was very good to have a good time but the road to go there wasn’t. It was a typical village red soil road with lots of ups and downs and it was tough to ride an activa for a new rider and tough to sit as a pillion too. I was unable to sit on activa as a pillion so I asked her to hand me over the activa so that I can try my best to drove through the ups and downs of the road but she said no and told me to hold her from back.

I asked her are you sure? She said yes. She paused for a second then asked me that “you were not afraid to put a hand on me in the night and now you are afraid even to hold me?” And gave me a naughty smile. I was awestricken by that question. But somehow I managed myself and said that I have that habit of putting my arm around anyone who is sleeping by my side and I did not do it with any bad intention and I am sorry for that. She said its okay. We started riding again. After sometime I asked her “if she knew that I had kept my arm around her why didn’t she put it off her?” She looked back at me and gave me a wicked smile.

I hold her at her waist while sitting on the back seat and we drove to the place. I parked my activa below a tree and took of a sheet from the boot space so that we can sit on it. We started walking towards the pine trees. She saw the see view from there and felt the breeze blowing through. She was mesmerized by the beauty residing there. She looked at the scenery and then started going in deep pine trees. She found a place where we could sit and enjoy. I placed the sheet and we sat on it. Soon after we sat she lied down on her back. Closed her eyes, I followed her the same way.

We did not utter a word for 5 minutes. Then she asked me “do you put your arm around anyone?” I felt shy and told her that “Its my habit and I am unable to control it as it happens when I am in deep sleep”. She said, okay. I asked her about her past life. She told me everything about her. She got married at the age of 27. Her husband died just after 1 year of their marriage in a car accident. She was 3 months pregnant that time. She got lonely. She then thought of second marriage but that plan did not go well as she did not found any good guy. She gave birth to her child. It was a son. But after four months Cevizli Escort of his birth he was diagnosed with blood cancer and very soon left her behind, lonely in this world.

May be That wasn’t enough for her that even her parents left this world one after one. Now she was truly alone in this dark world. After she told me her story tears filled her beautiful bold eyes. I did not know what to do. I got panicked to see tears in her eyes. I just held her hand and told her its all right, everything is fine and everything will be fine. But tears kept coming through her eyes. So I hugged her. I Hugged her tight, and even she hugged me tight too.

I could feel her breast on my chest and that feel made me grow down there. But I controlled it and hold her tight. After sometime I tried to lose the grip but she didn’t let me. As soon as I lose the grip she held me more tight, eventually I had to held her again. So now we were hugging tight again. We both lie down hugging each other not loosening the grip and I felt something down there rising. I tried to end the hug and take my hands back but she didn’t and in that try my hand touched her right boob. It felt so good to have a womans breast touch. I muttered in her ear “Bindu, what happened?” She said “I just need someone”.

“I am here with you Bindu.”

“You are so sweet, but you cant help me,” she said in a disappointed manner.

“Just tell me what you want me to do to make you feel better, I’ll do it.” I said to her in an innocent manner.

She looked at me, smiled and said, “You wanted to know why I didn’t put your hand off me yesterday?”

“Yes” I said.

She said, “I felt good when you put your hand on me.”

“So are you saying that it will make you feel better?”

She smiled and said “yes, it will make me feel better.”

I pulled back myself and got myself off from the hug. I was a teenager then, I did know what she wanted me to do, but I was not sure.

We both were lying by each others side and I thought to give it a try, and put my hand on her. She smiled at me and started staring in my eyes. I pulled her close to me having a tight grip of my hand over her.

We had our moment. That spark went through my whole body. Suddenly blood started running with more aggression than ever before through my veins. I got close to her, she got close to me, we could feel each others breath and the very next moment we were one.

It was beautiful. It was my first kiss ever. We kissed each other. Her lower lip in my lips felt so good . Her taste was as sweet as nectar, her arms around me made me feel that it was the best place to be, the pine trees around us grooved in a manner that when we kissed each other they were the ones who got excited. Clouds came all over the sky so that even sun can’t see us and keep it our little secret, our little lovely secret.

I was sucking her lips, a woman’s lips for first time, and she was sucking my lips a man’s lips after the wait of 11 years. Our emotions flowed through our mouth, mine going into her and hers into mine. After a long lip lock she started licking my tongue. She was trying a French kiss which I did not know how to do. I had seen it in movies and porn videos. I tried to do the same as she did and with my stars shining bright I did it successfully. That French Kiss was so damn passionate. It was just the beginning for me to understand that how much the life is beautiful.

We kissed each other for a long time. She made my first kiss so amazing.

While kissing, my left hand went on her right boob over her saree. She was wearing a yellow saree and a matching blouse. I pressed her right boob over her saree and a soft moan came out of her mouth. That boob felt so good in my hand. I could not control more now. I started removing her pallu slowly. When I removed her pallu I could see her tight nipples rising inside her blouse. That means she was not wearing any bra. I wondered. I looked at her and then looked back at her boobs. Now the only thing between me and her beautiful boobs was a blouse which I unhooked. I removed her blouse slowly. Now I had the most amazing treasure in my life in front of me telling me “loot as much as you can”.

I ran my hand over Bindu’s boobs, on her hard nipples. We both were having goose bumps. Her boobs were big, firm yet soft. There was not a sign of shagginess in her boobs. They were in a position to be touched , pressed, kissed and loved by a man. I pressed her right boob with my left hand and she moaned with pleasure, I again did Atalar Escort the same and she moaned again.

Now she lied on her back whereas I came on top of her. I put my both hands on her boobs, I pressed them with pleasure, with care, with love. As much pressure I applied, while pressing her boobs, she moaned with exact same intensity. I leaned forward held her face with my hands and kissed her again with much more passion than before. We kissed till we felt lack of breath. It was truly incredible for me. I kissed her on her neck, on her ears. I slowly moved towards her chest. I kissed on her upper chest and then again hold her breast. I kissed her boobs. I did not left a single inch of her boobs to be kissed. She was enjoying it.

She said “suck my nipples boy”.

I did as she said.

I sucked on her tits, sucked on her hard big beautiful nipples.

I played with them. I took her nipples in my thumb and fore finger and squeezed them little and it turned out to be the thing of pleasure for both of us. I took her nipple in my mouth, sucked them like a baby, I was sucking them hard, rolling my tongue over her areolas, and again sucking her boobs taking her milk in my mouth. Her milk drove me crazy and I wanted it more and more. I almost sucked them for half an hour still I felt having more of it.

I was sucking her boobs and she took off my t shirt. Now we were even. Half naked before each other.

Now she kissed me on my forehead, then on lips and she moved down. She kissed me on my chest and on my nipples. We again had a long lip lock. I started removing her saree. And she took down my pant, now she was in petticoat before me and I was in underwear.

I loosened the strap of petticoat and removed it. She was wearing a black panty underneath. I leaned over her and kissed her navel. I licked her navel while my hands were on her boobs pressing them and squirting milk out of them. After I was done with navel I removed her panty. And now she was before me lying nude. She had trimmed her pubic hair and was clean down there. She looked like a sex goddess to me. I could not do anything than just looking at her body and getting mesmerized by it.

She asked me “what am I looking at?”

“You” I replied.

“Haven’t you seen any lady naked before?” She asked.

I shook my head.

She got up and looked at me with a confused face.

She asked, “Am I your first?”

To which I nodded.

She smiled and hold my face with her hands and again kissed me. She made me lie down on my back and took all control in her hands. She took my underwear off.

She looked at my erected penis. It is 6 ½ inch long. She looked at it and gave me a smile. She took my penis in her soft hand. It felt so amazing. When she took my penis in her hands all I felt was, blood and all the heat in my body getting concentrated, in a single organ. She came over me. And sat on my thighs. She took my hard erected penis and put it in her wet pussy. Her pussy was tight. No cock had visited her pussy for over 11 years. After this long I was entering her body.

For the first time it went only half way. When it went inside we both screamed a loud moan of pleasure. But as it was first time for me I felt a little pain. She understood that and leaned over and kissed me. She was almost biting my lips as she was totally turned on. While she was kissing me, she started her moves down, waving her waist and big tight butt. She moved herself down and engulfed my penis in her vagina. Now she started riding me in cowgirl position. Her pussy felt so warm, that I wish I would never ever took my penis out of it! She was moving her ass and was giving me utmost pleasure.

In a very few time I felt like I was going to cum. I told her about it for which she said its okay to cum inside her. I gave her joy after 11 years so she said that she wont let my first cum wasted anywhere else. And just after 15-20 seconds I released my cum inside her. Just after I released my cum she too had her climax. We both felt so good after it. She got off me and lied beside me. We hugged each other tight and kissed each other again. I rolled over her and again started sucking her milk to get power again. I swallowed a lot milk almost emptying her big melon-like milk jugs and kept my head on them and then again rolled off her. Now she came over me put her another boob in my mouth and told me to suck it as hard as I can and slept on me for like half an hour. Then we checked the time. It was 2 in the after noon. So we decided to go back home.

For the last time I hugged her from back hold her boobs from back and squeezed them hard. Kissed her on neck. We then wore our clothes and took our activa and went back home.

The story continues even after that. Stay tuned for further parts. Love to Bindu.

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