The Aunts Ep. 04: Ella’s Awakening

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“I’d had enough of your shit 10 years ago Ella. I’d have been gone a long time ago if I’d know you were a slut too. Later days, Sugar.”

The slamming of the door closed the Charles chapter of Ella’s life.

Ella knew he wouldn’t handle the news of her pregnancy well. What surprised her was the freedom she felt now, three weeks after he had stomped his fat ass out the door.

The divorce was done in record time. He hadn’t even found out the whole truth.

She wondered what he’d do when he figured out his nephew Ronnie was the father.

Ronnie. The father. Ella’s thoughts drifted back to Ronnie’s big fat dick pulsing and throbbing deep inside her, pumping his semen into her welcoming womb.

She’d panicked, and made him pull out.

But it was too late.

Her egg had already settled in her uterus when his seed blasted through the little hole in her cervix. She was pregnant immediately.

Ella would never make him pull out again.

Ella seemed to glow when Ronnie made love to her. She had felt the glow many times now, yet she yearned to feel it again, every single day.

His baby was growing in her belly, getting bigger day by day. At just under three months along, the bump was beginning to show.

Her only regret was passing on that opportunity two years ago.

The last three months of Ronnie making love to her every Monday morning had rejuvenated Ella, made her feel free and alive again.

It pained her to think that she and Ronnie would have been seeing each other for years now, if she’d only had the strength of will to obey her body’s wishes.

The ringing of the phone brought her out of her daydream.

It was Darla, her ex sister in law, and best friend in the world. Ella knew Darla well enough to know something wasn’t right. She had said she needed to talk to someone, right away.

Ella started to clear off the breakfast dishes. Darla would be over soon.


January in Dallas can get downright cold, although it usually doesn’t. Today was pretty typical, cloudy and 50 degrees. (10 C) A cold north wind that some Texans call the “Blue Norther” was pushing the flags straight out.

“Not a nice time of year to be sleeping in your car.” Darla thought as she drove her way over to Ella’s house.

She had no regrets. Frank was never that nice of a guy, Darla was just tired of working in a factory carrying buckets of deburring stones. Frank made good money and owned his own house.

The sex had been very good at first. But like everything else, except his drinking, it faded away.

Frank had a nice big dick. Nothing like Ronnie’s massive tool, but he knew what to do with it. At first, that is. Lately, he’d just been sticking it in and blowing his load.

Darla didn’t regret what she did with her nephew. Sure, it was wrong to tease him like that, to bring him to the edge of orgasm so many times and not let him get off.

She recalled pulling her mouth off of his swollen knob at the last minute, seeing it throb once, and a single round drop of thick white semen appear at the slit in that beautiful shiny bulb. She’d licked it off and laughed, then made him wait before she resumed.

She couldn’t blame him for the way it turned out. She knew he desperately needed to cum. She should have gotten him off in her mouth.

Many times since that day she had let him choose where he wanted to shoot his massive load, and he always chose her mouth. Like every other man! Darla’s cock sucking skills were world class.

When her orgasm crashed through her brain, she had lost control. She didn’t think to grind her clit hard against the thick base of his rod, she just did it.

It wasn’t until she began to come down from her shattering orgasm that she felt his big fat dick bulging rhythmically deep in her vagina. By the time she felt his semen flowing out of her and down her thighs it was far too late.

It was no surprise at all when her next period didn’t come.

She’d sobbed a bit when she told him she was pregnant, and he had held her close and stroked her long thick jet black hair.

The tough girl act was over. Ronnie had seen the real Darla, there could be no going back.


“Um, Ella, do you think maybe I could stay with you for a couple of days till I can find a place of my own? Frank threw me out this morning.”

Frank was Darla’s second husband. They had only been married a few years, since about the time Darla’s daughter Misty moved out on her own.

“I ain’t takin’ no kids to raise.” he’d told Darla a few years before that, when they first started seeing each other.

Darla never knew he was sterile. But Frank did.

“Oh Darla, I’m so sorry! Yes of course you can! I’ve got plenty of room.”

Ella did have plenty of room, five bedrooms and four baths, to be precise. Paid for, and no one to share it with.

Her two older girls were grown and gone, and Jenny was such a “Daddy’s girl,” she packed her bags right away and left with Charles.

“What happened Darla? Why would he do that gaziantep escort bayan to you?”

Darla’s eyes fell to the floor. A long moment later she stifled a sob. Then she spoke, barely above a whisper;

“I’m pregnant, Ella.”

Instantly Ella knew the answer, but she had to ask anyway.



“Darla! After you chewed me out for doing him bare and not being on birth control? What were you thinking?”

“Well what were we both thinking? It’d be OK because Mary did it and didn’t get knocked up? Mary had her tubes tied right after Carrie was born.”

They sat together quietly for a few moments. Then Ella spoke softly.

“You gonna have the baby, Darla?”

Darla thought for a minute before she answered.

“Yeah. Are you?”

“Of course. And you ain’t gonna be looking for an apartment. You are gonna stay right here and we’re gonna raise these kids together.”

A long but comfortable silence passed before Ella spoke again.

“If we can get jobs that will pay the bills on this place, that is.”


The Dallas – Fort Worth area of Texas has always had a large presence in the aerospace industry, all way back to before World War II.

Ella’s father had been an aeronautical engineer, and made very good money. He was a prudent, frugal man. Not cheap, mind you. Frugal. There’s a big difference.

His only child had turned out to be such a beautiful girl, much like her mother. They had had Ella later in life, Now they had both passed away.

He had never trusted Charles, having correctly assessed his drinking as excessive. Ella’s father had told her point blank that he didn’t trust Charles, and that he was leaving her a small trust fund to get her by in the event he drank himself to death, or she came to her senses and divorced him.

Her dad’s lawyer had carefully set it up so that Ella couldn’t touch it until she turned 60, unless Charles died or divorced her.

And Charles could never touch it.

In the event of Ella’s death, it was to go to charity. Yes, he had made it plain to Ella how much he mistrusted Charles, but he never told his daughter the truth about just how much he loathed Charles.

Ella’s mind was troubled as she drove to the office of her father’s accountant, a copy of her divorce decree in hand.

She had tested the job market already, and been disappointed. Now she just hoped her small trust fund would be enough to get her by, with the kind of low paying work she was likely to have to settle for.

Ella sat nervously in the accountant’s office, as he perused the copy of the divorce decree. At long last, he began to speak.

“This puts you in full control of your trust, which as you know, your father left for your retirement, or for your care and maintenance in the event of your husband’s death, or divorce. Your father was an early adopter of technology, and invested heavily for you in companies he thought had potential, as soon as they went public.”

The accountant’s voice droned on. An hour later when she left the office, Ella knew that her father had invested a large sum in a small computer company at its initial public offering. And now that company made the smart phone that all the cool kids absolutely had to have. Most of his other speculative picks had performed exceptionally as well.

Ella had instructed the accountant to deposit half a million dollars into her checking account, and set up a yearly disbursement from her investments, equal to twice what Charles had been bringing in.

“Will my investments be OK with me taking that much money every year?” She asked.

He assured her she could pull five times that much and her portfolio would still continue to grow.

Ella was rich!

And Charles couldn’t touch a dime.


They both knew the subject was going to come up. They both knew that the other had had far less then enough of Ronnie’s big fat dick.

And even though it was out of their control, they both knew that Mary was getting that dick too, probably as much as both of them put together.

Ella would have danced around the subject forever in the past. But this was a new Ella, a strong, independent Ella, out on her own for the first time in her life, and not afraid to speak her mind any more.

“Darla, how are we gonna go about sharing Ronnie with both of us living in the same house?”

“I was wondering about that. We’re gonna have to have him over. I’m sure Mary’s figured something’s goin’ on by now, but still we don’t need her showing up at Ronnie’s door while one of us is there.”

“He’s got enough go for the both of us, maybe we just have him over and flip a coin to see who goes first?” Ella knew that wouldn’t work as soon as she said it.

“No, Ella, you know that horn dog will be tryin’ to get us both in the bed if we’re both here.”

“Ha! then what am I gonna do, sit on the bed and knit a baby blanket while he’s banging you!”

They both laughed at the mental image of that little scenario.

“No, gaziantep eve gelen escort that won’t work” Darla continued. “He’s gonna expect us to do him together. We’ve never seen each other naked, but I know I have a nice body, I’m not afraid for you to see it. I mean I don’t have big boobs like yours. but I know my tits are pretty”!

Ella laughed her merry little laugh and suddenly yanked her shirt up. Her big luscious tits dropped free. “As pretty as these?” she laughed again.

Darla yanked her shirt up and her firm perky C cups sprang out, nipples erect.

“I think so!”

“Oooooo you’re right!”

They both laughed again and pulled their shirts down.

“So we do it together?” Ella asked, although she knew already Darla was up for it.

“Yeah” Darla giggled. “But what if he wants us to have sex with each other? I’ve never even kissed a girl, have you?”

“No. No I haven’t. Well it’s not like kissing is actual sex, Darla dear. And if I had to kiss a girl, I think it’d be you.”

“Aw Ella!”

The awkward moment had come.

They had been sitting next to each other on the edge of Darla’s bed talking.

They leaned toward each other, in something resembling a movie scene, where the teenagers lean in for their first kiss.

Their lips gently brushed together and parted, then came together again.

Darla was the first to open her mouth slightly, and Ella’s soft tongue had slipped in. Now their tongues were gently swirling in each other’s mouths. Their first kiss was so tender, every hair on their bodies stood on end.

Darla’s hands began to lightly caress Ella’s large soft breasts, and now Ella found her hand gliding up under Darla’s shirt to do the same.

When at last their lips parted, they both sat up and took a deep breath.


Ella was still in her nightgown at 10 AM. She had taken to walking around the house braless in her nightgown, and loved it when Darla would lightly caress her breasts and nipples through the thin filmy material. Darla was barely finished dressing herself when they heard the light but rapid knock on the door.

“Mary!” Darla whispered to Ella.

It was one of Mary’s many idiosyncrasies, her signature knock on the door. If she was pissed off, it would get louder, so at least Darla knew she wasn’t in a foul mood.

Ella trotted off to put some clothes on.

Soon all three were seated at the kitchen table.

Mary had had a hard life.

Hard working, hard drinking, and two packs of Marlboro reds a day up until a couple years ago had worn on her.

She was the youngest of the three, ten years younger than Ella. And while she looked a little older than the other two, Mary was still a very beautiful woman.

“I got something to say to you two.” Mary began.

Uh oh, thought Darla, moving up to the edge of her chair.

“Don’t think I don’t know that Ronnie knocked you both up. You both tried so fuckin’ hard to hide it from me, did you think I was stupid or something? Ella, I knew you were fucking him right from the git go!”

Oh my god she is pissed! Ella thought for a brief moment. Mary went on talking.

“What, did you think I’d bow up on you or something? Hell, if I’d have known you were interested, I’d have set the whole thing up! It ain’t like everyone didn’t know he was hot for you.”

Ella began to relax. Darla sat back from the edge of her chair as Mary continued.

“Besides, I knew all along. I saw your car there the morning I first sent Darla over, with that stupid tool box that sat at my house for months.”

She turned to her sister. Their ice blue eyes locked together.

“And you! You thought you were so clever! Sure, you were always the smart one. But you ain’t as much smarter than me as you think! I knew what you were trying to pull. I played along so you’d go get some real dick and maybe dump that loser husband of yours!”

She paused for a moment and looked away, muttering.

“I can’t believe you thought you could bully him in to keeping his mouth shut. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut if you nailed it shut.”

She paused a moment and regarded them both. When she spoke again, her voice had softened.

“And now here you both are. Knocked up and divorced.” A tear rolled down her weathered cheek. Mary sobbed softly.

“And it’s all my god damn fault.” Her tears began flow freely.

It was Ella who moved first. Standing at Mary’s side, she gently wrapped an arm around Mary’s shoulder.

“No Mary, no tears. No tears. There’s nothing to be sad about. I can’t imagine how I could be any happier with the way things turned out.”

Darla had also moved to Mary’s side, and taken her little sister’s hand in hers.

“I love you Mary. You know if I were hurtin’ I’d tell you so. I’m not, not at all.”

Ella didn’t realize that her hand was resting lightly on the top of Mary’s breast until Mary’s hand reached for hers and pressed it hard against the firm round globe.

“You gaziantep evi olan escort know I love you both. You’ve been so good to me since I had to shoot Joey, I’d have never got over that without my family around me.”

Mary’s sobbing was beginning to come under control, when she realized she had jammed Ella’s hand into her tit.

“Oh Jeez I’m sorry Ella!’ Mary quickly lifted both their hands away.

Ella and Darla both began to laugh. Soon Mary was laughing too.

“I kind of liked it.” Ella giggled.

Mary slowed her laughter long enough to say “That’s another thing I figured out.”

“What other thing you figured out?” said Darla, just a touch of an edge in her voice.

This was her little sister she was talking to though, The one person who would instantly grasp every nuance of Darla’s words.

“Well it’s kind of obvious. How else were you two gonna share Ronnie in the same house?”

“You mean you think we’re lesbians?” Ella put up her best false front, and it was a good one; almost good enough to fool Mary, but not quite.

“Just because you’re doin it don’t make you a lesbian. Shit, I’ve been with half a dozen girls in my life, And I damn sure ain’t no lesbian.”

“Mary!” Darla gasped.

“What, are you denying it? Gimme a break sis!”

Darla knew that no one loved a hot dicking more that her little sister, so it shouldn’t have surprised her to find out Mary was willing to roll another woman into the mix.

“No, I guess there’s no point in denying it. What shocked me was you with a half a dozen girls!” She laughed and hugged the smiling Ella at her side.

Mary grinned her wicked grin, the one that made her ice blue eyes sparkle.

“So what does a girl have to do to join this club?”


The scene would have made any young man’s dick hard. Three hot middle aged women, naked on a king sized bed.

The shapely blonde lay on her back, running her hands thought the thick jet black hair of the smallest of the three, whose mouth was tenderly working on the beautiful blonde’s clit.

The third woman was massaging the big firm tits of her little sister, pinching and squeezing her nipples as she brought the blonde to a powerful orgasm with her mouth.

Mary taught them both all she knew, and she knew a lot.

The awkwardness of Ella and Darla’s first few encounters was ancient history after their first time with Mary.

“Gettin’ a woman off ain’t like gettin a man off.” She had explained, and showed them both exactly what she meant.

After everyone had had their fair share of orgasms, the three put on enough clothes to keep warm and headed to the kitchen for a light lunch.

“Christ Darla I don’t know why you’d have thought I’d be pissed at Ella. I wanted to fuck Ronnie once in a while, not marry him. There’s plenty of dick on that boy for all three of us.”

“Well, maybe I should have thought it through a little better. I know your temper. And you have to admit you were always a little jealous of Ella.”

“Oh hell, my temper ain’t that bad any more. I shot Joey because he was beating the shit out of me, even the judge agreed he needed shootin’. And I ain’t been jealous of Ella since I was a teenager!”

“I’ve got nothing for anyone to be jealous of any more.” Ella said, half-jokingly.

“Well, now, I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of you right now, having another baby. I never should have got my tubes tied. Hell, I’m only 35.”

The note of sorrow in her voice was genuine, Darla had heard it enough in her life. Mary had a lot of regrets.

“Sis, you can get those things tied back together, you know.”

“There’s no way in hell my shitty insurance is gonna pay for that!”

Ella smiled softly. “Mary, if it’s just about the money, go find you a doctor. I’ll pay for it.”


Ronnie had begun to moan almost as soon as the thick knob of his penis entered Aunt Mary’s vagina. He had now fucked all of his aunts.

Mary was the least pretty, had the loosest pussy, and her skills put the other two to shame.

As much as he loved Aunt Ella’s tight pussy, as much as he craved Aunt Darla’s mouth wrapped around his cock, he would always come back to Aunt Mary.

“Mmmmm yeah fuck me Ronnie” Aunt Mary moaned softly in his ear as she mashed her big firm tits against his muscular chest.

He stroked his thick powerful cock deep into Aunt Mary until he felt his orgasm approaching fast. Mary felt it too.

“Not yet baby, not yet.” she said and held his hips still with her strong legs. The tingling in the head of his dick subsided.

She rolled him over on to his back in the middle of her king sized bed.

She had invited him over to her house for a reason, a reason he was about to see.

She took his long thick cock in her hand and guided him to her opening. Slowly she lowered her wet pussy down on to his fat dick and began to grind her hips.

“I’ve got a little surprise for you Ronnie. Close your eyes!”

She had left her bedroom door open. Ronnie hadn’t heard a thing.

“OK, open your eyes!”

There, one on either side of the bed, stood Aunt Ella and Aunt Darla. Nude.

Ronnie was stunned. His eyes widened and his mouth hung open.

Mary wiggled her ass a few times, sending Ronnie to the very brink of ejaculation. “Well?” Mary laughed. “Are you two just gonna stand there or are you gonna join us!”

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