The Awakening Ch. 02

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The Awakening, Chapter 2, Marriage. A young couple begins exploring the boundaries of their sexuality.

Matt and Jennifer continued their relationship all thru college, and finally got engaged and set a wedding date for about six months after graduation. They had sex often, but it was very normal. They had oral and vaginal sex, two or three times a week, and were enjoying a few positions. They loved each other and while in college, neither had tried to experiment or bring up any fantasies. They just enjoyed each other… and that was enough for four and a half years. It was about six months after they were married that things changed a little. It was bound to happen at some point for this couple.

Matt came into contact with some porn at a poker game that one of his friends was hosting that showed some bondage and domination. He knew that happened, but hadn’t really thought about it. He was not sure why. He and Jen were not prudes; they had been busy getting their lives started, didn’t have time to experiment much, and hadn’t really been looking for it. Their sex life was fulfilling. But as soon as Matt saw that movie, his mind started turning over the possibilities. He was very intrigued and turned on. The other guys were joking about it, but he stared at it completely enraptured by what the guy was doing to the bound woman. Then they were interrupted by the arrival of pizza and did not return to the movie. But when he left, Matt asked the host, Jim, if he could borrow the DVD that had that movie on it. Jim didn’t even bat an eyelash at the request and Matt went home with it, wondering where he could hide it and when he could watch it again.

A week later, Jen was working late at her new job, when Matt got a chance to watch the DVD again. He slapped it in and started watching. It was mesmerizing. There was a blonde woman strapped to what looked like a wood-slatted rack. The rack was about 6′ long and 3′ wide and the woman’s arms and legs were tied down by some leather straps in the corners and also had three wide leather straps across her body just above the knees, across the stomach under her tits, and across her chest just above her tits. Her large tits were accentuated by the last two straps. The wooden slats under her had gaps in them and when he wanted, the guy could turn the rack over and work on the woman’s ass thru the slats. He watched as the guy first mauled the woman’s tits with his hands, with his mouth, and then flogged them. Then he did the same to her pussy. He opened it up, lapped up some juices, jammed four fingers in there and finger-fucked her for about 3 minutes, and then flogged it. Then he turned her over so that her ass was up and repeated the action, although he only got two fingers in her ass. Matt was turned on more than ever. His dick was aching so he ran and grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen. He ran back into the den, dropped his pants, and started stroking his dick. He didn’t want to come too fast because he wanted to see as much of it as he could and he wanted to make it a great cum.

Finally, the guy released the woman and ordered her onto all fours. She complied with a “Yes, Master.” That turned Matt on even more. “Master”; it sounded wonderful.

Once the woman was on all fours, the guy went out of the picture for a minute and came back in with another woman, also with large tits, but a brunette; small and petite despite the obviously enhanced breasts. She was sporting a strap on. The guy pushed her towards the blonde and said, “Fuck that ass, right now!”

“Yes, Master,” she responded. The brunette dropped to her knees and starting rubbing the dildo up and down the blonde’s pussy to get it lubricated. Maltepe Fetiş Escort The blonde didn’t move.

“I said fuck that ass, now!” the guy demanded. He went over to the brunette and grabbed the fake cock sticking out and pressed it down against the blonde’s asshole. “Now shove it in there and fuck this bitch!”

The brunette shoved it in, eliciting a large gasp and then several small whimpers from the blonde. She started her assault with strong, steady strokes, the blonde still on all fours.

Matt was stroking his dick in time to the brunette’s strokes. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer and was now looking forward to saving the rest of the DVD for later, so that he would have something new to see. He watched closely as the blonde lowered her head and chest to the floor so that the large fake cock could achieve full penetration into her ass. Matt could take no more and his cum erupted from his dick. He managed to catch it all in the paper towels. It was one of his best orgasms in a while.

After he finished cleaning up his dick, he removed the DVD and got dressed. He returned the DVD to the hanging file folder in one of the drawers of his desk where he kept some papers from work. He didn’t want Jen seeing this. He felt guilty about doing it, but he knew he would watch it again. He was just too damn turned on. He even knew in the back of his mind that he would be renting or buying more of this type of porn.

A couple of weeks later, Jen was poking around the desk while Jim was out playing golf and the inevitable happened. She saw the DVD case in one of Matt’s files. She didn’t think much about it at first, because CDs and DVDs were everywhere now. But she absentmindedly pulled it out of the file, not expecting to be shocked… until she saw the cover. It contained a shot of a woman bound, gagged, and blindfolded kneeling before a naked man, his back to the camera, but leering over his shoulder. She was more than shocked. She was flabbergasted that Matt had this hidden in his files!

Jen took it into the den and put it in. She started it up and expected to be repulsed by what she saw. At first she was a little taken aback, but she was not completely unaware that folks did this. She also knew that this was a movie and therefore staged. The surprising part was that Matt had it and was hiding it.

By the time the first scene had advanced to the part where the brunette was ass-fucking the blonde, Jen had broken out into a light sweat. Her pussy was starting to get wet and her nipples were erect. She rubbed her nipples a little and then put her hand down her shorts to rub her pussy. “Damn!” she thought. “I’m so fucking horny and this is turning me on. What’s wrong with me?” But she didn’t answer her own question; she just kept stroking her clit while she watched.

She got further into the movie than Matt and once the blonde had had an orgasm, she watched as the man ordered her to turn around and suck the strap on clean. Jen immediately took her fingers out of her pants and sucked on her fingers. It tasted so fucking good! She couldn’t imagine why she had hesitated to suck Matt’s cock after sex now that she tried it. His dick probably tasted more like his cum anyway.

“Fuck this!” Jen thought, so she stood up and yanked her shorts and panties off. She sat down and watched the movie and started furiously masturbating. She rubbed her clit for all it was worth as the man came over and made the blonde alternate between sucking the strap on and his dick. Fuck this was hot! She finally had a fantastic orgasm, just as the man pulled out and came all over the blonde’s face. “Thank you, Master,” the blonde said to him. Maltepe Gecelik Escort It was a large load and she was covered in cum. Jen watched this completely entranced and wondered what it felt like. Maybe she should try that, as well? Why shouldn’t they try some of these things? It might liven up their sex life, which was good, but not as thrilling as it once was. She knew that this was making her so hot she was going to fuck Matt’s brains out when he got home… and she did.

However, Jen didn’t say anything to Matt about the DVD, and Matt just thought she was horny. But a few days later, when Matt was working late and she got home early, she was again pulling out the DVD. Only this time she completely stripped off her clothes, put a towel on the couch, and made herself comfortable.

She put the DVD in and ran it on fast forward to the part where the blonde had just been covered in cum. She hadn’t tried that yet with Matt but was thinking that it might be interesting.

She put the DVD on normal speed and watched the next scene, her pussy already getting wet in anticipation. The next scene was a public humiliation one and she was more shocked by this than the previous one.

The scene started in the back of a van. A woman had her arms tied behind her back. Her blouse and bra had been pushed above her tits and her skirt was bunched up at her waist with her panties just pulled to the side. She was on her knees and had a blindfold on. A man was in front of her slowly pinching and twisting her nipples. Jen did it to herself and gasped just like the woman on screen. “Damn!” she thought, “that actually turns me on!”

On screen a woman then moved into the picture with a large vibrator that looked like a ball on the end and applied it to the woman’s pussy, searching for the clit. The bound woman jerked and started moaning loudly. This went on for a couple of minutes and then they stopped. She was asked to turn on her knees with her back to the camera and put her face on the floor. She obeyed immediately. Jen smiled. She wondered what it would be like to be at the mercy of someone else, or maybe be in charge of someone else. Either game might be fun. As she watched, the dominate woman moved into the picture and spit right on the subs asshole. Then she produced a butt plug that was pretty large in the middle, about as large as a normal sized dick, and then had a very narrow neck with a round, flat part to keep it from going all the way in. The woman eased it into the subs ass, the sub moaned and tried not to move. The dom smiled and watched as it settled into the subs ass and her asshole closed around the narrow neck. It would stay in there for a while. Jen loved this picture! Wow! She slowly rolled her legs back to her chest and put her index finger in her mouth, wetting it heavily. Then she ran it down on her own ass and starting working it in. She moaned and released her legs with her other hand so that she could pinch her nipples. She was so turned on she was starting to pant! Her body was flushed and hot, her face and chest reddening. But she didn’t take her eyes off the screen.

They ordered the woman to her feet and to get dressed. She rearranged her clothes and they got out of the van. Jen was disappointed and wondered what was going on. There should have been more to it than that, right? She soon found out there was.

The couple that was in charge led the woman into a supermarket. The camera followed them closely as they headed back to the produce department. Once there, the submissive woman was ordered to ask a stranger to lift her blouse and feel her tits. The first couple of men who came by seemed too wary of Maltepe Genç Escort this with the camera filming the entire event, but finally one young man did it. He pulled up the woman’s blouse, started feeling her tits, and really hammed it up for the camera. The woman just stood there.

After that, the woman was led over to a display table that had some bread and rolls on it. The dom couple moved the items out of the way and had the woman bend over the table. They yanked up her skirt , putting her ass, butt plug, and soaking wet pussy on display. Her hands were taken and cuffed behind her back. Several folks were shown wandering by and most of the women immediately fled the area. Some of the men, too, but a couple of them stayed to watch. Again, Jen wondered what if felt like to be put on display or to put someone else on display for strangers. Her nipples were throbbing and her pussy was dripping as she slowly sank her right index finger into her ass and ran her other hand through her pussy and up over her clit. She knew she liked watching this, but wasn’t sure about being the one on display. In any case, she couldn’t wait to see what happened next and she wanted to cum badly. Then she gasped as she watched the male dom pull his 8″ cock, rock hard and ready to go, and proceed to place it up to the woman’s pussy! He jammed it in and started pounding her. The guys who had stuck around were invited to feel her tits and both of them took the opportunity to do so. They were fondling her tits, while the guy was pounding his dick into her, slapping up against the butt plug. The woman had finally had enough and, moaning loudly, started cumming. The male dom waited until she was done and then jerked his dick out of her, whipped her around and forced her to her knees, and then proceeded to unleash a major load all over her face. The woman just kneeled there while the camera filmed and the bystanders who were there took pictures with their phones. Finally, the doms stood her up, lowered her clothing, and walked her out of the store and back to the van. At no time did they make any move to clean off her face. The camera followed them out to the van and into the back. Once in there, they uncuffed her and handed her a towel to wipe off her face. They then asked her questions about how she enjoyed it and what she thought. She was ecstatic! Wow, Jen thought, she loved every minute of it. She said she was so turned on that she wanted to fuck some more! Me, too, was all Jen could think of.

That was it for Jen. She started finger fucking both her pussy and ass at the same time. She had her right index finger in her ass and three fingers in her pussy, pounding away at herself. She had never masturbated so strongly and worked so hard on her pussy. She had also never fingered her ass. Oh, shit, she was going to cum buckets! She kept her finger in her ass, but took her other hand out and starting mashing and pinching her clit and within ten seconds started cumming. It was a large one and she moaned and thrashed. She was not a squirter, but she came so much that it was running down past her finger-filled asshole and onto the towel. She just couldn’t stop cumming!

Finally, she calmed down. Her spasms stopped. She was breathing heavily and her entire body had a light sheen of sweat from the hard work and major orgasm. She slowly pulled her finger out of her ass and looked at it. Hmmm. She took it and put it into her mouth to taste her ass. It was a little disgusting, but still, a turn on for her. She had never done it before and the thought of doing something so dirty had her getting hot again. Shit! She better stop and get cleaned up before Matt comes home.

As she was getting dressed, however, she couldn’t help but continue to run her hands over her body and tease herself a little. Matt was going to be in for a surprise when he got home! She was going to rip his clothes off and attack him. She had never felt so horny.

Coming next: Part 3. Experimentation begins.

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