The Awakening of Rebecca

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It had begun in the Supermarket. Chris, as usual, had been people watching over a cup of coffee. Being his own boss and relatively wealthy, both work and the media being anathema to him he found a little excitement in his otherwise mundane life by watching other people, looking for signs of intelligence and in particular, loneliness.

He would sit there pretending to read the newspaper or a magazine bought specifically for the purpose, if anyone had asked him just what he was reading about he would have had no idea. In reality, he would be listening to the conversations of other people.

In his early thirties, wealthy by any standards, single and so very bored, he found his excitement in listening, and his chosen place was the Supermarket, warm, dry and coffee on tap. For some time now he had been listening to one particular person, someone who had caught his eye, ear and imagination.

He had found her to be bright, intelligent, smartly dressed and strangely out of place amongst the flood of shoppers who almost always moaned and groaned about their respective problems. Over the weeks, he had listened to her a lot, and had compassion for her situation.

Chris had learned that her name was Rebecca; he knew her address, knew that she was married, had two young children in school and lived in a quite substantial house. More importantly, he had discovered that her sex life was boring, limited to a wham, bam thank you ma’am every Sunday morning, routine and dull.

He learned that she believed that there had to be more to sex than that and wished that she could explore her needs and desires. He learned that Rebecca masturbated regularly fantasising over many things, but most of all he had learned her secret and innermost desires, the ones that she dearly wanted to fulfil but felt guilty about for even having them.

She had become stuck in a routine, and an unhappy marriage, she was there for the kids only. He had followed her home one day, overtaking her and parking a little way up the lane, out of sight, but where he was able to view her and had seen her arguing with her husband on the doorstep.

He had to eventually admit to himself that he was drawn to her; there was something about her that made him fantasise over her and her needs in the same way that she did, but Rebecca didn’t even know he existed.

Today was Friday and Chris had taken up his usual station in the Supermarket café waiting for her to join him. Well not exactly join him, but to sit down at the same table that she went to every Friday. She was as regular as the clock in her routine, 9am drop the kids at school, 9:30 pick up Jenny, and 9:45 start shopping and at 11:00 time for morning coffee. Always the same seat, always the same order.

He could see her now, in animated conversation with her friend and confidante Jenny as they walked up and down the various aisles. She wore tight fitting white jeans today that showed off her nicely rounded ass, complimented by a white blouse tucked into her waistband that emphasised her ample breasts, he guessed her to be around a 36B, maybe a little bigger.

It made him wonder what she would look like naked. He made no secret of it to himself, but over the weeks of watching her, he had grown to think of her as his, and desperately wanted to make it so. She was vulnerable right now and he felt that with the right tactics he could whisk her off her feet.

Chris thought that she would be a little older than he, around the thirty-five to forty mark he guessed; her figure was in great shape and she had legs that went straight up to her armpits. He loved her brown eyes, deep and mysterious, eyes that a man could easily drown in.

Shoulder length wavy hair that he believed to be natural and a fringe that was always just that little bit too long. Sometimes it irritated him and he wanted to sweep it away from her eyes. He drifted then to thoughts of her in the bedroom.

There was something different about her today, she seemed animated, there was a spring in her step, she was smiling too, and once or twice he heard her laughing, not the usual forced laugh, but carefree and happy, her face lit up, she was positively radiant.

The shopping was completed more quickly also and it wasn’t long before she was sitting at her usual table with her back to him. It was in this position that he could hear every word that she uttered.

The girls collected their coffee and sat down. It was good that they always sat in the same place; Jenny always had to sit where she could see all those who came and went. Rebecca was really buzzing today and Chris was about to find out why.

“Jenny, I have the most marvellous news, you’ll never believe this, but I have the whole weekend to myself, Mike has gone away on business and the kids are being picked up from school by the grandparents.” Jenny knew only too well how much Rebecca needed a break, but thought that she needed longer than a weekend, still, it was a start.

“What will Ataşehir Escort you do Becca?”

“Well the first thing is to go straight home and have a long hot soak in the bath with lot’s of bubbles and a nice bottle of wine. Get a little sozzled maybe, and fall asleep naked on the bed. Tonight I’ll have a night in with the video of my choice for a change., thought that I might get that Emmanuelle film and watch something that just might turn me on more than Mike does.”

Her words tailed off at this point, obviously thinking of what she might be doing later. One thing was sure, she wouldn’t be asking the audience, but she might be phoning a friend and going 50/50, there was this guy whom she had in mind, a little younger than her but he dressed well and expensively, she wondered if he might be available. She was almost certain that he would be.

‘Maybe tomorrow,’ she thought, ‘this is my night and I am going to be pig lazy with it, I’ll decide about tomorrow when it comes.’

Jenny smiled, perhaps a little envious of the complete freedom that her best friend would be having, but in her heart she wanted Rebecca to have this time to herself, married to that pig of a husband of hers, she knew that she deserved it.

“So you’re spending the whole weekend alone then!”

“Yep, I’m so fed up being dogsbody to my kids and having to put up with Mike yelling at me all the time. The only time he’s ever nice to me is on a Sunday morning, and you know why that is. As soon as it’s over for him I am left frustrated and then he starts with the yelling all over again. He gets out of bed to go for a shower and I have to finish the job myself.”

“So for once Jenny, I am going to be totally alone, do what I want to do and when I want to do it, I am even going to take the phone off the hook and pretend I am on a desert island. That is to say a desert island with a fridge and a good supply of wine anyway.”

They broke into fits of giggles and Chris almost gave himself away, the smile on his face needed to be seen to be believed, but he began to formulate a plan. Rebecca was going to be alone for the entire weekend; that is until some time on Sunday when her husband and the kids came back. Jenny, the one person who she would be most likely to contact would not be expecting to hear from her.

Ideas flashed through his mind, ideas that she had put there when he had been eavesdropping on her conversations with Jenny. Leaving his half-drunk coffee, he hastened to the car park, his destination, somewhere near Rebecca’s home.

As he got up to leave Rebecca smiled secretly to herself.

She lived in a very big detached house that was quite isolated and backed onto a large wooded area. It was ideal for what he had in mind, and Rebecca was going to have many of her dreams come true.

Parking his car on the opposite side of the woods about a quarter mile away, he trekked through to the back of her garden. Quickly he checked her nearest neighbours to see if anyone was home, and slipped over the fence. A side window left open made it simple for someone of his fitness and agility to gain entry.

Chris had often wondered about the inside of the house, but it was a far cry from what he had expected; neat and tidy; it had an ordered clutter, with photographs, ornaments and pot plants on every flat surface that would support them. Touching nothing, he wandered the downstairs rooms getting a feel for the place. There were four bedrooms, one obviously an office, two were the kids bedrooms decorated in bright vibrant colours, and he found that two bathrooms separated all rooms from the main bedroom.

The final bedroom was very different, en suite, fitted wardrobes along one wall, every other door louvered or mirrored, plush drapes, a carpet that he sank into up to his ankles and a wonderful four-poster bed swathed in a white muslin. He started opening the wardrobe doors, found his and then hers. His excitement grew as he felt the fabric of her clothes and could detect her fragrance upon them.

The sound of a car in the gravel drive warned him that Rebecca had returned from her shopping trip. Carefully he closed her wardrobe door, and opening the door of the other wardrobe, Chris stepped inside. The louvered slats meant that he could watch what was occurring both in the bedroom and the bathroom without being observed himself, so he settled himself to wait.

Rebecca carried her bags into the kitchen where she dumped them on the work surface. After putting away the frozen food she ran upstairs to the bathroom, setting the automatic filler at her chosen temperature, knowing that she could now finish the unpacking of the groceries without it running over.

Hearing the chink of glass on glass as she came upstairs, Chris knew that she was as good as her plans and meant to lie in the bath with a glass of wine. Hearing a match striking he realised that she was lighting a few of the candles he had seen in the bathroom, the scent of jasmine Kadıköy Escort wafting through into the bedroom. From the wardrobe he could see clearly into the bathroom and realised that at no time would she be out of his sight.

Returning to the bedroom she pulled out the phone plug and turned on the CD player; Chris liked her choice of music, soft and sensual, befitting the mood. She kicked off her shoes and started unbuttoning her blouse, he felt himself go hot with anticipation at this impromptu striptease. He wanted to move position but knew that if he did it would all be over. Therefore he continued watching, unable to take his eyes from her.

It was almost as though Rebecca knew he was there, she chose to undress very slowly, in time with the music, slipping the blouse from her shoulders she whirled it around her head a couple of times before tossing it towards the dirty linen basket. The removal of her top had shown him that she wore a half-cup bra and that her breasts were indeed magnificent.

Still in time with the music and now swaying, she unzipped her tight jeans, unsnapping the button at the waist. Hooking her thumbs over the top, she slowly worked them over her hips and down her thighs until able to step out of them. Chris had not been wrong, she had a beautiful figure and revealed that she wore a thong and not panties. With her back to him she showed beautiful rounded cheeks that he would have loved to have been able to get his hands on, but knew that he had to bide his time.

Standing in front of the mirror, she admired herself, running her hands lightly over her body, caressing her breasts through the bra, and her flat stomach, allowing her soft hands to caress her thighs and the cheeks of her ass. Watching her Chris felt his one-eyed snake uncoiling; he wanted her now more than ever. She smiled at herself in the mirror and then crossed the room to close the drapes. The room was then flooded with the soft glow from the lit candles.

The sensuous swaying continued, she was being turned on as she caressed herself, she so wanted to continue, and did just that. Slipping the straps from her bra one at a time, her nipples came into view, Chris could see from his vantage point that they were large and now quite erect.

Pushing her chest forward Rebecca reached around behind to unclip the bra, removing it she sent it the same way as her blouse. Cupping both breasts in her hands, she rolled her nipples between forefingers and thumbs, pulling and stretching them. He now realised that she was turned on and that he was about to witness her masturbating.

Rebecca pushed one hand down inside her thong until it came to rest on her pussy, applying gentle pressure her finger slipped easily in between her lips; she moaned softly and began to rub her now swelling clit; but she wanted more. Taking her hand away again she quickly shed the thong and looking in the mirror, parted her pussy lips to show how wet she had become.

With great difficulty, Chris stifled a groan, here was a beautiful woman, very turned on, badly needing a good man with a good rod and she didn’t know that he was only a few feet away. His penis trapped in its cloth prison was hurting, and he started slowly easing down the zip to give it freedom, gently stroking it.

Rebecca in the meantime had decided that enough was enough, made her way to the bathroom where she busied herself shaving before sliding into the hot and comforting water. He watched her as she sipped her wine and then washed herself, her composure recovered, and his.

Chris leaned against the back of the wardrobe to support himself, ensuring that he did not disturb the clothes hangers and cause any noise.

His turn would come; he was thinking, quietly putting his cock away and zipping up. He heard the clink of glass on glass and knew that she was pouring herself some more wine. It seemed ages since he had ensconced himself here, and his limbs were beginning to ache. It was then that he realised that Rebecca was returning from the bathroom, wrapped in a bright red bath sheet, her skin glowing from the caress of the hot water.

He watched her as she carefully dried herself and put the towel aside. Busying herself for a couple of minutes, she brought the scented candles from the bathroom and into the bedroom, and then lay down naked on the bed. Her feet rested on the pillow, and her head was at the foot of the bed; she lay like that for a while, and soon Chris discovered that she had fallen asleep in this position. The gentle rhythmic rise and fall of those magnificent breasts told him so.

Steeling himself to wait a little while longer to be doubly sure, he grabbed a handful of ties from her husband’s rack and gently opened the door. Rebecca had not moved as much as an eyelid. Although he wanted her desperately, he wanted her to want him too. Looping one of the ties, he gently put it around her wrist, and stretching the arm out tied it off to one of the bedposts. Going Bostancı Escort the other side, he did the same with that arm, he wondered how she could sleep so soundly and what she was dreaming. His mind went back to the day that she had told Jenny that she used to have daydreams like this, where a masked man would tie her up and ravish her.

Chris also had a cummerbund from the wardrobe, to cover her eyes, but knew that in applying this as a blindfold, would surely awaken her, but decided to go ahead anyway.

He sat watching her for a minute or two, she looked so beautiful laying there, her body fresh and clean, nipples still erect from earlier, and perhaps from her dreaming, her pussy, freshly shaved and so soft. In his mind, he could see the wetness that he had witnessed earlier, but dismissed this. As he started to blindfold her with the cummerbund, he nearly died as she spoke to him.

“Please don’t blindfold me; I want to see what you are doing to me.”

Chris stammered, “I…I thought you were asleep,” he finally got out.

“No you silly boy, I have known about you for a long time, I knew that you would be in here somewhere and put on that dance especially for you. However, I must admit that had I been alone, I would have made myself climax.”

“You knew I was here?”

“Yes, I planned it that way, I know that you have been watching me for weeks, it was only a matter of time until you came here, when the right opportunity presented itself. Now here we are, come, sit on the bed with me, tell me all that you are going to do to me, I have had such exciting thoughts of you, and began to fancy you a while back, I found you very exciting.”

All that I said about Mike was true, the next time he satisfies me in bed will be the first time, and as for the fantasies that you overheard me telling Jenny, well they are also true. Tell me, what is your name?

“I am called Chris, Rebecca.”

“Hello Chris, welcome to my home, but more importantly, welcome to my body, it is yours to do with as you wish, all I ask is that you make me feel like a woman, we have forty-eight hours. Now, I am naked and my hands are tied, I would be grateful if you would also get naked and finish tying me, then you can tell me all the wonderful things you are going to do to me this weekend.”

Chris could not believe what he was hearing, all the while, he had believed that he was the one in control, but she had been manipulating him to get what she wanted. He understood now why she always sat in the same place, with her back to him, he realised that the window had been left open deliberately, but one stark fact remained, she wanted him in any way that he saw fit.

Moving a chair close to the bed he quietly started talking to her, explaining what BDSM is and how that in these circles he was known as a Master, and that from this day on she was to call him Master, and that she would be his submissive.

His voice was a little above a whisper; she had to strain to hear him. At this stage, he did not touch her, and stayed just at the point where he was guaranteed her attention. He told her that he would caress her, stroke her, kiss and cuddle her, would take her to heights that she had never known, that he would pleasure her until she begged him to stop. That all she had to do was ask.

He understood now that the things she wanted him to do, were those that she had told Jenny about, and that they had been said for his benefit; she had been pointing him in the right direction.

Continuing in the soft low voice he told her of all the wonderful things that he wanted to do to her body, he explained the pain/pleasure theory, noticing that she lay perfectly still, listening. He wondered just what was going through her mind, he looked for signs that she comprehended all that he was saying, but she gave nothing away.

Leaning forward he whispered in her ear, “Well Rebecca, what do you want me to do?”

For a moment she seemed to deliberate, he could see the artery pulsing in her neck, he knew she was afraid of some of it, but she wanted this so badly, she just hadn’t realised that her plans would have such far reaching depths to them.

“Do it Master,” she finally said, “make me live.”

“Very well, we must first establish that you are indeed a submissive and my submissive alone. I am going to untie you now, I expect you to come to me naked, on your knees and show me deference, you will untie my shoes, remove my socks and then kiss my feet. Are you prepared to do this for your Master?”

“As you command Master, so your will shall be done. Master I do not wish to speak out of turn, but this is all new to me and I will need to learn on the hoof, so to speak, will you be patient with me?”

“Yes of course my little one, I shall help you and guide you every step of the way.”

“When my husband is at work, you can come to me any weekday Master, I will always be ready for you, but I do have to take the children to school and bring them back, and I don’t know how I can contact you if one of them is sick. Do you perhaps have a mobile phone?”

“Yes, I shall give you the number before I take my leave, but I prefer not to call you at home. You on the other hand may call me any time you wish.”

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