The Babysitter

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Since my wife had a baby, our sex life had taken quite a dip in frequency and intensity, to the point of almost non-existence. I’d always thought she was sexy and she never had issues with inhibitions. In fact, a while back before we started a family, we even made our own home porno. That little movie had come in handy after the baby, as my sex drive has not changed the way hers had and watching it always afforded me some relief.

My wife and I decided we needed a break here and there from the baby and thought we should get out once in a while when she became comfortable with the idea of leaving the baby in the care of a sitter. She suggested there was a girl with experience a few miles from our home and that we should give her a call.

We arranged a short interview at our home with the girl and we were quite impressed. I must say, I was a little taken back at first, as this girl looked mature for her age and quite frankly, she was pretty and had nicely developed body. She wore tight clothing that really showed off her curves. In simpler terms, I thought this 18 year old girl was hot! I thought, while interviewing her, I bet the guys at her school jerk off thinking about her.

When I started picking her up for the evenings we’d go out, we chatted a bit on the drive and she was quite friendly. The only awkwardness was probably in my own mind, as it was next to impossible not to glaze over her body in the passenger seat, or even stop myself from sneaking a peek when she wore a top that showed some cleavage. I was always worried about getting caught and making things weird.

Almost immediately after she started sitting for us, seeing her in different clothes and from all angles, I started imagining fucking her, fantasizing about her. Every time I jerked off, I’d get lost in different scenarios with our babysitter. Even imaging touching that tight Escort Ankara little body was enough to get me off.

I became quite comfortable with her around and at times would even flirt with her a little when the wife wasn’t around. She seemed ok with it, and at times I noticed a mischievous smile in response or a look in her eyes. In time, I began to notice her looking me over. When I’d make eye contact, she’d just smirk a little, as though she knew she’d been caught, but didn’t seem to care. There was even a couple of times I caught her staring right at my crotch, not blinking, as though she was daydreaming. When I noticed this, I began fantasizing about her staring at my cock that way, watching me jerk off.

It was at this time I had an idea. Of course I couldn’t just pull out my cock and see her reaction. I’m not that stupid! As there really wasn’t much to do at our home other than watch tv or movies, she was familiar with our setup, movie collection and was free to browse through anything she wanted to watch. I decided to put the home movie my wife and I made into the collection in the family room. I thought it would be inevitable that she would notice the tape with no label and be curious about what was on it. I was pretty much a given that I’d a least have a clue how she’d react to seeing my cock. At worst, if things went badly, I had left it there by accident. Oops.

That August night was particularly hot and humid and when I picked her up, she was only wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts made from thin material and a crop top. It was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits looked amazing! I could clearly see the shape of her young nipples through the fabric. After one glance, I made a point of not looking at her again, fearing I’d get a hard-on when driving.

The entire evening while we were out, I couldn’t stop thinking Ankara Escort and wondering if she’d try to play the tape I left in the movie collection. I was overwhelmed with nervous excitement at the idea of her seeing my hard cock being sucked and watching us fucking. How would she react? Would she say anything?

When we arrived home, everything seemed normal other than a slight change in her voice, a nervousness. And she appeared just a little bit sweaty. A quick glance at the movie collection and I noticed right away that the movie had been moved from where it was placed. I knew she had seen it.

Once she was in the car and we started driving, I commented on her perspiration and asked if she was too warm. She said yes, that it was really humid as she pulled the fabric at the neck of her top a few times to get a little air on her skin. I watched as she did and for a brief moment, the top was pulled out just enough to see her bare nipple. I felt a pressure in my pants immediately. I turned on the air conditioning.

“This should cool you down.” I said.

Within a couple of minutes, when I glanced at her chest, it was clear that the cold air had a wonderful affect. Her nipples were hard and pushing against the damp fabric of her top. I couldn’t help but stare. Mesmerized, my cock was getting hard in my pants and no doubt, a noticeable bulge. I looked her in the eyes and noticed her staring straight back at me. She glanced down at her chest, back to my eyes and laughed, lightly placing her hand on my arm.

“Definitely a little cooler now thank you.” she said.

It was then I saw her once again looking at my crotch and not blinking. Clearly she noticed the bulge. Taken by the site of her, knowing she’d seen the video and the hard-on growing in my pants that now had her attention.

“Is the air too cold on your skin now?” Ankara Escort Bayan I asked as I placed my hand on the bare skin of her thigh.

She didn’t flinch. She seemed to move her thigh more toward me in what I took as an inviting response to the contact. I left my hand there. There was silence as I drove but I noticed that her thighs were moving farther apart. My cock was straining in my pants now. I slid my hand up her thigh until the back of my hand touched the fabric of her shorts. She was very warm and clearly damp. She said nothing. I began to move gently against her thinly covered pussy, basking in pure excitement and lust of having my hands on the teenage girl I’d jerked off to so many times. As I slid my hand up and down the crease of her shorts, gently massaging her pussy, she slid down a little lower in the seat as if to give me greater access. She reached over to me and placed her hand on my bulge and started massaging it.

I knew I had to take a detour from the drive to her home. As I steered of the normal route, she undid my pants and wrapped her hand around my hard cock and started stroking it. I thought I was going to cum as soon as she did. I pulled into a park away from traffic and other people and came to a stop. I undid my seatbelt and as I reached around her, lowering her seat.

I said, “You can’t tell anyone, this has to be our little secret.”

I climbed onto her side facing her and kissed her. As I reached down between us, her hand wrapped around my cock again. I was so fucking hard! I put my fingers between the fabric her shorts and skin and felt her hot wet pussy against the back of my fingers. I pulled her shorts to the side. I was going to fuck this sexy little schoolgirl. I leaned forward and she guided my cock to the slippery opening of her pussy.

I pushed forward and slid into her tight little teenage cunt. It was pure fucking heaven! I leaned back and took the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her perfect tits. I couldn’t take it anymore. I started cuming and filled her little pussy, an intense throbbing orgasm as I pulsed and thrust deep into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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