The Baker Ch. 02

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I manage to climb the stairs despite my exhaustion. I run a bath with the hottest water I can take. I throw in some bath salts, light some candles and pour myself a glass of wine. After that workout, I am in deep need of a long soaking. The jets help me relax and I feel quite content sipping my cabernet.

I close my eyes and think about what happened today. I smile that I had the nerve to knock on his door. I’m glad I did. I had no idea he was into BDSM, and I had no idea that I would be game for it myself.

I must have soaked for at least an hour, running hot water in when it got the slightest bit cold. I wondered if I should go back. I mean, today was really good, well, compared to my daily life, outstanding. Even though I came several times today, I am aching. I still want more. I rub my tits and tease my nipples. I image that they are his large, strong hands. I decide that I would sleep on it.

I awoke after a rocky sleep. After every REM cycle, I came to with images of what has happened, what might happen. One dream was a nightmare, where he kept me bound and tied, proclaiming me as his sex slave. When I fully awake, I contemplated what I would bake for him today. I guess I decided that I knew him well enough that the latter would not be in his game plan.

I get up and do my makeup. I contemplate what to wear. Based on his desires, I choose this leather and lace corset that I had bought a few years ago that my husband had never appreciated. I spray on the perfume that I have gotten the most compliments on. And yes, not complements from women, from men, with that certain look in their eyes. It happens to be called Very Sexy.

I make a quick banana nut muffin, hoping to appease him. I barely remember to eat myself, however, I remember his words and decide I might need my strength. I whip up a berry and spinach smoothie and add some protein powder for energy.

As I am preparing a small basket of muffins to bring over I hear a strange sound on the patio windows. I walk over, wondering what is up. Without warning, I am approached from behind. A large, black leathered, gloved hand covers my mouth and part of my nose. Within seconds, I am impaled by a finger inside me and a thumb in my ass.

My body and mind respond simultaneously. I gasp, pulling my breath in complete fear. My heart is pounding. I begin to cry.

I am consoled by a sh, sh, sh,,,,I believe you know me…

Puzzled, I listen to him for a moment. A soft, deep, sultry voice whispers in my ear, you are far too trusting. I suggest that you get a security system. I mean, someone could break in, abduct you and use you as his sex slave.

I recognize his voice, and try to decide if I am frightened or turned on completely. I feel a drop between my legs and Maltepe Grup Escort I don’t even know what to make of it. A chuckle and a thrust of his hand drives deep into me. He tickles my g-spot. He bends me over so he can explore my ass. He pumps on my prostate. I release in a moan, bucking myself forward into his palm. I can’t help but grind against him, attempting to beg for more.

He stops and pulls my hands behind my back. I feel the cold metal of handcuffs being clamped upon my wrists. He wraps a cloth bag around my head and the what feels like a rope leash around my neck.

He is so much larger than me. He uses his strength to guide through my back door, passing our shared driveway and into his home. I am perplexed, because I am fearful, but yet, somehow intrigued on what events that are yet to come.


He warned me yesterday that the next time would be different. That all the activity would be for his pleasure. He wasn’t exaggerating.

He opens his backdoor and pushes me in. He gives me a gentle tug on the leash which pulls it against my throat. I gasp as it scares the shit out of me. He grabs my hand and guides me down a flight of stairs. “Geez! I can’t fucking see, I am going to break my neck.” I complain.

I’m not going to let you fall. I have many plans for you today and injuring you would definitely get in my way. I hold my breath as I go down, counting the steps to help calm my elevated blood pressure. 10…11…12…whew! The landing.

He loosens the collar and takes off the cloth bag. Before my eyes, I see what he has been building with all that material that he brought in last summer. His rec room, or should I say his dungeon, had things that I had never seen before. Benches, a weird cross on the wall, a swing. Oh my fucking lord. I turn to him and glare.

Right now I am really pissed off. I finally let it go. “What the fuck? I was about to come willingly and you literally abduct me. You could have killed me bringing me down those stairs!”

He looks at me with this mischievous, sardonic look. Oh, look at you…I love that fiery look in your eyes, I cannot wait to tame you.

I want to shove him but my fucking hands are tied.

With a quick motion, he grabs me by the back of my head and pulls me into him. He kisses me hard, his tongue prying my lips open. And OMG, what a kiss it was. Hard, intense, demanding… the perfect amount of tongue. He releases me and all I can say is “Oh my.” My head is spinning, and I am no longer angry, or fearful. He pulls me in again with the same intensity. My head, my body, responds at a primordial level. Despite my anger, I wilt into my wanton needs. I will do anything to please him, to Maltepe Manken Escort be with him.

He turns me around, unlocks a handcuff from one of my wrists, and begins backing me up toward the swing. He carefully places me into the sling, adjusting me. He clasps the free handcuff onto one of the tethers, ensuring that I have no way of escaping. He grabs my other wrist and secures an additional cuff and attaches in the same fashion.

He places a cloth blindfold over my eyes, tying it snuggly around my head. He pulls my legs around the outer cords, binding my ankles so I am completely accessible to him. He stops, I know he is still there because I can hear his breath, his presence.

I want to speak. I should say something. But I just freeze. The last hour has been exhausting. I am restrained; I have no control. Why am I not screaming for help? I begin to whimper and then he does the then he does the weirdest thing. He comes behind me and he pushes me. Yes, puts the swing in motion, as if I were a child. This continues for about five minutes. I don’t know what to think of it at all.

He stops abruptly, positions me so that both my pussy and ass is at the perfect height for him. He chuckles as he watches me dangle. I scream out, “What the fuck!” As soon as my outburst happens I feel a snap of leather on my ass. He strikes again and again. The sting intensifies with each blow. I feel the heat of pain waft from my ass. I cry out begging him to stop. He ceases the beating, only to fasten a ball cock in my mouth to silence me.

And then it begins, I feel a cold, steely device being slid into my ass. He inserts it slow enough that I can adjust. I feel myself slowly open to accept the instrument. He stops and he says the strangest thing…”Picture time.”

I feel the gentle breeze of his movement around me. The click of the camera shutter. He is beside me, over me, under me. I feel victimized by this extreme photo shoot. He stops occasionally, repositioning me legs, adding clips attached to my labials to reveal the pink between my legs. He lowers his mouth towards me, his nose upon my entrance, weirdly, sniffing me. He inserts one finger, then two hooking them inside me, ensuring that I am wet for him. It doesn’t take long.

He withdraws his finger, and I hear his belt as it hits the floor. He presses against me with his steel. The presence of his thick cock against me is more than I can take. I feel myself open for him. And then he stops.

I sense his movement to the rear end of the swing. His formidable hands adjust my head down, removes the gag. He pries my mouth open with the tip and guides my head in towards low his low belly. Pulling me back and forth, he begins his momentum. “Oh yeah, That’s my little Maltepe Masöz Escort fuck toy. I am going to fuck that smart mouth of yours until you gag.

For some reason, I don’t resist. In fact, I rather enjoy it. I receive as much as I can, sucking with all I can give.

He pulls me furiously until he begins to breathe quickly. With a gasp and a grunt he explodes his sweet cum in my mouth. I swallow ravishingly, as if I haven’t eaten in a week. Sucking him long after his crest, ensuring that he has been pleasured to an ultimate level.

He withdraws, and pushes the swing forward. I smell his scent as he passes beside me. His redolence is intoxicating. I taste his scent on my tongue. My chest heaves and I take in another lingering inhalation, attempting to receive some level of inner peace. I hear the door close as he leaves me alone. Hanging…


I breathe in deeply, hoping this is just a temporary pause. An adjustment. It seems like forever before he reenters the room. And when he does, he refastens the gag. He places his fingers against my slick, tapping against my clit, slipping his tongue inside of me. Sucking on my folds, blowing against them gently, I feel myself warm up; I begin to drip. I long for your cock inside of me. I hear merely a chuckle. Is it your desire to torture me?

My walls clamp upon his shaft. The swing begins to rock. He pulls my ass toward him and pulls me towards him hard. His strong, hands wrap around my shoulders. HIs firm grip both scares me and causes me to draw my breath in. He rocks me with an extreme intensity. I have never been fucked this hard before. And I can’t say that I don’t like it. It is completely heavenly. Neither one of us are exerting energy, the pendulum does all the work. I can only speak for myself. It is INCREDIBLE. I the intensity builds inside me. The ache becomes intense. I can feel his cock rubbing against my inner lips, my g, my clit. I feel my lips engorge, my clit harden, my walls tighten. Despite his menacing remarks of it being his day of pleasure, I derive the same. I end writhing, bucking, arching my back into complete oblivion. He explodes inside me, pulling me tightly against him.

I come to, and realize that my husband will be home soon. I shake my head and utter the sounds I can through the gag. He notices my panic and stops; he takes off my gag.

I tell him my husband is coming home tonight; I need to pick him up from the airport. I tell him I need to be at the airport by 6:30. He glances at his phone and tells me to run off quick..

I had to shower quickly, makeup, hair…shit. I have never gotten prepared so quickly in my life. I ask if he can check my husband’s flight. OMG, it’s delayed. Thank the fucking…

The stiffness is relieved from my shoulders, god I am so relieved. I don’t need drama at home.

I arrive at the airport and pick up my husband, bringing him home. I make him dinner. He takes the time to dine with me. I manage to coax him into the bedroom, and at least getting a standard lay from him.

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