The Bank Robbery

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[This story contains oral, vaginal and anal sex as well as a bank robbery. If any of that bothers you, offends you or you don’t appreciate those events as a part of life then perhaps this isn’t a good story for you to read.]


As the radio voice spoke the time as seven o’clock in the morning, the branch manager sat in her car in the all but empty parking lot behind the bank. She looked at the door some fifty feet away and watched the rain hitting everything.

The storm had arrived the day before and had dropped two inches of rain already. The voice coming out of the car radio said it was expected to continue raining for three more days. The manager waited for the security guard to arrive before getting out of her car. Standard procedure to keep from being robbed first thing in the morning.

Alice looked in her purse, found her compact and checked her face. She was fastidious about her appearance and hated for anything to be out of place or unkempt. Her clothes were nice and very business. She wore earth tones and grays, modest but not severe. Her heels were always one and a half inches high. No one at work had ever seen cleavage on her, though most were aware she was not a small breasted woman. In fact, she wore a 38C bra and preferred front closure and lace. The raincoat she wore was gray as well and long, reaching nearly to the ground.

A car pulled in and parked one space from Alice’s car and it looked like the security man, Tom Alexander. The man got out of the car, waved at her and walked quickly to the door. As he passed her car she saw his face and verified that indeed, it was Tom. She shut of the windshield wipers and the engine, stepped out of her car and followed Tom to the door.

The bank upper management had installed two locks on the outside doors. Security had a key and the manager and assistant manager had the other. They called it double custody and said it was all about safety and protection.

They shielded them selves from the rain and bent to the locks, inserting their separate keys. When they turned Tom pushed the door and it opened an inch.

Suddenly, hands pushed Alice and Tom and they sprawled onto the floor just inside the bank. They looked up and saw two men wearing raincoats, rain hats and ski masks. One of the men pointed a gun at them and said, “Don’t do anything stupid.” He waved the gun and they understood that what he wanted was for them to get farther into the bank. They didn’t get up but slid farther inside. They other man took the keys from the door and closed it. He reinserted the keys from the inside and locked the door.

The man with no gun showing walked to the alarm panel and hit the code that disarmed the alarm. Alice watched him do it and wondered how he could have known the code. In her thinking only three people knew the code, the assistant manager, the guy from the alarm company who set it and herself. Neither of the guys standing in the bank looked anything like those people.

“Get on your feet, please.”

Tom started to get up and as he did the man who shut of the alarm disarmed him. He then helped Alice to her feet and escorted both to the door of the vault. He stood beside Alice and motioned Tom to sit at a nearby desk. Tom did what he was supposed to do.

“Open the vault, please.”

Alice thought about refusing and in less than a second realized that the bank was not paying her enough for her to do anything except do what these men wanted. She opened the vault. The man beside her whispered “Thank you” as he stepped into the vault. The other man had Alice sit next to Tom. They could hear the man inside the vault making noises and it sounded like her was somehow opening some safe deposit boxes and some of the teller carts.

The man with the gun said, “Is it your intention to be alive tomorrow?”

Both nodded.

“Good. Go into your break room and buy snacks to eat for the day. If you don’t have money break the glass front of the machine. Take something to carry the snacks in. Mr. Alexander, if you do anything except what I tell you to do, Alice will die here this morning. Understand?”


“Then go. Be back in less than five minutes.”

He went. The man moved closer to Alice. “Where does the janitor store his stuff?”

Alice pointed to a door behind the teller counter. A wave of the gun and she walked to the door. They opened it and he had her bring out the mop and bucket. He had her mop the floor where they had spread water when they fell. Then he had her push the bucket into the vault. His partner was out of the vault with three bags. Tom came back and the man asked him if he had brought anything to drink.

“Six bottles of water.”

“Good. Put all of it in the vault.” Alice was standing in the vault doorway and moved inside to let Tom in. The man who had been in the vault came in again and took Alice’s purse. He watched Alice and Tom when the man in the doorway said, “Strip.”

Alice didn’t move and neither did Tom. It was as if the man Ümraniye Escort had not spoken a word they understood.

“Take off all your clothes and give them to my assistant. You have two minutes.”

Tom took off his raincoat and handed it over. The man spread it on the floor. Tom unbuttoned his uniform shirt and took it off. It went on the raincoat. Alice understood what could happen if she didn’t comply. Her raincoat spread on the floor and before the two minutes were over Tom and Alice stood fully nude inside the vault. The assistant gathered their clothes and took them out of the vault. The man with the gun pushed two chairs into the vault. The other man came back with the welcome mat from the front door. He put it inside the vault. He tossed three boxes of Kleenex in, as well.

“You know that the vault has an air supply and that you won’t freeze in there. It will take someone a long time to get you out, but you will live.”

He closed the vault door and Alice watched as the mechanism inside the door reset. The time lock would not allow the door to open until after seven the next morning.

Alice sat on a chair. She looked at the inside of the vault like she had never seen it before. When her eyes came to Tom she noticed he was nude. She looked away.

“I’m sorry, Ms Peterson. I never saw them until they pushed us.”

“I know, Tom. Not your fault. We just never believed we’d get robbed.”

“How soon do you think we’ll be found?”

“Found? In less than an hour. How soon will we get out? Tomorrow. The time lock can’t be opened until after seven tomorrow morning.” She looked down and noticed she was looking at her own breasts. She looked up and noticed Tom was looking at her breasts too.

“Damn. This is embarrassing.”

“For me, too.”

Alice noticed that the air flowing into the vault was warm air.

“That guy turned up the heat before they left.”

“How nice.”

“Well, we can lie on the rug and take a nap in the dark for a while.”

“Yeah. It will be a long wait before we get out.”

Tom sat in the other chair and they waited. At five after nine the phone inside the vault rang. The only other phone that could call it was right outside the vault. Alice answered.


“How did you get locked in the vault?” It was Liz, the assistant manager.

“We have been robbed. The robbers locked Tom Alexander and I in the vault before they left. You need to call the district office and let them know we won’t be open today and that we were robbed.”

“We won’t be open?”

“No, Liz. All the money we have left is in here and you can’t open the door.”

“Oh. Right. OK, I’ll call the D.O. Should I tell them you’re locked in the vault?”


The phone went dead in Alice’s hand. Liz never was the brightest bulb. Time passed and the phone rang again.

“Alice? The D.O. is sending someone from the vault department. The FBI is already here and they want to talk to you. OK?”

“Yes, Liz. Put them on.”

The FBI man had lots of questions and told Alice he was recording their conversation. All the details of the robbery were told by Alice and then by Tom. When Alice mentioned that the men had both Tom and Alice strip the agent had her repeat that part.

As Alice talked on the phone she stood next to the vault door and Tom sat in a chair a few feet away. He listened to her but his eyes kept looking at her body. He had known Alice for years and never even fantasized about her in the nude. He looked at the two dimples just above her ass. He looked at the curve of her ass and her legs. He really looked. His mind raced around with thoughts that he had never thought about Alice before.

He wondered if she had shaved her legs that morning. He wondered how she smelled. He wondered if she was a lesbian. He had never heard of her on a date or out with a man. She never mentioned having been married. Looking at her nude he couldn’t imagine why no one wanted her.

When Alice turned and handed the phone to Tom he stood and gave his account to the FBI. Alice sat and listened. At first she sat with her eyes closed, listening. Then, she opened her eyes and stopped really listening. She focused on Tom’s body. Her mind, like Tom’s, did some wandering.

He was in good shape for a fifty-year-old man. Hardly any flab around the middle at all. He was hairy. Alice remembered a poster she was given on year for her birthday of Magnum P.I.. Tom looked a lot like that, except for the face. Tom wasn’t quite handsome, but he wasn’t bad looking either. When Tom shifted a little Alice had a good view of his equipment.

It seemed, from six feet away, that Tom’s flaccid penis was about six or seven inches long and, Alice thought, fat enough to be a handful. Her thoughts went back to the last time she had one in her hands. It was while she was on vacation last spring. His name was Walt. They met on the cruise she took in Hawaii. They spent two days in her cabin fucking. Tom’s looked to be İstanbul Escort bigger and longer than Walt’s was.

Alice looked at Tom some more and noticed that he was circumcised. The head was uncovered and Alice wondered how it would fit in her mouth and in her pussy.

Tom saw Alice out of the corner of his eye and noticed she was looking at his cock. His cock twitched and slowly started to grow.

Her eyes widened when Tom’s cock started to grow. “Oh, my God,” she thought.

Tom finished with the FBI and was told that the vault people would be there in three hours. He hung up the phone. He was about half hard.

“Now, or maybe never,” he thought. He stepped in front of Alice and said, “Hungry?”

His cock was inches from her face. She looked up at him and thought about the consequences of touching him. She knew that she had worked hard to be the mystery women during her career with the back. Conservative dress, no dating anywhere near the community she lived in and nothing to suggest she had achieved her position in any other way than by competence. What would happen if she did what her body was urging her to do? In seconds her mind was made up. She took hold of his cock. As she opened her mouth she said, “Yeah, now that you mention it, I am a little hungry.”

Very slowly she took the head of Tom’s cock into her mouth. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. She was surprised at how he filled her mouth. She was also surprised at how good he tasted. Her hands held his ass cheeks and she pumped slowly taking his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. Each stroke seemed to add to his size. Her mouth was full and her lips stretched to hold him. He moaned as she worked on him.

When he moaned Alice realized that he was very turned on. She had been thinking just about how it felt to her. Now she realized how she was in control. She made him hard. She also realized how wet she was. She pulled back and released his cock from her mouth. She moved to the rug and lay on her back.

“Be inside me, Tom.”

She opened her legs and he saw her wetness. She didn’t know that of all the things that Tom liked eating pussy was at the top of the list. Her wide open legs and glistening wet opening were all the invitation he ever wanted. In seconds he had his face in her pussy and began licking and sucking her juices in. She tasted better than he imagined she would. Her juices flowed and he drank them in as a thirsty man. He tantalized her clit for a moment and then left it alone, playing instead with her extended lips. She moaned and held her own legs open with her hands.

Tom reached for and found her breasts and gave them attention as he continued to nibble and lick his way into her pussy. His fingers and thumbs grasped her nipples and twisted. She moaned harder, louder. He did it again, harder.

“Oh God, Tom! That feels so good!”

He pulled her nipples out from her chest and then let go. No one had ever done that to her and she discovered she liked how it felt. It hurt, and then the feeling popped into tingling as he let go.

He sucked her clit, now swollen and sticking out of its hood. She moaned again and said, “Oh, I’m so close!”

Tom pulled his face out of her pussy and moved his cock to her opening. Her vagina was wide open, beckoning him inside. He touched the opening with the head of his cock and she shifted her hips, drawing him inside. “Oh, Alice!”

“Fuck me, Tom! Fuck me!” As a good employee he had learned to follow instructions and he did his best to follow Alice’s instructions. His hips slammed into hers with each stroke. He filled her and heard their juices squishing as he moved in and out of her. Alice met his strokes with her hip thrusts and grunts, groans and moans. Faster and faster towards the orgasms they both wanted so badly.

“I’m close, Alice. In your pussy or your mouth?”

The question had her think. He wasn’t wearing a condom!


She could not believe how quickly he moved. One second he was hip to hip, buried deep in her cunt and a second later his throbbing cock was in her mouth and his face was sucking at her clit! She exploded and so did he. It was hard to swallow and to feel her own orgasm at the same time. Some of his stuff leaked out of her mouth and down her cheeks.

Tom loved feeling the muscles of her pussy spasming around his tongue and loved the flood of her nectar. He loved the feeling of filling her mouth with his cum.

As they calmed down he slid off her and saw one of the Kleenex boxes. He grabbed some and started cleaning up her cheeks. Alice took some from the box and cleaned the spillage on the rug. In the process she also used her mouth to clean Tom’s cock and his balls.

Tom helped Alice to her feet and into his arms. He looked her in the eyes and before he could speak she kissed him. Mouth open and her tongue exploring his mouth, she kissed him. She tasted her own taste. He tasted his taste. They stood, holding each other and kissing Anadolu Yakası Escort for a long unhurried time. When the kisses did end Tom said, “I’m hungry.”

Alice smiled and said, “I have some pussy left. Do you like left overs?”

“I mean food. Can I have a rain check on your offer?”

They found the bag of snacks and shared some. They drank a bottle of water.

“Tom, we need to talk.”

He nodded.

“I’m your boss. How is this going to change our ability to work together?”

“I’m the security guard. Do you think that having an intimate relationship will make it more difficult for me to focus on protecting you?”


“I don’t either. My question is, how soon after we get out of the vault can I make love to you again?”

“Do you want to?”


“This isn’t happening just because those guys made us get naked together?”

“Oh, it might never have happened if they hadn’t taken our clothes, but, speaking for myself, I’m glad they took our clothes.”

“I am too.” Alice said.

They finished their snack and then called out on the phone. The vault guys were there and said it would only take four or five hours to get them out. All the bank employees except Liz had gone home. The FBI had one agent on site and the vault guys had brought two security people with them.

Alice spoke with Liz and had her go get sweats for both Tom and herself so that when the vault opened they would have something to put on. Liz asked what color sweats Alice wanted. They got gray.

Alice hung up the phone and asked Tom if he could be interested in a nap, while they waited. They spooned together on the rug and went to sleep. Alice’s last thought was about how nice it felt to fall asleep being held.

When Tom woke up he noticed he was pushing his erection between Alice’s ass cheeks. He noticed that he was holding her breast in his hand. His face was close to the nape of her neck so he kissed her. She reached back and held his hard cock.

Tom pinched her nipple and pulled it. “Oh God, Tom! That is incredible! Would you suck my nipples, please?”

She turned to face him and he shifted so her nipple went right into his waiting mouth. She expected him to suck. He did suck and he bit down with his teeth, just hard enough to get her to moan. Her hands held his head and pressed her tit into his mouth. “Suck harder!” She whispered.

He switched to her other tit and she pressed it into his mouth. The rougher he was the more she liked it. As he sucked he grabbed the other breast and squeezed. “Harder! Oh, Tom! I love how it hurts!”

Soon he moved down her body with his face while still attending to her tits with his hands. When he reached her pussy he released her tits and used his hands to lift and open her legs. She willingly assisted. As his face approached her open puss she said, “Give me your cock, Tom. I want to suck it!”

He turned around so she could have his cock in her face and he tucked her legs under his arms so she was folded nearly in half. Her pussy was totally open to him. He stuck out his tongue and used it like a wide paint brush painting between her lips from clit to taint, stroke after slow stroke.

Alice sucked his cock wanting him to fill her mouth again. Her hands held his balls and occasionally stroked along his shaft. Without thinking about it Tom’s hip began the thrusting motion. He was fucking her face.

He felt her starting to quiver. He noises were like the first time she came for him. She was very close. Tom stopped the slow paint strokes and sucked on her clit. He sucked harder and harder as the tip of his tongue flicked the little button. Suddenly, she stiffened and screamed! With his cock in her mouth it made very little noise but was a scream none the less. As the scream ended her body shook and spasmed and her juices squirted from her pussy. Tom covered them and sucked them in as best he could. When the flow and squirt stopped he let go and pulled his cock out of Alice’s mouth.

“Be in me again, Tom. Please.”

She held her legs up by her chest and he turned and lined his cock up, pushing all the way in on the first thrust. Thrust after thrust she matched his enthusiasm and talked to him.

“Oh, you feel so good inside me!”

“Tom, you make me feel so good!”

“Fuck me forever!”

Tom spoke, “I’m getting close. Pussy or mouth?”

“My ass! Do me in my ass, Tom!”

He pulled out of her pussy and spread her juices all over her ass hole. He pushed a finger in and then two. He pushed his cock against her bud and she took a deep breath… as she let it out Tom popped into her ass. He held still as she got used to the intruder and then he started stroking deeper and deeper into her. On the stroke that had him completely inside her ass he leaned to her and kissed her, sticking his tongue in her mouth. She started to laugh. He ended the kiss and looked at her.

“Trying to touch your cock with your tongue?” She asked.

“I just want to fill you completely.”

“Then cum inside me! I want to feel you fill me up!”

Tom put his hand behind her knees and slammed hard into her ass. She was folded in half and he loved both how it looked and how it felt. The pressure built and the cum burst from his cock into her ass.

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