The Baseball Trip Pt. 06

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Sixth Inning

Part six of nine part series! Read the other parts first, would you? Everyone is over the age of 18.


I woke up early the next morning, my back stiff from sleeping on the floor. The previous night, our amazing baseball road trip orgy had, indeed, become worthy of the word. All of us — my athletic, tomboy roommate Julia, my best friend’s beautiful younger sister Kelsey, her incredibly sexy bestie Sarah, and Julia’s perky friend Mel — had come to various states of completion together in Mel’s tiny dorm room.

Now sticky with sweat and girl cum, the summer sun still rising in Mel’s window, I decided I needed a shower before we headed out for another day of driving and debauchery (and maybe some baseball this time? After all, that was why we’d planned the trip in the first place).

The dorm floor had two bathrooms, women on the west side and men on the east. I unpacked my towel and padded over to my assigned side. For a place that was supposed to support a whole floor’s-worth of men, the bathroom was surprisingly small — just two stalls and three urinals, plus two tiny stand up showers behind tan curtains.

I hung my towel and switched on the water, quickly diving out of the way as it spit at me, cold. Once things were well and warm I climbed in, closing the curtain behind me. I noticed the plastic sheet only hung so far down, so anyone walking in could see my ankles. There was a concrete wall between the shower stalls, but it wasn’t all that high, rising only an inch or so above my head. A tall person could definitely look over at what was happening on my side.

Not that I intended to do anything worth spying on. The last few days had given me more than I could handle. It was an erotic adventure that had started with the buxom brunette, Sarah, grinding on my cock in the back seat of the car and culminated with the previous night’s all-in activities. You don’t know you’re an orgy guy until you become an orgy guy, I guess.

Not that I couldn’t get up for another go, because of course I could. In fact, I was learning all kinds of things about my stamina on this trip, and it seemed the more I got the more my body was able to adjust to the moment. But the need to stimulate myself was certainly less than a need at this point. Maybe kind of an offhand thought. Y’know, what with a quiet shower and all.

I heard the rustle of the curtain and looked up. Mel, Julia’s old high school friend and our up-for-anything host, stood in front of me in all her glory — long dark black hair, vaguely Asian features, and almost golden skin. Seeing her in the bright fluorescent lights of the bathroom, I was really able to appreciate Mel’s good-sized breasts, slightly hairy puss, and tight, toned legs.

She smiled at me, then slid the curtain behind her.

“I told you I was going to give this a try,” she said, squeezing my already rallying member.

“Sorry if I woke you,” I said.

“Oh I’m not sorry at all,” she said. The bubbly coed slid up to me, running her hands over my shoulders, my chest, my thighs. Soon Mel was slippery as well and we pressed our lips together in time with our bodies.

She felt soft and warm. Strong and pliant. Her breasts were a little more than a handful and I made sure to weigh and measure them as much as possible.

“Lower,” she grunted, pushing me back into the shower wall with her hips as she said it.

“Not much of a boob girl, huh?”

“They’re fine. I like the way you’re rubbing them. But I have other parts that need pleasing.”

Well, who was I to disappoint such a wanting woman? Mel reached her hands down to my cock, though she wasn’t so much stroking as sort of tracing and teasing. Enjoying the slickness of my shaft. Occasionally she’d reach back for my balls as well, but nothing more than a little tickle before going back to the main event.

I moved my hands down to meet her there. I knew, despite Mel’s demands, that no woman wants to just be roughly grabbed down there, so I slid my fingers over her taut stomach and ran through her pubic hair before finding her aching sex.

She was dripping so much like the shower, itself. Lips already open and asking. I’d felt so many vaginas the last few days, I was getting a far greater education on the differences in female sex organs than any biology class (or HBO program) could give me. Mel’s was a little more open than the other girl’s, clit a little higher and flatter.

I ran my digits around the outside of her labia before sliding into her opening. Then I reached down with my other hand to find her clitty.

“OH! That’s…”


The sound of the door opening interrupted Mel’s sigh. Suddenly she leapt up, wrapping her legs and arms around me with a little shriek. Buried her head into my shoulder like that would help her hide.

I could see a shadow through the curtain. A tuft of brown hair above. But that was about all. He was humming softly, some tuneless thing, likely unaware of what was going on in the closed shower stall.

Mel Escort Ankara cursed quietly into my shoulder. I couldn’t help but notice how tightly my plug was pressing against her outlet, begging to complete the circuit and power both of us on.

I heard the streaming sound of someone using the urinal.

“Shouldn’t be too much longer,” I whispered into the raven-haired coed’s ear.

“Hope not,” she said, “I could get in serious trouble for being in here.”

“So if you were to make a noise, then…”

I reached down with my free hand and found her clit, giving it a quick rub. Mel gasped, then bit down on my shoulder. I leaned against the wall. The pretty, perky woman hung off me like a koala on a tree. That gave me a surprising amount of freedom with my hands, so I kept strumming, though I did lighten the pressure a little.

“That’s not funny,” Mel growled.

“It’s not supposed to make you laugh, no.”

If the mysterious pee-er made any notice of this, he said nothing. Just went on humming as he washed his hands. I assumed that we were almost back to our privacy.

Then I heard the telltale swish of the next door shower curtain opening.

“Fuck me,” Mel said into my shoulder.

“Are you sure?” I asked, rubbing her harder, “I mean, now might not be the best time… Well, if you insist.”

Before Mel could respond, I reached down, straightened my cock, and aimed it right at her opening. Mel squealed as I sank in. Fortunately, her cry was muffled by the sound of the shower being switched on.

I reached around us and grabbed on to Mel’s tiny buns — pushing her forward — impaling her on my shaft.

“Fuck,” Mel said, still fighting to stay quiet, “That’s a lot.” She sort of shifted her hips, getting comfortable with my penetration. We hung there, under the water, her pussy lightly squeezing at my shaft while we heard our neighbor step into his own shower.

Very carefully, hands still gripping Mel’s ass, I began to rock her back and forth against me. Mel did her best to match my motions, alternately stretching and cinching her legs around my middle. It made for a very slow, languid fuck. At this pace, with all my adventures from the days before, I knew it was going to be a while before I gave out.

Mel, though, seemed to be well on her way. She’d stopped letting me steer and was now taking full control of our back and forth to maximize her own pleasure. Since Mel was doing the driving, it freed me to take one hand off her backside and slide it between the two of us. It wasn’t easy — hurt my wrist like hell — but was able to at least get steady thumb pressure on the coed’s clitty.

“Fffffuck that’s nice,” she said.

“Hey mate, do you have any shampoo over there? Forgot mine back in my room.” Our neighbor had a heavy Australian accent that I could barely understand. But I managed to make out the word shampoo. Well, obviously, he’d seen my feet under the curtain — heard the running water — but hadn’t figured out I had a companion. That was all to the good.

Mel stopped her movement, staying perched on my cock. I did my best to keep my voice steady.

“Sorry, man, no.”

“Dammit. Oh well.”

He got quiet again. Mel started sliding down my shaft, then up again. Retracing her rhythm.

“Oi, did you hear all the noise last night? Holy fuck, man, the room down the hall must’ve been having some kinda crazy fuckfest or something.”

Mel buried her head in the crook of my neck again, but this time she was laughing. Her whole body shook around me.

“No,” I said, straining, “I must’ve missed it. Passed out early last night.”

“That’s too bad. I’m gonna be wanking for weeks over some of the stuff I heard. Four doors down from me, clear as a bell. I’m not exaggerating.”

“That’s crazy,” I said. Mel finally caught her breath and, tired of waiting for us boys to move on, started sliding on my pole again. She rocked in a way that made sure my thumb stayed pressed down on her clit. Back and forth. Like teasing herself. I let her make her own pace. Little mewls every time I bottomed out in her.

Mel might not have been the virginal Kelsey, but she was plenty tight. She didn’t have killer kegels like Julia, but she was squeezing my cock with her all, in any case. As I said, it was like I’d signed up for Vaginas 101 and I was getting a full course load. I couldn’t imagine what the advanced degree might entail, but I was pretty sure it’d make my dick fall right off.

Meanwhile, my unaware neighbor kept on talking.

“I think it was 1404. The one with that hot little Asian-ish chick in it? You ever see her? Holy fuck would I want to fill her up, and then some.”

“I think I’ve seen her around,” I said. Mel lost her rhythm again with laughter. Then she got serious, redoubling her efforts.

“I forget her name, but, whoa boy, she has got it going on in all the right ways. I bet she fucks like a jungle cat, too.”

“Seems like a good bet,” I said. Mel bit my shoulder a little Ankara Escort harder after I said that. “It’s a compliment,” I whispered to her.

“Stop chatting him up and start pounding me down,” Mel snarled. In response, I rubbed hard against her clit, smacking it back and forth. Her body tensed and she threw her head back.

“AHHHhhhhhhhh…fffffffuck, that’s nice!”

“Fuck, mate! Nice!”

Startled, I looked over and saw my showering neighbor’s head hanging over the shower wall. He was grinning widely. His arm was extended over the wall, as well, asking for a high five. I used my non-clitoral hand to slap his.

Mel’s blissful state shattered. She looked over and saw the large, bearded Australian staring at her, smiling, and she buried her head in my shoulder.

“Oh fuck,” she said.

“That you, Melissa? See, I remembered your name,” our neighbor said, “Wow, that body is even tighter than I imagined.”

What was it with me and getting watched while I fucked someone? This was the third time it’d happened and I was starting to think I was cursed.

“Hi Brian,” Mel said, head still down. I noticed, though, that she hadn’t stopped running her body up and down my cock. Was just moving slower, like trying to be stealthy about her urgent movements.

“You won’t say anything, will you?” Mel asked. The nervousness of her voice belied the neediness of her body.

“No worries, mate,” Brian replied, “I gotta head out, in any case. Give it to her good for me.”

His head dropped behind the wall.. A moment later, the water stopped and his footsteps padded off. I heard his humming echoing as we went down the hall.

Mel rested her head on my forehead and we shared a laugh. Then she kissed me.

“You cum yet?” I asked.

“Nuh-uh. Just little ones. Trust me, when I get to the big finale, you’ll know.”

“Well, let’s fix that then,” I said. I pulled my hands back to Mel’s bottom and then spun around, pushing her back into the shower wall. I slowly drew back, then absolutely slammed back in to the hilt.

“Oh FUCK!” Mel cried, loud enough, no doubt, to let Brian know we were still going at it after he left.

My legs were getting tired from holding us up for so long. The water was getting cold. We’d been doing long and slow for long enough. I didn’t hold back. I felt like I was punching her pussy down with my penis. And every time I connected I got a little grunt from the cheery, black-haired, coed.

“Fuck… fuck. So… fucking. Good. Keep… Keep… Pounding… Me. Yes! Oh yes!”

Whaling into Mel was no longer enough. For all her happy cries, the pretty girl seemed to shy away from my thrusts, like the pleasure I was giving her was almost too much. My hands were still squeezing her backside, giving me leverage as I drove into her. Slowly, I slid my one finger down into the crack of her ass and left the tip at her other orifice.

I let it rest there for a moment, just tapping lightly at her back door. If the dark haired girl didn’t want it, she had the chance to speak. Instead I felt her sort of nestle against it, like readying herself.

On my next push, as I plunged deep into her, I nailed Mel’s ass right onto my pointer finger, penetrating her tiny asterisk. I held her there.

“Hrrrrrrr-aH!” she cried, a bit of pleasure, a bit of pain. My finger was all the way in to the knuckle and I felt her bowels sort of squeeze at it. She was panting. Smiling. The break gave her a moment and she kissed me again.

“Don’t stop,” she said. Pleaded. “Pleeeeeaaase don’t stop.”

I drew back with my penis, letting my finger slide out of her, as well. Now Mel was trapped in a see saw, bulldozed in the front with my cock while getting drilled in the back with my finger. The more she pulled away from one, the harder she got slammed by the other.

Both sides of her constricted around the invaders. My finger could feel my cock through the thin barrier separating colon from cervix. Working in concert to bring the perky coed off.

“Oh! Oh fuck! G… getting close… D… don’t usually c… cum on just a cock. Fuck.”

“You want… you want to rub yourself?” I asked.

“N… no no. ‘m OK. Just… just keep fucking me. Oh fuck! You close?”

“Getting there,” I said.

“O… OK good. Want… Want you to cum. So bad.”

“You first.”

“Hrrrrrrrrrrn,” Mel drove her head down into my chest. I jammed her back, so her ass was now fully skewered onto my finger and then just drove into her. Again. Again. Again. Her pussy tightened. Legs gripped. I felt her nails digging into my back. Hanging on like I was an earthquake. Her words devolved into syllables. Nonsense. Little grunts.

“Ben.. oh Fuck! F… o… uhn… ah… y… that’s right, just… ah… AH… AHHHHHHHH!”

Mel’s words got sucked into a scream. I stopped pistoning and just hung on. Her body, before so rigid, seemed to go slack. Then, as if afraid of falling, she clutched herself around me. Her pussy tightest of all. My finger just got Ankara Escort Bayan squueeeeeezed out of her bottom. She shook. Shivered.


“Ha ha ha, yeah. Oh yeah. More than OK.”

I smiled and slowly started moving again.

“OH! Oh god… You’re gonna… Gonna just keep going on me aren’t you? Fffffuck. Don’t know if I’m gonna make it. Fuck! That’s fucking good.”

I sped up. Beating, battering her into the shower wall. Squeezing her butt cheeks with both hands, so hard I was sure they’d bruise. Her breasts bouncing with each thrust.

“Oh FUCK!” Mel kept rambling on and on, faster and faster in time with my thrusts.

“So big. So good. You gonna keep giving it to me? Oh god. Keep giving it to me. I don’t… FUCK! Gonna cum again…hrrrrrrrrr-ahhhhHHH! Oh yes. That… That fucking monster is just fucking me and I don’t know if I’ve ever I mean oh my god I’m CUUUUMmmmmmmmming! Yes I’m cumming and cummingandcummingandcumming and I don’t ever want it to stop!”

And I’d thought Kelsey was a talker, holy fucking fuck. Finally I felt that tingle building in my balls. My sack tightening up against her. Ready to flood the bouncy, bubbly, black-haired girl with everything I had.

“Again! Oh how do you keep doing this to me again? OhGOD. Close. You getting close? Oh please I need you to cum so bad…”

“Y… yeah. Almost.”

“Oh good. Oh GOD! Cum inside me! Oh I want it so bad you have to fill me up just FILL ME.”

“Are you…?”

“Huh? Oh. Oh yeah. Don’t worry.” Mel laughed then, “Trust me, honey, you can’t be this dtf if you’re not prepared.”

The pressure kept building. I was going faster. Somehow. I caught Mel’s eyes. Almost black orbs staring back at me.

“Huh… huhn… huh-ahhhhhhh!” Mel hit her last blowout and I burst along with her. My first jet streamed into her steaming cunt.

“OHhhhhhhhhhh!” I squeezed myself against her. Little jabs as delivery after delivery of my sperm came pounding down her doorstep. In the same moment, Mel seemed to hit an even higher plane. Holding me tight back and howling, her voice going higher and higher till it was a silent scream.

My hips trembled as I gave my last little thrusts, emptying myself into Mel. I hoped she’d taken an extra pill that morning, because there was no way that just one would be enough to block all the fertility I was filling her with.

Mel lifted her head back up and our eyes met again. Little stains on her cheeks told me she’d been crying.

“Fuck. You OK?” I asked her. She nodded, smiling sweetly.

“Oh yeah. That was… Fucking fantastic. Magic penis may have been selling your big boy short.”

Slowly we disentangled, held together so long it was like we’d been glued. Our skin made sounds like velcro separating as we reassigned our arms and legs back to their appropriate bodies.

As soon as she stepped down, I saw Mel kind of stumble and I quickly caught her arms.

“You f… fucked the life out of me, I think,” she said. Then she slowly straightened. She reached down and caught a handful of cum leaking out of her well-worn puss.

“Fucked the life into you, too,” I said.

“Clearly,” Mel said, “You don’t do anything halfway do you? Those girls — Sarah, Kelsey, Jules — they’re really fucking lucky.”

“I’d say I’m the lucky one,” I said.

“See,” Mel said, “that’s exactly what I mean.”


After a shower like that one, we obviously needed another. This time we stuck to separate sides, just to avoid a repeat performance and ensure we actually got clean. We met up again in the hall. Both of us wrapped in towels.

The cheery coed was still smiling dumbly when I found her.

“Gonna miss you,” Mel said, “And Kelsey. And… fuck it I’m going to miss all of you. You guys are the best.”

“You’re amazing, too,” I told her.

“You sure there isn’t enough space in that car for one more?” Mel asked. I laughed. We walked back to the room together, hand in hand.

When we got back, the girls were all up and ready to go. Julia noticed the look in Mel’s eye as we entered and gave me a high five.

“Hope you nailed her good, dude,” she whispered in my ear, “But you better have saved up some for the rest of us.”

Did I mention I loved Julia? Yeah I totally loved Julia.


Mel went with us to breakfast. Everyone was quiet, but it was no longer a bad silence. If anything it was sort of sated, easy. No one mentioned the night before. Or, for that matter, that very morning. Mel and I didn’t hide what we’d done and the other girls, for their part, made it clear that they didn’t care.

After we ate, Mel had to ran off for class. She gave each of us a little kiss on the cheek, then practically skipped across the quad. I admit I watched her bottom bounce as she bounded off. I had three beautiful women with me and I had to focus on the one that went away. Did I mention that I’m a guy? I’m a big dumb guy.

We packed the car and then all four of us stood there, staring at it. As if — with all the luggage in its proper place — we didn’t know where we, ourselves, fit. Finally Julia broke the impasse.

“Y’know, Ben and I have been up front this whole time. I think it’s time we see what it’s like in back. Sarah, I trust you. OK to drive this time?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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