The Beauty Therapists and the CD Ch. 04

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Part 4 – The Party

‘See you soon Paul, you’ve been the perfect erm … erm lady and gentlemen,’ shouts Claire.

I open my eyes and the door closes at that moment. ‘Damn, Claire’s gone, what should I do?’

I get up and shower quickly and then get changed. I go to the kitchen and there’s a note next to the kettle. ‘Paul, really enjoyed your company, your my kind of girl, see you soon, don’t worry we’ll get together again, love Claire x.’

I feel better knowing she enjoyed it. I spend the day thinking about the party that I don’t want to attend and sort my male clothes that Claire brought with her when she arrived. The time finally comes to go and I’m getting ready, just as I go to get the clothes I’m wearing I find a lovely silk teddy in white slipped between my trousers and shirt with a letter. ‘Paul, thought this would brighten up your evening, love Claire, ps make sure your fully shaved as it will feel better.’

I’m 100% smooth after the ladies had waxed me a few days earlier. The present gives me a real boost for the party. I arrange for a taxi and in the meantime grab a shower and get dressed. The teddy feels fantastic as I slip into it and it’s such a turn on when no-one knows.

The cab arrives, I grab my keys and cash and lock the door behind me. I greet the driver as I open the cab door, unusually it’s a woman driver, she’s quite sexy as well, ‘hiya, you going to the party at the manor house?’ she asks.

‘Sure, how do you know?’ I ask.

‘Just heard it was going to be a great night from one of the girls I know,’ she replies.

She doesn’t ask for any directions and I sit in the back quietly. 10 Minutes later and we arrive outside, ‘It’s on me,’ she says.

‘What do you mean, I need to pay you,’ I reply.

‘Forget it, if you see me again you can get me a drink or return the favour,’ with that she tells me to go and have some fun. Something doesn’t seem right but I’m not complaining. I walk to the large front door, the house is huge and the entrance itself is quite a statement, ‘what lies beyond the doors?’ I think to myself.

I’m expecting extremely lavish decor and I’m not disappointed when the door opens and the young lady welcomes me in. ‘Hi Paul, would you like a glass of Champagne?’ she asks.

‘Thanks,’ I reply.

She’s truly beautiful – stunning. I nearly drop the glass and my nerves are on edge. She puts her tray down and holds my other hand.

‘Your fine Paul, enjoy yourself, most of the guests are in the main hall but there are others dotted around the other rooms, go and see who you can find.’

I build the courage to go and search for some familiar faces from work, wondering how she knew my name as I’m looking around. I’m in and out of a few small rooms that inter-connect but I can’t see anyone I know and I’m starting to worry, suddenly a couple of young ladies stop me and ask for a light. ‘Don’t smoke sorry, gave that up long ago,’ I say.

‘So did we Paul but we always have the odd one at a party, don’t you ever fancy one?’

‘So who do you know here?’ asks the other lady.

‘Work colleagues, but I can’t see anyone yet,’ I say with a hint of panic.

‘Stay with us for a bit if you want until you see someone, I’m Laura and this is Adele.’

‘Thanks, thought I was going to have to roam around looking a bit silly on my own, your lifesavers.’

‘It’s our pleasure,’ Adele replies.

We spend 10 minutes chatting about the house, commenting on how stunning it is. ‘The bedrooms are amazing,’ Laura comments.

‘All very romantic with 4 posters and lavish materials,’ adds Adele.

‘Oh right,’ I comment feeling a little embarrassed.

‘Stop teasing him,’ comes a voice from behind and with that a slightly older lady probably in her mid forties squeezes into our small circle. ‘Hi, I’m Bridget, what do you think of the house she asks?’

Unbelievable,’ I reply.

‘Thanks, I like it too, well I would, I own it,’ Bridget says. ‘Can I give you a tour?’

‘That would be great.’ Laura and Adele tell me to go for it and with that I say my goodbyes.

‘Look forward to seeing you later Paul,’ both reply.

‘Sure, I’d like that, see you again.’

Bridget links arms with me and starts her tour, she’s a very sexy lady and about my height, she’s wearing a tight fitting long dress which accentuates a great figure. Getting a guided tour just makes me feel like a VIP and any nerves are fading fast. I’m taken around a number of downstairs rooms and introduced to a variety of people, well women to be more accurate (very attractive women) and the more she introduces me the more I’m wondering when I’m going to see a man.

‘So where are the men tonight?’ I ask.

‘They’re probably in the bar or the snooker room,’ Bridget replies.

‘I’m still wondering when I’m going to see someone from work.’

‘Why? you’ve got me and your two new friends Adele and Laura, you don’t need them,’ says Bridget.

We walk a bit more and Bridget puts her hand on my backside. She moves her hand around my backside as if stroking it but then comments in my ear, ‘so you’ve got it on then.’

‘What?’ I say.

‘My üvey kız kardeş porno white teddy.’

‘Oh my god, how do you know?’ I ask.

‘It doesn’t matter as long as you like it,’ replies Bridget. At this point I stop and ask what’s going on. ‘Good things come to those who wait Paul, please be patient,’ Bridget says.

We walk up the large staircase and Bridget is still rubbing her hand on my backside, ‘you must look really nice in my Teddy, will you give me a glimpse please?’

‘Erm, sure, when?’ I say a little bit embarassed.

‘No time like the present is there, I have my main bedroom suite just over here.’

Bridget guides me to her bedroom and closes the door, ‘go on then, I want to see you wearing it, quick I need to see it.’

Within seconds I’m pulling down my trousers and taking off my shirt and socks, I’m stood feeling very vulnerable with my cock starting to lift and pointing towards Bridget. She comes to me and puts her hand on the Silk Teddy, she starts to rub it and moves her hand across my chest.

‘I love Silk, I have a fetish for it, do you have a fetish Paul?, you don’t need to answer of course you do,’ Bridget says without allowing me to comment.

Her hand moves towards my hard cock and she gently rubs it through the material, it feels great but I’m not sure how to respond. She rubs a bit more and then runs her nails gently under my balls.

‘Oh god, it feels fantastic, don’t stop,’ I say, but she does.

‘I want to introduce you to a few friends in the next room, come on follow me.’

‘But, but, I’ve …. I need to get my clothes on,’ I say in a panic.

‘Don’t be silly, do you like wearing women’s things, yes, of course you do, so come on and stop dithering.’

Bridget grabs my hand an takes me next door, I’m totally embarrassed as I pass a few girls on the landing, they don’t say anything although one touches my bum and feels the material as I pass them.

The door to the room opens as Bridget knocks and we walk in. ‘Surprise, surprise,’ it’s Lucy, Claire and Steph.

‘Hello stranger, have you had a good few days?’ Lucy asks.

‘Of course,’ I reply red faced.

‘Looks good on you but I think we can do better,’ Lucy says as I’m stood still holding Bridgets hand.

‘What’s going on? I need to know.’

‘Time to spill the beans Lucy,’ says Steph.

‘Go on tell him,’ Claire adds.

‘Tell me what?’

‘Well it goes like this, I’ve have not been totally honest with you in our marriage.’

Lucy continues and explains that she is bisexual but mainly has lesbian tendencies, she originally met Steph and Claire in a gay bar which she frequented when I thought she was out with another friend. The three of them have been having a relationship for a few years and they developed a very close circle of friends (all of whom have the same sexual desires) through a variety of websites they are members of. They often have parties and it’s normally in one of the houses that the slightly more mature ladies in the group own (they have some wealth and therefore larger homes). At that point Lucy moves to Bridget and kisses her then thanks her for helping.

Steph then picks up the story, Lucy was worried about not being faithful to me, she had also confided in Claire and Steph that I was starting to show Cross Dressing tendencies and feared for the marriage. The group of women had been growing steadily and parties had become more frequent. Often parties had lots of conversation (as well as the orgies) and on a few occasions the women spoke of how they got turned on by Transvestites and Cross Dressers. At one party Steph encouraged Lucy to tell the group about her husband and the response from the women was of a unanimous approval, it was suggested that Lucy bring me along, involve me in the group and bring it all out into the open on the assumption I could be myself and so could Lucy. Many of the women were getting excited and begged Lucy to bring you although conditions had been put forward by Bridget if you were to attend.

Claire then carries the story on. ‘Three of us had an idea to initially see whether we thought you would come out as a Cross Dresser and enable Lucy to carry on her lesbian relationships. We thought that if you did it in front of us you would probably do it for the group.’

‘Lucy arranged a fake night out knowing that you would try her underwear on as soon she closed the door behind her. We arranged to get the maid outfits the week before and on the night we waited a couple of hours before Steph and Lucy went back into the house. They expected to find you downstairs watching some lesbian porn but when they realised the house was so quiet they both went upstairs and found you in bed asleep. From that moment on you know the story and our plan was working.’

Bridget then picks the story up. ‘I had spoken with Lucy, Steph and Claire and suggested a few tests to see if you were suitable to introduce into the group. After all the group is for women who like women and we needed to make sure you had a gentle more feminine side to you. So we agreed for Steph and then Claire to xnxx porno spend some time with you. The purpose was to see if you would take what was being offered sexually, be more sensitive and feminine. We agreed that you could have fun with both Steph and Claire but if you did you would not be suitable to meet the group. You passed with flying colours. So this evening is your coming out party, well ours too really as we are coming out to you.’

I stand bewildered and ask a silly question, ‘so it’s not a work party then?’

‘I bet that pleases you doesn’t it,’ says Lucy.

‘You have been dishonest to me Lucy, why not just tell me?’

‘I don’t know but I’m sorry for being unfaithful, I was just not sure how to approach you, so I let it go for fear of you ending our marriage. However, now that your here and we all know, can I tell you what the main surprise is please.’

‘I thought this was the surprise?’ I reply.

‘Well it’s part of the surprise, but the group, currently standing at 116 of us agreed that if you came they would accept you as one of the group on a regular basis as long as you dress for them.’

I’m flummoxed and don’t say anything for a few seconds. ‘So what do you want me to do?’

‘Nothing,’ says Bridget.

‘We’ll do it for you,’ says Steph.

‘Do what?’

‘Get you ready to meet the group of course,’ says Claire.

Lucy takes control of the situation and just tells everyone to do their job. ‘I know he wants to, he just feels embarrassed saying it,’ she comments.

With that the four of them each start to get me ready, I sit down and they transform me into a stunning women. Lucy goes to the walk-in wardrobe and brings out my outfit. I’m told to close my eyes and they blindfold me. With much help I stand up and they say they will help me into my dress but not before they put some hold-ups on me. I can sense all the women fussing as they get me in and I can tell it’s not a simple outfit. Then I feel a wig go on and then something else on my head. Finally they get me into some heels.

‘Ready, she looks gorgeous,’ Bridget says.

‘I can’t wait for the ceremony,’ I hear Steph say.

Claire says it’s time and all the group are waiting. Still blindfolded they walk me out of the room and onto the landing, it’s very quiet but I can hear muffled conversation. Down the stairs we go and then walk a bit more. I’ve totally lost my bearings but we eventually come to a stop.

Bridget then speaks to the group and explains that they have a new member. ‘Please welcome her with open arms, she is one of us and she must be treated equally.’

Still blindfolded Bridget addresses myself and explains that there is no turning back if I wish to take the blindfold off. If accepted I will be forever part of the group and discretion is essential. If accepted I would be expected to live to the same rules as all the other women and sharing myself with the others would be compulsory. Finally, if I accept, upon removal of the blindfold I would be expected to take my vow in a ceremony.

It’s very quiet and Bridget asks me if I wish to proceed with the ceremony, she says it’s ok if I’d rather not and they will just take me home and no more would be said.

‘Yes, I’d like to carry on please,’ I reply quietly.

‘You’re sure,’ Bridget says.

‘Yes, never more sure than I am now, I want to be part of the group.’

‘Good! lets proceed,’ Bridget says.

She instructs two women to take off my blindfold and gently their hands untie me from the darkness. The low level light filters into my eyes and I adjust to see a huge amount of women all circled about 5 metres away. There are candles lit and the women are all wearing the same maid outfits, just like the ones Lucy, Steph and Claire had in the wardrobe and the one I had worn myself. The view is incredible, quite bizarre to say the least but special at the same time.

Bridget asks If I would like to see myself, at that point I look down and see that I’m wearing white, it’s very shiny and I figure I’m wearing a wedding dress. Two women walk to me and take my hands, I realise it’s Adele and Laura.

‘Hi, you look very pretty tonight, do you want to come with us to the mirror,’ Laura says.

‘Please,’ I reply and we then walk to a large mirror on the wall.

‘Have a look,’ says Bridget and with that I pull my head up, I don’t recognise the view but I really like it, I love it in fact, my cock is so hard it feels like it wants to snap.

‘You like?’ says Bridget.

‘Yes, of course,’ I reply.

‘Right then, lets proceed, we need to start the ceremony,’ Bridget says.

I’m stood at the end of the room with Lucy, Steph and Claire stood to my left about 2 metres away, they’re holding hands. I’m stood with Bridget, she holds my hand. At this point a naked lady comes from a room behind and says she will take the ceremony, she is probably about 50 and has a great figure with huge breasts.

‘Strange;’ I think to myself, ‘I thought Bridget was doing it.’

‘Bridget, do you accept our new friend as a member of this group, to act as your servant and to fulfill your zenci porno every desire.’

‘I do,’ Bridget replies.

‘Bridget, will you share our new friend with the group?’

‘Of course,’ comes the reply.’

‘Let the group congratulate our new member’ says the lady, with that all the women form a line and one by one pass me, but not before introducing themselves and giving me a soft kiss. This goes on for some 15 minutes with the mood in the room lightening and women starting to talk the more it goes on. All the time the naked women is stood watching.

Finally the end of the queue arrives and Claire walks across, she too gives me a kiss and says ‘welcome, I’m so glad you’ve joined us, we’ll have some fun soon I’m sure.’

Then Steph comes to me, ‘I love ………. ,’ she doesn’t finish her words but she hugs me and as she holds me, Lucy moves next to me.

‘Let go of him, you can have him another time,’ Lucy says with a smile.

Steph moves out of the way and Lucy stands quietly looking at me with Bridget still holding my hand. ‘I always knew you wanted to be femme,’ she said ‘I’m happy for you and I think you look stunning,’ she says.

‘So what know?’ I say.

‘We carry on as before, your Paul at home but we now have a much bigger circle of friends and no lies,’ she says with a grin on her face, ‘we have parties and we’ll soon be having holidays as well, if your happy we can just be more honest about our desires.’

‘You sure,’ I say.

‘Of course I am, I love the girls and I love my sexuality, I don’t want to give it up but I want you to be a part of it,’ she says. She then puts her hand under my long dress and runs her nails across my silk covered balls, ‘just make sure you do as agreed with Bridget, she will help keep you feminized and in return you keep her happy, who knows maybe the three of us will have some fun.’ Lucy then walks away to the group.

Bridget turns to me and puts her hand up my dress, she then rubs my cock through my silk teddy. She starts to kiss me and within a few seconds her tongue is pulsing into my mouth, flicking my tongue. My cock is so hard, then she touches my balls, moving between the two every few seconds. I forget about the group initially but then remember all the women are in the room still and more importantly the lady who took the ceremony is still stood naked a few metres in front of us. I open my eyes slightly and realise that all the women are watching as Bridget is wanking me under my dress. I’m so overcome with pleasure I just don’t care.

Bridget’s hand is getting faster and faster, she speaks to the lady in front, ‘Rachel can we now bless this marriage,’ she says.

Rachel moves forward, ‘lets bless the marriage of our new friend to the group,’ she says, Rachel kisses me as Bridget is wanking me, she then lifts my dress and runs her nails across my balls as Bridget is frantically rubbing my shaft. I’m in a heightened state of ecstasy as I look towards Lucy half heartedly, Lucy is now lying on her back, as are all the women, watching me, their dresses up by there sides, french knickers just moved across, they’re fingering themselves slowly, the whole group moaning with pussies on view everywhere I look.

I ask Bridget to go slower and she obliges, ‘I love taking my time too,’ she says.

Rachel turns around and shows me her arse, ‘take me from behind,’ she says, with no hesitation Bridget tells me to fuck her.

I pump her pussy from behind as Bridget kisses me, she then starts fingering herself and then gets my fingers and pushes a couple inside her, she is playing with her clit as I’m reaching into her and Rachel is moving her hips back and forwards onto my cock, within a minute Bridget starts to climax, she can’t contain herself anymore and is groaning at me, ‘fill me, fuck me, I need you, please fuck me fast, faster,’ my fingers ferociously fucking her, ‘faster, push, faster, fuck, f…, f…’ she starts to scream, ‘I need you, please, yes, yes.’

Rachel starts to get faster on my cock and she too is starting to climax, she starts to groan, ‘I love sissies, I love sissy cock up my pussy, fuck me sissy, oh yes, yes, f…, f…, sis, pump me fast, fast, faster,’ with that Rachel is coming and both her and Bridget are in ecstacy, their holes are so wet, I take my hand out of Bridget and lick her juices from my hand. Bridget kisses me whilst she is panting. Rachel moves of my cock and turns around.

‘We need to bless you sorry, we just got carried away,’ Rachel says.

Bridget lifts my dress again and starts to wank me, Rachel kneels down and puts her head under my dress and starts to suck me as Bridget strokes me in tandem. I’m so close to climax but Bridget and Rachel slow down.

Lucy, Steph, Claire, come over and help,’ says Rachel.

They leave the rest of the group who are still wanking themselves on floor and stand to the sides of me, Steph pulls the top of my dress down and immediately Lucy and Claire latch onto my nipples, licking and biting them gently, with Bridget stood behind, her hands wrapping around wanking me and Rachel sucking me. Steph being quite tall stands in front of me with her pussy above Rachel’s head as she is sucking me. Steph moves her head to the side of mine and is kissing Bridget who is pressed right up behind me. Lucy and Claire are fingering themselves. I push a finger into Steph and place my other hand on Rachel’s head, pushing her mouth onto my cock.

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