The Beginning – The Duet

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This is the concluding chapter of a story that started in “The Beginning – Kat’s Story” and continued in “The Beginning – Jason’s Story” if you haven’t read these it is recommended that you do so before continuing. They can be read in any order but both should be read before this story.

* * *

It was getting late and Jason was still at the college golf course. As part of the requirements for his athletic scholarship, he had to spend so many hours a week helping out at the course. He was lock-up guy all this week and so it fell to him to make the rounds of the Pro Shop and the nine holes before locking up and turning in the keys. As he went about his rounds, he thought about the course. There was a rumor that the college was going to buy the course when its lease ran out next year. Someone else had said they had heard the Dean talking about buying the neighboring farm and expanding the course to eighteen holes. Jason didn’t really care one way or another, as next year he would be out in the work-force, trying to make a living.

As he locked the Pro Shop and turned to walk the course, Sue appeared as if from nowhere.

“Hello Jason,” she said, “Mind if I tag along?”

“Suit yourself,” he replied.

Sue was in the same year as Jason and they had had an intimate relationship a couple of years ago. It had stopped when Jason realized that Sue’s tastes in sex ran a bit more to the bizarre than Jason was usually prepared to go. They still had the occasional fuck and as she was particularly skilled, Jason was prepared to leave it at that. He wondered if she had come to him to get an “itch” scratched.

“I am here on a mission,” she admitted, “and maybe to get a piece of that lovely cock of yours.”

Sue had an athlete’s slim figure. Though her tits were small and her ass barely a handful she was quite pretty and had a gorgeous mouth. The thought of her lips wrapped around his cock was enough to start Jason’s cock stiffening.

“I’ve got to walk the course,” Jason explained, “You can tag along if you’d like. Maybe we can see about getting some cock into you as well.”

Sue smiled and took his hand in hers as he started toward the first tee.

“Remember when you fucked me up the ass right beside the ninth green?” she asked.

“I do indeed,” Jason replied. Though her cunt wasn’t able to accommodate all of him, her back passage had had room to spare. As Jason remembered the evening in question, he felt his cock twitch in his pants. “Just what are you up to Sue?”

“I come on a mission of mercy.”

“The last time you asked a favour of me, I ended up humiliating a bunch of sorority wanna-bes.” Although the dark-haired one with the sopping-wet pussy certainly was intriguing. I wonder …

“That’s sort of what I wanted to talk to you about,” Sue said, interrupting his train of thought, “Remember the girl you spanked?”

I do indeed. “Yes, I do.”

“Well, she remembers you too,” Sue smirked at him and continued, “and she wants you to pop her cherry for her.”

Jason stopped and turned to look at Sue. “Is this some kind of a trick?”

“No trick … I swear,” she replied, “She wants to lose her virginity and since you had impressed her so much at the initiation, she wants you to do it.”

“Did you happen to mention how much easier it would be for her, if she picked someone else?” I do want to do it … I’ve had dreams of that pretty little pussy and would love to sink my cock into her, but …

“Oh yes we told her about the size thing, but she’s got her heart set on you.”

As Jason thought it over, he started walking the course again. Sue quickly matched his stride. He could feel his cock straining in his pants. The thought of that gorgeous brunette in his arms … in his bed … his cock inside her …

“Okay I’ll do it,” he decided, “But it’s not going to be a big spectacle. None of this ‘sorority sisters witnessing the de-flowering’ or anything of that sort. Just her and me. That’s it.”

“Of course,” Sue agreed. She reached over and caressed the bulge in his pants. “Looks like you’re eager to get started.”


“We’re going to set it up for this Saturday and Grace has allowed us the use of her room with the four-poster bed to complete the setting.”

Sue’s hand on his growing erection was causing Jason’s mind to wander.

“Okay … okay …” Jason looked around, and even in the gathering dark he could see they were alone. He pulled her over to a small grassy hill just shy of the green. “God Sue, you are such a cock hound.”

“Yes I am,” Sue agreed, dropping to her knees in front of him.

He undid his belt and fly and quickly pulled down his trousers and underwear. The cool evening breeze caressed his semi-erect cock and licked at his balls. As he pulled off his pants and kicked them aside, he saw that Sue had started to undress. She finished unbuttoning her shirt and slipped it off her shoulders and Jason followed suit. She quickly reached behind her and unfastened her bra and Side escort removed it.

Sue was very flat-chested and it was easy to see that most of her figure had been removed along with her bra. Her nipples however, were small and pointed. Hard as stone, Jason remembered. As he threw off his shirt, Sue reached beneath her skirt and pulled off her panties.

“Bring that cock over here so I can worship it.” Sue gestured him toward her.

Jason moved to comply and she grabbed his cock and brought it to her mouth.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do next year when I don’t have this fella around any more,” she said, before wrapping her lips around the head of his cock.

“Oh yeah!” Jason drank in the sight of the half-naked girl on her knees before him with his cock in her mouth. Her hand slid down on his stiffness, peeling his foreskin back from the head while her tongue caressed his exposed glans. He thrust forward and sunk his cock back into her eager mouth. Her tongue slid along the underside of his cock as he pumped it slowly in and out of her.

She reached her other hand under her skirt and started to play with herself. She wanted his cock up her ass and she knew from past experience that she needed a lot of lubrication to accomplish that. She popped his cock out of her mouth and holding it tight at the base with one hand coated it with spit from her hand to the tip, briefly popping the head between her lips every so often. Her other hand continued to frig her clit, working up her excitement level. Every so often she would slip her fingers down to her wet cunt and smear her pussy juices back down over her asshole. The idea of him filling up her ass increased her excitement.

She popped his cock out of her mouth and said, “Jason, you know what I want … I want you to bury that huge cock of yours in my ass.” She turned her backside to him and flipped her skirt up.

It was getting a bit to dark to see but Jason obediently got to his knees behind her and lined the head of his cock up with her puckered asshole. Sue’s earlier lubrication job proved to be their undoing as the head of his cock slipped down and then up … anywhere but into her ass.

“Fuck this!” Jason said, revealing his frustration.

He grabbed Sue by the hips and sat back down on the cold grass, pulling her over on top of him. He lay back down on the grass and lifted her up by her hips.

“Now just guide it in,” he explained.

Sue twisted around in his grip to face him and grabbed his swollen cock in her hand. She aimed it at her eager asshole and slowly sank down on it.

God, that was tight, Jason thought as the head of his cock popped past the tight ring of flesh and into her ass. Once more Jason was amazed at her capacity, as in a series of downward thrusts, she continued to lower herself until his entire cock was buried in her hot tight ass.

* * *

When Kat stepped out of the shower, Karen was waiting for her.

“I decided that I should help you get ready for your ‘date’ this Saturday,” Karen explained.

Kat could feel Karen’s eyes taking in the whole of her naked body as she reached for a towel and wrapped it around herself. She found the thought of Karen looking at her naked flesh somewhat arousing and it took a moment for the other girl’s words to register.

Now that the date had been set it seemed that everyone in the sorority was trying to help. That help ranged from simple well wishes all the way to sexual “tips” on best positions or how to “handle” a large erect cock. She grabbed another towel and wrapped it around her hair. Kat wasn’t sure what the nature of Karen’s help would be as she followed the other girl back to their room, but she was curious to find out.

When they got back their room, Karen closed the door and turned to face her.

“Now take off the towel and we’ll get a good look at you,” she said.

Kat was a bit nervous and Karen was quick to realize the source of her hesitation.

“Oh, all right,” she said, “will it help if I got undressed as well?”

Without even waiting for a response, Karen started to undress in a very business-like manner. She pulled her top off over her head and quickly reached around behind to unhook her bra. Kat was frozen with indecision. On the one hand she found the idea of being naked in front of Karen quite terrifying, but on the other hand the thought of being naked together was quite exciting. Karen’s bra slipped down revealing her large breasts in all their glory to Kat’s gaze. As Karen bent over to pull down her slacks, Kat made a decision and quickly unwrapped the towel from her body.

“There you go,” Karen commented when they were both naked except for the towel wrapped around Kat’s hair.

“What are you … ”

“Hush now,” Karen interrupted, “Just sit back on the bed and I’ll explain what we’re going to do.”

Kat sat down on the edge of her bed and Karen sat down on the edge of her own bed right opposite Kat. Karen reached over to the table Side escort bayan that was between the two beds and turned on the lamp. In the brighter light Kat looked over at Karen and took in her large breasts, small nipples, flat stomach and the reddish-blond thatch between her legs. She knew she shouldn’t, but she found herself getting a bit excited. She knew that whatever Karen had in mind it was probably something quite sinful and that thought excited her even more.

“Now lean back and spread ’em,” Karen commanded.

Kat looked back at her uncomprehendingly.

“Lean back and spread your legs,” Karen repeated, “Like this.” Karen leaned back until she was resting her weight on her elbows and spread her legs wide open.

Kat could see all of Karen’s pussy, from the light, almost transparent orange pubic hair on top of her mons down her shaved pussy lips, that were ever so slightly open, to her puckered anus. The effect on Kat of seeing Karen so intimately was quite amazing, she found herself excitedly adopting the same pose almost without thought. As her legs spread open in front of Karen’s gaze she fervently hoped that the other girl wouldn’t be able to tell how much this was exciting her.

“That’s it,” Karen paused. “You’ve got quite the jungle down there. We’re going to have to trim you up a bit, I think.”


“See here,” Karen indicated her own pussy, running her fingers down over her shaven pussy lips, “Guys like it when you’re shaved down here because your pubic hair doesn’t get in the way. There’s nothing worse than getting a hair caught in your throat when you’re in the middle of sex.” She got up from the bed. “You stay there, I’ll be right back.”

Karen got up and walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. After rummaging around for a couple of seconds she exclaimed, “Ah, there you are,” and pulled a small bag out of the drawer and returned to the bed. She opened the small bag and shook out the contents onto the bed beside her.

“First a trim,” she said lifting a small pair of barbers scissors. She slipped down to her knees between Kat’s spread legs. “Don’t worry, I’ve done this before on other girls and even on myself.” She grabbed one of the discarded towels and handed it to Kat.

“What do I …?”

“Just put the towel on the bed under you and get back into the same position,” Karen instructed, “and I’ll do the rest.”

Kat lifted her butt off the bed and spread the towel out, sitting back down on it when she was done. Then she spread her legs again and Karen moved in closer to her exposed sex. Kat was awash with contradictory feelings. She was ashamed of her nudity and exposure to the other girl … but Karen had exposed herself first. She was also quite aroused by the nudity of her roommate and Kat knew that it was wrong … but it was so exciting.

Karen reached between Kat’s legs and lightly brushed her pubic hair. This caused Kat to shiver with excitement. Her mind was telling her … No … NO! But her body was responding with yes … Yes … YES!

Karen started to clip away at Kat’s pubic brush, snipping here and there. Her fingers occasionally brushed against Kat’s exposed pussy, causing the confused girl to gasp in excitement. Kat began to look forward to the accidental contact and eventually found herself moving slightly in order to promote that intimate touching more often. It was so wicked … so good.

As Kat’s pubic hair thinned out, Karen had to touch her pussy more often, moving the other girl’s pussy lips back and forth in order to get all the remaining hairs.

Kat couldn’t believe how wet she was becoming.

Karen could see that the process was getting to the other girl. Kat’s hips were starting to rock almost imperceptibly with Karen’s manipulations. Her inner lips had spread and small dribbles of vaginal fluid were running down her crack. Karen had had many lovers in her life and a good portion of those had been other women, so she was getting turned on by the arousal she was causing in the shy, inexperienced girl. She wondered what would happen if she started eating her. Would she recoil in horror or just accept it and go with it? She decided to give her a test and in the pretext of bushing some stray hairs away she rubbed Kat’s exposed clit.

The effect on the other girl was electric!

“Oh,” Kat gasped, her hips involuntarily jerking forward in a futile attempt to intensify the contact. Oh, my God I almost came!

Karen backed off. It was quite obvious to her that the other girl was enjoying the process, but she didn’t want it to end too quickly.

Kat’s body was on fire. Her breath came in huge gulps as she tried the calm down. It was hard for her mind to grasp just how worked up she had become from the touch of her roommate. Her mind drifted back to the Sunday night sessions and how last week, Sarah had described how her boyfriend had licked and sucked on her pussy bringing her to a fantastic orgasm. Kat wished that Karen would do that to Escort side her. She knew that Karen would think her a pervert, but she dearly wished she had the guts to ask. And then maybe she would let me eat her!

Karen dropped the scissors back on the bed and picked up the tube of shaving cream. She squeezed a bit of the paste on her fingers and rubbed it over Kat’s pussy lips, spitting on the cream to supply the moisture needed to lather it up.

The renewed contact of Karen’s fingers on her pussy was exciting Kat once more. She took deep breaths trying not to get aroused. The itchiness of the remaining stubble aided in holding her back.

Karen cleaned her hands off on the towel and reached back for the safety razor. She twisted the handle and it opened. She grabbed the package of razor blades and slid one out and into the waiting razor, and then she twisted the handle back closing the razor down over the blade.

With gentle strokes Karen shaved the remaining stubble from the lips of Kat’s pussy. She slowly shaved down the lips, spreading them and catching the stray hairs. Then she gently removed the stubble from around the clitoral hood, revealing the proud lips and clit in all their glory. Then she placed the razor down and used the towel edge to wipe the remnants of shaving cream from Kat’s now naked pussy.

“Just sit there for a moment. I’ll be right back.” Karen gathered up the razor and scissors and stood up. “Just don’t move,” she urged.

Kat watched as Karen grabbed a robe, slipped it on and walked to the door. As Karen left the room to clean up her kit, Kat sat with her legs spread. Her bare pussy felt really different. The movement of air in the room was slight but she could feel the caress of it against her exposed skin. She wanted to touch herself down there but she resisted the impulse, as she wasn’t sure how long Karen would be gone.

Karen wasn’t gone long and when she returned she quickly put away her shaving kit and resumed her place between Kat’s legs. She had a warm washcloth with her and used it to slowly wipe Kat’s pussy clean.

The sensation of the warm cloth against her privates began to excite Kat once again. When Karen had finished the sensations eased off and Kat found herself aching that they should resume. But only for a moment, as Karen then opened a bottle of something and squirted some cream onto her bare skin and started to massage it into Kat’s tender pussy.

Kat could feel the heat start again and she didn’t want it to stop. Karen caressed up and down her pussy slowly working the lotion into the newly shaved areas. Kat gasped as the other girl stroked her hard clit. Good … it was good!

Karen wanted more than anything to eat the inexperienced girl’s pussy. Her own pussy was wet with excitement from the Sapphic thoughts running through her head. She knew that she might scare the other girl but she couldn’t resist the lovely pussy in front of her. She slid her fingers up the other girl’s wet slit and once more teased her erect clit. She was encouraged by another gasp of pleasure from the shy girl.

Kat watch Karen’s face moving closer and closer to her aching pussy. Do it … eat me … Please! Sinful thoughts were awhirl in her head. Karen’s tongue peeked out from between her lips. Yes, YES. When Karen’s tongue finally came into contact with her hard nubbin she closed her eyes. “Yes,” she sighed.

Encouraged by the other girl’s reaction Karen started to eat her in earnest. Her tongue slipped gently over her clit and down, spreading the newly shaved pussy lips as it slid down Kat’s wet crack to tease the opening of her cunt. Karen loved the sweet taste of the other girl’s wetness. She licked down to the tight puckered anus and was rewarded by yet another expression of pleasure from Kat. She took two fingers from her right hand and pressed them to Kat’s clit as she slid her other hand down between her legs to caress her own excited sex.

* * *

Sue’s slow sliding up and down on his cock was starting to frustrate Jason. He ached to control the situation. The pressure had built and waned, built and waned and Sue’s tight ass was teasing his cock unmercifully. He grabbed her and pulled her down to the grass beside him.

“God Sue, you are such a tease,” he grunted as he rolled over on top of her, his cock popping out of her ass.

“Can’t you get enough of my tight butt?” she teased. She rolled on to her face and stuck her ass up in the air.

Jason got to his knees behind her and this time easily found her gaping hole. He rammed his hard cock into her waiting ass and she grunted with pleasure. He started to pick up the pace ramming as deeply as he could into her tight hole.

“Oh, yes,” the slim girl shouted, “fuck my tight asshole. Oh … GOD!”

Jason reached around her waist and pressed hard against her clit, rubbing hard against it as he drove his cock into her ass. He could feel the pressure building in his balls that signified an imminent eruption. He knew he going to empty himself in Sue’s back passage soon, but he was damned if she was going to milk him before he had caused her to cum. As one hand continued to tease her hard clit his other hand slid up her slim frame to her small tits and tweaked first one then the other of her hard nipples.

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