The Beholder: A Short Play

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Scene opens on Carrie, languishing in a claw foot tub. Her legs are glistening as she raises each out of the water to run a soapy hand down their length. Sunlight streams through the window near her, surrounding he in a golden aura of soft light. Cut to shot from behind the tub, we see her long dark hair moist from the steam draped over the back of the tub. We watch as she moves her soapy hand over her bare breasts and down her taut belly slowly, until her hand dips under the water. Her arm moves faster and she begins to moan, the water moving rhythmically with her as she pleasures herself.

Cut to shot of a dark haired man, Leon, crouching in her linen closet. From his angle through a crack in the door we can see that he has been watching Carrie. His legs shudder from his cramped position, he remains still. He spreads his legs carefully and reaches down to unzip his fly, slowly and as silently as possible. He checks to see if Carrie has noticed, and when he is assured, Escort Sincan he pulls his thick member out from his fly and begins to stroke it slowly.

Cut to Carrie, who is now in the throws of passion. She flings her wet leg up over the side of the tub, sending a spray of water into the golden sunlight. Her arm moves faster beneath the water and she moans deeply through ragged gasps for air.

Quick cut back to Leon, who himself is gaining speed. He closes his eyes and leans his head back, pumping his member furiously. When he opens his eyes again, we see Carrie from his point of view, on the precipice of climax. Suddenly and simultaneously they both roar to climax, Carrie thrashing wildly in the steamy water and Leon exploding shakily into a towel. When he comes he lets out a stifled moan. Carrie in her passion doesn’t notice, but now that the throes are subsiding, she looks in Leon’s direction. Furiously, Leon pushes his still hard member back into his Sincan Escort pants and stand behind the door trembling slightly.

Cut back to Carrie, who is emerging from the bath. She stands slowly, water cascading in sheets down her young body. She bends for a towel, giving Leon full view of her round buttocks and pinkened pussy lips. He stifles another moan.

Carries head snaps up. She frowns and wraps the towel around her quickly. She crosses the distance to the closet, reaches her hand to grab the knob, when Leon pushes the door open and jumps on her, knocking them both to the ground. He pins her with his legs. She tries to scream but his hand quickly covers her mouth.

LEON: I’m sorry to do this to you. My name is Detective Leon Rigotti, I’m investigating a drug ring that happens to live across the way there. (Motions to the window.) I apologize for not asking your permission to set up here, but frankly, we didn’t have the time to wait. (He Sincan Escort Bayan stares into her wide brown eyes and moves his face inches from hers.) If I move my hand, you have to promise not to scream. Do you promise? (She nods, and he removes his hand.)

CARRIE: (Blushing) How long have you…been in there?

LEON: (Grins wolfishly) Long enough to know that it takes you five whole minutes to make yourself come. I bet I could do it in three. (CARRIE scrambles out from beneath him.)

CARRIE: (Growls) Really? Then prove it, tough guy. (She lets her towel drop to the floor. Leon stands, his huge cock visibly hard beneath his black jeans. Her eyes widen as she looks him over. He grins, and closes the distance between them. He takes her in his arms and kisses her deeply, his tongue probing her soft lips, mimicking the action his cock so desperately wants to do.)

LEON: (Breaks from the kiss momentarily to whisper) Honey, I love you. Promise me we’ll never stop playing these games.

CARRIE: (She purrs in his ear) I promise Leon. Now fuck me like a good detective. (She unzips his fly and wraps her legs around him, pushing him inside her. He bounces her in his arms, thrusting deep into her pussy…fade out.)


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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