The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 09

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For readers who have expressed concern, if you are offended by bisexuality, please be aware that this chapter contains some. There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each the characters declare his or her age in the dialogue. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank barefootgirl69 for her careful edit of this chapter.


Very early on Tuesday morning, I scrambled down the stairs to the kitchen. My dad was just finishing breakfast and was reading his paper as I entered.

“My, my, my – and a good morning to you.” He announced. “I could count on one hand, the number times I’ve seen you down this early and I’d still have a finger or two to spare.”

“Need to catch up on my work next door. Took the whole day off yesterday for sex ‘n such,” I said, in my best Dad imitation.

“Ouch, not bad,” he laughed. “You know, son, I’ve been thinking; we really do need to spend more time together. Have you ever tried nude hiking?”

“Geez, no! I haven’t, but it sounds fantastic, Dad. So, you still like to hike, then?”

“I haven’t in years and certainly not at your level, but yes, I do. Since we both enjoy nudism, let’s combine the two. I think it would be a perfect way for us to do more together. Let’s do it soon, like this Sunday maybe. I’ve got to get going or I’ll be late,” Dad rose from the table. “Enjoy your day, son.”

I waved to him, while finishing my last mouthful of breakfast, then I headed out to Magda’s. When I arrived, I went straight to her room, where she was still sleeping. There was a peaceful expression on her face as one slim sexy leg stuck out from under the covers. I undressed quietly before slipping in beside her. She stirred and cuddled up to me with a lazy hug and a soft sensual moan.

I caressed her body as I nuzzled into her neck, then I kissed her on the shoulder. I placed glancing kisses on the side of her neck, moving frontward, as she woke and exposed her neck to me, like a cat. Her skin was so soft and supple, it begged to be touched, as I ran my hand down the length of her torso. I felt her hand wrap around my cock as she caringly massaged its length. She paid special attention to the head, as she turned it with her fingertips as if she were opening a twist-top bottle.

“Ohh, I love to be woken this way,” she sighed, “I’m barely awake and I’m already so wet and horny.”

“That’s handy,” I said, beginning my move downward, “I’m starving and a little parched, as well.”

“Oh, well,” she giggled a bit, “I guess the buffet is open then, help yourself.”

I pushed the covers aside in search of my prize. She hadn’t shaved in a while and there was stubble on her mound. I kissed her everywhere as she squirmed beneath me. I parted her legs to peek in between. Her beautiful honey pot awaited and I dove in from over top, deep into her most private space. There was an earthy scent, a mixture of everything that goes on down there in just the right mix. I began to enjoy my special snack as I licked and savoured her pussy lips for a long while.

I stuck my tongue into her, as deeply as I could. It wasn’t what I would normally do, but I wanted to taste inside her. It was a strong acrid taste and I enjoyed how my taste buds reacted making my mouth water. I continued licking every inch of her nether region kissing and sucking all the soft and slippery bits. Magda was thoroughly enjoying my efforts, as her moans became louder and stronger. I inserted two fingers in her and fucked her pussy as I sucked on her clit hood, washing over it with my tongue.

She was bucking around under me now, as she groped my body almost desperately trying to pleasure me in return. I inched her closer and closer to her inevitable climax and, as the coaster ride reached the crest, her hands finally went still. Then, after the tiniest pause, she began to free-fall as her strong overpowering orgasm took over. I could sense her deep spasms and contractions pulsing over and over again. At last, her joy ride came kicking and screaming to the end, and once again, her arms fell limp by her sides.

I continued to massage and kiss her pussy lips, as I slid another wet finger in between her cheeks and tickled her sphincter. She cooed and moaned as she caught her breath and came back around.

“Hey, it’s YOUR birthday, why am I getting the present?” She asked.

“Oh, that would depend on your point of view,” I spoke from deep down between her loins. “I think I’ve got the best seat in the house.”

She laughed, “Sometimes I just can’t believe you. No one can love pussy that much.”

“Just me,” I said, as I toyed with her engorged pussy lips.

“OK, get back up here,” she pulled at me to turn around and meet her face to face. “Eww! You stink of sex! Time for a shower.”

We washed up and Magda administered a proper birthday blowjob that had me weak at the knees. After we were done and toweled off, she pushed me back to the bed.

“I’m not finished escort gaziantep with you yet,” she said, “I haven’t given you your present yet. Get down on your knees!”

I complied, as always, and I felt her hand reach in between my legs. She began to milk my cock, pulling downward like you’d milk a cow. I noticed a familiar tingling sensation. It was her special cream she had used on me before. This time, though, I felt her other hand play with my ass and spread the cheeks, as she poked around touching and feeling me. I sensed the warm wetness of her tongue, as she licked up and down my ass crack and toyed with my sphincter.

All the feelings combined into such an intense erotic sensation, that I felt my orgasm coming very rapidly. I could feel her face buried in my ass, as she licked and licked everywhere, all the while her hand kept milking my cock and the massage cream felt hot and cold at the same time.

Then, just as I thought I was going to come, she stuck something into my ass. I was startled, and it took a minute or so as I adjusted to the sudden invasion. Meanwhile, my orgasm had been postponed. It didn’t feel like her finger, it was bigger than that, but it wasn’t one of her dildos either, I was sure that would have hurt a lot more.

“What’s that? What did you just stick up my ass?” I asked. “Not that I’m objecting, mind you, I was just kind of surprised.”

“All I want you to do right now is be quiet and don’t interrupt,” she ordered.

“YES, MA’AM!” I shouted obediently. I let my arms cave in as my head and shoulders hit the mattress, leaving my ass stuck way up in the air.

“That’s it, make yourself comfortable. There’s still lots more to come, so hang on.” She began to plunge whatever it was in and out of my ass. Then, she swiveled it around like a stir stick.

This was a new sensation, as I concentrated on my asshole being fucked. The hot cold feeling was beginning to build again, as she squeezed and pulled down harder on my cock. She pulled the thing out from my ass, then shoved it back in again. But it wasn’t the same, as I felt my ass stretch to accommodate it, it was bigger, definitely bigger. The feeling wasn’t uncomfortable; it was actually quite pleasurable. Now, I could feel pressure against my prostate, and I involuntarily moved my hips with each push into me.

“I can’t take much more of this, Magda, I’m going to cum soon,” I pleaded.

“Cum whenever you like, it’s your birthday, but I think you might want to wait for the last size up,” she warned.

Oh god, I thought to myself, she’s building me up to a full dildo. My asshole was already feeling stretched out as she removed the second toy. Then she began to inch in what felt like a tree trunk.

“Oh, FUCK, you can’t be serious!” I screamed. “Is that one of your big dildos?”

“Uh huh,” she hummed. “You have an insatiable sexual curiosity and I’ve seen you looking the other boys over. I know you’ve been thinking about sex with them, so this is my present to you. I’m going to break you in a little, before you go out and play with the big dogs, that is. Those guys will just rip you apart if you’re not ready.”

She eased in the last dildo and I felt like my sphincter would split open, but just like the two before, the muscles eventually relaxed. My asshole stretched out once more and I began to enjoy the way the big dick filled me. She pumped my ass slowly in and out with the big, ten-inch toy. Soon I began to feel the sensations in my balls, as the pressure built again.

“Are you ready for the finale?” She asked.

“FINALE?” I almost cried and then she flipped the switch on the vibrator.

“OHHH, FUUUCK,” I shouted.

Faster and harder, she pushed then pulled the big vibrating cock, until I couldn’t take another second. My cock began to spurt its cum and I let out a scream that came from way down deep. As spurt after spurt pumped through my cock onto the sheets, I finally groaned to a conclusion, no longer able to move a muscle.

I fell on my side, with the dildo still stuck in my ass. Magda began to laugh at how silly I looked. I didn’t care, my cock was on fire and my ass, well it felt pretty violated. I just lay there, looking back up at Magda.

“How did we get to doing things like this, Magda?” I asked, “Not that I’m complaining, not at all. In fact, I now have a challenge to find something to do to with you on your birthday.”

“You know, lover, I’m just an over-sexed slut in love. I just adore showing you new things,” she said. “There doesn’t seem to be anything that you’re not up for, you’re a thrilling sexual partner. Now, as for your new challenge, there’s no part of me that doubts you will find something to thrill me and I can’t wait. By the way, my birthday is September first.”

“One other thing,” she said, “If you do end up having anal sex and don’t use a condom, forget about any future visits here,” she gave me a serious look, as she pointed between her legs.

I nodded and she suddenly jumped, as she looked at her clock. “Shit, I’ve got clients gaziantep fetiş escort coming in minutes and I look and smell like a whore, I need another shower.”

I pulled out the dildo and I can’t wholly describe the feeling of emptiness it left behind. Just the same, that feeling was quickly replaced with an urgent need to sit on the toilet.

Magda was in the shower and in no mood for me right then, so I grabbed a towel from the floor and covered my ass as I ran out to the guest washroom. I made it just in time and after another few minutes, I felt confident enough to go get my clothes. Just as I went to open the door, though, I heard Magda’s voice outside speaking to someone I didn’t recognize.

I waited for the coast to be clear. I didn’t want strangers seeing a naked man walk to her private quarters. I stayed in the bathroom a while longer, waiting for the voices to move away. When they did, I opened the door, peeked outside and the hall was clear. I made a beeline for the bedroom, but halfway there a woman turned the corner and I ran straight into her. It was Beata, one of the two sisters Magda was working with.

“Hi Rick,” she smiled widely, “are you still getting treatments here for your back?” All the while, she never took her eyes of my crotch.

“No,” I said, “I’ve resumed my work renovating the house.”

“Oh? Where are you doing that? Can I see?” She asked.

“It’s in the basement mostly,” I answered. “I’m glad to see you’re OK with nudity now; your looking very lovely and fit.”

She flashed me another big smile and spun around for me with her arms up high, “Yes, It doesn’t bother me at all any more, in fact I kind of like it. I especially love the way people act differently when I take my clothes off. They’re friendlier, and they want to help me all the time. It’s nice.”

As I looked at her again I realized just how really beautiful she was, like her mother. Her angelic face seemed almost to contrast her trim sexy body with her small breasts. She was so compact, toned, and delicious looking, my cock rose quickly in appreciation. As my member grew to its full size her gaze upon it intensified.

“I really like it when it does that, it’s beautiful. How does it feel?” She asked.

“I’m sorry, Beata, but I need to run now, maybe I’ll see you later,” realizing I had let things go too far. As I moved past her, she reached for my cock, but I shifted and she missed.

I headed to the back of the house to get dressed as Beata continued on her way to the washroom. When I emerged again, she was just leaving the restroom on her return trip.

“Can I come and see you later?” She asked me as we passed each other. “Why are you dressed now?”

“I’m going to do some work in the basement now and, much as I want to stay naked, it might not be safe with the work I’m doing,” I answered.

“I liked you better without clothes,” she admitted, “and I really like looking at your cock as well, especially when it gets nice and big.”

“Thank you, hon, and I love looking at you as well,” I said, “but right now I have work get to work, I’ll see you later, maybe.”

I knew I hadn’t heard the end of it, as I descended the stairs to the basement. I was a little stunned at how immature she was. It seemed as though she had no experience at all. I assumed she had been over-sheltered by her mother.

I tidied up my work area and began sanding and prepping for a second coat of filler. I would begin with the slowest drying areas first and finish with the faster ones. I liked using that method, because if I did it right, everything would be ready for sanding again after a break. When I was done, I dusted off and went back upstairs. Magda was busy with clients in her office so I looked around the therapy room to see who might be around.

Beata and Eva were both busy working on routines and they waved to me as I passed. I waved back and again I marveled at their perfect beauty. I caught sight of Mona through the doorway to the wet room and went in to talk to her.

“Hi, stranger,” she greeted me as I approached, “Haven’t seen you for a while.”

I scanned her lovely lithe body from head to toe and back again as I approached.

“Get a good enough look or would you like me to pose for you,” she laughed. “I’ve missed those looks and speaking of that, how come you’re dressed… and dirty.”

“Much as I love being here around you every day, I have a lot of work to finish for Magda. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure we’ll all get together again soon.”

“Yeah, I know, but I miss you and a little alone time might be nice too,” she approached and rubbed my cock through my pants.

I could see the girls in the other room take notice of us as I looked back over Mona’s shoulder.

“We have an audience,” I said.

“Oh, let them look, they might learn something. I’ve never met two more clueless women,” she said.

I gave her a peck on the lips and turned to head for home and my lunch. When I got there, the house was gaziantep bayan escort empty and there was a note on the table from my mom. She said she would be out shopping for the day and that she had left lunch for me in the fridge. I ate and then went to my room to get a change of clothes for the end of the day.

I spent a little more time at home waiting for the second coat to dry. I was also avoiding more contact with Mona or Beata. I was starting to feel that things were becoming a little complicated, not so much with Mona but definitely with Beata and potentially her sister. I read a bit and after a while, I went back over to Magda’s.

I entered through the rear and went straight to the basement to resume my work. I sanded everywhere for the second pass and all the filler had dried nicely, my father had taught me well. If you use material sparingly and well, the work always goes faster and easier. After cleaning away some of the dust, I applied the last skim coat of compound. Then I cleaned up the whole area and set up to apply primer the next day.

It was late and I hadn’t heard any noise upstairs in a while, so I stripped off my filthy clothes and headed upstairs to shower. From the top of the stairs I listened and only a faint sound was coming from the direction of Magda’s bedroom. I tiptoed close and peeked around the corner. I saw Magda and Mona locked in a slow and methodic sixty-nine, so I walked in.

“Can I join you? I asked politely.

“Mmm no, not right now, maybe in a bit,” Magda giggled. “You can stay and watch if you like though.”

“Oh, yeah, I’d like that,” I said as I pulled a chair up to the end of the bed and sat on it. I put my feet up on the bed and began to stroke myself, as I watched.

It was a valentine for the eyes, beautiful hard bodies all sweaty and slick as they chewed on each other’s pussies. Their hands and fingers probed and felt everywhere, as they moaned and sighed, filling the air with the sexy sounds of slurping, sucking, and squishing. The space became very warm and the smell of sex and sweat was heavy in the air. I basked in it like a sauna, as my climax inched its way forward.

Pretty soon, both women were squirming and moaning, as they both came at the same time. I was impressed at their ability to time things so well. I’d always found it hard to do that my self. Either I wasn’t good enough to control my orgasms or I wasn’t skilled enough to bring my partner to orgasm with me. Whatever the reason, I needed to work on it. The two women rolled over and began to watch me masturbate. They both smiled and fondled each other, as they looked on.

I smiled back, “My turn to be the show now?”

They both nodded and I continued masturbating. I watched them run their hands over each other, tweaking nipples and probing bellybuttons and pussies. All the while, my orgasm continued to inch its way closer.

“How close are you?” Mona asked.

“Very,” I answered.

She looked at Magda, “let’s finish him.”

“OK,” Magda agreed as she rolled off the bed, approaching me on her hands and knees from the left side.

Mona did the same from the right and they met at my cock. I removed my hand to give them access and they each licked my cock up one side and met with a kiss at the top. Then Mona took the tip in her mouth as Magda licked her way back down. I spread my legs a little as she headed down to my balls. It didn’t take long at all before I was coming in Mona’s pretty mouth. She gagged as she tried to take it all down.

“Fuck, don’t you ever have smaller orgasms?” She gagged.

“No, he doesn’t,” Magda said, “I love it; you’ll get used to it, eventually.”

“Let’s have a shower, I’m still gritty from the basement,” I said.

We all got up and showered together rubbing, kissing, licking, biting all the way through. I didn’t know what got into them, but they sure were turned on. We left the shower and toweled each other off before going back to the bed and enjoying another round of three-way sex.

That’s how it went for the rest of the week. I would work all day, while they trained and worked out. In the late afternoon and evenings, the three of us would have incredible sex. What got to be difficult, was satisfying Mom and Jan, when I got home later. In later years, I would kick myself for complaining about such unbelievable good luck. Having unlimited sex with four beautiful women every day, that would never happen to me again in my life.

On Saturday morning, Dad was off to his usual golf round and Mom snuck into bed with me after he left. We cuddled for a while before we had beautiful, leisurely morning sex. After tonguing her to a nice soft orgasm, I slid into her pussy and we slowly fucked, enjoying every sensation. I sucked on her nipples and kissed her all over her face and neck.

“Oh, I love doing this with you in the morning, Rick,” Mom sighed. “Your dad is a great lover, but he doesn’t appreciate slow lovemaking, like you do. Every inch of me feels like a woman being made love to.”

I smiled at her, but the fact was, that I was exhausted and slow sex was so much easier. With the amount of sex I was having all week, I wanted something slower and more intimate in the mornings. Just the same, I did love sex that way, especially with Magda. With her it was almost a religious experience, as our feelings and emotions would soar during our slow rhythmic mating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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