The Big Night Out Ch. 02

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We were back inside the pub now, my mind still awash with images of what had just happened between Jen and I in the carpark. I glanced over at her to see she was standing around chatting with Dave, already with a drink in her hand as if she was completely unphased by it all. “That woman’s got poise” I thought to myself and I couldn’t help but stare. She turned her face as she giggled at something Dave said and caught my glance with those great green eyes of hers, she grinned and gave me a cheeky wink and I couldn’t help but laugh. Our little exchange wasn’t lost on Dave either and he looked at me with a disapproving frown. I regained my composure and realised I was way to sober for such an occasion so I wandered over to the bar and ordered a jug of beer and a couple of glasses.

Walking back to where Jen and Dave were still chatting I felt a vibration in my pants, my phone was ringing. I took it out and looked at the screen “Kate’s mobile” it read, I answered. It turned out that my girlfriend wasn’t going to be able to make it to the party because of some sort of emergency with her sister – who is always having emergencies – but she ordered me to stay out and enjoy myself anyway, “If you insist baby, see you tomorrow!” I replied before hanging up. By the time I got back to Dave and Jen I was off the phone and I told them the news.

“Oh that’s a shame” Jen said, almost mockingly I thought.

“Yes, yes it is” Dave added solemnly, which mad me laugh as it always did when he played the part of my conscience.

“Oh well, the show must go on!” I piped up, pouring Dave and I beer and calling “SCULL!” Jen joined in too by downing the rest of her vodka UDL in a single gulp.

After Dave and I had finished that jug and Jen had had a couple more vodkas we were getting in the mood to groove so I thought we’d best hit the clubs.

“I think it’s time we move along to our next stop, don’t you guys?”

“Absolutely!” Jen agreed.

So after gathering up the dozen or so members of our group and filing them outside into taxis we headed into town to our first club of the night. Jen, Dave and I shared a cab, Dave got in the front and I sat behind him with Jen in the middle seat next to me. As the taxi pulled away Dave concentrated on giving directions to the cabbie as Jen and I became increasingly preoccupied with each other. It seems we’d both regained our lust and desire from earlier and we were finding it very difficult to restrain ourselves. Jen persistently slid herself over toward me in the back seat until she was nearly on top of me and I grinned mischievously as I dropped my hand onto her naked thigh where her skirt had ridden up more than it needed to. We looked at each other and I was once again entranced by her wonderful smile while her eyes briefly diverted to the front seat to see what İstanbul Escort Dave was doing and, satisfied he wasn’t concerned with us she turned back to me, leant in and silently kissed me deeply. Our mouths opened as they met and our tongues extended, my hand moved further up her thigh to just under the hem of her skirt. We continued to kiss silently and as my hand almost uncontrollably slid up toward her panties I felt my cock growing in my own pants.

Earlier than I expected I abruptly felt the smoothness of her silk panties under the tip of my middle finger, Jen groaned audibly and we stopped suddenly, broke our kiss and turned quickly toward the front seat to see if anyone had noticed, luckily they hadn’t and we shared a muffled laugh. I continued my exploration of her panties, running my fingers up and down their sides where her thighs met the material. Jen relaxed and sat back in the seat, closing her eyes with a taught smile on her face. I hooked my middle finger barely under the material, eager to get a better idea of the contours of her marvellous pussy. I first encountered a freshly shaven outer lip and ran my finger up and down it, amazed at how smooth she kept it. I could feel the heat emanating off her pussy and could sense the juices flowing mere millimetres from my finger, I was dying to feel her wetness on my hand. Jen too was obviously aching for it as I felt her beginning to squirm in her seat, I restrained myself however enjoying the effect my teasing had on her. I continued to trace a line around her lips and through the small patch of pubic hair above her slit before moving down below to her perineum and further around to her asshole as she shifted in her seat to accommodate me. I was amazed at her attention to detail in shaving, as well as her pussy lips her ass crack seemed entirely bald. I looked up at her, she was writhing in her seat now and breathing quite heavily, I glanced forward and was thankful the windows were open and Dave couldn’t hear a thing. I felt Jen’s hand snake under my arm and reach for my trousers as she leaned into my ear.

“Shit Steve! Stop teasing me and finger me already will you!”

I giggled and quickly adjusted myself in my seat so Jen could have access to the bulge in my pants. Before I knew it Jen had my fly undone and my rock hard cock out in the cool air of the taxi. It was already wet from the precum gathering around its head and I moaned as Jen slowly pulled back the foreskin and moved it up and down my shaft and over my cockhead again. Not wanting to neglect her I gave my attention back to Jen’s wet pussy. I had my entire hand under her panties now and I slid a finger between her folds and over her clit. I felt her body stiffen as I applied pressure to her sensitive little clit. Her juices covered my fingers and I was dying Bayan Escort to taste them again, but I had to please myself with extending my finger below her clit toward her opening. She gasped as it arrived and pushed gently inside to the first knuckle. I couldn’t believe how tight she was as her wet hole wrapped around my finger. I felt her grip tighten on my cock and I glanced over at her face to see her mouth open in an inaudible gasp as I pushed my finger all the way in leaving it there for a moment before curling it around to stroke her g-spot.

She began to stroke my cock rapidly and it seemed I just couldn’t excrete enough pre-cum as it was soaking her fingers and ensuring my cockhead was super sensitive to every movement of her hand. I was getting very close to coming all of a sudden so I placed my other hand on hers as an indication to slow down, she opened her eyes and grinned at me and I focused again on her tight pussy, trying to keep my mind off her masterful strokes. I slowly began to move my finger in and out of her, curling it slightly so it rubbed over her g-spot each time I pulled outwards, she moaned louder this time and I leaned forward to her, kissing and breathing softly into her ear.

“I love how tight you are,” I whispered, “you’re so wet, I really want to taste you right now. You would like me to be licking your clit as I fuck you with my fingers wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmm” was all she managed as I sped up my finger movements in and out of her opening. I felt Jen’s free hand move from beside her to under her skirt, her fingers slid up beside mine and onto her hard clit. She groaned as I started pumping her pussy faster and she started ravishing her wet clit, “Ohhh…” she turned her head toward me and clamped her mouth on mine as a way of muffling her cries. I could feel her stiffen and I knew she was close to cumming. Finger-fucking her as hard as I could now I felt her convulse and her pussy tighten around my finger as she pinched her clit and bit down hard on my bottom lip, allowing a long groan to escape from her lips. I continued to thrust my finger in and out of her until her shudders subsided and she sank back into the seat. We both looked at each other and she leaned forward and kissed my bottom lip where she had bitten down on it.

“Sorry about that, gorgeous” she smiled weakly.

“No worries,” I reassured her “it’s a small price to pay for such a sexy woman’s pleasure.”

I had forgotten but her hand continued to stroke my hard cock which was suddenly aching for release, she sensed my urge and started to pull me harder, twisting her hand as she moved up and down my still slick shaft.

“Wait,” I whispered to her urgently as I felt the cum rising in my shaft “I can’t cum like this…I’ll make a huge mess!”

“Don’t worry about that,” she Eskort said matter-of-factly as she continued to jerk me off.

“Oh, what the fuck,” I gave in as I sat back and prepared for what was to come.

Jen’s eyes locked with mine and her stroking increased in speed until her hand was just a blur over my cock. She leant forward toward me until she was millimetres from my face.

“Mmmm, you’ve got such a nice cock, Steve,” she cooed, “I love the feel of a slick cock sliding between my fingers and yours is so fucking hard and so wet.” She continued, “Mmmm, I’m desperate to feel you inside of me, Steve, I really want to fuck you, really, really want to fuck you, but not before I suck you off again.” She was turning it on strong for me now “I loved the feeling of your cock buried in my throat when we were in the car park, and the taste of your cum as you exploded in my mouth. Did it turn you on when I swallowed your cum, Steve? I know it does, I’ll bet your girlfriend doesn’t suck you like that does she Steve? Mmmm, are you gonna cum for me now Steve? Yes, I think you are very soon aren’t you?”

I couldn’t hold out any longer and she saw the look spread across my face as I was about to explode and she grinned widely before quickly bobbing her head down onto my cock engulfing my entire shaft into her mouth and down her throat. The immediate sensation of the warmth of her mouth and the tightness of her throat sent me into an orgasm I didn’t think possible. I bit down hard on my bottom lip where Jen had just done earlier and the pain of it seemed only to increase the pleasure of my orgasm, while thankfully at the same time muffling my screams. I felt my cock pulsating in her throat as I shot load after load into her as she incredibly swallowed every last drop. Once my cock had stopped spurting white streams of fluid into her throat Jen slowly pulled her mouth off the shaft of my cock and stopped before pulling all the way over the head, instead pausing and swirling her tongue around and sucking on my swollen, purple helmet. Once my cock was limp again in her mouth Jen sat up, looked deep into my eyes and slowly drew her finger across her lips, wiping away the small amount of excess cum mixed with her saliva.

“I told you not to worry about the mess” She said finally “I had it covered.”

I just smiled at her and relaxed in my seat, peering forward to see if I could notice any expressions from the front seat which might indicate we were caught. Dave certainly knew nothing but the cabbie I think is another story. We arrived at our destination and Dave asked the cabbie how much the fare was.

“Don’t’ worry about it, It’s on me tonight” the cabbie exclaimed staring back at Jen and I in the rear-view mirror with a knowing look, “just remember my taxi number when you call for a ride home tonight alright? Number 560!” he laughed as we jumped out and he sped off from the curb.

“Wonder what that was all about?” Dave said as we gathered on the footpath.

“Dunno,” I replied innocently, “he must’ve known it’s your birthday.”

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