The Bleach Blonde’s Wrestler Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Sarah (30 yrs.) is the former wife (44-24-36) of a state senator. She owns a small penthouse in the city. She is a cheap looking, bleach-blonde, who is a big fan of college wrestling. She never goes to the local wrestling meets, but watches every live competition on YouTube. Sarah follows all of the athletes and coaches on social media.

Inside the gym locker-room. Kendall (21 yrs.) stands at 5’11” and weighs 184 lbs. He just finished taking a shower and steps in front of his locker. He wipes down his broad shoulders and then his black hair, beard and mustache. He hangs the towel over his head as he sits on the bench. His hand reaches inside the sport bag and he pulls out his iPhone. He finally calls Sarah’s phone number.

Sarah: Hey, Kendall. I’ve been waiting for this call.

Kendall: Hi Sarah. I thought about it and this can only be a one-time thing. No one can know about it…, but you and I.

Sarah: Sure, I won’t tell anyone. Do you need more time to think about it?

Kendall: I spent weeks making this decision. Thanks for being patient. I’m sure there are other guys.

Sarah: No… I waited for you.

Kendall: I’m flattered… You sound so sexy. Why didn’t you send me a photo?

Sarah: My rule is never to send pictures over the internet. You will see me naked anyway.

Kendall: Goddamn, with a body like yours. 44-24-36.

Sarah: Escort İstanbul Your body is hot too. I watched you compete on YouTube.

Kendall: Thanks. I wrote down and hid your address. I’ll be over later tonight.

Inside the penthouse bedroom of Sarah. She is kneeling on the white carpet who wears a black see-through nightie. Her enormous tits jiggle underneath with those silver-dollar-size areola’s and huge nipples. The blonde hair is hanging loose over her shoulders.

Kendall is naked who stands with his legs apart. Both of his hands are placed on her head. Her left hand grips his round balls. Her right hand tightly strokes his 7-inch cock. Her lips follow those strokes, up and down. She’s been attacking his shaft aggressively.

Kendall’s eyes are closed who says, “Fuck-Yeah… Fuck… Ohhhh… Fuck… Work-my-dick.!!”

She drops his balls and both of her hands stroke his shaft. Her tongue attacks his cock-tip.

He responds, “Sarah… Fuck… Squeeze it… Ohh-Fuck… Like-That… Fuck yeah..!!”

She lift’s her mouth off his cock and says, “No regrets Kendall.”

He shakes his head “no.”

Both of her hands let go of his shaft and her lips slide down his cock. She swallows his shaft and those lips touch his thick black crotch. She holds it there and breathes easily.

He grunts, “Ohh-Fuck… İstanbul Escort Bayan Swallow it… Fuck… It’s cumming Sarah… Ahhh-Ahhh-Ahhhhhhhhhh.!! Fuuuckk.. Ahhhhhhhh.!!”

25 minutes later. On the king size bed covered in white. Sarah’s head pushes into a large white pillow as she lays on her back. Both of her legs are spread open and bent up at the knees. Kendall’s hands are placed on both sides of her massive tits. He is kneeling in between her legs. Both of her hands grip his muscular arms. He looks down at his cock which has been thrusting in and out of her blonde pussy. Those thrusts are short and fast.

She responds, “Kendall.. K-Kendall.. You’re worth.. The wait.. Uhhh.. Uhhhh.!”

He grunts, “Fuck yeah… Blonde pussy.. I-waited-for… Blonde pussy..!!”

He keeps watching his shaft pushing in and pulling out. His black crotch hits her blondness. Her enormous tits flop too.

She says, “Uhhhh.. Uh-Uhhhh.. You’re.. A beast.. Wrestler.. Kendall.!!”

Both of her hands keep gripping his arms.

He grunts, “Fuck yeah.. Fucking beast… You’re blonde pussy.. So fucking hot..!!”

He keeps a steady pace as his eyes look at her big tits. He says, “I’ll get.. To your tits soon.. Okay baby?”

She answers, “Okay?”

Kendall keeps thrusting as he closes his eyes, “Fuck.. I can feel it.. Anadolu Yakası Escort Fuck yeah.. Fuck yeah..!!”

He pushes in a few more times and then holds it. He explodes, “Ohh-Fuck.. Fuck-Yeah.. Ahhhhhhhhhh.!! Ahhhh-Ahhhh.. Ahhhhhhhh.!!”

It’s early morning at 2 a.m. The lights are dimmed really low. The bed comforters are pushed to the side. Both Kendall and Sarah are still naked. He is leaning against several white pillows. His legs are spread open and she leans back against his chest. Her blonde hair falls over her face.

His right middle finger rubs her wet clitoris. His left fingers pinch her left (½-inch) long nipple. She’s rubbing her right mammary.

She responds to his touch, “My-Gawd-Kendall..!! My-Fucking-Gawd.!! Gawd.!!”

Her head pushes back over his right shoulder.

He whispers, “Your fucking nipples.. So fucking long.”

She replies, “Uhhhh.. Don’t stop.. Right-there-baby.. Uh-Uhhhhh.. Uhhhhhh.!!”

He keeps circling her clitoris and his fingers roll up her nipple.

He whispers again, “Incredible tits… Fuck yeah.. My dream fuck.. I had an orgasm when you told me you were a blonde.”

She screams, “So.. Glad-You… Called-Me… Oh-My-Gawd.. Faster-baby-Faster.!!”

His left hand grips her mammary as his right finger rubs her clitoris faster.

She turns her hips over and closes her legs on his hand.

She screams, “Uhh-Uhh-Gawd-I’m-Cumming..!! Kendall-Kendall.. Uhh-Uhhhhhhhhhh.!! Uhhhhhh.! Uhhhh.!”

He waits for her to calm down and stops rubbing her.

He whispers, “No regrets Sarah. I won’t forget this.”

She replies, “We have all weekend baby.”

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