The Book Signing Ch. 03

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Deborah steps out of the shower and starts getting ready for bed. It has been a long day for she has been on the road, touring. Her new book had just made the bestseller list, and she was excited. She slips on her long mint green silky gown it ties in the front. It has a matching robe. It was a gift for her birthday, from her man. She stood in front of the big mirror, looking at herself. Her mind wandered off, she missed home. She missed her honey; she missed his arm’s around her holding her to him, as they slept. They had waited a long time to be together, and she never wanted to be away from him for very long.

As she lies on the bed flipping through channels the phone rings, she reaches across to answer it.


“Hey dolly, how is my sweetie tonight?”

“Oh Hon, I am so glad you called, I was thinking of calling you before I went to bed.”

“Well I was just thinking about you and decided to call you, I miss you.” Thom said.

“Oh yes I do, I miss you oh so much, and I love you oh so much.”

“Can’t wait for you to come home, so you can be in my arms again, and the dogs miss you too.” He said with a chuckle.

“Well I miss them too, but not as much as I miss you darling.”

“Sweetie kisses and hugs for you, real ones when you finally get home.”

“Well I am hoping that will be soon, I can not stand being apart from you for any length of time.”

“Dolly IMISSYOU oh so much and I can not wait for you to get home here to me, so I can hold you in my arm’s.”

“Oh Thom, me either.”

“Dolly you sleep well tonight, and remember that ILOVEYOU and IMISSYOU.”

“I will sleep much better now that you called to wish me a goodnight.”

“Goodnight sweetheart and I will talk to you tomorrow ok, good luck tomorrow, you will do great.”

“Goodnight to you my love, kisses for you and hugs, real ones later.”

They hung up and at that moment, she realized that she was very tired. She turned off the TV and headed to the bed. She slipped beneath the covers, and it was not long before she was out like a light.

Was it a dream or was it real? The room was smoky almost like a heavy mist as it rises from the warm ground. A faint outline, not sure who it is? Or what it is? The outline comes nearer; soon she can see the image of a woman. But she could not see her face, who is this woman? Through the mist Deb can see arms reaching for her, the mist clinging to the woman’s arms as though it was a silky sleeve.

The touching continued, more intense now. Fingers replaced with something warm and wet. In her minds eye she could hear moans soft at first then increasing with tempo, feeling soft tender hands those of a woman reaching for her.

Pulling her closer to her breasts, wanting more of it, wanting more of her, feeling her tongue as it glides further down her stomach, to her navel finding that little crater. It is so tender to the touch but it furthers those feelings that are accumulating between her legs. She reaches there it is wet and warm. Oh what has this woman done this to her? How can this be for she had never been with a woman before, never ever looked at a woman, or felt a woman like this?

What had inspired this meeting to erect itself, at this moment in her life? These feelings and sensations had her drawn in and then she feels that warm wet feeling of a tongue with a flicker lightly touch her thigh. Now she can feel the warm breath on the hair of her pussy. A sigh, a moan, oh where are these feelings coming from some deep recesses of her soul.

That tongue seeking that hidden target, finding it, touching it a little flicker of the tip of her tongue over the barely visible head of my clit, as she tries to make it rise to attention, trying oh so passionately to drawn it out to nibble and suck on it. Therefore, that it will bring them both pleasures. Oh dear god in heaven she feels as if she is losing her mind. She can feel her body start to float above her, lights, stars.

No noise is heard, just the deep pounding of her heart. It thunders deep in her ears, she can feel the blood pulsating through her veins. She can feel that her passion will burst forth and she must be able to capture the passion that is expending forth from her body. She can feel her heart beating, the blood coursing through out her veins it sounds like a freight train running through out her body. The pulsating in her veins gets stronger with each passing moment. Bright lights from nowhere, a scream her body everywhere, but where it should be.

The pleasure of release is almost there, hanging in the mists of this woman pleasuring her, but it lingers never fully releasing it. She cannot see her face or her body for that matter. All she can do is feel the onset of this pleasure from her tongue. That warm wet wonderful tongue that is probing her deep most intimate places, nibbling, sucking on her clit. She wants release, she wills her body to give her that release, and still it does not come. Why she wants to scream I need release it is unbearable, please as she continues Escort Ankara to will for release. It is almost there again closer now she can feel her body start to tense and then to tingle it starts in her toes and works its way to her breast then to her head. Closer, closer then like a firecracker as it explodes, lights fill her eyes and a scream from her lips as this climax takes her further and further over that edge of pleasure it keeps flowing from her as if she was a river that had burst through a dam she arches her back. All her muscles are getting a workout, more cries of pleasure escape from her not knowing where it came from. Slowly she comes down from that peak, exhausted and she can feel her pussy very wet and her clit pulsating from its ordeal.

Deborah finds herself suddenly awake her breathing is heavy and she can feel her heart beating through her chest. She is all sweaty almost if she had run about six laps or so. She looks around and the sheets are half off the bed and really messed up. She rises slowly sitting up in bed wiping the sleep from her eyes she tries to focus. For a brief moment she is not sure where she is, looking around some more she realizes she is in the hotel room.

She climbs out of bed, padding across the carpeted floor. She enters the bathroom and takes a look at herself in the mirror. Her face is all flushed; there is that redness that she gets after having an orgasm. She runs the water, it flows across her hands. It is cool; she brings her hands to her face and splashes the cool water on to it. The water feels oh so good, as it runs down her chin to her cleavage. She pulls the towel off the rack next to the sink and dabs her face and chin with it. Drying the water off, she still looks a little flushed.

Then her mind wandered again back to the dream. She could feel that familiar tremble of desire as she replayed the scene in her head and gazing out the window. She had to shake the thought again from her head. She had inspiration now, and she had to go with it, while the thought was fresh in her mind. But where had these thoughts come from? Hidden desires, hidden passions?


Marlene was so eager to meet her favorite author her stomach was all a flutter from nervousness. She had read many of her books; she found them to be very stimulating, as well as very erotic. And now she was going to get the chance of a lifetime to meet her in person, and have her newest book signed. Marlene’s heart was racing, for she had seen pictures of her in some magazines, but this was the first time she would actually get to see her in person. From the pictures that Marlene had seen of Deborah she could see she was a very beautiful woman, young and very talented.

Now was Marlene’s chance to make a dream come true, her favorite author was going to be in her home town of Seattle. The local book store was having a book signing and autumn fire was coming to promote the sale of her newest book. The longer she waited the more nervous she had become.

As Marlene walked through the door of the book store, she trembled, and her knees seem to shake. She spotted the display that the book store had erected for the meeting of the author and book signing. A long table was set up and on the table there were arranged piles of books. There surrounded by probably her staff and someone from the bookstore, seated behind the table, was the stunning, autumn fire.

Marlene stood there for a moment, trying to stop the trembling, and her nervousness.

She was taken by the beauty and aura of this beautiful woman as she sat at this table. She had to shake her self to gain control as she got into the line along with others who had shown up to get their books signed. There was to be a small reception at the local library after the book signing. This was being put on by a local woman’s group.

The line was getting longer and more and more people flocked into the book store to get their books signed. Marlene wondered how many would go to the reception. She was hoping maybe to get the chance to talk to the author, hoping that she would not be too busy. This may her more nervous as she thought about it. She had to get a hold of herself, before she knew it was almost her turn to get her book signed.

As she walked through the room, the whole room was filled with electricity. The room lit up with it. Marlene caught a scent as she walked past them. Her scent spicy. It must be her perfume. As she neared the table where the book signing would take place everyone was eager to be the first. Marlene just hung back, she would wait her turn. She did not care if she was last or not. She just wanted time to take in the sexuality and the beauty of this woman.

It seemed like it was taking forever for the line to get down, everyone was making small talk with her. Marlene was nervous as it neared her turn, she walked so slow watching Deborah talk with the people and watching her sign the books the way her hand moved and the way her face shone when she spoke.

This was all turning Marlene on, she tried Ankara Escort to shake her self out of the trance she was in, but to no avail did it work. But little did she know that Deborah was having feelings herself of the same kind. Deborah kept looking out of the corner of her eye at this mysterious woman that was standing near the table and slowly coming up the line. She kept getting this feeling of wanting to meet this woman, to talk with her privately and spend some time with her.

Deborah found herself intrigued, she had never had feelings for a woman before. Even though she had been through the two worst marriages of her life, been through hell and back she had not lost her self worth. She had not lost her respect for men, she liked them. She did not blame men for the two men in her life that made her miserable.

Finally it came time for Marlene to get her booked signed, she could feel her knees weaken, her palms were sweaty, her pulse quickened, her lips were suddenly dry and truly needed a drink. As she neared this most amazing woman, the quicker her heart beat. The scent of Deborah’s perfume overwhelmed her, the scent was so arousing. She could not put her finger on it, the scent just what was that scent, very spicy, so over powering. It just added that air of mystery, that air of sexuality, beauty.

When Deborah looked up from what she was doing she noticed that this lady that stood before was just staring at her. Her face was flushed slightly; Deborah decided to break the silence. “Excuse me, are you okay?”

Marlene looked straight ahead; finally she had to shake herself out of the trance she was in.

“Yes I am sorry; I didn’t mean to hold you up.”

“Oh no that is okay, you just looked a little flustered and I was hoping you were okay that is all.”

Marlene smiled weakly and then answered. “Oh yes I am just excited to finally meet you. I have read all your books as a matter of fact I have every one of your books.”

“Well it is nice to know that someone appreciates my writing.”

“Oh yes I do, I find it ….umm stimulating.” Marlene spoke with a slight hesitation in her voice.

“Stimulating huh?” Deborah smiled and chuckled at that remark.

“Oh please do not get me wrong, I myself find my writings stimulating, people say that I am not supposed to feel anything while writing, well that is horse shit. If I know it stimulates me I know it will stimulate my readers and that is what I want.”

Marlene smiled at her, “Well I will admit they are very stimulating and very arousing. The characters and the story lines are all so unique and very interesting.”

Deborah blushed slightly. “Well I am very flattered, that coming from a woman.”

“Do you mind if I ask your name miss?”

Marlene just stood there for a moment, “Oh my name is Marlene.”

“Well nice to meet you Marlene, Deborah reached across the table and took Marlene’s hand into hers. Marlene felt this warmth radiate from Deborah, among other feelings.

Deborah felt the heat radiate from Marlene’s hand too. And it stirred these feelings deep within her. She did not know how to react to them, but she could feel her body tremble. She thought to herself. What does this mean, why am I having these feelings? I must get to know this woman better. Find out what she is like, what turns her on, what excites her.

They chit chatted a while about the books that Deborah had written and small talk. Deborah had not signed her book yet, for they were just chatting away like they had known each other for years.

Deborah asked Marlene to sit at the table with her so they could talk some more while waiting for other people to show up.

Deborah explained that it was not often that she had someone to talk to other than her editor and agent and some family. This was a nice change of pace to have a conversation with another woman. Marlene was enjoying the conversation as well. For she lived alone, and had not many woman friends that she talked with. Occasionally she would talk with her sister, but that was not often enough. Deborah’s agent kept watching her, her face was different, she smiled easier, and the tired lines had disappeared. This is what she needed, someone other than to do with the book business to talk with.

Many people had come and gone getting books signed, making small chat with her, telling her how beautiful she was and just how talented she was. Marlene could not help but admire this woman, how friendly she was to people, always smiling, always making small talk. Soon the time had flown and it was way after lunch. Deborah was getting hungry as well as tired. This book tour was taking a toll. Her relationship with the love of her life was okay, she missed him, and they hardly saw each other now, with her tours and appearances.

She had to admit she was lonely, Too young to be lonely, too beautiful to be alone all the time. Not saying that she did not love him, for she did. But the strain was showing.

She needed some excitement in her life.

She turned to Marlene Ankara Escort Bayan and decided to ask her if she would like to have lunch with her.

“Marlene I do not know about you, but I am starving and I was wondering if you would like to come back with me to my hotel suite and have lunch then we can talk some more.

Marlene did not know what to say at first. Then she decided to say yes. “Why I would be delighted to have lunch with you!”

Marlene did not know what to say, but she cleared her throat and told Deborah that 2:30 would be fine with her.

Marlene said her goodbyes and told Deborah that she would see her at 2:30 or so. Deborah smiled and said goodbye.

As Marlene walked out of the book store she was floating on cloud nine it seemed. It did not take long for her to get a cab to go back to her hotel. She was on pins and needles, with all the excitement of the day and the day had just begun. What laid in store for her later today or this evening? What would transpire from this lunch with Deborah? All these thoughts were running through her mind at such a speed she almost forgot to tell the cab where to let her off at.

As she ran into the elevator, to get to her room, she could feel her body come alive with these sensations. As she reached her room she quickly undressed and ran into the bathroom to turn on the shower, as she stood looking at herself in the mirror that was there, she thought she was a very sexy woman for her age, and she found her self getting turned on by the fact that soon she would be alone with Deborah Ann. This woman stirred these feelings of excitement as well as arousal. Marlene needed release from these feelings. As she stepped into the shower and the water cascaded over her breasts, she found that her nipples were getting very hard, and she was getting moist between her legs. Her hand roamed over her breasts, taking her time, slowly caressing her nipples one then the other. Then her hand found its way to her mound and she could tell that she was getting wet. Her finger found its way to her clit, and she started to rub as the water flowed over her body. She knew it would not take long, the flow of the water and the feelings that Deborah had awaken in her would take her over the edge.

Finally that time came, she could feel it building in the pit of her stomach and work its way throughout her whole body. Her body trembled from the force of this intense orgasm. She screamed out Deborah’s name as it hit the final peak. Her heart racing and it finally subsided; she knew she had to hurry. Is this what Deborah was feeling at this moment? Would there be a shared moment like this between them? Little did Marla know what was in store for them both?

Deborah paced the room slightly before she decided she needed to take a shower to calm her nerves. Why was she so nervous about a lunch date, she had many lunch date with many women over the years why would this one be so different?

As she readied herself for her shower she stripped and stood in front of the mirror, she was very sexy and slender for a woman her age. There were some visible stretch marks from when she was heavy, but not at all that noticeable. Her breasts still were firm and she felt she still had what it took to turn any woman or man on for that matter.

As she entered into the shower the water flowed over her body, the feeling was oh so sensual, it was arousing her. She thought of Marlene , and wondered if Marlene was

having the same feelings as she was at that time. Her hands roamed over her body, finding her nipples which were turning rosy, as they hardened from her touch. She could feel that familiar stirring between her legs, a feeling that she had not had in quite some time. Her whole body was coming alive from the feelings that she was having. This whole wave of energy swept over her body, she felt if she extended her fingers that energy would protrude in the form of electric bolts of light.

It has been so long since she had been made love to and she needed the release. The one on one love was turning stale very quickly. Even though her books kept her aroused and stimulated, it was not enough she needed more, wanted more. This was thought that she had kept in the back of her mind for the longest time. A secret fantasy locked away in the recesses of her imagination. To make love with a woman, to be in the presence of a sexy, beautiful woman such as Marla. This woman turned her on so much. The feelings were frightening, where did all these feelings come from. She wondered to herself as her fingers found their way to her mound, she kept it semi shaved, she felt sexy wearing it that way, the light downy hair there was a nice red color not deep as the red of her hair on her head, but the highlights could be seen.

She could feel her wetness even though the water was flowing over her body, this wetness was different, one her fingers slid along her hip bone, working it’s way to her clit, it was swollen from her excitement, just barely brushing her finger over it, sent waves of pleasure rippling throughout her body. She rubbed her clit slowly, increasing the pressure, as she did this she could feel the pleasure building, her other hand went to her breast, her nipples were so hard, they were like little bullets, standing there, nice and round and hard.

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