The Bus Ride

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It was another hot day. You and I had been sightseeing and enjoying each other’s company. You were sharing those special places that brought you joy and happiness. We stole kisses like undercover lovers throughout the day. We flirted and we touched. The heat would not steal our passion.

We had been walking all day and our legs were tired so you suggested taking the bus home. I smiled and took your hand. “Lead the way.” We arrived just in time for the bus. In fact, we had to run to get to it in time. We dropped our money in the box and laughing pushed and shoved each other playfully to the back of the bus.

It was crowded and there was only one seat next to a sleeping fat man. He only grumbled a little when I climbed over him to take a seat. I patted my lap with my hand for you to sit on my legs. You chest was still heaving from the run and your dress, the only article of clothing you chose to wear besides your sandals, was airy and a sheer ivory that suggested fine contours of your body but didn’t truly reveal it. Still smiling and laughing you crawl over the fat man and sit on my lap. You have to lift your dress showing much of your shapely legs to get Escort Çankaya by him. You turn to sit and I lift my hands under your dress to feel the soft skin of your butt and to guide you to my lap. Your dress is now bunched up onto my stomach but covers our legs. Turning slightly you say, “Coquin.”

I wore a pair of lose khaki shorts and a button up shirt made of light green silk. Like you I wore nothing under my shorts.

Bus lurches forward and you sway upon my hips as it makes its turns. The cool air from the air conditioning blasts down upon your face and through the open neck of your dress. Your nipples become hard from the combination of cold air and rising desire that suddenly fills you. You lean back into me grinding my manhood with your butt and say, “Coquin prends moi. Je te veux. Je ne peux plus attendre.”

My eyes half close when I whisper, “I cannot wait either. I want you. I will take you now.”

I glance around and see everyone is in his or her own little world. The troubles of the day stealing their spirit from them and forcing them into the mindless monotony of life.

I slide my hands around from your back to your Çankaya Escort front. Each cups a breast and I pinch and roll your nipples between my thumb and finger. Your hands grip my legs as a surge of sexual energy slides through you. You close your eyes shutting out the world. Enjoying the utter release of it. The wantonness of being pleasured with such immediate results.

My lips caress the back of your neck. I whisper, “Do you want it?”

You say, “Oui. Terribly.”

I slide my hands down to your legs and spread them as wide as I can. You put one leg on each side of mine. I slide a finger into your love box and the wetness is so complete that there is no resistance. I put in a second, then a third…I don’t move them though. I just hold them there filling you. The vibrations of the bus cause my hand to vibrate. You bite your lip and your chest rises and falls with rapid expectation. A small whine escapes your throat. Then another and soon its one low squeal as an orgasm rocks your body and you gush your juices onto my hand. I pull my hand out and you sigh. It is glistening.

“Taste yourself.” I command. You take my hand and slide Çankaya Escort Bayan it into your mouth sucking your love juice from it. I moan with pleasure.

My manhood presses against your rear. You feel it and stand slightly using your hands to deftly undo my shorts and free it. You then guide it into yourself and sit down upon me and impale yourself. Your hot box slides with ease upon me. The bus’s vibrations and bumps and lurches provide the motion as your strong muscles squeeze me like a vice. The slow build of orgasm starts again and you whisper things in french and then begin repeating over and over again, “Oh Coquin.” Between the words, your become more urgent and pronounced. You bury your face in your arms to smother them. I can no longer contain my own orgasm and I erupt in you like a torrent and your sweet juice slides down my legs as you climax again.

We finish the ride with me inside of you. The fat awakes and glances at us. He has no idea I’m inside of you but you look at him with eyes of sexual fire. Your smile as another orgasm approaches and wave after wave of pleasure flows through you. He gets up and gets off the bus not quite sure what he was seeing. Finally our ride finishes and you have to hide my shorts that are soaked with our combined love juices. We jump down to the street and sprint for the door laughing and giggling at our daring. When we get to the door we kiss deeply and passionately.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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