The Call

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From the heart of a submissive

For Mistress with love


It was one of those mornings you were so glad not to hear the alarm clock assaulting your peaceful slumber. The type of morning where you can take the time to smell the aroma of your coffee while you slowly sipped it.

No rushing and dashing out the door. Yes, it’s the blessed day off.

The bath can be heard running while the bailey’s and cream is being poured into the coffee-something to really make the bath nice and relaxing. And just as the bath is ready, the candles lit and the sweet scent of lavender is filling the room, the phone rings- letting out a small sigh you pick up the phone, “Hello.”

“What are you doing?” says a very familiar voice. your heart starts beating twice the speed, the blood starts rushing through your body so fast it’s making you feel dizzy, ” getting ready to take a bath Ma’am.” “Ohh delightful, continue what you were doing, I will call you back and be ready for Me.” Barely getting out, “yes Ma’am” the phone goes dead.

Not knowing exactly what “be ready for Me” entailed, out came the new razors-perfectly shaved, smooth to the touch, drying off, and then adding lotion to every inch of skin. Putting on your robe, enjoying the feeling of silk against your skin, you’re ready for whatever might come your way. All kinds of thoughts cross your mind, all of which have you very excited and very wet. You sit and wonder when, just when you are going to hear from Her again, that voice that just sends you.

As you sit there and wonder, the silence is deafening. The phone sits there almost in a taunting way as you stare at it. The ring of the phone startles you for a moment before you reach out to answer it.

In a soft voice, you say, “hello.”

“Are you bathed and ready for Me?”

“Yes Ma’am, i am.”

“Good. What are you wearing?”

“my black silk robe, Ma’am.”

“Mmm, I want you to remove it. Then get on line and turn your cam on for Me.”

“What?” The word slips out of your mouth before you could stop it. You bite your bottom lip thinking –oh no.

“Are you questioning Me?”

Taking a deep breath you reply, “no Ma’am. i will do as You ask.”

“Ohh I know you will.”

Her voice, i think i could hear Her say anything and it would melt me. And to hear Her asking me to do something for Her, just sends me to places i couldn’t even begin to explain. im not sure why “what” came blurting out of my mouth but i do know that i will suffer for it some how.

The robe comes off falling to the floor as i walk over to the desk and the computer is turned on. The cam is in its usual place. All that’s heard on the other end of the phone is Her breathing. Her sweet, warm breath you can imagine feeling on the back of your neck.

“i have done as You asked Ma’am. i have removed the robe and my cam is on for You.”

“Yes it is. That’s a good girl. Now put the phone on speaker. I want your hands free.”

“Yes Ma’am.” The phone is put on speaker as you really begin to wonder just what She has in store.

“That’s a good girl. Now slightly raise your arms and slowly turn around for Me. I want to take a good look at you.”

With your hands at your sides, palms slightly facing upward you slowly turn in a full circle. you can feel Her eyes watching you, devouring every inch of your body. your heart is pounding and your breathing deepens as your head starts to bow down in the hope She won’t see you blushing. Feeling so exposed, so vulnerable, as your need and desire to please Her intensifies.

“Mmm good girl now reach up with one hand and slowly drag the tip of your finger over one of your nipples.”

Not knowing if it was Her voice asking or the finger touching but your nipple is rock hard and long. Wanting to please Her you start to touch the other nipple and you hear Her voice loud and stern.

“I didn’t tell you to touch your other nipple! Go get the clothes pins!”

Without missing a beat, you did as you were told and returned quickly.

“Ma’am im back with the cloths pins.”

“Oh good, new ones too that’s perfect. Now place one on the tip of your nipple.”

The first thought that raced through your mind was, “holy crap they’re going to be so tight and hurt like you wouldn’t believe.” Taking the clothes pin, opening it slightly and placing it on the tip of your erect nipple not wanting to let go but knowing if you don’t the punishment would be like nothing you’d ever known.

You let out a small yelp from the pain as it pinches down, “It’s on Ma’am.”

“Now place one on your other nipple and make sure they are on good.”

“Yes Ma’am,” you say as again you do as your told. The pain is almost unbearable and yet so overwhelmingly satisfying.

“That’s good. you question Me and then you touch yourself without My permission? Tsk Tsk Tsk girl. you will learn that you will do as you’re told when you’re told.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Now lie down on the bed and spread your legs open for alanya escort Me.”

No time for thinking just doing. The pain was so intense that you could feel the pleasure soaked between your legs. you knew She’d see. Lying down on the bed and arching your back so She had full view of your pinned nipples and very wet pussy.

“Oh! Look what a little slut you are. you like being punished don’t you slut?”

your mind was spinning, again feeling so exposed, ” yes Ma’am i do like it when you punish me.”

“Yes I can see that My little slut. I want you to get the rest of the clothes pins and pin your outer pussy lips. And when you’ve lined both lips, then I want you to remove the pins on your nipples.”

“Yes Ma’am,” came out with sigh of relief. Knowing the pins were coming off the nipples made you pin your lips very quick. From the top to the bottom, both lips were pinned. Reaching up, removing the pins on your nipples, your eyes widened, from both the pain of removing them and the blood rushing back into them.

“Reach in the drawer beside your bed and get the tape. I want you to tape the pins on your lips to your inner thighs.”

“Yes Ma’am.” It was all you seem to say at this point. you taped the pins back making sure not to miss one.

“Very good- now spread your legs open very wide. Mmm that’s it slut.

Look how wet you are for Me. Look how hard your clit is for Me.”

“Now I want you to take your hand and slap your clit hard, open handed. I want you to slap it so hard so I can hear it as though it was Me slapping it.”

your mind wants to think but you won’t let it, you only want to feel, to feel what She gives you, what She wants you to have, what She knows you need and desire. you reach down and give your pussy a smack.

“I said I want you to slap it as though it were Me spanking your clit. I want to hear it loud and hard!”

“yes Ma’am loud and hard.” Pulling your hand back, you let it go slapping your clit so hard both the slap and the sound make you yelp, ” OOOOO.”

“Again, and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

you start spanking your clit repeatedly just as She as asked of you. you can feel the burn as well as how hard you are.

“Mmm, that’s good, My good little slut. you’re so red, hard, and wet for Me.”

“Now I want you to get up, grab that chair and some rope.”

you obeyed and did as you were told. “Ma’am, ive done as You’ve asked.”

“Good. I want you to sit on the chair, your back arched and your butt at the end of the chair. When you’ve done this I want you to lean up and tie each of your legs to the sides of the chair. Tight, so you can not move.”

“yes Ma’am.”

Sitting your butt to the edge of the chair, still feeling your lips spread wide open, you begin to tie one leg to the side of the chair. Then you lean over to the other side and tie the other leg to the chair. Again you feel so exposed and now you couldn’t close your legs, even if you wanted to. you were Hers and at the moment that’s all that mattered.

“Get the cloths pins and put them back on your nipples.”

The intense pressure again sends waves through your entire body.

“That’s a good girl. Now I want you to masturbate for Me. I want you to stroke your clit the way you do. Show Me what I like to see.”

you start to slowly play with your clit, making small circles around it-then up one side down the other. you stroke the length of your hard clit-barely touching it, teasing it teasing yourself. There is nothing you love more then to masturbate, but masturbating for your Mistress isn’t like anything else you’ve ever experienced.

“Spank yourself hard and fast.”

you spank yourself so hard your legs try to close but are unable to. “Again,” She says. And again you do. you feel the need coming on, the need that will bring release and send you into that place that no one else can send you.

“Take the bullet and use it on yourself. Let the vibe caress your clit.”

The one time you wish you didn’t have new batteries in your vibe; you start to stroke and play with yourself. you feel yourself arching your back knowing that this is going to make you cum and cum soon. Its building and you can feel yourself get so close to exploding.

“With one hand I want you to reach up and remove the pins, and the other I want to hold the vibe at the tip of your clit but do not push down.”

your breathing is becoming faster and deeper. your body starts to shake you desperately want to close your legs and any effort to do so is met with the reminder that you are unable to-as each clip comes off the blood rushes in and it seems to go directly down to your clit. you’re trying so hard not to moan but your reactions are uncontrollable.

“Ohhh Ma’am, please may i cum for You?”

“No you may not. you question Me by saying “what” you will learn that you will do as you’re told when you’re told.”

“but Ma’am please, I need to cum so bad.” you could feel the explosion coming and you’re artvin escort trying your hardest to stop it.

“you will do as you’re told slut. you will cum when and only when I tell you to.”

Swallowing hard trying to fight back the tears from the pain of need-the need to cum. your whole body begs for Her mercy as you say, “Ma’am, I will do as You ask of me, I will do all You say without question. im begging You, Ma’am please may I cum for You?”


“Tell Me who’s slut you are.”

“i am Your slut Ma’am,” you barely get out feeling almost faint.

“Who do you belong too?”

“You Ma’am, i belong to You.”

“Do you want to cum for Me slut?”

“Ohh god yes Ma’am, i want to cum for You.”

“Remove the vibe and spank your clit nice and hard for Me.”

Without question you do as you’re asked hoping that She will allow you to cum for Her. you spank it harder than you’ve ever had it spanked before out of pure need to feel anything other then the overwhelming need to cum.

“Good slut. Use your finger and cum for Me. Show Me that you’re My slut and you belong to Me.”

That’s all you needed to hear. you play with your clit bringing you to that point and you just know you’re going to squirt. you know She is watching and you can feel yourself turning red in the face knowing you’re going to squirt. your legs start to shake, your back arched as high as it can and then it comes- that familiar feeling and beloved release. your eyes closed as your mind and body is taken to a place you can only describe as euphoric.

“That’s a good girl. Now I want you to untie yourself and turn the cam off. I love to watch My slut but now I need to feel you.”

“I want you to remain naked and go to the living room where you will put on a blind fold, kneel and wait for Me. you will not clean yourself-you will stay as you are. Do you understand?”

“yes Ma’am i understand.”

“I will be there soon My sweet slut and I shall take very good care of you.”

With that the phone went dead. you take your time untying yourself, smiling as you think back over all that just happened. you carefully remove the clothes pins holding back your lips. As painful as it was with each release, it just made your smile bigger.

you get up letting the blood flow back through your body as you walk to the living room. Feeling your own wetness with each step, all you can think about is Her touching you. Her sweet touch on your soft skin- you place the blind fold on and kneel down with your legs spread just as She likes. you take a deep breath letting it out knowing you’re ready. you’re ready and waiting for Her to come and take what is Hers.

After waiting for some time, you were beginning to wonder where She was. Then suddenly you smell Her perfume. you’d know that scent anywhere. you were a little shocked because you never heard the door open.

you could feel Her walking around you, taking Her time.

She reached out and gently stroked your cheek which you just instantly fell into. She put Her hand under your chin lifting your head and then leaned down kissing you. you wanted to see Her, wanted to touch Her, but knew to keep your hands at your side. you just knelt there allowing Her to have Her pleasure with you.

“Get up,” She said.

“yes, Ma’am.”

She took you by the hand and you followed where She lead. She led you back to your room. She stopped and begins to pinch your nipples. A moan that almost sounds as if you were begging escapes your lips.

“Yes, you like that don’t you My slut.”

“yes Ma’am, i like it.”

“I know you do.” She reaches around you and spanks your ass hard.

you let out a whimper and instantly feel your other cheek getting spanked. The burn, the heat, the tingling sensation- your mind begs for another as your body does the same by sticking your ass out.

“That’s My slut show Me you want more,” She says as She begins to spank you over and over.

The sting is so fierce that you can feel your eye’s well up with tears and yet its warmth is so soothing. She knows you so well, knows just what you need and what you want. She fulfills your every desire with strength and love. She makes you feel whole and complete.

“Come dear, I want you to lie down on the corner of the bed.”

She guides you down as you lay flat on the bed, your legs spread with the corner between them, your arms spread above your head. You feel so vulnerable, so exposed and yet so safe and so cared for. She reaches between your legs and starts to stroke you. you feel yourself getting hard. Then you feel Her put a clothes pin on you.

“Ohhh,” was all you could say.

The pain was severe and sharp. Then without a word you heard the swishing of the flogger through the air. The sound of the leather straps making contact with your bare back brings a blunt burning pain that makes you moan for more. With each strike you feel against your skin you winch and moan harder. She stops and gently burdur escort strokes your back and your ass.

“Ohh Ma’am please don’t stop please flog me some more,” you almost scream out begging.

Again without a word She proceeds to flog you-over and over again. There is no where on your back that you do not feel. you feel Her strength and Her love with each strike that is marked across your back. Each mark a reminder that you have full trust and you are safe in the hands of the Woman that loves you completely. your mind, your body and your soul, are surrounded in such completeness.

She gentle starts to rub your back with Her finger nails as She reaches down with Her other hand releasing the cloths pin and starts to play with you. Each time Her finger nail passes over one of the marks on your back you feel a new jolt of excitement. The rush you feel from head to toe is so unlike any other but one only She can give you.

you feel yourself becoming more wet. She’s still playing with you when She pinches you hard and spanks you on the ass. you jump and moan at the same time. you want to cum for Her again, but you don’t dare without asking permission. you know the type of pain that would come from not asking permission.

“Ma’am, may i cum for You please?”

“No My sweet slut, you may not. But you can beg Me to cum when I am fucking you.”

“yes Ma’am,” you say thinking how much deeper is She going to take you.

She stops playing with you and you can feel Her step away from you. Even with the blind fold still on you know She’s there. you can smell Her perfume-that sweet scent. you can feel Her presence in the room and the thought of knowing She’s there probably looking at you. you can feel your face go totally flush.

” Mmm what a nice shade of red,” you hear Her say as She starts to drag Her nails across your ass.

“Now let’s turn your ass the same shade of red to match.”

And with that you felt the leather of the paddle across your ass. you jump grabbing onto the edge of the bed feeling the burn and sting again. you so want to yell out, “OUCHHHHH” but don’t dare. With each smack you can feel the heat spreading over your ass. It hurts so bad you want to cry but you take the pain because the reward for the pain makes every spanking worth it.

Before you know it She has placed the paddle beside you on the bed and has begun to rub ice over your sore ass. OMG, you think-it feels like getting hit by lighting yet it also melts you at the same time. She takes Her time lovingly soothing every heated part of your very red ass. you are sure your ass is much redder then your face is now.

The stinging pain of your ass was so intense that you didn’t realize that you had started dripping down the inside of your legs. Ohh but She noticed. She reached down between your legs wiping it up on one of her fingers then brought it up to your mouth for you to suck clean.

“That’s a good girl-such a good slut.”

“Yes Ma’am Your slut,” was all you could say.

“Yes that’s right My slut. And don’t you ever forget whose slut you are and who you belong too.”

“i belong to You Ma’am, i am Your slut.”

“Yes girl you are My slut.”

you felt Her leaning down on your back. Her nipples felt so good rubbing on your bare back. She rubbed them up and down teasing you knowing you wanted to cum and knowing you couldn’t until She allowed you to. Feeling the tip of Her tongue slide over the marks on your back as She slid Herself inside you.

” OOOO Ma’am,” you uttered.

“Yes girl now I’m going to fuck you and let you beg Me to cum.”

you can feel Her so deep inside of you. One of Her hands on your shoulder and one on your hip as Her rhythm becomes more intense. you push yourself into Her wanting more needing more. your heavy breathing has turned into moans of pure desire and necessity.

The physical urge, the mental energy, and the spiritual enlightening are consuming every part of your being. The harder She fucks you, the closer you come to that unity. your body moves with Hers. your moans of pleasure switch into a begging need. The more you beg the more you are told no. you feel like your ready to erupt and are trying with all your might to hold back.

you can feel your eyes just on the verge of swelling up with tears as you plead for mercy.

“Ma’am, Your slut wants to cum for You. Please Ma’am, i beg You with all that i am- may Your slut cum for You?”

“Are you ready to give Me all of you girl?”

“Ma’am ohhh yes Ma’am all of me!”

“your spirit, your mind and your body you entrust them all to Me without question?”

“Yes Ma’am i trust You with all that i am.”

“Then I will allow you to cum for Me My beloved slut.”

With Her approval the most intense orgasm hits you and takes over your whole body- unable to control the quivering and the tears that start streaming down past the blind fold and over your cheeks. It is the most euphoric feeling you have ever felt.

your feeling of ecstasy is so overwhelming that when you come back to the moment you realize that She is lying next to you and you are wrapped lovingly in Her arms. She gently places a kiss to your lips and softly whispers in your ear says,

“you are Mine and you are loved.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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