The Charlene Chronicles Continued

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It had been several weeks since she last met him. He traveled for work, gone for a week or more at a time. Charlene didn’t know why she cared, it’s not like they were a couple.

Sure, he’d call her whenever he was back. They’d go out, have some fun together and she’d go back to his house and spend the night. The sex was always great, he was a very attentive lover, but she found she needed more.

Not more as in lovers, but something more. She wanted him and more. It had been just a little over a year since she left her husband of over twenty years. Well more than twenty she reminded herself. High school sweethearts, she married at a very young age.

Between her four kids and her work as a realtor, she didn’t have much spare time to enjoy the life she always felt she was missing. Kaz, her lover, brought some stability and entertainment to the free time she had. That’s when she wasn’t spending time hanging out with her best friends, Tammy and Debbie.

Charlene’s exotic looks, Korean mother, caucasian father, and her vibrant personality made her very popular. Men and women alike wanted to be with or around her. Tammy and Debbie and even Charlene’s bosses wife, Kelle were all very protective of her. None of them knew about Kaz.

Charlene had sold Kaz his house. She had always wondered how fate brought them together. Yes, he was attractive, mid-late forties she figured. Tall, compared to her 5’4″ frame. He kept his hair cut close to the scalp, he had a salt and pepper mustache and goatee. More salt than pepper.

His physique, broad shoulders, strong arms, firm stomach, but still somewhat of a “dad bod”. Not heavy, but not chiseled. She didn’t really care, as it was they way he thought and expressed those thoughts that appealed to her.

He would always greet her saying, ‘Hello Gorgeous’ any time he saw her or spoke to her, whether on the phone or text . It made her feel special. If Tammy or Debbie ever found out about him, they’d probably tell her she was crazy and try to force her to stop seeing him. She’s sure they wouldn’t approve.

Charlene knew he was probably trouble, but not in a bad way. He was the kind of man that a woman could fall for. But was he the kind of man that could fall for her, or any woman for that matter? Whenever they were together, she felt like she was the only thing he was thinking about. Not his job, not his friends, nothing but her. Damn if felt good! She hated that.

Charlene was proud of her independence, she yearned for it, worked hard to keep it that way. All those years of missing out when she was young. She was going to make up for it now. She had a couple of lovers shortly after leaving her ex, a man twelve years her junior was fun, but too controlling, was the longest.

Her relationship with Kaz was relatively knew. It had only been a few months ago that she sold him his house. Charlene had been out prowling the day before. She had been feeling saucy as she went out only wearing an overcoat with nothing on beneath. When they bumped into each other, the lapel on her coat flung open exposing her ample breast. It was the next day that she sold him his house.

She still gets wet whenever she thinks of that day. She had never had sex with a prospective client before, or since. It wasn’t planned, it just happened and it was incredible. He somehow seduced her so completely without really saying anything. Perhaps it was when they brushed arms when walking past one another on the sidewalk.

His gaze penetrated her right down to her inner being. She remembers feeling like she wasn’t in control of her movements. She felt his command to undress without him speaking the words.When she started to unbutton her top, he stopped her, took her hands into his, looked again into her own dark and seductive eyes and told her to let him undress her.

She completely gave into his wishes. Her wishes, she reminder herself. It was she who made the first move. They kissed, his lips, full and soft on hers, his warm breath on her soft skin, down her neck, down her belly, down to her waiting kitty.

They started in the bathroom, finished in the shower. Out of breath from the intense orgasm, she recalls asking him if he’d like to make an offer on the house. She always smiled at that memory. Now a few months later, she’s at his house whenever he calls. But he hadn’t called in two weeks.

Charlene was not going to wait on him. So she dialed his cell.

“Hello, this is Kaz. I’m sorry I cannot take your call at this time…”

She didn’t wait for the voice mail to finish or leave a message, she just hung up the phone and refocused on the day ahead. She had three showings, the last one later in the day which probably meant another late dinner, or as was typically the case, popcorn and a glass of wine.

She started her fully loaded Chevy Equinox, leather interior, dark cherry color. She hit her play list and started off for her first showing of the day.

Her phone rang. That was fast she thought, not looking at the number that dialed her.

“Hello sexy” she purred.

“Hi yourself, you sexy Escort Çankaya ass bitch” said Tammy, “So you’re trying to seduce me now are you?” she joked.

Charlene laughed off the disappointment hearing her best friend’s voice. This was not who she expected to be calling, although the two spoke almost daily.

“I could never seduce you. You’re too perfect to be seduced”.

Tammy was a good six inches taller than Charlene. Her long black hair matched her long slender figure. Charlene thought she was a sure look-a-like for Cleopatra. They even went to a Halloween party dressed up as Anthony and Cleopatra one year. Charlene was the best looking Marc Anthony ever they laughed!

“What’s up?” Charlene asked her long time friend.

“You going out tonight? I wanna hit Top Shelf and drink mojito’s with you. Kelle, Debbie and the gang will be there too. I’ll pick you up at your house.”

“I have a showing after six, but that should work. See you then.”

Charlene hung up the phone and turned the ringer off as she reached her destination. The elderly couple were already there waiting for her. Charlene apologized for being late, blaming the traffic and lead her clients into the ranch style home. It was uneventful.

After her last appointment, Charlene headed home to wait for Tammy. While she waited she took a quick shower, changed into tight fitting top that accentuated her large breasts, a pair of comfortable jeans and her “fuck me” high heels. Valentino Women’s Rockstud Caged Pumps-black, size 6.5

They cost almost $1000 and were certainly the most expensive thing she had purchased since the split from her husband. She worked hard for her money and she was going to spend it however she wanted. She only wore them when she was on the prowl. No Kaz? No problem. Only there was a problem that she didn’t want to acknowledge.

Tammy swung by, picked up Charlene and drove off to the bar. Drinks were flowing freely, Charlene purchased her first drink of the night and proceeded to have at least seven or eight more. She wouldn’t remember. It was the next day that she found out how she wound up sitting on Kelle’s lap and seductively licked her face. She didn’t remember that either, but according to all the texts she had, it was very sexy.

“Great” she said aloud to no one.

Tammy had spent the night, exhausted keeping all the eager men from trying to take Charlene home with them. She had to tell one guy that they were lesbians and not into men, which only made him want to take both of them home so he could “fix” them. Creep!

Charlene accustomed to early rising did exactly that. She replied to all her texts, blurry eyed, not really focusing on who she was texting, and just made it a group text.

“Had a great time. Can’t wait to do it again. And YES, I loved licking your face, you know who”

She hit send.

One by one replies from her friends came back.

“Haha. You were funny last night”

“OMG Charlene. you didn’t?” joked another

Over and over her friends texted her. Each one as funny as the other. Tammy remained asleep and Charlene wondered who out drank who. She drank her coffee as she sat on the porch watching the morning rain fall. She curled her legs up and placed them under her chin. She was feeling hungover. Or was it melancholy from not seeing Kaz? She couldn’t tell.

Getting up, she walked to her bathroom, took off her robe and stared at herself in her full length mirror. She worked hard to maintain her figure and she was proud of how she looked. She knew she was attractive by the many men who wanted to be with her. She was choosey though.

They had to be attractive, funny and have a great personality. They had to be nice to the people around them, and they had to give her their undivided attention if they thought they had a chance. Still, men and women hit on her constantly. She had to admit she liked the attention. She turned on the shower, waited for the water to get to just the right temperature before entering.

Tammy had heard Charlene enter the bathroom. She sat up and saw Charlene’s phone buzzing with every text. Tammy knew all of Charlene’s friends and read through them all, laughing as she read them, except one.

“Hello gorgeous. You never cease to surprise me.” it read.

Who the fuck is Kaz she wondered. She searched through Charlene’s contacts. She quickly found it. Kaz was all it said. Is this a first name, last name? She was curious. She heard the shower shut off, so she got up and opened the bathroom door.

Charlene and Tammy and seen each other naked too many times to count, so there was no surprise on Charlene’s part when she saw Tammy leaning against the door jam. She was surprised to see Tammy holder her phone. Tammy did not look happy.

Puzzled, Charlene asked,

“What’s up?”

“I’m reading all your texts.”

“Funny, I know. God I can’t believe I licked Kelle’s face. Pretty sexy huh?” she laughed.

Charlene dried herself off and wrapped a towel around her head. She walked past Tammy still completely naked and as she Çankaya Escort did, she grabbed Tammy’s boobs. Tammy smacked her on the bare ass and demanded,

“Who the fuck is Kaz?”

Charlene could feel herself become flushed.

“Shit. Did I get a call from him?”

“No.” “HE?”, she was asking “didn’t call. HE texted you.”

“So who is HE?” she kept emphasizing the word.

“Just someone I sold a house too.”

Charlene told half the truth, hoping Tammy would drop the subject. She didn’t.

“Just someone you sold a house too? I don’t think so.”

Charlene reached for her phone but Tammy has having none of that. Being six inches taller and having a longer reach, she just held her hands up in the air.

Resigned to the fact that she wasn’t going to get her phone back anytime soon, she slouched on the couch and asked.

“So what did HE say?” She used her fingers to air quote the word HE.

“He called you gorgeous. Well he got that right at least. Said that you never cease to surprise him. So what’s going on?”

“Do I have your complete confidence Tammy?”

She nodded her head, grabbed Charlene’s bath robe and joined her best friend on the couch.

“So tell me everything.” as she handed the bathrobe to Charlene, thinking that if her friend wasn’t naked she’d be more apt to talk. She was mostly right.

Charlene told her most things, but not everything. She didn’t tell her how the first time they met in the house she sold him they had sex in the shower, Tammy would flip if she’d have known.

There were other minor things. The casual flirting, the naked photo’s she sent of herself, or that aside from the nickname Kaz, she didn’t really know much about the man. She did tell her that he was new to town, that he worked in sales, that he was gone a lot. ‘Too much’ Charlene thought, but didn’t say.

“Was he the one that was at Fredericksburg? The married one?” asked Tammy, her face getting flushed at the thought.

Charlene didn’t have the heart to tell Tammy that it was she and Debbie that were playing with a married man’s cock. That was one wild party. She did tell her that the woman everyone saw with the guys they met wasn’t his wife. Not his girlfriend, but rather the wife of a client who was also visiting Fredericksburg.

Charlene was still frustrated that she missed the chance to hook up with him that weekend in Fredericksburg. She did tell Tammy that he met her at her house and they went out for dinner after the wine tasting trip. The sex they had was better than any she had with the man yet. More connected and a deeper sensual feeling then she cared to admit.

Charlene wanted her friend to think she was playing things cool. Not taking any big steps, no risks, no chances. Just going on a couple of dates. The conversation lasted for what seemed like hours to Charlene, but was in fact, only twenty minutes.

They dressed and left together to have breakfast. When Tammy dropped Charlene off afterwards, she thought about calling, however, she did such a good job lying to her best friend, she thought maybe she should slow things down a little.

She ignored his text for the longest time. It wasn’t until that evening that she caved in and replied to his text.

‘I was crazy drunk. I didn’t even remember it, until my friends started texting me telling me what I did.’

Her phone buzzed. HE replied.

‘Hello gorgeous. Glad to hear you had a good time. Good friends are a treasure. Never lose them’

She wasn’t sure why, but his text seemed odd. Not usually how he would reply. Most often, their texts were of a sexual nature. This seemed to be overly cordial. Charlene knew she had another busy Sunday scheduled and wanted to get a good night’s rest. She didn’t reply.

It had been another ten days since she spoke to him. Charlene found herself fidgety. She wanted to talk to him, to see him, but the independent part of her refused to reach out. It was a losing battle. She focused on her work, getting two new listings and an invite to another clients open house. Things were going great at work.

Her friends secretly talked about how she’s changed over the last year. The split from her husband was good, she had that mini fling with the fireman and Charlene was the life of the party. No one knew why Charlene kept ignoring the advances of the men at the bars, but they too were still overly protective of their friend.

Tammy would from time to time have to come to her rescue and pretend to be her lesbian lover. She even made out with her once just so one guy would get a clue that Charlene wasn’t going to be his for the night. They laughed all the way home.

Charlene was not a closet lesbian, not even a group person. She preferred her sex one on one, male and female. Hard, sensual, erotic, playful. Anything was fine with her. She needed a cock inside her. She sent a text to Kaz.

‘You up?’ she sent.

There was an immediate reply.

‘Hello gorgeous’

‘I just got back in town. You have any plans for the next few days?’

‘No’ she replied. Çankaya Escort Bayan She wasn’t ready for the next text.

‘Let’s go away’

Charlene sat for a moment to collect her thoughts. He had never asked her to do anything more than an evening out and to spend the night. Now he wants to go away? She could feel her heart pound.


She expected him to say an overnight someplace not to far. Fredericksburg again? That would be fun she thought.


Charlene didn’t know what to say. Could she leave for Maui with him? She wanted too, sure, but how long and how much? She didn’t think she could and hated to say no.

‘No. But thanks.’

She reluctantly hit send. There wasn’t an immediate reply. There wasn’t a moderately timed reply. She sat there wondering if she had just screwed up. she waited for five minutes, ten. She waited for half an hour and no reply.

“Shit!” she said.

Just then her phone rang. It was Tammy.

“Hey sweety” she answered.

“Hi. What’cha doing?”

Tammy was especially exuberant tonight. Charlene’s mood changed a little.

“Hmm. What has you so excited?”

“Do you remember Fredericksburg? That night that got a little wild? Do you remember the tall guy with the huge cock? He got my number somehow and asked me out!”

“How’d he get your number?”

“I don’t know. Oh, is this creepy?” Tammy asked.

Charlene could tell her friend had a few too many drinks. She wondered how this guy got Tammy’s number and thought of Kaz. Had she given it to him?

“So what’re gonna do?” she asked.

“Fuck him I think. God his cock was big. Ha! I’ve had so much to drink. Should I call him?”

Tammy was all over the place. It made Charlene laugh. She knew she wouldn’t remember anything come morning.

“Tammy? I think I screwed up.” She started.

‘Kaz asked me to go on a trip” she continued.

Charlene was sure that Tammy had been listening at first. There was music blasting in the background and Tammy was laughing and singing, but when she hear Charlene say his name, she turned off the music.

“What?! Where?”


“Are you going?”

“I told him no”

“Oh. What did he say?”

“We were texting. He didn’t say anything.”

“Wow. Honey I’m sorry. Why did you say no?”

“I don’t know. It just entered my head. My fingers type the words and I hit send. Damn! I hear Maui is great.”

Charlene changed the subject back to Tammy. They talked for awhile before calling it a night. Charlene didn’t sleep well.

It had been a couple of weeks since that night and Charlene focused on her real estate business. Things were really starting to go her way financially. Her love life however was in limbo. She went out as often as possible with her friends, having a good time like always, but she felt alone at times.

She liked the way she felt with Kaz. She grabbed her phone and started typing.

‘Hey. You up?’

She waited. No reply. She typed again.


She waited more. Still no reply. Mad, she threw her phone across the room. If it wasn’t for the protective case, it would’ve shattered. She fell into a restless sleep, never hearing her phone buzz.

The sun’s rays shone through her bedroom window. It moved across her bed and into her face. Charlene woke up groggy having tossed and turned all night. She put on her bathrobe, grabbed her phone off the floor and made herself coffee.

The sun felt good on her face as she sat and sipped her morning brew. She held her phone in her hand, never looking at it. It had become a pacifier for her and she always felt lost without it. After a couple of sips, she finally looked at her messages.

“Fuck!” she said aloud.

She saw a text that read:

‘Hello gorgeous. How’ve you been?’

“Damn, damn, damn!”

Charlene felt a tear roll down her cheek. Her timing sucked lately. With a sense of determination, she briskly walked to her bathroom, disrobed, ignored her full length mirror and quickly showered.

She put on her sexiest tight fitting top with matching skirt. No panties or nylons and her sexiest “fuck me” pumps. She grabbed her car keys off the counter and drove. Fast!

When she got to his house, she saw a shocking sight. A moving van was parked in his driveway. She sat in her SUV, a little stunned.

“Is this why he wanted me to go to Maui? Because he’s leaving?”

She turned her car around and drove back home.

Kaz was busy packing things and putting them in the moving van. He turned to look at a vehicle racing the opposite way. A White Chevy Equinox. He knew there was a beautiful woman driving it. He pulled out his phone to look at it. No missed calls, no texts. He stared at it, willing it to buzz, beep, ring.

Do something he silently commanded it. Nothing. He put his phone back in his pocket and picked up another box to place in the van. He left a couple of hours later. No calls, no texts.

It had been several weeks since Charlene had driven to Kaz’ house, only to see the moving van. She had made up her mind that they were a thing of the past. She was not going to look back. She managed to get away from her protectors from time to time to look for a man. She had a brief relationship with an accountant. He was attractive and nice, but she found herself unsatisfied in bed with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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