The Christmas Gift Ch. 05

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Marilyn came home from work Friday afternoon to find her sons intensely involved with a flight simulation game on the family computer. Jake was at the joystick and controller. Andrew was shouting encouragement and advice.

“Watch your six, damn it! Don’t put the nose down…The SOB on your tail can out dive you. .. Yeah, pull some left rudder…Yeah! All the way ’round!… Now! Give it to ‘im!… Stay with him… He can’t pull that many Gs… You got him!”

“I got him. Darn, did you see that Andrew? His wings just folded and he went straight down!”

The older boy slapped his younger brother on the back. “I told you he couldn’t take that many Gs. That hard turn was too much. He either had to let up on the rudder and you’d have had a clear shot at his ass or he had to try to keep turning inside you. Either way, he was going down. When a lightly built fighter like he was flying tries to turn too tight, the wings can’t stand the stress. The spar fails and down he goes. Scratch one Jap bastard!”

“I hope,” Marilyn said in her best disapproving maternal voice, “That this isn’t the sort of language you two use when I’m not around.”

Jake, 12 years old, jerked around. “Gosh, mom, you’re home.”


“Andrew says I shouldn’t use those words.”

Her 18 year old son looked at his mother. “You know how it is, mom. Sometimes the excitement kind of gets to a fella.”

“Honest mom. We don’t talk that way.”

“OK. As long as it doesn’t become a habit.” She was at least partially razzing her boys and Andrew sensed that. After all, Marilyn was capable of some pretty amazing language when she was excited. Specifically, she could swear like a sailor when Andrew fucked her.

“I need a favor.”


“I don’t feel like cooking tonight. Would you boys mind running over to the store and getting one of those roasted chickens? Unless you’d rather get something else like fried chicken or fish.”

“What do you say, scamp?” the older son asked the younger.

“I can eat anything,” responded Jake. And at his age, that was true enough.

“The roast chicken sounds good.”

Marilyn took her wallet out of her purse. “OK. Your brother sounds like he could eat a horse, so you’d better pick up two unless you can find a Godzilla of a chicken. Pick up some of those frozen stuffed potatoes that y’all like so much. What do they come in, three to a pack? Better get two. A head of lettuce and some tomatoes for a salad. And a jug of unsweetened tea. Unless you boys want something else.”

“That sounds good,” Andrew told her as he took the money his mother handed her. He riffled through the bills. “This is too much.”

“I want you to look at the right rear tire, too. I think its losing air. Check the air pressure and put some in if it needs it. Then you can check it in a couple of days and see if it’s holding it. There’s a can of that tire inflator stuff in the garage somewhere, but I don’t want to use it unless the tire’s really got a leak.”


“And since you boys are doing all this running around for me, maybe you’d like to stop at that game room over on Halstead. Let’s say you’ll be back here with supper at, oh, let’s say 7:30. Does that sound like a plan?”

“”Yeah, sure mom,” bleated Jake.

“I’m down with it.”

“Great. See you in a few.”

\ – /

It was about 7:20 when Andrew pulled in to the driveway. There was a car parked to one side that he didn’t recognize, but he saw the little emblem on the left rear bumper that marked the sedan as a rental car. The garage door was already up and, wondering who was visiting, he pulled in and parked. He hit the switch that opened the tailgate and he and Jake unloaded the grub.

Inside, he saw his mother and Aunt Carolyn sitting at the table. They had wine flutes in front of them and a bottle of chardonnay between them.

“Look who’s here.”

“Hello, boys,” their aunt said as she accepted hugs from both of them. Their mother and aunt were twins and looked it. Although they wore their hair indifferent styles, the sisterly resemblance was plain to see. Aunt Carolyn. Younger than Marilyn by four minutes, had a slightly thinner face, but had the same attractive eyes set wide apart, the small straight nose, and the warm mouth. The younger sister was also a tad slimmer. Married and divorced twice, she had never had children. Andrew’s late father had sometimes made disparaging comments about her choice in men, but never where his wife could hear them.

“I called your mom this morning at her office,” Aunt Carolyn was explaining, “and told her I had nothing to do between now and New Year’s and she invited me to fly in for the weekend since we missed Christmas together. I decided, why not? The airplane tickets just cost $89 round trip but God, I hate those little cramped planes. Thank goodness it’s just an hour and a half flight. I met a very cute steward on the plane, though, so that was nice. In fact, he’s based in Baton Rouge. Isn’t that something? We’re escort bayan going out on New Year’s.

“But Jake, aren’t you getting tall!” the woman prattled on. “And your mom told me you were turning into quite the handsome young man, Andrew, but she didn’t tell you were such a hunk. My God, sis, look at him! What a hunk…” And she went on. Andrew had forgotten how much his mom’s sister loved to talk.

And talk, she did, except when she had food or drink in her mouth. Through supper. While the table was cleared and the dishes were washed. Talked so much that Jake excused himself to watch TV upstairs in his room Talked so much that twenty minutes later, Andrew did the same.

“Oh, ” Aunt Carolyn told him as he prepared to leave the living room, “my stuff is on your bed. Your mom said you wouldn’t mind bunking on the couch down here. It’s just for a couple of nights and I promise not to do any snooping. I certainly don’t want to find the magazines you stash under the bed or the porn sites you go to on the internet.”

She laughed.

“You don’t mind, do you, dear?”

“Of course not, mom. This couch sleeps fine.” He wondered how he was going to get in his mother’s bed, though, with another person in the house. Well, he could go a couple of nights without his mother if he had to. Maybe.

\ – /

He lay on his back, hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. He was trying not to think about his cock. And failing. Just the image of his mother in her big lonely bed was enough to give him a raging hard on. There was no way he could sleep like this, yet beating off was something he didn’t want to do. His mother had dropped enough hints that, tonight at least, she was out of bounds. He was hoping that would change, though. He had faith that if his mother could make it happen, she would. If his mom were able to share the couch with him, he didn’t want it to happen when he’d just busted his nuts with his hand. He’d even worn his new pajamas just in case.

Just thirty minutes ago, he had gotten off the couch. Silently, he had crept up the stairs. From the landing, he was just tall enough to see the door to his bedroom. It was shut. A line of light showed from the bottom of it, though. Aunt Carolyn was still awake, unless she slept with the light on. As long as she was awake, it was too dangerous to try to sneak in his mom’s room. He went back to the couch, dejected.

He thought about checking again and decided he couldn’t live with the disappointment. He rolled over on his side. He set his mind to ignoring his raging cock. He recited pi to twelve decimal places three or four times. Tried and failed to remember the third verse of “Adeste Fidelis.” Stared at the dark fireplace. That made him remember his first fuck with his mother and his cock jumped up again. He went back to pi. He had memorized Poe’s “The Raven” back in the eighth grade and he could remember whole stanzas of the long poem: “Long into that darkness peering, Long I stood there, wondering, fearing, Doubting, ummm, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before – “

Andrew awoke with a start. The first thing he noticed was the smell of his mother’s shampoo. He rolled on to his back ready to drag his mom down to him and roll her under the sheet and blanket for a welcoming kiss and squeeze. Only it wasn’t his mother; it was Aunt Carolyn.

Before she slipped under the covers, he noticed she was wearing a baby doll sleep set. In the darkness it was difficult to judge the color, but it was shear and maybe pale blue or light green. He also noticed her hard nipples and a small patch of dark pubic hair that was clearly visible under the tiny panties she wore.

“We have to be quiet,” she whispered as she kissed his ear. “We don’t want my sister to get jealous, do we? She never did like me stealing her boyfriends.”

Her lips left his ear and found his lips and then his tongue. She tasted Crest toothpaste.

He discovered her tongue was pierced. The ball in the center of her tongue added a new aspect to frenching, a different sensation.

“I don’t know what you mean,” he lied as she pressed her body against him.

“Don’t fib. I know you and sis are getting it on. It’s obvious. Well, at least it’s obvious to me. Marilyn and I have almost been close. We’re practically psychic. Besides, every time you looked at her, you gave off so much sexual heat, I thought the smoke detector was going to go off. You’ve got it bad for her, don’t you?”

Her hand had already found his cock. It responded as readily to his aunt as it responded to his mother.

“That’s sick. That would be incest.”

“And what’s wrong with incest?” Aunt Carolyn whispered as she let the heat of his cock lie against her chilled body. She kissed her nephew some more. She was glad to find out her sister had taught him how to kiss. Teaching was fun, but the woman didn’t like wasting time with preliminaries.

“Mom would never do anything that sick,” he gasped when escort bayanlar she finally released his mouth.

‘Oh, you think not? I could tell you stories… Why, you should have seen her in college, before she met your dad. Do you know we pledged the same sorority? We used to have some w-i-l-d parties. I kid you not.”

“I don’t know what you want, Aunt Carolyn, but – “

“Maybe you could cut out the bullshit. And just call my Carolyn. I won’t call you nephew. Unless you want to call me mom and I call you son.” She had his pajama shirt open and was kissing her way down his body. She stopped before she got too far, though, since there wasn’t much room to maneuver on the couch. She concentrated on his nipples.

“Does she have any piercings? I know she doesn’t have a tongue ring, but how about her nips?”

“I tell, you I – “

Carolyn eased herself away from her nephew sufficiently to pull off her top. In the dim light, he saw that her left nipple had a slender ring through it.

“I don’t think she does. Marilyn’s not a stick in the mud, but she’s not that wild. Not nearly as wild as I am.” She positioned her left tit over his face. “It feels good when a man teases my titty with his tongue.”

Andrew did what any 18 year old male would have done in that circumstance. He teased the pierced nipple with his tongue. The fact that he was cheating on his mother never occurred to him.

His aunt moaned. He liked the sound of that, so he flicked his tongue harder against her swollen and pierced nipple.

“That’s so good. Use your tongue, sweetheart.”

He licked and sucked while using a hand on her other tit. It was about the same size and shape as his mother’s augmented tits, but firmer. Her nipples were smaller, not as dark, but every bit as excitable as her sister’s.

She enjoyed the way his tongue and fingers worked over her boobs. He sister had certainly taught the boy well. How long had they been fucking? Carolyn wondered. She felt a sudden pang of envy that the bitch had a stud like Andrew at her beck and call, always available under the same roof. She’d never have thought her sister had the balls to fuck her own son.

And she never thought her nephew would be so well hung. She ran her fingers along the length of his cock. Thick, hard as a rod of steel, and nicely ribbed to add extra stimulation to the cunt of any woman lucky enough to get stuffed with it.

“I want it,” she whispered as she didn’t even bother to remove her panties. Carolyn simply tugged aside their crotch and slipped into position. She pressed down and back. Her cunt swallowed Andrew’s prick in one long, slow insertion that lit fires in every nerve ending of her cunt. She had never been filled so full by just one object and she loved the sensation.

She chuckled as she softly told her nephew, “Now I know how that Thanksgiving turkey feels when you use your hand and shove all that dressing.”

For himself, Andrew felt the hot tightness of her pussy grip his cock as she settled back. He grabbed her by her waist and lifted her, guiding her off his root and prepared to ease her back down.

“Wait,” his aunt told him. “Let me adjust to this monster.”

Carolyn held herself over him, his cock half exposed, glistening with her lubricants. She licked her fingers and reached between their bodies. She pulled at her pussy lips. At the same time, she rocked her hips gently.

“I had my clitty pierced a few years ago and it feels great when friction rubs at it, “the impaled woman explained. “But if the cock’s not situated right, it can get pulled and that hurts. And you’re so big, I want to make sure it’s all right.”

“You clit’s pierced?”

“Yep. Just my clit, though. I didn’t get the labia rings or anything exotic like that.” She shifted on top of Andrew again. “I think that’s about right. Stay still. Let me see if everything’s good.”

She eased herself down a few inches and held herself there. Shifted her knees slightly. Went back down. She came up. Eased back.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good. Your cock is just where it needs to be.”

His aunt settled her body atop him. Kissed him as she rocked her hips in a slow up and down motion. Sighed in a contented fashion. Began a slow easy movement to her hips as she let his tongue explore her mouth. Finally felt her womb adjust to its invader. Her motions became more pronounced. The arc of her hips increased.

They listened to the music of his cock sucking in and withdrawing from her cunt. She let her hips go faster. The sounds came quicker, a lewd song of animal passion that grew louder as the speed increased and her juices fully coated his cock and oozed down to mat his pubic hair.

Carolyn broke the kiss. She lifted herself from his motionless body. Offered him again her nipple. He took it as if he were a hungry infant. She pulled away from him and let him take her other tit, the one not pierced. This one, he sucked harder. He used his teeth.

“Oh, bayan escort God damn! Shit, you almost made me cum right then, but go gently, sweetheart. I don’t want to scream. Your mother and baby brother may come charging down to see what the fuck is going on.”

“Well,” laughed Andrew, “That’s exactly what’s going on, the fuck.”

“Am I as good as Marilyn? I bet I’m better.”

Andrew didn’t want to go there. Why, he wondered, did women didn’t have to be so fucking competitive. He guessed it was a bitch’s basic insecurity. In his still juvenile conception of human relationships, going back the Cro-Magnon times, a woman had to compete with the others for the best stud in the tribe, The specimen with the most virile sperm, the one who would breed her with the strongest children. Even a sister was a rival for that superior sperm. And hadn’t Carolyn already hinted at a past rivalry between her and her sister?

Carolyn loved to control the pace of her fucks and Andrew was happy to let her do so. In his inexperience, he found the dominant woman to be enjoyable. Before, he and his mother had been equals or he’d been allowed to be dominant. This situation was clearly new to him. He could concentrate on using his hands and his mouth while he let his aunt use her body.

And use her body, she did. She kept up a steady pace like a long distance runner harboring her strength for the final run to the tape. Except, Andrew noticed, as she continued, there were random jerks of her body. They seemed unconscious on his aunt’s part. They weren’t much, but sometimes her hips would twitch as they ascended or descended. Or they would suddenly stop for a couple of heartbeats before resuming their motions. He realized in a burst of understanding that she was cumming when she twitched or when she paused, that her pleasure was overloading her brain and stopping all other activity. With each twitch or pause, he would give her nipples a little pinch or nibble in an effort to prolong her orgasm.

She buried her face in his shoulder and whispered, in desperation it seemed to the teen, “Oh, yeah. Of, fuck. Fill me, Andrew. Fill me, you motherfucker.”

“I’ll cum in you,” he promised as his hips worked in small motions of their own. His own orgasm was growing close and he wanted to hurry it along. He knew it was going to be huge.

“You need to cum, don’t you?” She’d been with many men and she recognized the desperation in his words and movements.

“Yes.” A whisper.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. You can cum in me. I had my tubes tied years ago. No babies from me, sweetheart.”


“Do you cum in my sister? She lets you cum in her?”


Carolyn increased her tempo. She knew her sister hadn’t had her tubes tied. She was fairly certain she wasn’t on the pill, either. Was the crazy bitch trying to get knocked up? By her son?

Her cunt gripped Andrew’s cock as she came.

And so did he. Grabbing her hips. Stabbing up inside Carolyn. His balls emptied. All the desperation of waiting for his mother gushed forth with his ejaculant into the ready receptacle of his aunt’s womb.

\ – /

“You are such a nasty, nasty pervert,” chided Carolyn. “You filthy motherfucking, aunt fucking, incest fucker.”

`Andrew pulled his aunt down for a savage kiss. Their lips and tongues fought with each other in passion until Carolyn pulled her face away from his. She bit his neck.

“Goddamn bitch!” The teen pushed her away. She just laughed.

“Poor baby doesn’t like to play rough?” She dipped her head to kiss the edge of his mouth. “Does auntie need to be gentle?”

“I’ll show you gentle,” Andrew growled. He lifted his head and grabbed her pierced nipple between his lips. He tilted his head back.

Carolyn had to move with him to keep the strain from hurting too much as her boob was stretched. She gave a little yelp as he turned his head to one side and she didn’t move fast enough to give her tit some slack.

Andrew let her tit go. It popped back in to shape. “Do I need to be gentler?”

“Bastard,” she giggled.

He looped a finger through the nipple ring and raised his hand. Carolyn had to lift herself. She walked forwards on her knees as his hand reached its full extension. Her boob was stretched obscenely.

He laughed at the strained look on his aunt’s face. He jerked his hand down, pulling her whole body lower until her tits touched his chest and the two incestuous lovers could kiss.

“You’re a mean fucker.”

“You can always get your slutty ass back upstairs.”

Carolyn kissed his again.

“Owee!” she gasped as he twisted her right nipple.

“Are you gonna get back upstairs, cunt?”


Andrew slapped her tit, not hard, but leaving a red mark on her creamy skin.

“I like to watch it jiggle.”

“You like seeing my titties dance?” Carolyn sat on his chest and shook her boobs in his face.

“I like it.” He slapped her tits, one after the other. When Carolyn moaned, he slapped her hanging funbags harder.

“Um, you are a bastard!”

She decided that, although she was enjoying his behavior, it was time she reminded him who was in control. Carolyn grabbed his hands and, bending down, pinned them to his sides.

“Oh, you wanna wrestle.”

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