The Church Twin Group

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The Church Twin Group

The new minister has a set of twins, a brother and a sister just like three other sets of twins in the church.

The first thing that they did was to form a group, which my twin sister and I joined.

Bobby and Billie were fifteen years old, Steven and Stephanie were fourteen like my sister Fern and I, and then there was Casey and Cindy that were only thirteen years old.

Being the minister’s daughter and the oldest by two minutes, Billie took over. We had a couple of get acquainted meetings. One was in the church basement during Church School. The other one was in a private swimming pool owned by one of the church members. Billie required us boys to wear tight fitting trunks not boggy oversized shorts. She required the girls to wear bikinis and the smaller the better. It seemed strange because I had been getting so many hard-ons that I didn’t think I could make it through a whole day without getting one. As far as my sister, I liked seeing Fern in her bikini, she had started to fill it out very well.

We arrived at ten in the morning. Billie greeted us at the front door, thanked our father for bringing us, and told him to return about seven o’clock to pick us up.

She took us into the living room to wait for the last couple. Casey and Cindy were there and Casey had a hard-on. Cindy had on a bikini that I had never expected to see on her. For being such a prim and proper young lady she had on a tiny teardrop bikini top that just barely covered her areolas and a thong bottom that assured us that she had shaved her pussy. I got an instant hard-on too.

Billie smiled at me and said, “I love your suite.”

I looked down and turned several shades of red.

Billie smiled again and said, “I only whish that it had been the cause of it instead of Cindy. As you can see she had the same effect on her brother and my brother.”

When Steven and Stephanie arrived he too got a hard-on looking at Cindy.

Billie had us boys stand up and then she had Cindy walk up to each of us and run her hand over our erections since she had cause all of them. Bobby exploded quickly and Billie told us that he had a hair trigger. I got so hard that the head of my cock popped up out of my waistband. Billie told Cindy to kiss it, which she did, then Billie kissed it, and then Stephanie kissed it. When Fern kissed it Billie told her to suck on it before I made a mess on the rug. I exploded in her mouth and she managed to swallow most of it. What had dripped out of her mouth was soon licked up by Billie.

I could not believe that my own sister had just given me a blowjob, my first blowjob, at a church function right in front of three other couples.

We got in the pool and played games where we were always couples. The girls got up on our shoulders and played war where one girl tried to knock another girl into the water. After a few rounds of that the game changed to see could loose her top last. Cindy lost hers right away but I was waiting for Billie to loose her top because she had the biggest tits. Quickly I realized that my sister was topless but that I was the only one that couldn’t see her nice tits. I was pleased when Billie lost her top and Stephanie won. When we lowered the girls we wouldn’t give them back their tops and they didn’t seem to care. Stephanie removed her top and tossed it in the pile with the other tops.

Billie had the biggest tits but my sister had the best pair. Cindy had sweet tiny pointed tits while Stephanie had a little mountain on the top of her tits. My sister’s tits were firm, round, and she had two of the best nipples mobil porno right on the ends. Her skin coloring was great and the darker shade of her areolas gave her a more mature look, like the women in Playboy. Billie had bigger ones but they seemed softer and drooped quite a bit.

The next game required us to play with our sister’s breasts and suck on her nipples for five minutes. Then it was time to take a lunch break and go over to the patio. The girls put their tops back on. Mrs. Lewis brought out a platter of sandwiches and a pitcher of ice cold lemonade. We all said a blessing and started eating.

Mrs. Lewis was sixty-two years old and her husband had died a year ago. She thanked us for asking to use her swimming pool and told us that it was ours to use all summer if we wanted it. Then she took off her cover-up. Mrs. Lewis had on a bikini too. It was larger than the bikinis that the girls were wearing but then again she had a whole lot more to put in it.

Billie asked, “Wow, Mrs. Lewis how big are your tits?”

Mrs. Lewis replied, “My breasts require a 38-DDD bra to support them and they are all natural too.” She looked at the girls and asked, “What are your bra sizes?”

Billie proudly answered, “32-C.”

Stephanie answered, “30-B but I don’t exactly fill it out yet.”

Fern answered, “32-B.”

Cindy answered, “30-A.”

Mrs. Lewis then said, “Would you girls join me in the pool topless or would the boys bother you?”

Billie replied, “We were in the pool topless and we let our own brothers bother us for a few minutes.”

Mrs. Lewis said, “I don’t have a brother to bother me. Would it be alright if we girls let all of the boys bother us?”

Billie looked at my hard-on sticking up out of my suite again, smiled, and said, “There’s your answer. Fern take care of him again, he’s your brother.”

Fern got on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock into her mouth again. Mrs. Lewis just smiled as my sister sucked my cock until I exploded in her mouth. Nothing dripped out that time.

Mrs. Lewis said, “Not bad Fern. Maybe I can show you a few tricks sometime. I used to be pretty good at sucking my husband’s cock.”

Mrs. Lewis then remover her top and placed in on a chair. Her breasts were huge. One was almost the size on my head. Her breasts had really large dark areolas with nipples that wouldn’t quit. The rest of the tops joined hers on that chair.

Mrs. Lewis asked, “Do we really have to go out to the pool to let the boys play with our breasts?”

Billie said, “No we don’t. How should we do this?”

Mrs. Lewis said, “I think the boys should sit on my couches, two on each, and then us girls will sit in the their laps facing them. We should start with sisters sitting on their own brother’s laps though.”

I sat down and Fern climbed up onto me. She kissed me and put a nipple in my mouth. We had five of the greatest minutes together ever. Cindy climbed up and put her tiny tittie in my mouth. Oh it was nice and she giggle each time I tried to suck the whole thing into my mouth and swallow it. Stephanie’s strange shaped titties were fun too. Then I got a hold of Billie’s soft titties. Now they were really something to suck on. Her nipples were tender and I gave her an orgasm sucking on them.

Finally Mrs. Lewis sat in my lap and offered her breasts to me. I was the first boy to receive her offer. I could loose myself in them. I put my face between her tits and tried to put her nipples in my ears. Then I sucked on one of her nipples and tried to rip it off with my lips. She told me that I could chew on them gently if I wanted to give her an orgasm alman porno like I had Billie. I started chewing on them like a piece of rubber hose. Soon she was holding the back of my head and begging for me to chew harder. After that she cooed and shook during an orgasm. She slumped down onto my shoulder and thanked me for giving her such a wonderful orgasm. When she got off from my lap my suit had a big wet spot on it but not from me, it was Mrs. Lewis’ orgasm fluid.

The other boys wanted her to sit on their laps but she told them that she was too tired. Instead she lay out on the couch and told them to enjoy her breasts while she rested up.

The girls all stayed topless and allowed us boys to feel of them until our parents came to get us. Our father told us that he would be about twenty minutes late.

Mrs. Lewis asked Fern and I to suck on her nipples. Fern had never had another girl’s nipple in her mouth before and she liked it. Mrs. Lewis really enjoyed having us both suck on her. She had an even better orgasm, and then she asked if she could return the favor. She sucked my cock into her mouth and drained me almost instantly. Then she turned her attention to Fern. Instead of sucking on Fern’s nipples Mrs. Lewis removed Fern’s bottom and gave her oral sex as well. It was another first for Fern. Mrs. Lewis was good at that too and was giving Fern an orgasm about every minute. She didn’t stop when Fern begged her too either. Before Dad arrived Mrs. Lewis had me put my cock in my sister’s pussy. I came inside her for the third time that day but she didn’t have to swallow anything. Mrs. Lewis licked Fern clean so that none would leak out on our way home.

Fern and I could hardly wait until our next church twin group meeting at Mrs. Lewis’ house.

Mom mentioned that Gail and Gwen were twins too and suggested that we invite them to our next twin group meeting. Fern called Billie and told her what Mom had said. They were only thirteen but they looked really pretty in church.

Fern and I had sex once or twice a day that week. In fact she had my cum in her during church the next day. Mom had Dad’s cum in her too because we heard her through my bedroom wall telling Dad, “Oh for Christ’s sake just cum in me and get it over with before we are late for church again.”

The following Saturday we once again met at Mrs. Lewis’ house and Gail and Gwen were invited. Billie had told them about our last meeting and asked them if they still wanted to join. You bet your sweet ass they wanted to join in. They didn’t have a bother to play with and let molest them, so they were eager to let us four boys do it.

Mrs. Lewis paired up a boy with two girls that were not his sister then she got me all to herself. Bikini tops came off and the party got started. After the living room was full of action Mrs. Lewis took me up to her bedroom for some real fun. We got naked and we had sex. We had sex in her bed, on the floor, and in her shower. We had sex with her on her back, her on her knees, and with her on top. We had oral sex, sixty-nine, and I got to cum in her pussy almost every time. I lost track but Mrs. Lewis didn’t, even with lunch and dinner breaks I got to cum inside her eight times that day.

Her pussy was different from Fern’s pussy but so much nicer. She had a warmth and a slickness about her that made me want to fuck her and cum inside. I liked fucking my sister too because she had a smaller tighter fitting pussy and besides she was my sister. We were both pleased that Mrs. Lewis had insisted that we loose our virginities together.

The following Saturday the girls wanted to loose their alexis texas porno virginities like Fern had…with me. All five girls had talked it over and that is what they decided. After I had fucked them first then they would let the other three boys fuck them. They were not very happy about their sister’s requests until Mrs. Lewis told them that they could fuck her and loose their virginities with her. She took the three boys into her bedroom and I took the other six with me to the guest bedroom. Fern basically watched and gave advice and reassurance that I was really good at what I did. Mrs. Lewis told me to do a good job and to cum inside each girl’s pussy the first time. After all they were offering it and it was my job to accept it.

Billie wanted to go first, then by age, Stephanie, Cindy, Gail, and Gwen lost their virginities in that order. Then of course I had to have sex with Fern and finally with Mrs. Lewis before the meeting ended. The other boys were so worn out fucking Mrs. Lewis that they barely had sex with their own sister’s let alone with any of the other girls.

The Saturday after that Mrs. Lewis made us boys eat all of their pussies before we could fuck any of them. The boys made sure to fuck all five girls before going home that day.

Every Saturday after that we met at Mrs. Lewis’ house for the whole day. Sex was the only thing on the agenda. Mrs. Lewis produced books, magazines, and movies on an assorted range of sexual positions and practices that we would try. The girls were not rally into be tied up, blindfolded, or spanked but they cooperated and tried everything. Mrs. Lewis and Fern liked everything that we tried. The other girls liked some things but not others. Billie freaked out when Mrs. Lewis showed us a movie of dogs fucking girls. She got the other girls to refuse to try it…except for Fern. That’s my sister, ready to try anything once. The dogs we saved until we could be alone.

Instead the girls were introduced to anal sex and three cocks at once. Now that excited Billie. She had turned into quite the cock hound. Her brother was fucking her several times a day at home, she had two boyfriends that fucked her in school, and her father was fucking her too. She could not get enough sex but three at once came close. Finally she and her brother stopped coming to the meetings all together. Bobby was fucking his other two sisters, his girlfriend, and his mother too. Neither of them had time for the church twin group anymore.

Steven, Casey, and I had our sisters, Gail and Gwen, and Mrs. Lewis all to our selves. We could still do a triple penetration if we wanted too.

With Billie out of the way Fern brought the subject of the dogs back up. The other girls were not excited to try it but they were interested in watching Fern and Mrs. Lewis try it though.


It would be nice to tell you that all ended well but it didn’t. Our minister was un-ordained, Bobby and Billie got into drugs, and their family fell apart big time.

Steven and Stephanie each married, divorced, and remarried but never did find true love. They had children in and out of wedlock.

Gail and Gwen lost they parents in a car accident but were adopted by Mrs. Lewis.

After college I married Cindy and Casey married Fern. We wife swapped on Saturdays just like we used to sister swap when we were younger. We even bought a house together. We were the only ones to actually make a go of it. Then both of our wives gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl in each set. We drop them off with Gail, Gwen, and Mrs. Lewis whenever we need too. Oh, Gail and Gwen decided that they were lesbians. Mrs. Lewis loves them every chance that she gets. Casey and I still get to fuck them all any time that we want too. Mrs. Lewis never runs out of tricks to teach me.

The End
The Church Twin Group

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