The Cigar Bar

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I had known Sonya since middle school and all the way up through high school we even kept in touch after we became grads, in more ways then one. We had our share of fun and good times as well as great sex until it was time we went our separate ways with no hard feelings at all it was just our time to move on.

We kept in touch with each other over the years through friends and family sometimes getting to see each other again face to face. Even though our old flame never re-kindled we both knew there was still that special spark there.

After several years and technology grew we began to chat more on-line filling each other in on our past endeavors and current adventures as it were. One summer Sonya informed me she would be up to visit her family for a few weeks and would like to get together, the idea thrilled me to no end.

Sonya had arrived to spend time with her family having a wonderful time. On several occasions she would text and call me so we could catch up on old times, we made plans to go out one night for drinks.

One night while I was at work I got a text from her saying she was house sitting for a family member alone and had an upsetting call from her husband. I tried to console her but it did not seem to help. As the night went on so did the texting, she seemed more and more upset, I asked her if she wanted me to stop by after work but she was reluctant. As the night wore on she accepted my offer to stop by.

As I walked in Sonya greeted me like the old friends we were with a hug and kiss on the cheek. She offered me a beer then we sat down on the couch to talk. It seemed a little awkward at first like she was holding back then she lightened up a bit as I made corny jokes. I even helped her with her laptop to find some sites I had told her about.

As I finished my beer I stood to go toss it in the trash, when I returned Sonya was standing in the middle of the room. The look in her eyes told me what she wanted I stepped right up to her inches away and whispered, “Hi Baby”!

Our lips touched and arms embraced each other as our tongues swirled in each others mouths. The heat was over the top we both need this so bad! We began to pull each others clothes off till we were naked and sank to the floor not bothering to go to the bedroom.

Her tits were bigger then I had remembered and her nipples were bullets as I sucked them. My hands made there way down to her fur covered mound where I found her wet slit. I sank a finger in making her moan begging for more. I finger fucked her making her very wet as I sucked her tits. I pulled my fingers out bringing them to my lips to suck her nectar to find it was sweeter then I remembered, returning them to pump her some more only to let her get the next taste!

I was so excited and hot I could not hold back any longer I spread her legs letting my cock find her wet pussy, of which it did and pushed in slowly. We both let out a gasp! She was so wet and I was so pumped up I am almost embarrassed to say I did not last long I filled her hot folds with my cream!

I pulled out and sucked her titties and rubbed her pussy as she sucked me clean to make sure she came hard also, and then we collapsed on each other.

When I need to leave I saw the sadness in her eyes, I kissed her holding her cheek and said, “No tears!”

Our lips met and I felt the warmth of her kiss again, before driving away.

A few days later Sonya and I had time to meet at the bar for drinks. We talked all night long and played darts as she told me about the cigar bar all the wonderful people there. She told me of the owners and that her husband worked there. As the night went on Sonya told me about Cindy the owner’s wife and how she was the only one she has trusted with her secrets.

As the beer flowed we got into a deeper conversation about our encounter a few nights back. We both enjoyed it very much. I asked, “Was that a first for you, having an affair?”

She said, “Yes.”

I jokingly said, “So I broke your affair cherry then?”

Sonya looked into my eyes then said, “You took all my cherries!”

She had never told me that before, it took me by surprise at first.

“So I was your first back when we dated, and anal also?” I asked.

“Yep!” she replied with a gleam in her eyes.

I thought back and remembered just how much she loved taking it in the ass! She knew what I was thinking and reached under the table to grip my hard cock through my pants making me jump. We both laughed.

We ended the night with kisses and hugs in the parking lot, then I stepped it up, I turned her around putting my hands up her shirt and popping her tits from her bra. Even though there were others in the parking lot they were farther off and could not see. Sonya’s weak protests did not go far, I pulled her nipples, rolling them in my fingers til they were hard. I lifted her shirt to expose her tits then sucked each in turn. She quickly pulled her shirt back over her tits as more people walked past. Being that we were both Escort Ankara married we had no safe haven to go play. We kissed deeply before reluctantly going our separate ways.

All too soon Sonya’s vacation was over and she flew back south. We kept in touch with text and Facebook as well as a few special pics now and then. We always got around to sex and talking dirty making each other so hot for each other, the problem was we were so far away from each other. We settled into an on-line relationship for several months. We would keep up with each others daily grind waiting for the weekends allowing us time to have our on-line sex.

A few months later luck finally found its way to my door step. My sister in-law hit a small lotto and wanted to pay for her sis (my wife) to come see her for two weeks. Some how I convinced my wife to go alone to California and I would drive to Florida to see my cousin in West Palm Beach taking my sailboard equipment to sell while there. I was surprised at how easily she agreed.

When I e-mailed Sonya about my plans she was exited and scared at the same time.

My wife flew out early on Wednesday. I had my things already packed in the truck for my trip and I drove straight through to south Florida. Found my hotel and checked in then showered and had a beer while I e-mailed Sonya that I had arrived, before getting some sleep.

I knew I was tired and slept for over twelve hours straight. I had e-mailed my cousin also letting him know I was coming down before I had left and that I needed to sell my surf equipment. He told me he knew who to take it to. When I awoke I sent a text to Sonya letting her know I was going to see my cousin first and take care of the sale. Since Sonya and my cousin lived near each other it worked out very well, I had picked a hotel half way between them.

I met up with my cousin and we went to the sail shop. As it turned out the shop owner was a very good friend of my cousin and offered me a great deal paying me in cash. Afterwards we returned to my cousin’s house to get his wife before going out to dinner, I tried to insist that I get the check but they were going to have no part of it. They even went so far as to insist I check out of my hotel and stay with them, but I respectfully declined.

After dinner we returned to their home and sat on the patio having drinks and talking late into the night. I did end up sleeping in the spare room that night. The next day after breakfast I said that I had to go, that I had others friends to see while on my trip and yet I would try to see them again before heading back up north.

When I returned to my hotel room I checked my e-mail first thing to find several mails from Sonya. It was now early Friday afternoon, I knew Sonya would still be at work which gave me time to chill. As soon as she got off work I got a text, when do I get to see you? It read. I replied, call me when you can.

Seconds later my cell rang, “Hello baby!” I said.

“Hi, it’s so good to hear your voice, how are you?” She said.

“I am doing well thank you, when can I see you?” I asked.

“Not soon enough for me!” She replied.

I then asked the fireball question, “Does your hubby know I am in town and intend on seeing you?”

“Yes, and he is not happy about it!” She said with a distressed tone.

Sonya had told her husband about our past history from the early years and he was not very trusting.

“So when does he work?” I asked.

“He works tonight and Saturday night eight to close.” She replied before asking why.

“That would be great we can meet at the cigar bar?” I asked.

“I don’t know I would be uncomfortable.” She said.

“You, what about me, I think it is the best place to meet, he can meet me there on his ground and keep an eye on me, and you and I will play the bro sis game.” I replied.

Sonya agreed and planned to meet me at nine that night in the lot of the cigar bar. While on the way there Sonya sent me a text, meet me at the Publix grocery, (local grocery chain) before you go to the bar. I found it with ease as it was on my way to the bar and I found her in the lot waiting for me. We both got out of our vehicles and she wrapped her arms around me giving me a deep wet kiss before backing off feeling flushed.

“I just had to have the first kiss!” She said.

“Wow, that’s a great start to the night but you know we both have to keep our cool tonight.” I said.

“I know that’s why I wanted to meet you before so we could get the first kiss in before we went to the bar.” She giggled.

We kissed again and I patted her ass before sending her off to the cigar bar.

We agreed that she would go into the bar alone and I would enter a few minutes later.

It worked out better then I thought she did not waste any time getting there and getting a drink before she sent me a text, telling me to come into the bar. The place was larger then I though and the pictures on Facebook did not do it justice. I was stunned at the crowed Ankara Escort and good looking people also. I got a few odd looks from some as I milled around while I made my way to the bar. I had spotted Sonya soon after I walked in but acted as if I did not. I stepped to the bar and waited to be served when a man approached me. I realized it was the owner for the pic’s I had seen on Facebook.

He was a younger guy mid thirties wearing a ball cap with a cigar in one had and a drink in the other.

“First time here?” he asked with a grin.

I smiled and said, “Yes it is, and you would be Danny!”

That puzzled him. “And how would you know that if it’s your first time here?”

“I have seen your pics on Facebook, and I’m Sonya’s friend from up north.” I replied.

I could see from the face change he knew who I was at that point.

I held out my hand for him and said, “I’m Marc.”

Danny took my hand and shook it as if we were old friends then flagged one of the bartenders. She was a cute young girl and her name tag read Kris.

Danny told Kris, “Be good to him, he’s family!” Then he walked off. I was shocked to say the least!

Kris asked what I wanted, I told her and she promptly bought it to me then walked off without asking for payment. Now I was confused.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder, as I turned I saw to my relief it was Sonya.

“Hi!” I exclaimed as if we had not seen each other since her trip. She wrapped her arms around me giving me a big hug, I did not expect that but I hugged her back.

As she stepped back she said, “It’s so nice that you could come down to see me!” The excitement in her voice told me that she had already downed one if not two glasses of wine and was playing the part of sis very well.

She took me by the hand and led me toward a couple, when they turned Danny and I smiled. Sonya introduced me to them. “This is Danny the owner of the bar with his lovely wife Cindy.” Sonya said.

Danny smirked then told Sonya that he and I had already met and that I was set up with a line of credit. With that I got a very surprised look on my face, Sonya gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him he was such a dear. Cindy did not say a word she just looked me over, smiled and gave a nod.

Cindy looked at Sonya and asked, “Has he met Bill yet?”

“No not yet.” She replied in a nervous tone.

Cindy looked at Sonya then into my eyes before saying, “Let me introduce you to Bill.”

Danny had moved on to the other customers as Cindy took my hand leading me to the bar.

The bar rail seats were full but Cindy whispered into the ear of a couple seated there and they promptly rose from their seats picking up the drinks and moved off allowing Sonya and I to sit down. Cindy stood between us as Bill approached. Cindy made the introductions before Sonya could open here mouth.

“Bill this is Marc, Sonya’s friend and other brother from up north.” She said.

Bill eyed me as I held out my hand before he shook it. He was a big man with a good grip, so I lightened mine to make him feel better.

Cindy ordered more drinks for us then slipped away with hers just after Bill brought them. Sonya and I had a few more drinks while we chatted at the bar with Bill hovering near, but we were cool with it. Thing’s were going well then Sonya saw someone she wanted to talk to. I took the opportunity to find the men’s room.

As I stood up and looked around I did not see the normal sign pointing to the restroom. As I walked around the bar and looked for it I bumped into Cindy.

“Hi honey!” She said with a smile, “You looking for something?”

“Yes,” I said, “the restroom actually.”

“Come with me I’ll show you where you can go.” She said with a grin on her face.

She took my hand and led me down the hall, unlocking the door to a room that I knew was not the men’s room. I walked in behind her and could see it was the office. Cindy then walked over to a door opened it turning on the light.

“There you go hon.” Cindy said.

I stepped past her closing the door behind me I could still hear the music coming from the bar but not as loud of course. I took a well needed piss then washed up before opening the door as I switched the light off. When I stepped from the bathroom I saw Cindy sitting on the edge of the desk swinging her feet. I walked around the office checking out the many décor items before asking Cindy.

“I take it that not everyone gets the executive washroom privileges, what makes me so special?” I asked.

Cindy said, “Your part of the family and Sonya has told me so much about you, we are very close.”

That got my attention Sonya had never mentioned that she had told Cindy anything about me. So I thought quickly of something she may have told Cindy.

“So what has she told you about me?” I asked.

By now I had made my way around the room and walked up to her as she sat on the desk, I looked into her eyes to see the fiery gleam in them.

Cindy returned Ankara Escort Bayan my gaze and without blinking said, “She say’s you’re a great kisser!”

That caught me by surprise she has said that before, but was it a lucky guess, before I could ask more questions she beat me to the punch.

“So is it true, are you a great kisser?” Cindy asked.

With the look in her eyes I could only reply one way.

“There’s only one way to find out!” I replied.

I stepped closer to her placing my hands on her thighs to test her reaction, she parted her legs as she pulled me in close, our lips touched the heat was intense and wet. Our tongues took over exploring each other as our hands roamed over each others bodies. I felt bolder letting my hands work her over brushing across her tits, her nipples popped up and stood proud through her dress and I had already noticed she was braless.

We continued to kiss and grope each other and a thought went through my head, if she was braless what were the odds she was with no panties also? We stopped kissing to catch our breath.

I leaned back and said with a smile, “No bra I see.”

With that Cindy slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders pushing it down over her tits letting them pop into view. She was a nice c-cup and they were firm and round, her nipples were like bullets I caressed them and pinched her nipples making her moan before kissing her again.

Again I leaned back feeling bolder saying, “So if no bra, what about panties?”

She had fire in her eyes when she replied, “Only one way to find out!”

I placed my hands on her thighs at the hem of her tight dress and slowly worked it up as she shifted her legs helping me expose her. Not only were there no panties there was no hair but for a small patch at the top. Her lips were parted just slightly and looked wet, I had to have her.

“Put your tongue to work down there, let’s see if you’re as good at eating pussy as you are kissing!” She said.

I kissed her lips once more before kissing my way down her body stopping only to work her nipples then moving on to her wet lips. Cindy spread her legs open inviting me to enjoy her wet folds that she splayed before me. I did not disappoint her slowly kissing around her thighs moving closer to her lips before sinking my tongue deep into her hole. I licked, fingered and sucked her making her moan and buck against my face bringing her to the edge of orgasm.

I pinned her legs back over her body spreading her open fully then dove into her ass with my tongue as I strummed her clit sending her of to a thunderous orgasm that lasted longer then any woman I had been with. Her legs went limp over my shoulders as I kissed her pussy again before standing up.

To my surprise Cindy quickly sat up and slid off the desk sinking to her knees as she deftly undid my belt, button and zipper yanking my shorts down to my ankles letting my hard cock pop free only to be engulfed deep into her mouth. She was not teasing as she sucked me Cindy, knew how to suck cock and she was not shy about it.

Cindy sucked me fast and hard, cupping my balls wanting my load. I tried to hold back as long as I could and she sensed that I was resisting, that’s when she stepped it up and surprised me. Cindy reached under my balls and tickled my asshole before sinking a finger in causing me to erupt my heavy load of cum deep in her throat. I blasted so hard I thought I would choke her but she took it all gulping it down before going back to suck the last few drops from my cock.

Cindy stood up smacking her lips before bringing her fingers to her lips to suck them clean, she had them in her pussy while she sucked me off.

“Your better then Sonya had told me.” Cindy said before taking my hand again to lead me to the bathroom to clean us both up. We kissed again before returning to the bar.

We returned to the bar area with out even being noticed, I walked to the bar and ordered a drink Kris. When she returned I thanked her and she had a large grin on her face and winked at me. I was unsure what brought that on so I just shrugged it off as a friendly server.

It was then Sonya walked up and asked, “So where have you been?”

“I had to use the restroom.” I replied.

We drank and chatted the rest of the night til it was closing time and we all went our own way.

When I got to my room I took a shower before getting into bed and that’s when I got a text from Sonya.

It read: I talked to Cindy after you left.

My heart jumped then her second text came in.

We both will pick you up at five pm to take you to dinner before going to the bar.

OK, sounds good, I texted back.

I was too tired to dwell on it that night I just went to bed and fell asleep.

I slept late the next day and chilled by the pool in the afternoon. The time slipped away from me and it was already five pm before I knew it. I rushed to my room hoping to have time to shower before the girls arrived. I quickly stripped before heading the shower, there was a knock on my door. I wrapped a towel around my waist and quickly pulled on a t-shirt before opening the door to find the girls standing there. They both smiled when they saw my outfit as it were. I stepped back inviting them in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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