The Collins Family Ch. 02

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Lisa looked at her father across the breakfast table and returned his smile uncertainly. She considered his request quite calmly, surprisingly so she thought, given the nature of that request. After her initial shock, the idea of inserting a finger into her brother’s anus to help him ejaculate the maximum possible amount of semen into her mother’s mouth was becoming extremely enticing.

“All right, I’ll do it,” she murmured at last, casting a fleeting glance at her brother before shyly looking downwards.

“There’s no point in trying to sound reluctant about it, Lisa,” said David mockingly. “We all know you’re dying to finger my arsehole.”

Lisa poked her tongue out at her brother. “Don’t kid yourself! I’m going to do it to help mum out, that’s all.”

“In that case, darling,” said Helen, “would you mind stripping down to your underwear before we make a start? I’ve never understood why you have to wear such unflattering clothes. You have such a lovely body, when you choose to show it off.”

“I’m way too skinny, Mum!” Lisa wailed. “Please don’t make me take my clothes off!”

“Your mother and I would never try to make you do anything you don’t want to, Lisa,” said Peter soothingly. “Couldn’t you at least take that horrible, baggy tee-shirt off, if only to please me?”

“All right, Daddy,” agreed Lisa, as usual unable to resist her father’s blandishments. She hesitantly pulled the tee-shirt over her head to reveal her small but pert breasts, covered by a white, lacy bra.

David whistled appreciatively.

“There’s no need to be sarcastic!” cried Lisa, glaring at her brother.

“I’m not being sarcastic, idiot! You’ve got a great pair of tits! God knows why you insist on hiding them away.”

“I thought you preferred the more voluptuous figure, like that slag you used to go out with, Tracey Grant?”

“Tracey was certainly free with her sexual favours,” said David with a grin. “I’ll admit I was fascinated by her big, bouncy knockers, but I was a callow youth then. I think you have a much sexier figure than Tracey Grant, I swear to God!”

Lisa gave her brother one of her sweetest smiles, loving the way his eyes lingered on her breasts. She didn’t doubt now that he found her sexually attractive and that boosted her self-confidence to no small extent.

“Come on, Lisa,” urged her father. “Slip your jeans off now. Don’t be shy, girl!”

“Yeh, sis, get ‘em off,” David said. “Let’s have a good look at your sexy ass.”

Lisa rose from the table and stepped out of her loose-fitting denims. Her brief knickers, which matched her bra, emphasized the alluring curves of her firm buttocks, and immediately drew David’s eye.

“Wasn’t I right, Dad? Doesn’t Lisa have an absolutely fantastic arse?”

“You’re not wrong there, boy. Gorgeous, just like her mother’s!”

“Aren’t we lucky to have two hot bitches in the family?”

“David!” said Helen with a smile. “Perhaps your sister doesn’t appreciate being referred to as a hot bitch by her brother.”

“Oh yes, I do!” said Lisa emphatically, to general laughter.

“I’m getting hard just looking at you, sis,” David moaned.

“It’s time we stepped into the living room, then,” suggested Helen. “Assuming, that is, David, that you’re still willing to fill my mouth with your delectable cum?”

“Your assumption is correct, mother dear. By the way, I’m also more than willing to fill your slutty cunt with my delectable cum, whenever you so desire.”

“All in good time, David,” said his father. “Your mother’s slutty cunt, as you so charmingly refer to it, will eventually be yours to use in any way you wish. Remember that patience is a virtue.”

“Anything you say, Dad.”

David happily accepted that, for the time being, intimacy between himself and his mother would be supervised by his father. He didn’t find this at all inhibiting, realizing that the buildup of anticipatory erotic tension as he waited for permission to fuck Helen would hugely increase his pleasure when that permission was finally granted.

Helen, of course, wasn’t asked for her own permission, nor would she have expected to be. She simply yearned to pleasure, and be pleasured by, her husband and son, in whichever way they saw fit. And, despite having never previously felt sexually attracted to other women, she was beginning to experience desires for her daughter which daily became stronger.

“On your knees, woman!” David ordered with mock severity as he followed his mother into the living room.

Helen obeyed her son’s instruction without demur, helping him to remove his trousers and underpants as he stood before her. Gently stroking his semi-erect shaft, she softly sucked up the precum seeping from his piss slit.

“Take it easy, Mom!” cautioned David. “I don’t want to cum too soon. The longer I can hold on, the better.”

Lisa slipped to the floor by her brother’s side and, encouraged by her father, hesitantly fondled his firm buttocks.

“That’s the way, sweetheart! Spit on your finger now and see if you can escort bayan gaziantep push it into David’s bumhole.”

Lisa obediently dribbled saliva on to her index finger and, gingerly sliding it between her brother’s bum cheeks, felt for his anus. A girl of hitherto limited sexual experience, she found the lasciviousness of the whole situation to be extremely arousing.

As she eased her spit-smeared finger into the tight grip of David’s anal sphincter, she noted how her mother was cleverly stimulating him to the utmost. One hand wanked his turgid shaft, the other fondling his cum-heavy balls, while she ran the tip of her tongue along the ridge of his swollen glans.

“Oh, fuck! Yes, Lisa!” moaned David as his sister, growing in confidence, probed more deeply into his rectum and began to finger-fuck his arse with an almost gleeful enthusiasm.

For Lisa, the most emotional aspect of the whole experience was when her brother tenderly stroked her hair and face, softly brushing his fingers against her lips. Instinctively, she took the fingers into her mouth and sucked on them wetly, her own finger now pistoning rapidly into David’s sticky arsehole.

“Give it me harder, Lisa, you dirty slut!” begged David as he sensed himself swiftly approaching an intense climax.

As she vigorously sought to do so, Lisa’s finger slipped from her brother’s anus. In the grip of an erotic excitement such as she had never experienced before, she twisted her ring finger aound it and fiercely jabbed both digits into the hot, velvety confines of David’s bowels.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet bitch!” yelped David as his sister’s stabbing fingers drove him ever nearer to a searing orgasm.

Helen, in her turn, wanked her son’s cock with increasing energy until she sensed that he was on the brink of cumming. Opening her mouth widely, she suddenly felt the engorged shaft spasm as pulsing spurts of creamy semen shot between her lips.

“Don’t swallow yet, darling!” warned Peter as his son let out a protracted groan of blissful satisfaction.

Helen tilted her head back and proudly showed her husband and son the gooey mess in the back of her throat before, with Peter’s permission, swallowing it down with gusto.

“Your spunk is absolutely delicious, David!” she enthused. “Thank you for giving me a really good mouthful. You played your part well, also, Lisa. I must say that it was lovely to see you fingering your brother’s bottom with so much enthusiasm!”

“Dirty little slut!” said David affectionately, pulling his sister to her feet and kissing her firmly on the mouth as he hugged her tightly.

It was the first time that Lisa could remember her brother embracing her so ardently and she quickly realized that she didn’t want it to be the last. She pressed herself urgently against David’s semi-naked body and returned his kisses with a passion which both surprised and delighted him.

“I hate to disturb you two lovebirds,” laughed Peter after brother and sister had exchanged several more lingering kisses, “but David and I have work to do in the office, if you can bear to let him go, Lisa.”

Peter had decided to work from home wherever possible and had co-opted his son to help him decipher the complexities of a new computer system which was plaguing him. Indeed, his business was growing to such an extent that he was now able to employ David as his assistant.

David dressed hurriedly and joined his father in the office, leaving Helen and Lisa to an intimate discussion of recent events.

“Come and sit here, darling,” said Helen, patting the cushion by her side as she sat on the sofa.

She admired the litheness of the 18-year-old’s figure, cuddling her affectionately and caressing her silky-smooth legs.

“Mum,” said Lisa softly, “is it wrong of me to feel all tingly inside when David calls me slut or bitch?”

“No, dear, not in my opinion. In a loving relationship, terms like that are meant as endearments. I can still remember how wonderful I felt when David called me a horny slut for the first time!”

“I still can’t quite believe he thinks I’m sexy. It’s the first time that a man’s said that just looking at me gets him hard!”

“David’s had the hots for you for a long time, Lisa. I’ve seen that for myself, though I somehow didn’t manage to spot that he’s also had the hots for me!”

Lisa snuggled closer to her mother. “After he’d kissed me, he whispered in my ear and swore that he’s going to make me his fuckbitch.”

“Who’s a lucky girl, then? Your brother’s already promised to use me as his whore, so let’s hope that he keeps his word in both cases!”

“Is a man’s spunk really yummy, Mum? Lisa asked wonderingly.

“I think so, yes. It’s as well to acquire a taste for it, anyway, as most chaps love squirting the stuff in your mouth, when they’re not squirting it in your pussy or bottom!”

“I can’t wait for David to fill my mouth with his lovely cum!” said Lisa dreamily.

“How would you like to bayan gaziantep escort sample your father’s cum? I promise it’s just as palatable as your brother’s.”

“Could I?” replied Lisa eagerly, prompting Helen to hastily leave the room in search of her husband.

Minutes later, Helen returned with an eggcup of fresh semen and a teaspoon. Retaking her place on the sofa, she dipped the spoon into the eggcup and offered it to her daughter.

“Your father was glad to help, darling. Drink it up, now, while it’s still warm!”

Lisa took the brimming spoon between her lips and greedily sucked the gooey sperm into her mouth, swishing it around before noisily gulping it down.

“That was delicious, Mum! Can I have the rest now?”

Helen laughingly spooned the remaining cum into her daughter’s mouth and watched with delight as Lisa swallowed it all down with obvious enjoyment, afterwards smacking her lips appreciatively.

“I do believe that my little girl is turning out to be a dirty cumslut!”

“You do say the nicest things, Mum!” said Lisa smilingly.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to have a taste of my pussy juice? Surely not-what a disgraceful question for a mother to ask of her daughter!”

“Don’t tease, Mum. You know very well that I’m not going to turn down an offer like that!”

“Could you go and see if your brother wants to help you juice me up? I don’t suppose that offer is likely to be turned down, either.”

When Lisa returned with her brother, Helen had her dress pulled up to her waist and was vigorously rubbing her pussy through the thin cotton of her pale-blue knickers. Already, a darker line of blue was appearing beneath her fingers as her vaginal secretions slowly oozed from her slit.

“Wait for us!” cried David as he and his sister plumped themselves down on either side of their mother and began to help her to masturbate.

As the dark blue line began to spread, Helen reached for the discarded teaspoon, still sticky with cum, and yanked aside the gusset of her knickers, revealing her wet and swollen pussy.

“Who’s first?” she asked, thrusting the spoon into the succulent pinkness of her gash.

“Gimme!” demanded David, greedily slurping up his mother’s pussy juice.

“Let me have some,” said Lisa pleadingly, lapping up the second spoonful with relish.

“Keep the lovely stuff coming,” urged David as Helen continued to spoon her tangy cunt juice into the siblings’ hungry mouths.

“I don’t suppose you’ve any spunk left for your slutty mummy?” asked Helen hopefully.

“I do believe I could produce a squirt or two,” allowed David with a grin.

“In that case,” said his mother, slipping out of her sopping knickers and pulling her glistening labia wide apart, “let’s have your squirt or two in there, to add to my juices. Mixed together, I’m sure they’ll be delicious!”

David barely heard what his mother was saying, so entranced was he by his first sight of her cunt. To his mind there was sheer perfection in the shape and plumpness of her outer labia and the juiciness of her delicate coral-pink inner lips. Almost before he knew what he was doing, his cock was in his hand and he was standing before her, wanking frenetically to a shuddering climax.

His promise of a squirt or two of cum proved to be an underestimate, so aroused was he by the sight and scent of his mother’s mushy quim. Pulse after pulse of his thick ejaculate splattered into Helen’s luscious gash, to her loudly-expressed delight.

“Thank you so much, darling!” she said sunnily, dabbling a finger into the sticky mess between her legs and bringing it to Lisa’s mouth. “Suck on that, my little cumslut, and see what you think.”

Lisa obediently took the finger between her lips and sucked it clean, savouring with great pleasure the rich blend of semen and pussy juice. She and her brother shared the residue of the gummy fluid, licking it off their mother’s fingers with vocal enthusiasm.

“Isn’t it time you got back to work, David?” hinted Helen after a while. “Lisa and I need some time alone.”

“Your wish is my command, mother. Let me know if you need any more spunk and I’ll try and do my best!”

“Hold on, David!” said Lisa, dropping to her knees before him and licking up the dribble of cum dangling from the tip of his softening cock.

“That’s a good little slut!” praised David, gently stroking his sister’s hair before leaving the room.

“Come and give your old mum another cuddle,” invited Helen. “In fact, why don’t we pleasure each other? I’m dying for a good, hard cum, and I’m sure you must be too!”

“Can I keep my knickers on, Mum?” said Lisa diffidently as she sat close to Helen.

“Of course you can, darling! Once you get a little more confidence you’ll no doubt be showing your cunt off as brazenly as your slutty mother, but there’s no hurry. To please me, though, will you at least take your bra off?”

Lisa blushingly unfastened her white, lacy bra and let it gaziantep bayan escort fall to the floor, exposing her small, pert breasts, their rosy-pink nipples slowly hardening under the lecherous gaze of her mother.

“What darling little tits!” enthused Helen, reaching out to gently stroke them. “David and your father are going to love sucking on those sweet little nipples-so am I, come to that!”

Lisa smiled brightly, anticipating the delights to come. Eager to please, she slipped her hand beneath her mother’s dress, thrusting it between her thighs and repeatedly fucking two fingers into her hot, sticky cunthole.

Even while Helen blissfully moaned as her daughter lovingly fingered her, she pressed her hand between the teenager’s parted thighs and energetically rubbed her plump mound through the delicately lacy material of her knickers. Lisa’s ecstatic moans soon joined those of her mother, rising to a crescendo as she achieved an intense, juicy orgasm.

Seconds later, as Helen came noisily, drowning out the deliciously squishy sounds of Lisa’s pistoning fingers, Peter walked into the room and looked at his wife and daughter enjoying a tender, post-orgasmic embrace.

“Do you randy whores really have to yowl like bitches in heat?” he asked, as David joined him. “Some of us are trying to do some work, you know.”

In reply, Helen merely smiled, lasciviously licking her own dripping juices from Lisa’s fingers.

“I’m serious, Helen,” Peter insisted, though his wife noted the mischievous glint in his eye and was aware of its probable significance.

“I know you are, darling. Lisa and I have been very naughty, and naughty girls deserve to be punished.”

“Don’t they just!” Peter growled. “You, for one, would certainly benefit from regular disciplining, it seems to me. I’ve a good mind to let David give your arse a good, hard spanking this very minute.”

“Whatever you say, darling,” said Helen meekly, seemingly undismayed by such a prospect.

“Get on your hands and knees then, woman, and let him get at that gorgeous ass of yours!”

Helen obediently took up her position on the floor, resting her cheek on the carpet as she pushed her shapely posterior towards her son. Hiking up her dress to well above her waist, she awaited her fate with a sense of acute excitement, tempered by an anxiety as to how severely David intended to spank her.

David fully enjoyed the sight of his mother’s enchanting bottom for a while before crouching down and swinging his arm back, sharply bringing his hand down on her right buttock. As she cried out in delighted shock he continued to rain down a series of stinging slaps on each bum cheek in turn, laughing with glee as he did so.

Watching from the sofa, Lisa was well aware that her mother’s shrill yelps were as much an expression of sexual elation as of pain, reminding her of the rapturous sounds Helen had made while being vigorously finger-fucked. Her pussy quickly moistened as she imagined her father striding over and ripping off her knickers before smacking her bottom, legs and breasts. When she pictured the flat of his hand smartly slapping against her hot, juicy cunt, she almost came on the spot.

“My arm’s getting tired,” muttered David regretfully, after landing numerous slaps on his mother’s reddened arse. “Do you want to whop mom yourself, Dad, or … “

“No, I think she’s had enough for now, don’t you, son? I look forward to taking my belt to her another time, but the priority now is to discipline your slutty little sister.”

David gazed lecherously at Lisa. “For a girl who was so reluctant to get her kit off, it hasn’t taken you long to strip down to your knickers. Not that I’m complaining, you understand.”

He helped his mother from the floor and she fell into his arms, rubbing herself lewdly against him as she found his mouth with hers.

“Thank you so much, darling!” Helen moaned after a lingering, passionate kiss. “You’re so good to your mother-I hope it won’t be long before you give me another good, hard spanking!”

“I’ll give you one when you deserve it,” David said, roughly squeezing his mother’s tender bum cheeks and making her cry out in delight. “With a perverted bitch like you that’s likely to be on a regular basis!”

“Did you hear our son call me a perverted bitch, Peter?” asked Helen with assumed indignation.

“He seems to have got you sussed out, dear,” commented her husband dryly.

“Do you really think I’m a slut, Daddy?” Lisa asked with a smile, lifting and parting her legs to draw his eyes to where the sodden material of her lacy knickers was tightly clinging to her pussy mound.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt about it, do you, sweetheart? It appears that there’s often a horny slut hiding inside even the demurest of girls. And you are indeed a slut, Lisa, I’m pleased to say. Always remember, however, that your sexual favours are to be granted only to family members-and in particular that your holes are for the exclusive use of David and myself, unless I say otherwise.”

“I understand, Daddy,” Lisa murmured, lasciviously running a fingertip along the length of her panty-covered slit.

“When exactly do I get to fuck the sweet little whore, Dad?” asked David eagerly.

“Excuse me!” said Helen huffily, interrupting her husband’s reply. “There does happen to be another of your whores who’s desperate to feel your cock inside her!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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