The Dance Ch. 01

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It was an end of year party. A party hall with several families gathered.

We danced.

My eyes glued to hers, I was in love with that mature woman, confident, laughing and as always very well dressed. A charm. I didn’t even realize how I was eating her with my eyes.

It was when she averted my face with her palm and only then did I understand how my desire was more than visible in the eyes of the one I wanted the most.

I tried not to stare, I looked down following the movement of our bodies. I felt my face heat up. Apparently no one else in the hall realized what had happened.

Maggie pulled me close to her body and whispered in my ear.

“It’s not like that. It’s age, it will pass. You will soon find the right girl. The one you will be able to reveal yourself. Even more so now that you gone to college.”

The slow dance, our bodies joined, her hand on my shoulder, the other caressing the back of my neck. The honey-colored eyes hypnotizing me. I pressed her red-nailed fingers against my chest. And I don’t even know how it came out of my mouth, a confession so strong, so pure, almost a sin, an unspeakable guilt.

“What if I don’t want another one?”

I felt her body shudder, she pulled away a little. Until she can look at me from the side as one who evaluates rather than is scared.

“You know I can’t, especially with me. Your uncle can’t even dream, imagine your parents. Can you imagine what would become of us?”

“I can’t, I can’t. Every night I dream of you, of your body.”

“My body? Why my body? There’s a new girl wanting to date you.”

“I keep remembering last summer, your green bikini.”

“The green! Why the green?”

“It was what I liked best. Which made you even more beautiful.”

She laughed a proud laugh, her face turned slightly red and she pressed herself against my body in a hug accompanying the music.

“Rascal. George didn’t like it. He told me never to use it again. You liked my boobs, did? My… Nipples, eh?”

“Beautiful, when you leave the sea. Emerging like a mermaid.”

“You too boy… No wonder your uncle got mad at me. I didn’t even know the sea made me like this…”

“Maybe the cold water. The sea was freezing that day.”

I put my hands on your waist. Magosa Escort We stared at each other, her gaze shining and my chest thumping like a drum. Our mouths were so close, I could feel his breath.

“Maybe. But also… I always get this way when I know people are eating me with their eyes. My nipples harden, it excites, I don’t know why.”

“Was anyone else looking at you?”

“You weren’t the only Eric. That’s why your uncle didn’t like it.”

“Excuse. I didn’t know he had seen it.”

“That’s it dear. It’s the most normal thing in the world, especially at your age. It wasn’t your fault, your uncle didn’t like some guys staring at me in the tent next door.”

“I saw the guys. I didn’t like it either.”

“No! True? Jealousy, too? I like.”

Our eyes even closer together, the smiles of two lovers. Her rosy cheeks made aunt Maggie even more beautiful. I started to feel her tits scratching my blouse.

“Tell your aunt, don’t hide anything. What did you do that day?”

Maggie scratched the back of my head and I laid my face on her shoulder. I spoke softly in her ear, not knowing if that was what my aunt wanted to hear.

“I dreamed about you all day.”

“Did you dream, didn’t do anything else?”

“I touched myself thinking about you.”

“Was!! Caressed yourself thinking of me, of my hard tits.”

“Beautiful, fleshy.”

We had a short laugh. I pressed my belly even closer against his body. Maggie felt the force of my desire rubbing against her clothes. We move our waists in a sensual dance.

“Be careful for nobody sees it.”

She spoke in secret. And we were even closer, we were dancing towards some pillars to the back of the hall, darker, much emptier.

“Tell me, your aunt likes it. She likes to know.”

“Know what? I already told.”

“The details, I like the details of a good… You know.”

She laughed, a bright, increasingly naughty laugh. More curious.

“I went home and took a shower. It almost went there, but I wanted to honor you, dream about you in a more intense way. It was in the bedroom…”

“Did in the bedroom, naked on the bed?”

“Yes, it was in bed that I touched myself, I masturbated thinking about aunt.”

“Call me you, Kıbrıs Escort it’s better. Did you think about the beach? Did you take off my bikini, all?”

“Completely. I left you naked.”


She showed white teeth. My luscious dick brushed against my aunt’s thin dress, I began to feel intense heat coming from her body.

“Ate your aunt, did you? Did you eat she on the beach?”

“On the beach mat, after bathing in the sea.”

“With my little tits very hard, like two needles. It’s?”

Aunt Maggie bit her lip and closed her eyes. Her nipples pricked my chest. An eager smile came and the hug got even stronger. Spinning, spinning in an intimate dance.

“I took it off, I took it all off when you left the sea. I left you naked and took you to the treadmill.”

“Sucked, sucked your aunt’s tits?”

“Yeah! I did.”

“Was? Breastfed like a boy? A naughty one?”

“Aaannhh!! Aaaannn… Maggieee!”

“Calm calm! Relax, you just need to be careful so no one suspects.”

She hugged me tightly, looking around. My face pressed against hers, I closed my eyes and the sight of Maggie naked, her fat breast in my mouth made me drop a drop. A sticky drop running down the head, down the handle.

It wasn’t much, but it was a relief. The aunt laughed and laughed and felt. She kissed the tip of my nose.

“And then honey. What else did you do to me? Ate the aunt naked on the beach. Did you do this evil to her?”

“And if I say that I came in your face.”

“In the face! Ejaculated on my face. Did you do this to me? It was just on the face and I didn’t deserve anything else?”

“We didn’t have a sex, did we?”

“I wanted a kiss. My gorgeous. A kiss between the legs.”

“Do you like that aunt?”

“What woman doesn’t like. A tongue kiss on the big lips. A affection innn…”

She bared her teeth and bit my chin.

“… a woman’s clitoris, you have no idea what it does to us.”

I held Maggie by the back of her neck, I felt her hot body against my tense body. She was vibrating all over.

“I’ve never sucked a clit.”

“I know I know. Don’t talk like that, your aunt doesn’t like it. Clit is a strong word. A man shouldn’t talk like that to a woman he likes. Lefkoşa Escort Even more so with the aunt.”

“Sorry I did not know.”

“Forgets. Think, think about the naked aunt, with her legs spread in your face, hmm? All sweaty, tanned, the bikini marks. Huh? And you there cuddling her. That delicious, intimate affection of two people who like each other. You have to know how to please a woman. Think of the tender flesh, the soft skin and you there making your aunt vibrate with a lick. In the right spot, right on the tip, yeeh, hmm? Think, love. Think how delicious your aunt is.”

My body started to shake, sweat running down my face and she talking, talking and turning. Her voice getting huskier and her rubbing and squeezing her hot body on my hard pole, getting harder and wetter. I closed my eyes and let myself dream of her naked, her legs high and the folds of a wet pussy pulsing across my face.

“Imagine me naked, right in your face. Exposed, like a hooker. The strong scent of pleasure mingling with my fur, lips shining in the sun and you kissing and drinking. Drinking Aunt Mag’s flavors. That sweet little juice the aunt makes when she likes someone. What about? Even more you, whom I saw grow. So beautiful.”

Her speaking in a tearful voice, a pained look and the smile of knowing I was lost in her plot, in her lascivious dance.

“Aaannhhh! Oh, myyyy!!”

“That’s it darling, that’s it. Let it come, don’t be ashamed. Fill it up, fill up all your underwear…”

She talking and I shaking and moaning. Her asking and I throbbing and spitting, spewing my pleasure for that wonderful, mature woman in cream.

“… Fill with the hot milk. It’s hot isn’t it?”

“Very, very hot.”

She showed her lips in a smile and fixed the strands of hair and hugged me.

“That’s great. Auntie likes to know when a man is like that for her. Even more from the family. Isn’t that delicious?”

“Much, much more than I dreamed. But and now?”

“Too bad I can only imagine. Wow! There is! Who knew that you, a beautiful boy who just entered college, would honor me, like this at the family party.”

“And the staff?”

“No worries. Go to the bathroom and clean up. Nobody saw it, nobody knows. Rest assured.”

Aunt Maggie flashed another smile and moved her eyebrows quickly, biting her tongue. She pulled me behind a pillar and gave me a kiss. An intense, wet, French kiss.

“And you, don’t want to either?”

She made me shut up with her finger on my lips.

“Go around the corner, don’t even look around.”

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