The Day My Life Changed

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Three years ago I had just broken up with my girlfriend, Cathy, and was pretty down in the dumps. We had been broken up for about 3 weeks, when out of the blue one of my best friends from High School, Scott called me. I hadn’t heard from him in 5 yrs. The last I had heard, he had announced he was gay, and he moved away. We talked for hours, and he told me he was coming to town that weekend, and wanted to know if I wanted to go partying. I jumped on the opportunity, maybe it would take my mind off my girl troubles, and it would be nice to see an old friend.

It seemed like the weekend would never come, but finally when Friday evening arrived, and I got home, the phone rang. It was Scott. He was staying at the Holiday Inn, and it would be much easier for me to find him, than for him to find me. I excitedly drove to the Holiday Inn, and went to his room. I knocked, and he answered wearing only a towel. “Sorry dude, am kinda running late” he said, smiling. “No problem” I said, and he told me to grab a seat and watch TV. I sat on one of the beds, and watched HBO for a while.

Scott came back out of the bathroom, and removed the towel. I caught a glimpse of his semi erect cock, and it was HUGE!!!! I tried not to stare, but found myself somehow compelled to look. He noticed me staring, and he casually gripped his large thick 6 inches with his hand and began stroking it. It started to stiffen, Pendik Escort and grew, and grew, and grew some more. I stared in amazement at the 9 and 1/2 inch cock. It was circumcised, and quite pretty. I had never entertained the thought of being with another guy, until that moment. “I would definitely drop to my knees and suck him this moment, if he asked” I thought to myself.

Scott continued to stroke his fully erect cock, looking at me as he did it. My own cock was about 7 and 1/2 inches long, and pretty thick, and believe me, it was stiff as steel. It pressed against my jeans tightly, and I was feeling quite uncomfortable. Scott continued stroking his magnificent cock, and began walking towards me. I sat on the bed, my own stiff cock pressing against my jeans, causing them to tent outward. He stood directly next to me by the bed, and reached out for my crotch.

My entire body tingled as he gripped my massive hardon through my jeans. He lightly squeezed me, and my cock pulsated wildly. He began unbuttoning them, and quickly pulled my jeans, and briefs past my thighs, over my knees, and totally off. I sat there with my hard cock bobbing freely. “Mmmm, nice” he said, grabbing my thick shaft with his hand. I softly moaned as he began jacking me off. He moved his hand up and down my thick shaft softly, making it jump wildly. I reached outward, and touched his cock. I had Anadolu Yakası Escort never felt another cock besides my own, which I felt quite frequently….LOL.

It felt so hot, hard, and yet soft, maybe spongy in my hand. I moved my hand up and down his thick shaft, stopping to tease the enormous swollen head. I wiped away the massive amount of pre cum that oozed from the large head. It slickened up the entire head, and I moved my hand over it tightly. He moaned, and thrust against my hand. I began craving to taste it. After all, it was here, right in front of me, all I had to do was lean forward, and it was mine. “It’s now or never” I thought to myself, leaning forward. I opened my mouth, and nervously took the large cockhead inside.

I could taste the sweet precum that coated the purple head. He moaned, and slowly pushed against my mouth. His cock began sliding inside, and I ran my tongue all over the thick shaft, swirling it all around the pulsating head. His cock throbbed magnificently in my mouth, and I was thoroughly enjoying this. I eagerly sucked and licked his cock taking almost all of it inside of my mouth. The head would occasionally go a bit too far, making me gag, and Scott would quickly pull some of it out. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, after all, that’s part of it. He thrust into my mouth quickly, moaning loudly. I licked fast and furiously, İstanbul Escort moving my mouth up and down his shaft.

“I’m gonna cum!” he moaned, and started pulling his cock from my mouth. I grabbed his ass, and held him there. He looked down at me and smiled. “Oh yeah” he moaned, and his hot cum shot against the back of my throat. I didn’t even taste the first hot jet as it erupted, but made sure the next load landed on my tongue. I savored it’s unusual taste, and decided it wasn’t so bad. I swallowed it, and moved my mouth hard and fast, while massing his balls. He shot jet after jet of hot cum into my mouth. And I was disappointed when he stopped.

I sucked every drop he had, and as his cock softened I reluctantly let it fall from my mouth. “Oh wow!” he said, climbing onto the bed. He quickly devoured my excited, long thick cock all the way to my balls. I moaned, and his mouth worked wonders on my cock. His tongue thrust against my balls while I was all the way inside of him mouth. I had never been sucked so wildly, and I was close to cumming already. I thrust furiously into his mouth as his tongue worked all around my shaft. “Oh yeah” I moaned. My cock pulsated wildly inside of his mouth, and I grunted as my cum erupted. He hungrily swallowed all of it, like I had moments before. He sucked me until I softened in his mouth.

We went out for drinks that night, and when we got back, totally smashed, we took a shower, and got into bed together. We 69’d 2 times before morning. I spent the entire weekend in his room, and we tasted each other many many times before it ended. Scott left town, and I still talk to him on the phone, but we haven’t been together since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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