The Daydream

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“Stella! Stella,” Rufus cried out as he came hard into her throbbing pussy. Beep, beep, beep screamed the alarm clock. With that, Stella woke up and stretched out catlike on the bed. She could still feel the wetness her erotic dream had inspired in her body.

She hated waking up alone, without her love at her side, but they were thousands of miles apart. He was still in the United States, unable to get away from work as a forensics expert, witnessing the seedy underbelly of the city, as she was experiencing the beauty of the Greek countryside. Coming to Greece was an amazing experience for Stella, as she found inspiration for her artwork in the ancient and beautiful ruins as well as the powerful force of the natural surroundings. But without Rufus, it was hard to see the beauty. He was the epitome of beauty to her, and his voice, his smile, his hands on her body- it was hard to live without. She had been spoiled with happiness, and his absence made her heart ache.

She slipped on a silky robe and went to her balcony to look at the mountains and greet the morning sun. As she sipped her herbal tea, she daydreamed as she had many times before of her last night with Rufus before leaving the country. She was so sad to leave him, but had no choice, as she had made the arrangements Escort Ankara long before they met. As they lay in bed together talking about how hard it would be to be apart, even for the shortest of times, Stella began to cry, not wanting to even think about it. She wanted to throw away her whole trip, because the most important thing in the world was to be with him. He made her truly happier than she had ever been with any other person. He made her laugh, he made her feel so loved, appreciated, and truly beautiful, inside and out.

As she cried, Rufus kissed away her tears, and told he it would be all right. He felt the same way inside, but for her sake, stayed strong enough to comfort and reassure her. The emotion that they both felt was so strong, their love could last over any distance. As Rufus kissed Stella passionately, they were filled up with desire. She leaned her head back, and he kissed down her neck, and she reciprocated by nibbling on his ear, and he groaned with pleasure. She felt his hot breath on her body working his mouth down to her breast, an he licked her nipple with the slightest touch, then sucked on each nipple until they were hard and aching to be touched.

He continued kissing down her body, to her navel, to her thighs, slowly Ankara Escort getting closer to the center of her womanhood, until he gently kissed her outer lips, and a shiver of anticipation ran over her body. She spread her legs, and he caressed her gently, playing with her throbbing clit, and rubbing her juices over her, onto her belly. He leaned over and kissed her on the lips once more passionately, then turned his attention back to her tunnel of love, fingering her with two fingers as he licked her quivering clit. She soon could take no more and begged him to fuck her. She needed to feel the sensation of being filled with his big cock.

After teasing her a little more, Rufus was happy to oblige the begging girl in front of him, and slipped off his silk boxers. He got his penis wet with her juices before slowly rubbing her with himself. Finally, he slowly entered her with her legs on his shoulders, and she gasped with pleasure. His hot dick slid in and out of her wetter than ever pussy, and they both breathed heavily between passionate kisses. Stella brought her legs around to Rufus’ back, and grabbed his ass with her hands, trying to drive his body further into hers. As he pumped harder, she moved her fingers over her clit, getting them wet and rubbing Ankara Escort Bayan in rhythm with his body, and closed her eyes as she neared the brink of one of her strongest orgasms ever. She opened her eyes and saw the loving look that Rufus had in his eyes as he gazed down on her, and she came with a deep moan and a shiver.

As she lay gasping, catching her breath, Rufus pulled out, and she turned over until she was on her knees and he took her from behind, doggy-style. His strong hands on her back made her feel so sexy, as his penis pounded into her. She bore down on him with her vaginal muscles and squeezed him with all her strength, until he came so hard, calling her name in a breathy whisper. They stayed in that position, with him inside of her, trying to make the moment last. Their bodies did not want to let go and leave each other. Finally, Rufus pulled out, and they collapsed in a heap, breathless and tired. In that moment, they knew that nothing, even being half a world apart, would diminish their love and passion for each other. “I love you so much,” Stella said to Rufus, and he whispered “I love you more than anything in the world.” As they smiled and gazed deep into each other’s eyes, Stella knew that everything really would be okay, because their souls would never be apart, no matter how far their bodies may be.

Stella sighed as she relived this amazing farewell, and sipped her tea, wondering what three weeks from now would bring, when he saw her beautiful Rufus again…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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