The Devil To Pay Ch. 04

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Anne’s position was particularly uncomfortable, kneeling as she was, her head tipped right back and her face buried in the black ass of her Mistress Lucy, her tongue burrowing eagerly in the dark girls asshole, probing it, tasting it and providing her Mistress whatever pleasure she could. But the blonde college girl was beginning to really feel her neck sore and hoped her dad would arrive soon — or did she? Knowing, or thinking she knew, what Lucy intended to do with and to him today. Anne could have warned him, could have even put him off coming but she was weak, too in thrall to Lucy’s dominance and wasn’t there just a small part of her that wanted this to happen, was wondering what exactly would occur when her Mistress encountered her father on campus?

Finally, the buzzer to Lucy’s flat sounded (they had Mike come to Lucy’s to throw him off a bit more, he hadn’t been here before, hell until few days ago didn’t know that Lucy existed and here she was supposed best friend to his oldest daughter). Lucy stood up from her slave’s gasping tongue and hissed down at her.

“Don’t wipe your face white girl, you leave the taste of my shit on your mouth when you kiss your Daddy and you make sure to kiss him right on the lips otherwise you’ll be in trouble.”

Anne submissively nodded and pushed her tits back inside her top and straightened her skirt out as she rose to her feet while Lucy buzzed Anne’s father in and told him to “come on up” all Southern charm.

While they waited Lucy grabbed Anne by the arm and went over what her role was that day and how and when she was to play her part. Anne hated it, she was selling her Dad down the river, tossing him to the wolves (well one wolf anyway) but the time where Anne could stand up to or deny Mistress Lucy was long since gone. She would obey. It was what she was good at.

Mike Gill entered the flat with a little trepidation. He was nervous for his daughter, she had taken a while to make even one friend at college so he knew he had to be nice to this Lucy, treat her right, encourage her to stick with Anne. But there was something about her that didn’t quite sit right with him. Maybe it was how Anne had seemed on the phone when he had rung to arrange today, or maybe it was Anne’s new short haircut (he had always liked her long, blonde locks — so like her mother’s) or maybe he was just a middle aged fool. Anyway his wife had seen him off for the weekend warning him not to mess things up for Anne and to be sure to support her, they both worried about their little girl away all alone at college.

Anne greeted him at the door to a big kiss. He was surprised, Anne wasn’t really a great displayer of emotions that he had noticed. He never noticed the disagreeable smell to his daughter’s mouth, never noticed particularly that she was dressed much sexier than he had ever seen her (short skirt, white socks, heels and a tight jumper that was clearly too small for her and showed a bit of stomach), no he never noticed that because he had caught sight of Lucy standing hands on hips smirking at this family reunion. And no wonder because at any time and in any outfit Lucy Fer cut a striking figure. Today she was restrained but still, her black leather thigh high boots and black shorts and black mesh top were pretty eye catching. And the look was completed with her black hair pulled back severely to a ponytail. Her knowing, superior look at the father and daughter told it all and while Anne knew they were fly’s in her spiders web Mike would soon find out.

The afternoon flew by, shopping and eating and drinking and getting to know each other. Mike had rarely seen his daughter so animated and had to put the change down to Lucy’s influence. Anne was playing her part very well. Lucy, meanwhile was playing games, laying traps and spores. She had Mike hold the doors for her, made him pay for things, spoke to him firmly and strongly and basically established an unspoken dominance from the start. He never once stopped her and she knew she had been right in her first impression of him — that he was a natural submissive, just like his daughter.

Shopping (all paid for by Mike naturally) done, they headed to a nearby bar for a meal and drinks. When they reached the bar Anne stuck to the plan, or rather did as Lucy had instructed her to do. She went to the bathroom and then came back looking uncomfortable and then said to her father and Lucy that she was feeling a bit unwell and would pop back to her flat escort forumları for a little while and change her clothes and would it be OK to catch up with them a bit later at Lucy’s apartment. Mike said he would accompany her back but Anne insisted he stayed, while Lucy nodded behind him at how she was doing. Anne felt conflicted as she took one last look back as Lucy sat across from her father and was already dominating the table and the conversation with him and wondered if she should try to save him, but in the end she was too weak and went on the extended break in the day that her Mistress had demanded she take.


Obedient as she was, Anne returned to her Mistress Lucy’s apartment (having let herself in with the spare key) at precisely nine o’clock, when she had been told to be there. She shrugged off her coat to show she was wearing what Lucy had instructed as well — absolutely nothing other than a pair of heels she had been bought by her Daddy that afternoon (much to his raised eyebrows because they were quite slutty).

She was aware her father was likely in the apartment and that was worrying but it also sent a spark of thrill through her as she peeked into the living room only to find it empty. But she heard a grunting and a slapping of flesh coming from Lucy’s bedroom and her heart sunk. Nervously Anne peered around the door and saw what Lucy had promised and what Anne had prayed would not come to pass — Mistress Lucy fucking her father in the ass with the very strap on she had used on Anne. Mike was wearing the black, latex gimp mask and gag that Lucy had shown Anne earlier so there was no way he would know his own daughter was witnessing this.

Anne had phoned ahead over an hour ago, to tell Lucy she was ready and to let her use that phonecall as the excuse for Anne not coming around again that night so Lucy could finish off Mike. And it certainly appeared that she had.

Anne was transfixed by the sight, at once horrific but also something she couldn’t tear her eyes away from. Lucy was naked except for her harness and strap on and my god she was magnificent. Her ebony skin had a sheen to it and her figure was perfectly curvy, her breasts bouncing with each thrust into Mike. And she had started the verbals too, each thrust bringing a contemptuous slap to Anne’s father’s head or side or backside and a degrading insult. Anne stood there and listened to the man she had looked up to for all her life being buttfucked and called a “pussy”, “a faggot”, “a wimp” and much, much worse. And it turned her on!

Eventually Mistress Lucy became aware of Anne’s presence at the door and smirked over at her and pounded into Mike especially deep and spanked his ass and called him a “pussy whipped little worm” while looking straight at Anne. After that Lucy pulled her dildo from his asshole with an audible pop and pushed him down face first on the bed and handcuffed his wrists behind his back and told him “he’d better not move a fucking muscle while she was gone.”

She strode purposefully towards Anne and pushed her out into the hall and pressed her down onto her knees.

“Suck it clean bitch.”

Anne looked at the dildo that had seconds ago been deep in her Dad’s asshole then looked up at her Mistress then slowly opened her lips and allowed her to push it into her mouth. Lucy sniggered as she pushed it in, thinking she had struck solid gold with this family of pathetic submissives, she couldn’t wait to meet Anne’s mother.

Anne sucked the plastic cock clean like a good little submissive before Lucy pulled her to her feet by her hair. Lucy stared intently at Anne as she first reached out and played her hand over Anne’s shaven slit then snaked it up to cup her left breast the pincer her fingers around the nipple and squeeze and twist it at the same time. With Anne’s father laying in the next room she knew she couldn’t cry out at the sudden shock of pain and instead she bit her lip and tried to stay quiet. Lucy smiled and with a final sadistic tweak relented before leaning forward and whispering in Anne’s ear.

“Go in there and get him hard.”

Anne’s eyes went wide and she shook her head in disbelief. Lucy grinned and nodded and despite the blondes reluctance they both knew she would do it. But to re-inforce the point Lucy got her phone with Anne’s humiliating message to her father on it and showed it to her, the threat implied — do what I tell you or gaziantep escort forum he hears this.

“Now get in there and give him a handjob and get him nice and hard for what I’ve got planned for him!”

She hesitated then found her feet were stuttering forward into the bedroom. Lucy moved past her and stood at Mike’s head, gripped his shoulder and pulled him around before snapping.

“Get on your back bitch, I’ve got a treat for you. You want a treat from your Mistress, don’t you?”

He nodded his masked head in ascent, desperate to please her. Anne, meanwhile, watched with a horrified expression as her father rolled over and she saw his limp dick twitch to life. Lucy had her phone out still and was clearly intending to record this moment and Anne implored her not to one last time with her eyes but when all she got was a fierce glower and a nod to get on her knees the blonde crumbled and dropped to her knees and tentatively reached across to grasp her daddy’s dick in her right hand.

Lucy stood over them filming the action little believing the level of submission and degradation Anne was willing to sink to, she was without doubt the most extreme slave that Lucy had ever taken on and the black girl’s mind was already racing with further ideas for pushing her limits.

Anne had taken a grip on Mike’s cock and was slowly pumping it back and forth trying not to look at her father’s naked body and not to listen to the low moans of pleasure he was giving off. Anne’s handjob technique for other guys in the past had always involved playing with the guy’s balls and almost without thinking she did the same here, her free left hand coming up and gently squeezing and massaging his balls while she kept wanking him off. It wasn’t her Dad, she kept telling herself it was just some random pervert. The gimp mask helped with that delusion.

When she released her grip on Mike’s balls she increased her pace of pumping his dick, determined to get this over quickly now. Lucy though stopped recording to reach down and grab them again and she squeezed them a hell of a lot harder than Anne hard then twisted them and spat on his chest and snarled.

“Fucking wimp! Love that don’t you?”

He nodded and mumbled his assent.

“Want me to suck you off bitch, want me to swallow your cum?”

Anne looked up startled. She had not thought Lucy would go there, had she? But one glance at her black Dominatrix told Anne that she was entirely serious. Movement from her father brought her head back round. He was nodding, making pleading noises. Lucy held Anne by her chin and pointed at Mike’s stiff dick then pointed at Anne’s innocent mouth and made the universal sign with her hand and extended cheek for giving head. Despite knowing the immorality of what she was about to do Anne was long past the point of denying her Mistress and so she timidly dropped her lips onto her father’s dick and began to slowly lick and suck him. It was a point she knew she would never return from. Especially as Lucy had her phone up again recording it all.

Anne’s lips stretched out across Mike’s throbbing, pulsing member. She blinked a tear from her eye. She knew this was a bad thing to do but she could not stop herself. For one thing, Mistress Lucy had instructed her to do it, and these days she pretty much did whatever her black Mistress told her to, and she did not want to go against her. But for another there was a part of Anne now, mentally and physically that wanted to perform the kinkiest, riskiest, filthiest sex acts imaginable. There was a part of her that wanted to do this, was getting off on it and was prepared to sink even further into the gleeful debauchery of it.

She gagged and coughed as Lucy pushed her hand harder on the back of Anne’s head and forced Mike’s cock deep into her mouth until it pressed against the back of Anne’s throat. Then Anne felt her head being pulled off her father’s dick roughly by her hair and Lucy knelt beside her and spoke to Mike as if she had been the one orally pleasuring him.

“You like that Mr. Gill? You like what was being done to you? You want more? You want to shoot your load? You want it in my mouth?”

Lucy was already thinking how she would frame this video, intercutting the worm’s answers with the action. She plucked the ball gag from his frothing, slavering ,mouth.

“YES! Yes, please Mistress, I want to cum, can I cum in your mouth, gaziantep escort forumları please!”

Lucy prodded Anne towards the erect member before her. Anne would have given anything to have the confidence or strength to stop herself but she just didn’t and instead leaned forward and again took Mike’s thick member in her mouth and worked her lips up and down its slippery length. She could virtually feel the sperm boiling up in his loins, could definitely feel her father’s hips bucking and seconds later her mouth was flooded with wave after wave of thick, sticky, sour tasting cum. Anne tried to lift her head off but Lucy used a hand to the back of her head to hold her place while with the other she reached behind Mike’s head and starts to unbutton the gimp mask. Lucy’s phone has been set down and is recording this moment of revelation for posterity.

Despite her mouth being full of her father’s shrinking cock and his balls being pressed in her face, Anne can just about see what Lucy is doing and she struggles and implores her with wide eyes. Both are completely ineffective as the black Domme smiles at her as she undoes the last button, then removes the mask and allows father and daughter to gaze at each other and laugh as the full realisation dawns on Mister Gill.

As Lucy removes her hand Anne draws her head back and Mike’s dick flops from her mouth, cum is spilling from her lips and the two of them can’t find anything to say. Mistress Lucy certainly can.

“Don’t you spill any of that white boy seed on my bed you dumb bitch! First up you get up there and give your Daddy a nice big kiss and give him his seed back!”

Mike made to argue but was very quickly reminded that, one: Lucy had film of him being sucked off by his daughter: two, he was handcuffed and in no position to make any demands, and : three, she had just fucked his ass with her strap on and established that he was her bitch and he would absolutely do as she told him, no questions asked!

So Anne nervously got up off her knees and carefully sat on her father’s knee and with Lucy having her camera back in hand to zoom in on the action, the short haired blonde slowly leaned in and French kissed her Dad, snowballing him. Passing his own semen back into his mouth.

“You white folks sure are fucking pathetic, aren’t you? I said aren’t you?!”

Both Mike and Anne nodded obediently even though their lips and tongues were still sexily entwined.


Sometime later that night Lucy sat in her chair slowly rubbing the tip of a vibrator across the top of her clit. Her legs were apart and stretched out and kneeling on the floor before her father and daughter were servicing their black Mistress’s feet. Anne’s lips were stretched to their fullest, with nearly the first four inches of Lucy’s right boot between them ,her tongue struggling to lap at her sole. Her father, meantime, was licking enthusiastically at Lucy’s left sole while her toes poked and prodded at his nose.

On the TV Lucy was playing another of her burgeoning DVD collection, this time an incest feature entitled “BAD DADDY” and the scene saw an older guy giving his on screen daughter a three hole vigorous workout, their grunts and squeals of “Daddy” the backdrop to Lucy’s continued domination of Anne and Michael. The atmosphere was thick and heady and Lucy suspected, knew even, that if she demanded it she could have Michael bend Anne over and give her a good, hard fucking. Oh, they would protest alright, say something that might let them sleep at night afterwards. But she could make them do it, and they all knew that. She smiled, power really was the ultimate. But she didn’t have them fuck, let them wait, let them know that it was probably coming, let them think that perhaps it was a bullet they could dodge. And no doubt let them both think in the darkest corners of their mind what it would be like, when it did come to pass.

Lucy continued to subtly pleasure her sex for a while longer before stopping (even with her own body she liked to tease) and she pulled her feet from her servant’s gasping mouth.

“Now tonight I’m going to have you bitch (pointing at Anne) share my bed with me, albeit your head will be between my legs for most of the night, while you (pointing at Mike) can have a more uncomfortable night.”

She was not wrong, she fixed a tight looking chastity trap to Mike’s cock and balls, squashing them tightly against the metal bars of it. Then the gimp mask and gag went on and his arms were handcuffed before him, he would not get much sleep that night, especially when Lucy left him with this to consider.

“Anne, Dear, you are going to invite me down to the family home next weekend, I think it’s about time I met the rest of your family, see if their as ‘accommodating ‘a s you two bitches!”


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