The Devil’s Fuck Toy

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


All characters are at least eighteen years old.

Cut a deal with the devil and pay the price. And the price was one of his sons, so William Joe MacMurphy handed his middle son over to the devil at the old ruined plantation south of Laurel. No one would really notice Bobby Ray missing, anyway. Will and his wife had a dozen kids. Who would notice one missing? Although, his momma had been upset by it. That is until they hit the biggest lottery ever seen in Mississippi, and she got that new four-wheel drive pickup, painted teal green, like she always wanted.

Bobby Ray the payment for the winning lottery ticket was a typical Mississippi farm boy, with a nice body but a little plain in the face. Colonel Parker, the demon who worked for the Devil, was not your ordinary middle management demon. He was an improver when he wasn’t organizing social events or orgies. And the first thing he did when he saw the boy standing before him in the foyer was to get him out of those nasty overalls and burn them. Actually he burned everything Bobby Ray had on. Now he could really see what they had negotiated for. Nineteen and as white as a ghost, inside joke there that had the little demons laughing. Bobby Ray, they would have to change that name to something sexier, was too frightened to laugh. Give him time. But right now there was red dirt under the boy’s fingernails, which simply wouldn’t do. Bobby Ray needed a bath. He motioned for all of them to go into the living room and then the kitchen.

A fancy tub full of hot water materialized out of thin air, and Bobby Ray was plopped right in the middle of it. All the little demons jumped into the water with him to commence to scrubbing that boy clean. His hair was washed, his face was washed, each nipple was washed, his cock was washed, as was his tight little Ataşehir Escort ass. No boy was ever washed more thoroughly than Bobby Ray. When he stepped out of that water, he was squeaky clean, especially his cock which had grown a couple of inches after such a vigorous scrubbing.

Now Colonel Parker could go to work on improving what needed improving. He turned the boy to face a fancy full length mirror. Bobby Ray tried to hide his dick behind his hands, but the Colonel slapped them away. “When I am done with you, boy, you’ll wanna suck your own dick.” He stood behind the boy and reached around him, making Bobby Ray’s pencil thin lips fuller and sexier with the brush of this thumb. Bobby had never seen his mouth looking so pretty.

The Colonel’s fingers flitted over Bobby’s pale skin and turned it a deep golden brown, the way the devil liked his pets. Bobby was tall enough, but he could use a little muscle in some places. Reaching under Bobby Ray’s arms, he ran his fingers over the boy’s breast, deepening it and cutting the pecs a little sharper. Bobby nipples became exquisitely sensitive when the Colonel rolled them between his fingers. If he kept doing this, he would make the boy cum without even touching his cock.

Bobby Ray liked it, and his cock swelled proudly, but the Colonel wanted more. He moved to the side and took Bobby Ray’s cock in hand and stroked it until it was longer and fuller and harder than Bobby could even remember. With his other hand the Colonel squeezed Bobby Ray’s tight ass. A sharp slap had the boy jumping.

“Such a nice toy,” the Colonel purred. “Come lay across my lap.” Bobby Ray did as he was told, his head lower than his upturned ass. The Colonel stroked each hard butt cheek and worked his way to the sensitive place behind his testicles. Bobby moaned when the Colonel worked a finger into his virgin ass. “OH yes, our Kadıköy Escort Master is going to love popping your cherry, Sugar,” the Colonel drawled and continued finger fucking the boy a little longer. And with the boy’s cock dangling between his legs, the Colonel reached down and milked the boy’s cock like a Guernsey cow. Every now and then he swatted that sweet upturned ass.

Billy Ray had never been with a girl…or a boy…so his hand was his only experience, but what the Colonel was doing to him had him nearly screaming with lust. The Colonel kept yanking on his cock until he came with a wild yell. The Colonel released Bobby’s cock and reached into a box on the table beside the chair, taking out a black curved toy. He worked the medium sized plug into Bobby’s tight ass to stretch him out a little. A small remote turned it on, but he did not want too much stimulation. Their master would be upset if he wasn’t still tight and sweet.

To keep him from touching his cock that now ached to be touched and was dripping precum, Bobby Ray was tied to an X shaped cross. His sensitive nipples were clamped with a silver chain connecting them. Anyone who wanted to just had to tug on the chain to drive him half out of his mind. His balls were secured with a silver band, On a whole Bobby Ray liked what he saw in the mirror. The only thing he did not like was no one touched or played with was his cock. He didn’t like that. All afternoon he was open and exposed, watching himself in the big mirror, his cock dripping from the vibrating plug

As time drew near, guests some of them distinctly non human began to arrive at the manson. It was the Devil’s birthday and Bobby Ray was his present. The little demons freed him from the cross and carried him to a net swing where he was secured with his legs opened wide and his ass easily accessible. His arms were secured overhead. Bostancı Escort A shiny blue ribbon and bow were attached to his neck.

The vibrating plug that had tormented him all day was removed and the precum wiped off his belly. Everyone complimented the Colonel on what he had done to the boy. Why Bobby Ray looked absolutely delicious.

At the appointed time the honored guest arrived. The Devil himself looked like an ordinary man, but Bobby Ray was told that that was just one of his many faces. He’d see all of them eventually.

There was cake and ice cream, everyone singing Happy Birthday, and then the Devil got his present. Bobby Ray didn’t know if he ought to be afraid or excited when he was rolled towards the Prince of Hell. The Devil looked mighty pleased with him, and his hand running over his body sent spasms of pleasure through Bobby Ray. And he damn near came when the Devil picked up his cock and played with the foreskin.

“He’s lovely,” the Devil purred and moved between Bobby Ray’s legs. Without fanfare the Devil unzipped his trousers and pulled out the largest cock that Bobby Ray had ever seen on a human being. He didn’t know how he would survive it, but at the same time his ass ached to be filled. The Devil fingered the loosened opening and smiled. Magically lubing the hole up, the Devil slowly pushed his huge cock into the boy’s ass.

Bobby Ray screamed as one orgasm after another ripped through his body. The devil tugged on the silver chain until invisible hands removed the clamps and blood returned to his nipples. The mix of pain and acute pleasure nearly drove him out of his mind. The way they mingled and merged in his body while the Devil slow fucked him awakened every nerve in his ass., When the Devil finally pounded his hole, Bobby Ray almost fainted.

The Devil came with a violent thrust that left the boy exhausted but wanting more. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Bobby Ray thought “Now you are the Devil’s fuck toy.” The Devil withdrew his cock and zipped his pants back up.

At the end of the party, the Devil gathered his things including his new fuck toy and returned to Hell. Do you know who fucks mortals in Hell? Everyone.

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