The dog minder

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The dog minder

Whether it was a sixth sense or a slight sound, or whether her nose had detected a new scent, Terry would never know. All she knew was that she had been sunbaking on the sundeck, enjoying the gentle heat of the morning sun all over her naked body and she had opened her eyes to see a young man standing in the doorway looking down at her. The instantaneous reaction was flight, and literally in one motion, she had leapt up off the sun lounge, put one hand over her bottom and her arm across her breasts and ran past this unknown man.

Ten minutes later, fully dressed in shorts and a top, Terry walked into the kitchen and said, “Who are you? The house was supposed to be empty.”

“I’m Steve. I live here. A few weeks ago I went to work in a summer camp which should have lasted the whole summer but didn’t. Practically everybody got some sort of flu and gastric and so they cancelled the camp and I came home early. Who are you?”

“I’m Terry. I think I now understand. My mother, after she got divorced, got married to your father. I went to live with my father and we live about an hour from here. About three weeks ago my mother said she wanted to go on a cruise for two weeks and asked if I wanted to look after the house and the dogs while she was away and that’s why I’m here.”

“Now I understand. My father said that he was going on a cruise and that somebody would come and look after the house and the dogs but he didn’t tell me anything more because I wouldn’t be coming back for another six weeks if everything went to plan.”

“It’s lunchtime Steve. Would you like a sandwich? I can make you one. There isn’t much in the fridge.”

“Sure. That would be great.”

There was much conversation and talking and after lunch Steve said, “What do you want to do now?”

“I’d love to go back sunbaking but I can’t seeing as you’re here. I didn’t bring a costume or swimsuit.”

“You could sunbake here and I would stay inside.”

“I’m not sure I could trust you not to take a peek.”

There was silence for a few minutes and finally Terry said, “I’ll make a deal. If we both sunbake with no clothes on, I’ll do it.”

“No, you go ahead. I’ve got things to do.”

As you can imagine there was some sexual tension in the air. Two 18-year-olds in a house by themselves without any supervision was obviously a situation full of possibilities. Unsurprisingly Steve had developed an erection immediately on seeing Terry’s naked body and the thoughts that ran through his mind at that moment had not disappeared by any means. In fact they had grown but he did not know how to proceed. Terry felt aggrieved that she was the only one who had been seen naked and that she had every right to expect to see Steve naked. That was only fair. Not only that, but she had never seen a man’s penis in real life and wanted to.

“Okay. The sun is beautiful and I’m going to enjoy it.” She proceeded to lie down exactly as she was before. For an 18 year old girl she had very large breasts and a very prominent dark patch on her pussy. When she had had enough she came inside and dressed and they carried on as normal as they could, both being aware of the sexual tension. The next morning Terry woke up and after breakfast went back to sunbaking. Her desire that Steve should join her had increased. When he came momentarily to the door again to ask her about lunch, she said, “Come on. Join me. It’s a lovely and warm and you’ll get a nice tan.”

“No, I’ll be alright.”

“Come on. I can see you like my body. It’s obvious you’ve got an erection.”

Steve looked down to see that his shorts had tented. He was embarrassed that she had noticed.

“Come on. You’ve seen me naked. It won’t hurt if I see you naked. You’ve obviously got something worth looking at.”

Steve was confused and walked away and thought about the offer a few minutes then returned to the door totally naked. He stood in the doorway waiting for a response.

“Wow. That’s some Kurtköy Escort weapon. Come and lie down next to me.”

Steve pulled up another sun lounge and lay next to her. He had overcome his shyness but was still embarrassed. He now realised that he had shown everything he had but she still had more to show. The problem was how to get her to reveal what she was hiding between her legs. Perhaps the solution lay in hiding what she wanted to see in the hope that he would still have a bargaining chip. He lay down on the lounge face down so that his penis was out of sight. It was a bit uncomfortable but at least it gave him time to consider what to do next. There was no solution. He just had to grin and not bare it.

Terry now found himself in the position that she was not able to continue looking at what she wanted to look at, while at the same time the short glimpse she had as he stood in the doorway had aroused her sexual instincts. After a short while Terry said, “I think you should put some sunscreen on. I’ll rub your back.” At least she was making physical contact. Steve fell asleep in the heat and when he woke up Terry had gone. He walked into the kitchen and she was having a snack.

The air was full of sexual tension. Both Terry and Steve knew that they wanted something to happen but they did not know how to make the first move in this situation. The normal steps of dating and getting to know each other had been overtaken and so the next move would not be a gradual increment on the last one but a major step.

Terry said, “Do you watch porn?”

“Yes. Do you?”

“Yes. We could watch some on your computer.”

“Why not?”

Steve went to his bedroom and drew up a chair for Terry to sit next to him. He opened up his regular sites about teens and college kids.

“You want to look at your regular sites?”

“Sure.” Terry opened up her sites looking at young studs with girls. She said, “Well it’s pretty obvious you like looking at girls with big boobs and I like looking at fellas with big dicks.”

She picked up his hand and placed it on her rather large breast.

“How does that feel?”

“It feels good.”

“It feels good for me too. It’s been a few months since my boyfriend joined the army. You can tweak my nipples too. It’s a little uncomfortable here. Why don’t we go into your bedroom?”

As they stood up she kissed him and drew his body into hers so that she could feel his stiff penis pressing up against her. They moved into the bedroom and lay next to each other on the bed looking into each other’s eyes.

“Keep playing with my breasts. It really turns me on.”

Her hand moved down to grab his penis. She just held it and looked into his eyes and watched as they opened a little in surprise.

“You’ve never been with a girl before have you?”

“No, not really. I’ve kissed a few girls but I’ve never felt inside their bras before.”

“Put your hand down here. Can you feel something? Just there.”

“I’m not sure what I’m doing. “

“You’ve seen everybody doing that on porn. Girls like it when you play with that little thing down there. Just keep rubbing it gently and I’ll let you kiss it.”

It suddenly occurred to Terry that Steve was unlike any other boy that she had ever met. Ever since she had started to show that she had tits, every boy had wanted to get his hands on them but Steve didn’t seem to want to. He was almost like a dog that chases a car and when it catches up to the car, does not know what to do next. From all her experience, his hands should have been all over her like a rash.

“I think you watch a lot of porn, don’t you? You get an erection when you watch it and then you come. I watch a lot too and I give myself orgasms. Doesn’t it feel better when my hand is around your penis than your own?”

“You’re right. Your fingers are softer than mine and it feels really good.”

“It’s the same for me. It’s much more exciting when you’re Pendik Escort fingering me than when I’m doing it myself. Have you any tissues handy? I can feel you’re about to come.”

“In the drawer next to the bed.”

Terry concentrated hard a she watched his cock spasm and white stuff shoot into the tissue.

“How did that feel?”

“Really good.”

“Just keep doing that with your finger and I’ll have an orgasm soon too.”

“You’re a quick learner. I haven’t had one as good as that for quite a while.”

Terry was really enjoying the freedom of being able to be with someone in a bedroom without having to worry about anybody interrupting her. She was going to make the most of it and make every post a winner.

“We’re both a bit sweaty. Let’s have a shower and freshen up.”

She really wasn’t sweaty at all but she wanted to suck his dick and she wanted it to be nice and clean. It was her first experience being in the showers with someone and she was equally certain that Steve had never been in the shower with a girl. She lathered herself with soap, first her ample breasts and then between her legs. She was hoping Steve would take the opportunity to lather her but he didn’t. There was only one thing to do — she put the soap onto his limp hanging dick and felt it spring to life and then she knelt in front of him and engulfed his penis in her mouth. Steve was taken aback as he had never expected that to happen and his eyes rolled as she brought him closer and closer to ejaculation. She could feel it coming and they both watched as the little globules ran down the outlet.

“Was that good?”

“I’ve seen it on porn but I never realised that it was so good until now.”

Terry took the hairdryer and dried herself and Steve and then they returned to the bedroom.

“I just sucked your dick. Would you like to lick my pussy?”

“I’ve never done it before. Have you ever had it done to you?”

“No, but I’ve been dying to try it for a long while.”

Without further ado Terry lay on her back and drew her knees up so that her pussy was fully exposed. She opened her lips with her fingers and said, “Just put your tongue here and lick.”

Steve took in the landscape and compared it to everything he had seen on porn. They all looked different but when you could smell it at the same time as you looked, it was another experience altogether. Terry drew his head in just in case he was trying to escape. It did not take long and she had the best orgasm she had ever had.

“Any time you feel like doing that again, just let me know. I love it.”

For the next two days, it was just non-stop petting. Who knows how many times they did it but always with the same result. The more they did it, the more they wanted to do it.

Terry calculated that in 2 to 3 days’ time she would be safe from getting pregnant and was prepared to play Vatican roulette. She would wait until the third morning and she would take Steve into the shower and make sure they were both clean and fragrant and then she would take him back to the bed room and do it. At last she would do it.

They cuddled and kissed as they normally did and when she was sure that she was wet enough, she lay on her back and drew her knees up around her ears.

“Steve, how would you like to make love just like they do in porn? I’m ready”.

“I’d love to give it a try. You’re sure you can’t get pregnant?”

“Not 100% but 99%. I’m pretty sure I’m safe. Tomorrow would be better. Try not to come.”

Steve positioned himself with his penis very close to the entrance to her vagina and pushed forward slowly until there was contact.

“It feels so good. Don’t push in yet. I’ve got to prepare myself mentally.”

Not even Terry understood what she meant. It didn’t make sense. Perhaps she was just afraid of the unknown. She wrapped her hands around his body and pulled him in slowly, very slowly until she could feel that he was right Mutlukent Escort in. What an unbelievable feeling.

“How does that feel? I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and at last I’ve done it.”

“It feels good but I really got an urge to move in and out. It feels so natural not to be moving.”

“Tomorrow we will do it again and you can move then.”

“I’m going to pull out. I would like to shave you.”

“Don’t you like me the way I am?”

“I’d like you to look like all the other girls I see on porn. I think they look nicer.”

“First let me take care of your dick. I don’t want you to get blue balls. Come into the bathroom and you can shave me.”

Steve followed her and she gave him a welcome relief massage with a happy ending. He took out his electric razor and a blade and some shaving cream.

“I think it would be easier if we went out to the sundeck. There won’t matter if I spill some water and you can lie on the sun lounge.”

Steve put a towel under her bottom and she lifted her knees up so that he could get on with the job. The vibrations and the sound of the electric razor as it traversed all the contours of her bottom were a little bit exciting and she wanted him to finish soon so that he could lick her. She wasn’t very hairy but still it took a while for most of the fluff to come off and then he started with the razor and there were shaving cream everywhere. Slowly but surely every little tuft of hair was removed until there was no evidence that it had ever existed.

“Let me get a washer and make you look pretty.”

“Bring a mirror too. I want to see what I look like.”

For the first time Steve had a really good look at her bottom. Terry manoeuvred the mirror so that she could see herself. She spread her lips.

“My clitoris really stands out now. It really looks good don’t you think?”

“It’s good enough to eat.”

Steve positioned himself between her legs and licked and sucked licked and sucked.

“I’m so sensitive down there, I can’t believe it. I’m coming. I’m coming.”

If this was the result of being shaved it was worth it.

It made Terry wonder why Steve had wanted her to shave her. It just seemed so odd. “Why do you prefer me shaved? I was never very hairy.”

“I was used to girls on porn and none of them had hair so that was what I was used to. I know it’s very important when you have a painting to select the right frame. If you get the wrong frame, the painting can look terrible. I think it’s the same with your pussy — I didn’t like the hairy frame. I just thought it would look better with no frame at all.”

“I even think it looks better myself. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.”

“You shave yourself under the arms. I guess because you think it looks ugly and so it’s natural to shave your pussy.”

“I guess it’s because people can see under your arms quite normally and usually nobody except for partner sees your pussy and so there’s no need to shave it until you’ve got a boyfriend.”

The next day Terry waited patiently in bed waiting for Steve to wake up.

“Today is the day. I’m hundred percent certain I’m safe and you can come inside me. Give me a kiss and a cuddle to make sure I’m wet. You can give me a lick too. I’d like that.”

“I can’t believe that I’m really going to make love to you. Just a few days ago it was the farthest thing from my mind and now look at you, you’re in my bed and you’ve got your legs up and I’m looking between your thighs into the valley of love. You can’t imagine how much better it looks and your little pink finger inviting me in. Tell me when you’re ready.”

After a few minutes licking Terry said, “Now. I’m ready to come. Just put it in gently.”

There was silence as Terry absorbed Steve’s dick into her vagina and put a finger on her clitoris. “Just move slowly. Oh wow. I’m coming. I’m coming. Oh wow. That feels so good.”

“You came to look after my dog and instead I took care of your pussy.”

“It was a fair exchange. I’ll come again if you like.”

In another two days Steve’s parents were due to return and in those two days Terry and Steve made love countless times. Terry didn’t have to come again. She just stayed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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