The Drawing Session

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Big Dick

I was doing the best I could to draw the lines of her shoulders and the proportion of her slender figure onto the sketchbook. The problem was that my excitement of seeing Diana partially clothed, was giving me a rigid hard-on and an unsteady hand.

“How’s it going,” she asks, looking demurely over her shoulder, her back to me

“Er, uh, fine. Can you turn a little bit more towards me?”

She turns only a bit.

We had been friends for almost three years, but had never had any kind of intimate relationship, other than a drunken kiss after a party, a few months earlier. It was enough to set a slow-burning, sexual fuse in motion

She had come over for a swim at the beach and dinner. The ocean had been invigorating, and dinner was pending. I had some sketch books laying around from an old figure drawing course in college. She was flipping through them as I was preparing food.

“I want you- to draw me”

“Nude?” I ask hopefully. “Well. No. Well maybe SOME skin”


“Sure why not, I can wait to eat, let’s have some of that Chardonnay”

She went into the bathroom, removed her bathing suit and came into the room,

Wrapped in a beach towel. She turned on the bed, faced away from me and dropped the towel too her butt. I could barely see the full outline of her breasts from behind.

Now as she turned, I could see more of her breast, but not the nipple. Damn, this was killing me! She was lovely and her smile was thoroughly provoking. I worked diligently for about fifteen minutes, feeling the sexual tension in the air rise

“I want to look at the drawing” she got up with the towel wrapped at her waist and non-chalantly rubbed her breasts into my arm. I stole a look and she turned a way with a sexy giggle. My god she had lovely İstanbul Escort tits from what I could see.

“Maybe I should strike a different pose?” with that she let the towel drop to her feet. My jaw dropped and my dick rose. She was unbelievably proportioned. Her breasts were naturally full and had a nice upturn at the nipples.

The areola was pink, with perfect gumdrop nipples. She was tan and had a striking tanline just at the beginning of the division of her luscious heart shaped ass. She had a neatly trimmed bush that just revealed the slender inner lips of her small vulva. I thought I was going to pop.

“How about like this” and she spread out lengthwise on the bed her head resting on her hand.

” Too much like Manet’s Olympia” I tried to sound knowingly sincere.

“Oh you probably want something a bit more ‘ gynecological’-MEN!”

“I just-” and then she sat up, leaned against the wall, brought her legs up to either side of her head and exposed her beautiful sex. I noticed that her lips were bright pink, and just a hint of glistening, I think she was enjoying the exhibitionism

“Great” I said softly, my mouth getting dry with excitement. And so I began to draw. I drew quickly and expertly, doing a general gesture of her body, but very quickly went to the fuzzy patch between her legs, It was obvious to her where my attention was and she moaned a little,

“I can feel your eyes, mmmm” Then she closed her eyes leaned her head against the wall, and began lightly touching the hair above her clit. “I hope this won’t distract you”

“No” stammering a bit. As I drew, I was really watching her and not the sketchpad. She started to breathe heavier and gently slipped her index finger to her clit and let out a little sigh. She then Anadolu Yakası Escort began to rub in little circles, and I could see her, clenching her ass, and slight contractions of her ever growing lips. I really just wanted to dive in and start licking, but had not even kissed her, and was still unsure of her intentions. She was really beginning to swell and then opened her eyes very slightly to see if I was watching and then spread her lips to reveal a very wet vagina and the head of her clit, just peeking through its hood.

I dropped the pad and walked over to her, took her head in my hands and began to kiss her passionately. She continued to pleasure her slippery slit with one hand and grabbed my crotch with the other.

“Mmmmm. I showed you mine, now you show me yours” I backed off from the kiss and dropped my bathing suit, It felt incredible to have my engorged erection free of the confines of the suit. I could feel the air now circulate around my balls, and my dick stiffened.

“Oh-You have the more strategic kind” I was not sure what she meant (to this day still don’t) and hoped she was not disappointed with seven inches.

I was kneeling now, cock level with her mouth. She grabbed me with both hands and began stroking me back and forth. She started kissing the head of my shaft and a bit of pre-cum oozed out. When she saw it, her mouth engulfed the head.

“Oh that feels so good Diana, mmm, do you like it?” without taking her mouth away she just shook her head up and down, taking more of me in. I wanted to fuck her so bad, and did not want to spew into her mouth just yet. I pulled out and she came after it. I pulled back again and slid my mouth down to her lovely nipples. I sucked first on one and then the other. I reached for Kartal Escort her twat and instantly had two fingers inside of her luscious, oh so hot and wet slot. I rolled her clit around with my thumb, she jumped a bit

“Be careful baby, I am really sensitive there. ” I tried a little lighter and she jumped again. I had a thought. I jumped up and went across the room to my art supplies. “Hey- where- what are you doing, ” she queried. I came back with my finest 1″ flat red sable watercolor brush. I got down between her legs.

“Spread your lips again” and she did so dutifully I licked the brush to moisten it and then went to work “painting” her swollen clit.

“OH!” she whimpered “Oh yes! That’s soo good, don’t stop”

At that point I could not stand it; I had to get my raging boner in her. I pulled her down flat on the bed.

“Spread your legs as wide as you can” and she did so without hesitation. I gently slid my purple, throbbing head over her clit and once again she tensed up

“No the brush, the brush” she begged. I was sitting up between her legs and was able to give her about 4 inches of my tensed member. Then I began to work her clit with the brush, while I rolled my cock side to side and in and out. She began to thrash her head back and forth

“O SHIT, YES! Mmm.Mmm YES!” I began whisking the fine hairs over her clit faster and faster, back and forth back and forth. Her lips were now almost purple with their swollen desire, She was creaming sweet liquid over my cock and keeping the brush well lubricated.

“OH. FUCK ME! FUCK ME FUCK ME! ” she was screaming. I dropped the brush and sank my full strategic member into her to the hilt, I felt her contract and her back arch into my cock and I exploded a long stream of love juice in to her hungry wet hole.

We were a symphony of moans and grunts, squeals and screams. I lay on top her, we were both soaked in sweat and juices. She reached over to the sketchbook.

“Hey you did not finish the drawing,” she said mischievously.

“Well at LEAST I finished you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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