The Driving Lesson

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The first time I saw you was when you climbed into my car to start your first lesson.

My heart missed a few beats and I could have sworn a little quiver went through my pussy lips as they snuggled beneath my pink panties. I could see your chest muscles beneath your tight T shirt and the sight of your strong legs stretching out towards the pedals only encouraged me to glance, briefly, at the bulge in the front of your tight shorts. I vowed there and then that the next time we had a lesson I would NOT be wearing the non sexy trouser suit that I was sporting that day.

The lesson went well, for a beginner, and we indulged in a little idle chatter whilst we waited for traffic lights to change. I boldly made a few sexy remarks that could be taken two ways and smiled as I saw the bulge in your tight shorts grow a little and confirmed that you were thinking sexy thoughts, which pleased me as I was doing the same. The lesson finished 10 minutes over the allotted hour and you gently eased the car into a parking position outside your house. The date was set for the next lesson and we said our goodbyes.

On the day of the next lesson I sprayed myself a little heavier than usual with my favorite scent and chose my clothes very meticulously. I wondered if the short, lose fitting skirt that I had chosen was a little too obvious but decided to stick with it. A button down blouse only just hid my white bra. I daringly undone an extra button just to make sure my cleavage showed in the opening. As I put the finishing touches to my light but effective make up I wondered if you would be wearing your shorts again. As you climbed into the car I smiled to myself at the sight of your naked legs. I also noticed your eyes fall bashfully on my own long legs and again I wondered if I had gone too far with the shortness of my skirt. I had already practiced moving myself in my seat and was pleased to note that, at the right time, I could slide my bum forward on the seat and the whiteness of my panties would just be visible.

I thought to myself as I smiled, “God girl you are such a slut..” but you were easing the car into gear and there was nothing I could do now but to concentrate on my job and your driving.

I explained the routes I wanted you to take, advising you of when to signal, change gear ease up on the clutch and the many other maneuvers involved with driving. I smiled secretly to myself as I noticed your eyes kept darting down to take in my near naked legs and, when looking in my direction at the traffic outside my window, how your eyes focused at my bust with the little glimpse of white bra showing. My plan was working and I had your attention as I knew I would. I, in turn, glanced down at the bulge in your shorts and noted that it was slowly getting larger. I was right. Your thoughts were straying away from your driving and I was conjuring up images in my mind as to what you were actually thinking.

You were in third gear when I moved my leg to touch the gear stick. This meant that when you next changed down the gear stick would move towards me.. and sure enough a few moments later a gear change was warranted and as your hand reached for the stick it had no option but to brush against my smooth skin. You murmured a quiet apology.. “Sorry” but I noticed your hand remained on the gear stick, touching my leg, longer than was required. “No apology necessary hon.” I whispered back. And moved my leg back to the gear stick as an outright invitation for you to touch it again.

The car came to a halt at some traffic lights and I almost shivered as you suddenly placed your hand on my leg.. and slowly started to stroke it gently. I smiled at you but left my leg where it was.

“You have such lovely legs Linda” I heard you whisper in your hunky voice.

“Thank You” I replied… and decided that this was the moment to let you know I was enjoying the touching and to take the encounter a step further. İstanbul Escort “My legs are rather long aren’t’t they.. they go all the way to the top you know.” I smiled and looked deep into your eyes. I wondered if you would take the hidden invitation but I need not have worried. Fortunately the lights remained on red as your hand slid up the inside of my leg until it touched the mound beneath my white panties. I moaned softly to let you know I approved of the move and opened my legs a little wider. Your fingers pushed gently against my hidden pussy and I slid down into the seat to meet your probing hand. The red light was joined by the amber beneath it and were on green before you pulled your hand away and reached for the gear stick to ease the car across the junction.

Normally I would have instructed my pupil to carry straight across the next junction and into a maze of one way streets to challenge their driving skills. But not this time. “Take the next left please”. I commanded you. The turn was made and we were on a straight piece of road with no crossings or lights for the next few miles. This was the road out of town and into the country side.

It was at that moment that you broke a golden rule of driving. Unless changing gear keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times. But as your hand reached down to my now dampening panties I was not going to remind you of that golden rule. Instead I moaned softly and smiled at you. Your fingers again began to rub my crutch and again I slid down in the seat to meet your hand. I glanced at your own crutch and smiled as I saw your hard cock poking against the material of your shorts. My hand reached down and the palm began a slow rub of the thick, long shaft that I felt there. Your body suddenly stiffened and the car veered slightly to the left. You quickly recovered the alignment of the road as my hand pressed even more firmly against your now very hard cock.

For several miles out of town we continued to rub each other’s sexual organs until I saw a lay by ahead. “Pull into the side of the road just there.” I commanded, still using my Driving Instructor voice. Once the car was at a standstill, the brake applied and the engine turned off we immediately turned towards each other, looked deep into each other’s eyes and then suddenly we leaned forward and our lips met in a wild and passionate kiss. It was a kiss of pure lust. Our tongues rammed back and forth into each other’s mouth as we pressed our lips firmly together. Your hand went out to my breasts and, with well practiced fingers, my blouse buttons were undone all the way down. At that moment I would not have cared if you had just ripped it open. My hand left your cock long enough to reach into the top of your shorts until it touched the hard naked flesh of your now throbbing prick.

I felt your fingers leave the front of my moist panties and slide the elastic around my leg to one side. Your probing fingers dived straight into the depths of my wet pussy and I bucked hard against your hand as you began to finger fuck me. Our lips were still pressed tight against each other’s as we drove ourselves into a sexual frenzy. For many minutes we kissed and fingered each other’s sexual organs until I suddenly pulled my hand from your shorts, pulled my mouth away from your mouth and almost yelled at you.

“Help me get these off” as I started to tug at your shorts. Your hands left my body as you straightened yourself up and yanked your shorts and boxers down and off in one swift movement. No sooner had they hit the floor and my head dropped down under the steering wheel and my wet lips closed around the head of your throbbing cock. No slow licking.. no gentle caressing with my lips.. just my mouth driving itself over the full length of your thick shaft. I almost gagged but managed to open my throat and take your whole cock deep into me.

And then my head started to bob Bayan Escort up and down, up and down as I mouth fucked your cock as if it was my last. “Ohh yesss yess Linda suck me.. suck my hard cock baby oh yes.” I heard you yelling at me as your hands went to the top of my head, grabbed it and began to ram it even harder on and off your thick cock. I sucked and sucked as I mouth fucked you faster and faster.. but as much as you were enjoying the sensation you didn’t want to erupt into my mouth. Not yet anyway.

Suddenly you pulled my head off your prick and threw open the door. You quickly jumped out and ran around to my side. Opening my door you grabbed my hand and pulled me from my seat as you also opened the back door. You almost threw me into the rear seat. With one swift movement you ripped my knickers from my body. Grabbing my ankles you opened my legs wide so that one ankle was on the back shelf and the other over the back of the front seat. Your head dropped down and I almost screamed in pleasure as your tongue darted deep into my now very wet cunt. In and out, up and down your tongue ravished my wet slit. My juices were pouring from me and covering your mouth and face as you ate my cunt like there was no tomorrow. I was going crazy. I was moaning loudly and yelling at you. “Oh my God. Oh Jesus yess yessss suck meee, lick meeee drink meeee OH MY GOD YESS”

The pure pleasure I was feeling from the licking out my cunt was receiving was sending my body into trembles of delight. I thought I was in heaven. I thought that it could get no better than this. It was then I screamed. I cared not if anyone was near enough to hear me. I just screamed in pure pleasure. “AAAAAAAAAA OHHH MY GODDDD YESSSSSS LICK MY CUNT.. LICK MEEEE TASTE MEEEE OHH MY GOD.

That’s when I orgasmed the first time. My body shook as the orgasm ripped through my body and tears sprang to my eyes as I came. With your tongue buried deep in my naked cunt I came.

And then I shouted. “Fuck me. Fuck that huge cock into my cunt, give it to me NOW!”

You needed no further pleading. You pulled your wet face away from my cunt, grabbed my legs, lifted my hips off the seat and rammed your hard cock deep into the wet depths of my womanhood. My cunt muscles closed tight around your thrusting cock and I pulled you deep inside me. Your stiff cock was so hard, so long and so thick the pleasure was incredible. In and out you thrust like a wild man. “Oh my sweet Linda I’m going to fuck you until you beg me to stop” you whispered into my ear just before our lips touched and we kissed again.. a long continues kiss as you fucked harder and faster into my tight pussy.

On and on you drove, pounding away as my legs suddenly wrapped around your waist and I pulled you into me even deeper. Your whole cock was now thrusting madly inside me. Driving me wild. Driving me crazy with desire. Driving me into my second orgasm. I heard you moan with pleasure as you felt my cunt tighten, my body stiffen and then my juices spurt against your thrusting cock as you fucked me into that beautiful second orgasm. You screamed with pleasure and your cock rammed my cunt even deeper as your body jerked forward. I came for the third time. My whole body shook with delight. I suddenly thought how incredibly self controlled you must be to be able to fuck me for so long, without spurting your hot cum inside me. But as this thought raced through my glazed mind you shouted to me, still fucking my cunt deep and hard.

“I want your ass Linda. I want my cock to pound that tight ass.” I screamed at you that I wanted it also. Within seconds I was on all fours on the back seat and your thick cock was sliding deep into my tight ass hole. I screamed when you suddenly thrust forward and although it hurt like crazy I wanted it. I wanted your cock to pound the shit out of my tight ass hole. For what seemed hours your thick cock just reamed my ass sending wave Eskort after wave of pleasure through my body as I reached between my own legs and rubbed my clit like crazy. I came again just as you shouted at me… “Where do you want it baby? Where do you want my hot spunk. Your ass, your cunt or your mouth?”

“My mouth” I yelled back. “Fuck that cock into my mouth and let me taste my own juices . Let me feel you’re hot cum spurting into the back of my throat”.

No sooner had I uttered these words than you pulled your throbbing hot cock from my now sore ass hole. Laying me flat on my back you climbed onto my chest and sat on my tits with your cock at the entrance to my mouth. I glanced down at it and saw my own sticky juices covering the shaft. I lifted my head and opened my mouth as you grabbed my hair and pulled my head onto your long thick shaft. I gagged as your cock slid into me, but soon recovered and took every inch you could give me. My lips gripped the thick shaft tightly as you began to fuck your cock hard and fast into my mouth. I could taste my own cunt and ass juices on it. And I could taste your pre cum on it.

I sucked it. As you rammed my mouth as if you were fucking my cunt or ass I sucked on it. Long deep strokes filled my mouth with hard flesh as I took the length of your cock deep into me. And still I sucked. Suddenly I felt your cock grow just that little bit harder and I knew you were about to cum. And my God did you cum. Still ramming in and out you came. Large, thick globules of hot spunk spurted into my mouth. The first wave of cum filled my mouth and I had to swallow. No sooner had that cum slid down my throat than another wave of spunk spurted out, then another. It seemed never ending as I sucked on your cock draining it of hot sticky cum. Suddenly you pulled your cock out of my mouth, grabbed it in your hand and began to wank it. Just a few strokes was all in needed to bring forth another thick wave of spunk. This time it splashed over my face, my hair, my eyes and began to trickle slowly down my chin. My whole face was covered in white cum. I thought to myself “My God where did so much lovely spunk come from?” But I wasn’t complaining. I was enjoying the taste in my throat and the feel of that cum trickling down my face. You suddenly dropped your head and our lips met again in another long, drawn out kiss. The taste of your own cum filtered onto your tongue and you began to suck the remaining drops from my mouth. You then commenced to wipe the cum from my face with your finger and put it first into my mouth to suck it dry and then you wiped more cum from my face and sucked your own finger.

Another long, drawn out kiss followed as we hugged each other tightly allowing our bodies to calm down from the most beautiful fucking session I had ever experienced.

We dressed and climbed back into the car. As you pulled away from the lay by and headed back to town I pulled a brush from my clutch bag and ran it smoothly through my hair. I glanced in my mirror and reached for a little make up. By the time we reached town I was looking my usual calm and relaxing self. But my body was still screaming with the pleasuring it had received. My eyes still had little drops of water glistening in them. Make up or no make up any girl looking at my eyes would know I had just been fucked. But I didn’t’t care. I was busy planning our next driving lesson. But next time we would leave the car at home and practice in my bedroom instead. I slipped my private address card into your glove box as the car pulled up outside your house.

“Your place or mine next week baby?” I asked sexily.

“Next week?” You stammered back. “I can’t wait until next week to fuck you again my sweet and sexy Linda.”

I smiled broadly in anticipation as you climbed from the car. “I want you tonight. Your place. 10.00pm.?”

I blew you a kiss as I replied, “OK sweetheart, I’ll keep my pussy and mouth moist for you. I saw the smile spread across your face as I pulled away from the curb. Turning my head I blew another kiss just as you blew one to me. Before I was out of ear shot I shouted back at you.

“10.00pm. Be ready for me…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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