The End of Office Boredom Ch. 02

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My mouth watered as he walked into the hallway from the elevator. I had eaten lunch just one hour before, but I was hungry. Not for food, but what this guy could do to me.

He was six feet tall, and older than my twenty four years, yet handsome, probably over forty. My blond hair didn’t match his peppered black hair. There was a presence about him I could not explain. His trim body looked good in his collared shirt and his ass fit well in those jeans he was currently wearing. I felt excited until I saw my boss step out of the elevator behind him.

Unconsciously, I stood. I never understood why I did this when I talked to her. It just felt like I was slacking when I was sitting around her. She was the President’s administrative assistant, and she held power over all of us admins under her. Not an unattractive woman, and she always dressed extremely well. Today, she seemed distracted as she chatted with David.

Their voices got loud enough for me to hear a conversation that had started probably on a different floor.

“I don’t want to find a replacement for her – she works well on her floor. All the second line managers like her.”

David raised his hand as if to swat a fly. “Things are starting to change, Diane, and I need my project to advance. To hell with their ‘likes’ – if this contract doesn’t sell, all of them will be in the unemployment line.”

I felt like they could be talking about me and it made me nervous. I didn’t want to lose my job now – yesterday it just got interesting.

David stopped in front of me, smiled, and asked me directly. “How did you sleep?”

Diane looked at both of us, then begged David, “Please, David, she has worked there for three years, and it will take me months to train someone new.”

“Fine.” I said quickly. This was it. I felt like I was getting fired, only there was no security guard in sight. I guess they didn’t consider me much of a physical risk. I felt like crying, and I knew I wouldn’t try to fight anyone.

His Southern European face went into a grimace as he turned from me back to Diane. I could see his chest inflate under his blue shirt. Was this how it starts?

“Look, she has talent. This company needs it, and you…” He pointed a finger at her. “You are the best I ever met when placed in a difficult situation. Get her on that plane tomorrow. Hold her hand on the plane if you have to, but this level of negotiating requires her skillset.”

“She’s a fucking slut.” Diane said softly.

Before my eyes, David grabbed Diane by her designer styled hair and forced her head to the table in a split second. I stepped back at the sound of her head hitting my desk with a thud. He held her there and loomed over her.

“You will never disrespect your daughter in my presence again. Unlike these snowflakes you work with, I will kick your ass before anyone could stop me. “

“I am sorry David!” She cried.

I was in shock and turned on at the same time. This guy was crazy and – I thought suddenly – dangerous.

I picked up the phone receiver and started to dial security. Diane stopped my hand from pushing the buttons. “No, Linda, it’s ok.”

“Let her call.” David said seriously.

“Please David, I will do as you ask. I am so sorry.”

He let up on her hair and her head rose slowly off my desk. I could see tears in her eyes. Was she hurt? What kind of guy does this? Diane’s hair was in disarray and her mascara had run down her right cheek.

He turned and started walking back to the elevator.

“Quick, go with him. I’ll cover your desk,” she begged.

I looked at her in horror.

Did she not know? I felt like I was a slut now, chasing after him in a rush. I got in the elevator as the doors were about to close, but I had made it.

I looked at him. He was staring at the wall of the elevator away from me. No floor was pushed, so from my own experience this car would stay here until it was called to another floor. The dark wood interior felt confining. Yet, this same elevator had us kissing in it yesterday. My face blushed.

He turned and his eyes widened. He was surprised to see me. He didn’t say anything as he touched the button for his floor. The car moved.

He whisked past me and I followed him. Diane’s assistant was sitting there in her normal spot. Talking on the phone, which was how I always saw her. She waved to me, and smiled. I smiled back, but I felt dirty.

We walked passed the big double doors and into the same room we were yesterday.

He locked the door behind us. He sat on the couch, not talking. The awkward pause made me talk first.

“She thinks her own daughter is a slut?” I asked, at least five feet away from him.

“She may be, but it pisses me off when a mother refers to their kid that way. I don’t want to play today. Why don’t you just go back to your desk?”

My heart ached for him, but I had so little information and I fucking couldn’t stop the questions.

“I will, eventually. Who, who is her daughter?”

He Escort İstanbul sighed. “Third floor, receptionist like you, I guess.”

I knew of her, but rarely ever saw her. She reminded me of Diane in some ways, but the few times I talked to her she was quite charming. She had dark black hair and probably was two years younger than me. I was instantly jealous of whatever plans he had for her. I didn’t know Diane was related to her, but it seemed surreal.

I decided to drop it.

“Why did you come see me today?” I asked.

“Well, I was coming to convince you to come back here, but Diane followed me with her personal issues.”

“Have you fucked her too?” I asked to test him. I was hoping that he would answer with something other than a yes.

“Both of them, but at different times, never together,” he said seriously.

My mouth dropped. He fucked both Diane and her daughter. The thought disgusted me and turned me on at the same time. I hadn’t heard any of this in the company gossip. Why was he telling me this now?

“Was either the woman last night?”

“Diane, now you know. What are you going to do with the information?” he asked, seemingly not caring.

I had never pictured Diane nude since I had been here. But I knew what he looked like, and I felt betrayed. Only I couldn’t be, because he seemed so sincere. He had told me upfront that was his plan last night. Putting a face on the woman he fucked didn’t make it easier for me, however.

He kicked off his shoes. Well, he wasn’t going to chase me down now barefoot through the hallway, I thought.

He unbuckled his belt. I got a bit nervous.

He unsnapped the button on his jeans with his left hand. I watched, waiting for a sign or something.

He slowly unzipped his fly with his right hand. My breathing got heavy.

I flung my hair back and laughed to ease the tension in the room.

I expected him to stop. No one does this. He pulled down his pants and off his legs.

I eased to the door. He didn’t stop me. He took off his socks.

I was leaning on the door as he pulled his shiny blue boxers off.

I had one hand on the door knob lever when his shirt came off and he sat back onto the brown leather sofa.

If I opened the door, I could be exposing him to whoever was on the other side. They would see me coming from a room with a totally naked man. I really didn’t think I could talk my way out it.

I turned towards him. He was waving his cock at me, smirking. It was only semi-hard, but it was funny to me.

I let go of the door handle. I sighed. I could have been thinking many things, but sex was predominant in my mind. What the hell, a blowjob wouldn’t hurt either of us.

I definitively wasn’t taking off my clothes. I walked to him and looked down at him. He had fucked my married boss, and her daughter. I thought he might care for both, but I just could not get over the feeling that I was the slut here. What was I? I guess I was the “friends with benefits”, but with none of the friendship. I was disgusted at myself, but I took a hold of his dick anyway.

The feel of the skin on his cock was masculine. Just touching his dick made me want to touch his whole body. I felt like I was drunk, just moving my left hand around on his chest and abs as I stroked his dick with my right hand. I felt his legs and he trembled. I felt his dick getting harder and bigger and I barely put it in my mouth when he pushed my head away and off him.

“What?” I asked.

“I am too excited. I know you were just giving me a hand job but I love when you touched my inner thighs with your nails. I really thought I was going to blow my load already. I need a breather.”

“It’s ok. I don’t mind,” I said, but I was disappointed some. I really wanted to see him lose control. It felt like it would give me power. Never mind the mess it made. Men were always more pliable after they came. I gave his dick a few quick jerks and he forcibly removed my hand this time. I laughed.

“My turn.”

“At what?” I said.

He stood up, and moved away a few feet from me. What the hell was he doing? He positioned himself into a wide standing stance and then started doing jumping jacks.

He did five, and his dick wobbled in odd directions. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

He then got down on the floor and started doing pushups. My head hurt because I could see his ass move up and down and I felt like my laugh box was broken from over use. I sat back on the couch, wondering when this was going to stop. I relaxed to watch.

Suddenly, he pushed himself up to a standing position and lunged for me. I squealed as his hands hit hard on either side of me on the sofa. He started to kiss me forcibly. In my shock, my mouth was wide open. I welcomed his tongue into my mouth and the wetness of my mouth, added to the saltiness of his, elevated my awareness of his manliness.

I could smell the man-sweat on him. I worried I might get my clothes soiled with it, until İstanbul Escort Bayan he started undressing me. My red blouse was the first to leave my body, followed by my torture device of a bra next. I kicked off my shoes and spread my legs wide to invite him. I saw the red nail polish on my toes curl and disappear under my feet when he started kissing, licking my nipples and using his hands to squeeze my tits. It felt wonderful.

I stopped thinking of things…you know, things like “I have to drop by the water department tonight on the way home”, or “They will cut off my water”, and “Did I get everyone’s name on that spreadsheet? It feels like I left someone off it.”

Instead, I was thinking, “Shit! This guy is a good kisser.” It could have been the manly way he manipulated my tits, though. I swear, after only a few minutes of him touching my breasts, I came. It was a little one, but the tenseness went out of my legs and my arms didn’t have the energy to lift. I just closed my eyes and felt him taking off the rest of my clothes. I didn’t care what he did now. I was his.

I barely registered that my panties had been thrown across the room when his head went between my legs. He grazed his afternoon-shadowed face between my thighs. It tickled and I tried to close my legs to stop my giggles. His strong arms stopped me, adding to the power he had over me. I tensed to try again, testing his strength. Oh God, I could not overpower him, it was wonderful. This is how a man should be, I thought. Strong, powerful and not giving in to everything little thing I do. I could let go of all the baggage of whether he was good enough for me. I guess in some ways he was better than me, and I liked it.

His tongue took a swipe at my slit. Tingles went up my spine. Then a couple more flicks against my sensitive flesh. I looked down at him, my blond triangle of pussy hair made me think of him wearing a upside down beard with his chin buried down there. Don’t laugh I told myself, but I sure as hell was grinning ear to ear. I felt his tongue enter me. I pulled his head into me deeper. I wanted to feel his tongue all the way in there. It needed to be bigger, but it still felt good.

My audible noises sounded like, “Yes. Oh. Oh. Oh….” Followed by some squealing, and a few grunts, but I don’t want to talk about those.

He escalated my feelings of pleasure to the next level when the asshole started to hum.


I could only take a little bit before I was trying to yank his head off with my hands, as my orgasm crashed into me. I threw my head back his hands moving to my tits, and it turned into a multiple.

“Ieeeeehhhhh” “Oahhhhh” “Oahhhhh” and aghast, a snort or two. My insides felt like gelatin. My skin felt tight on my body and my brain took a holiday somewhere. I didn’t care, this was wonderful. I closed my eyes finally and just basked in the feelings of joy when he stopped touching me.

I wish he had done that yesterday. I opened my eyes, pissed off at him. “Did you do that to Diane?”

Now he laughed. His face was slick from his chin to his chest, with either sweat or my juices, I guess. I needed an answer. I needed one now.

“You will have to ask her.”

His statement deflated me. He was cheating on me, but he did fuck her – last night, wasn’t it? I hated her because I had to share him. I hated him because he gave me such good feelings. It made no sense to hate either since neither one had done anything really wrong to me. Both of them wronged her husband, didn’t they? I didn’t know the guy, maybe he was an ass? That has to be it. Her husband is an ass.

I heard a “click” noise, like from the closing of a door. I looked at the door we had entered and it was still locked. I was scared. The other door in the room, I had never seen it opened so I didn’t think that door had opened. If someone had used a key, I think the sound would have been different.

“On your knees, Sweetheart. I want to fuck you now” he said, ignoring my concerns.

Mechanically, I positioned myself so I could look at the door we had entered. I rested my elbows on the arm of the sofa and my knees between the soft leather cushions on the sofa. I wanted to know the moment that door opened. I know, it was stupid, but I just felt like I needed to have the security that no one was peeking in while I let this stud have me.

I felt movement behind me. He placed his hands on my ass and guided his dick into my pussy. God, it felt so good. Why didn’t we do this yesterday? I looked back to see him smiling at me when he had buried his dick all the way into my orifice. I had to turn back to look at his face. I don’t know why, but he turned me on more with that look and stance. I had to hold off my orgasm this time. He had to cum. I wanted to be the best fuck he ever had. Damn that Diane! She took my cock away from me last night. Never mind that it was still attached to the man. I like it now, and wanted it then. I should have had it then too.

His Anadolu Yakası Escort long deep strokes started slow.

“Ohhhh.” I said, drawing out the word for a long time. Stroke in, stroke out, stroke in, stroke out. I had to take quicker breaths. It felt like he was touching the inside of my belly button. I heard that “Click” and the door handle never moved when I turned to watch. The button was still pressed in.

He went faster.

“God!” this had to be over soon. “Fuck me more!” Fuck, fuck, fuck…I said in my head. “Please cum for me baby! I am so close. Cum with me.” I whimpered and actively started thrusting back at him. My knees dipped a little more between the cushions and the angle of his attack changed with his tempo. I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“I…..FUCK!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!! It’s here!” I yelled. I forgot that I was just in an office space on the president’s floor. I creamed, and then I felt him speeding up and filling me with his own cum. I leaned forward to escape, but he moved with me and kept filling me. My tits squashed against the arm of the sofa and the coolness of the leather gave me one more small little one. I loved it.

“click” The lever didn’t move, but I turned quickly to the other door. It looked closed. It didn’t seem to faze David. The weight of him on top of me was uncomfortable, but I felt oddly and weirdly safe. After a few moments he got off me. I turned over, wondering what time it was. He got up and sat on the love seat that formed the furniture L-shape in the room.

While he was just sitting there, I got up. I went over to the other door and tried it. It opened easily.

Inside was a private executive restroom – a private restroom? There wasn’t another entry that I could see and no one was on the lone toilet. A large mirror graced the opposing wall. Well, I did feel full. So I sat on the toilet. I had left the door open but it closed on its own with a “click” after I relieved myself. The sound frightened me. Could someone have watched us? There wasn’t anyone in this room – I couldn’t see anywhere for them to hide in this small space.

I washed my hands and patted dry. David had moved to the sofa and looked to be sleeping.

I tried the door we came through, although I was still naked. I had to unlock it, and I peeked.

No one was on the other side of it. I quickly closed and locked it again. I got dressed.

David was snoring on the sofa when I chanced leaving. I knew I would have to leave the door unlocked. Since no one was on the other side, I left after gathering myself as best I could.

I went down to my desk and Diane wasn’t there. I got my cell out of my desk, a little over an hour gone. Wow, second day here and I had already fucked twice. I felt naughty. I sat behind my desk when suddenly Diane appeared behind me. I barely had time to turn around when she spoke.

“Dear, we have a little over an hour till COB – take this brush and do something with your hair.”

She knew. Her words spoken that way meant she knew. I was embarrassed. I blushed.

“Wash your face too. I’ll watch your desk, but don’t take too long.”

Stray thoughts occurred to me, but as I observed her now at this moment, she looked perfect. Her hair was “fixed” and so was her makeup. I had the overwhelming desire to say something, but I didn’t know what. Wasn’t I supposed to be mad? Or her?

I grabbed the beautiful handled brush and almost ran to the restroom. Why didn’t I notice my hair in the executive bathroom? With my lipstick partially smeared I looked like a hot mess. Damn the man. I wiped the rest of it off and brushed my hair. I felt like I was about to do battle. I was steeling myself for something. I felt like Diane knew too much, but I knew about her too. I needed to play it as cool as she had been doing.

I felt like I was wearing armor with my refreshed look. Diane was standing in front of my desk this time, touching the top of it. I guess remembering where David slammed her head.

“Did he hurt you?” I asked, although a little late.

She smiled at me. “I wish. It surprised me, but in a way I am glad he did it.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I have been having an affair with him since the day he got here. I don’t know why, other than this place bores me to death.”

Oh no, I felt sympathy for her. Wasn’t I supposed to be mad?

“He is screwing other women,” I said.

“Yea, me, my daughter, and of course you, probably others,” she said with a smile. I blushed.

“We could report him, together we have strong case.”

“That would do what? Take away my favorite cock? I know one thing – it would take away the excitement I have for this fucking place. I wasn’t designed to be a secretary. I always wanted something more. It sickens me that the more I wanted was between his legs. Do what you want, but I won’t back you up. Some sister I would make – I would rather have the dick and share it than have it taken away permanently. Why haven’t you reported it already?”

I cried, “Because I fucking love it! I love that for the whole time I been here a real man now walks around and breaks the rules to get me. I mean, he is a little above average in looks, and I know next to nothing about him, but he makes me feel good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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