The Family Dynamic

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*** All characters in this story are 18 or older. **


Tim laid there sleeping. His mother, Caroline, leaning against the door frame watching her baby boy sleep. She sipped her coffee as her eyes caressed over his naked frame. Four years of wrestling, taking him to every part of the state. The trophies filled the wall to bring that fact to light. Her eyes savored every muscular inch until she saw his thick cock. Morning wood..damn what a sight, she thought. Every time she saw it, she marveled at it like it was new.

Now on his eighteenth birthday, he was to undergo a life altering realization of what his family dynamic actually was. Caroline had hoped that he was open enough to understand what he was now going to be asked of him, would he in fact accept? She looked up at his alarm, sighed regrettably, then reached for the door handle and closed the door quietly.

Caroline walked back to her bedroom and into the master bath. Grabbing a washcloth and wetting it with cool water. She places the wet cloth between her thighs trying to cool off her throbbing pussy. Her hand holding onto the counter top as she tried to cool the heat emanating from her core, shaking her head as she wiped up from her knee up to the crest of her pussy. “God, I’m a mess…” Caroline says under her breath.

After cleaning herself up she walked over to the wall in her bedroom, bookcases lining it, she locates a certain book, tilting it back, hearing a ‘CLICK”. The adjacent bookcase swung out a few inches. Caroline moved the case open farther placing her thumb on a scanning screen, an audible “beep” sounds. She grabbed the handle to the safe, turning the lever. Pulling the door open, she reaches into the top shelf and pulls out a rather large book, a large “D” scribed on it’s cover.

Tim’s alarm went off, reaching over and turning it off. He sat up swinging Lefkoşa Escort his muscular legs to the edge of the bed, sitting up. After getting his bearings, standing up, walking to the bathroom he stops and looks down the hall seeing nobody, moving in to the bathroom and starts his shower.

Caroline hands shake as she places the book on her bed, catching herself in the full length mirror, she smiled. Two long years of running 3-5 miles every other day, yoga twice a week. At 40 years old she looked to be in her younger 30’s. Her 40 DD tits held their own against the powers of gravity, her cored, toned mid section almost to a six-pack. She turned to see her waxed pussy, clean and swollen, her labia a little larger than normal, but, her sex drive has been on overload for the past week. Her ass was firm, once she was told by a friend at yoga that a quarter could be bounced off it, everyone got a good laugh, she was right her gluts routine was of a mix of P90X and extreme work-out. Caroline stood 5’8″ tall her Irish family shining through with her red locks down to the middle of her back, freckles covering most of her body. Her emerald green eyes flickered with light.

Caroline broke from her admiration and grabbed another robe wrapping herself in it, taking the book with her as she made her way back into the kitchen. Placing it on the table, she made herself another cup of coffee. Sitting down at what would be the head of the table, she pondered what would happen in the next few hours.

Tim finished up his shower making note that he wouldn’t have time to jerk off. He turned off the water, then grabbed a towel and started drying off. As he made his way back into his bedroom, glancing out again, seeing his mother sitting at the table in heavy thought. She had started becoming more entranced than normal, it was Girne Escort starting to worry him. He finally went in and dressed and closed his door as he headed down to meet his mother.

As Tim came up behind his mom, he leaned down, wrapping his arms just under her breasts, his palm pressed softly against her left one as he squeezed a soft hug. By doing it this way his hand pressed into her tit.

Caroline broke from her deep thought as Tim hugged her. Her hand came up and held his cheek as he turned slightly and kissed the edge of her lips. She in turn moved her head as to kiss his lips at the same place. She felt his strong hand cup her breast, her nipple hardened. She smiled as Tim slowly released his hug, he caught her smiling.

” What’s that smile all about?” he asked, looking up at him she replied “There are some things that you do or say that will always make me smile” Caroline sat there looking into his eyes, looking for the one thing she so desired and she wasn’t disappointed. Tim could never totally hide his real feelings for his mom and she knew it.

“What time will you be home?” she asked. Tim stood there for a moment thinking, he really didn’t want the party he knew she was planning. “I should be home by 4, sooner if they don’t bore me with stupid questions” stating sarcastically. “Baby, you know in order–” Caroline started to say as he cut her off. “Yes Mom, I know in order to get my certs..” as he finished her statement. She frowned at him, then giggled, “all right then” she ended.

Just then the front door opened as a redheaded woman entered, slamming the door closed. “Good god girl, that wind is colder than a Halloween witch’s brass bra!” They both turned and looked as Caroline’s sister, Betty, started undressing from her winter coat, hat and scarf. Kicking her shoes off Betty turned to Magosa Escort see her favorite nephew smiling back at her. “Well, hello there handsome, long time no ogle!! Betty smiled wide. She had always known Tim loved her ass. On more than one occasion she had eyed him as she swayed across a room.

Betty was almost a mirror image of her sister with the exception of a few pounds around the center. Like her sister she had striking red hair only hers was cut just at the shoulder. Like green eyes that sparkled, and an ass to die for. Her breasts were well placed on her frame and size rounding out at a very nice 38DD.

Betty walked into the kitchen lifting her arms to hug her nephew, Tim leaned down wrapping his arms around her waist. As Betty curled her arms around Tim’s neck she kissed him openly on his lips. Tim surprised but not rattled, his hands gripped each cheek of his Aunt’s firm ass and lifted her up. Betty squealed in delight as smiled a toothy grin looking down into her nephew’s eyes.

“Gettin’ kinda handsy there nephew” Betty giggled. Tim returned her shot over the bow with one of his own replying “are you bitchin’ or bragging’ there Auntie?”

Betty still in attack mode retaliated “Bragging,..totally bragging!” as she laughed Tim loosened his grip and allowed his aunt to slowly slide down his front, his hands feeling her body. Caroline was laughing hysterically, her sides were starting to hurt. trying to say ” be careful..” laughing more “what you ask for..” still giggling uncontrollably.

Tim looked up at the clock as his Aunt’s feet touched the marble floor, ” I need to get going” he said. Caroline was still giggling as she stood and hugged her son. Tim thought and went for it. He grabbed an squeezed his mom’s tight butt cheeks. His mother let out an auditable moan. “Come straight home please” she asked. Tim looked into his mom’s eyes and nodded. Tim went to the coat rack, bundling up and headed to his car.

The girls listened as the garage door opened and his car fired to life. Caroline watched as his car turned around in the large drive, the garage door closing, as he drove away.

*******To Be Continued******

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