The Fastest Fuck in the West

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The sun beat down on yet another glorious day of heat in the sprawling, sparkling, dream-filled metropolis of Shorehaven. The summer’s heat rose from the warm ground in shimmering air as the city went about its business, whether it was people heading to the beach for the glorious sunshine, heading to work for whichever job they were employed in, or simply doing one of the countless other activities people do that fill their lives.

Sunshine always lifted people’s moods, and within the City of Taboo Dreams things were no different. Within the area of the city known as Havendale, an area filled with lovely looking homes, gardens and people, Zoe Webber lay in the back garden of the house she shared with her fiancée, Kevin McReea, enjoying the heat of the sun in its clear blue sky as she lay sunbathing peacefully.

Her long, slightly-wavy, blonde hair laid spread about her beautiful face as she lay on the lounger chair soaking up the rays. Her large, emerald-coloured eyes were hidden behind the dark sunglasses she wore while her large 38C tits, slim waist, smooth legs and simply gorgeous body, was wrapped only under the average-sized blue bikini that revealed her body to perfection while hiding enough to entice the imagination as to what treasures lay beneath.

Zoe had been lying in the heat for some time now, enjoying the warmth as it shone down on her while the soft, gentle breeze stirred occasionally. It was another beautiful day in the sparkling city and one Zoe intended to take full advantage of. She and Kevin had been engaged for a year and a half now and had been together for two years before that. The wedding they had planned would be in a couple of months and so most of their time was taken up either working or organising wedding things. Everything was going as planned however, but today Zoe intended to just take a day off and enjoy the glorious weather. Kevin, her loving, and not to mention hot, fiancée had been spending time with her out in the sun earlier until the phone rang and he had gone out to meet up with his best friend Will, who Zoe thought Kevin might ask to be his best man soon. She wished he would hurry up with that, it would make planning a lot simpler.

The two had been gone, well, Zoe wasn’t sure how long as she had fallen asleep in the sun for a little while, but when she woke up Kevin and Will had been inside, no doubt having a drink and talking about some guy stuff or something like that, maybe watching a film or something. Kevin had popped out long enough to tell her that he was back and that Will was there, but since then he had left her to enjoy the sunshine, which she didn’t mind at all; it was nice to enjoy the sun on her own in the garden, there was something peaceful about it all.

Sighing happily Zoe shifted on the lounger chair and took a sip of her drink that she had on the table beside her before she looked down at her gorgeous, sun-drenched body.

She had been out in the sun a while, and had planned on taking her bikini off to make sure she didn’t get any tan lines, however now that Will was there that had to be changed. Sitting up reluctantly and swinging her legs off the lounger, Zoe decided that she should probably leave the sunbathing for today or she would have tan lines. So she picked up her drink as she stood up and finished it off before heading towards the house, deciding that a nice shower would be just the perfect end to a nice peaceful day of lounging before she joined the guys in whatever it was they had decided on doing.

Leaving the glass on the counter in the kitchen, Zoe made her way into the lounge, smiling prettily to herself in happiness.

“…going that way, you’re totally going to need it.” Will was jesting as Zoe walked through the doors from the kitchen.

The moment she entered the room the conversation cut off just as sudden as when a stereo is unplugged halfway through a song, and both men turned to look at her. Zoe had known the reaction she would get before she had even entered the house, especially because she was only dressed in her bikini, which was not as revealing as some she owned, but still struggled to keep her large tits hidden and showed her flat stomach, slim waist and smooth legs off completely.

However, even if she hadn’t been wearing that bikini, Zoe still would have known how both men would react to her hot 23-year-old body. Kevin looked towards her with love and pride as she came in, while Will stared at her in appreciation with a hint of hunger in his eyes.

Zoe’s smile widened as she looked at the two behind her dark sunglasses. The two of them always reacted the same, only the more revealing clothes she wore, the more pronounced their expressions became. Will had always had a thing for her and was always making comments on how hot she looked or letting his eyes ogle various parts of her whenever he came over. Kevin didn’t care at all at his friend’s reaction, and knew Will had a thing for her, but it had never bothered him. When Zoe had Bostancı Escort first asked him about it he had said that he knew she was beautiful and that guys would always enjoy looking at her, that that couldn’t be helped and that he didn’t mind people looking as he knew that she was his and that she loved him and him alone, which she did with all of her heart. It was true, guys had always looked at her with the same stare Will always had when she was around, and it was nice that Kevin was so relaxed about it all. His confidence was something Zoe had always loved about him, it helped her feel that she could be herself without him worrying about her being unfaithful to him. She had never minded other women looking at him, so it was nice to have that returned. Some of her boyfriends in the past hadn’t been so laid back, so when she found Kevin it had been like a huge weight had been taken from her shoulders. Not that she ever really flirted with other guys, occasionally she would reply to a comment Will would make teasingly or jokingly but she never really flirted with anyone other than Kevin, but it was nice that he did not worry so much.

Seeing the looks of focus on their faces as she came through the doors, Zoe laughed inside to herself as she thought for perhaps the millionth time how simple it was to distract a man from his concentration.

“Don’t let me interrupt boys, I’m just passing through.” Zoe said amusedly, causing both to smile deeper; Kevin out of amusement and Will no doubt out of a deeper appreciation for her body.

“Had enough of the sun Zo’?” Kevin asked her as he leaned back in his chair.

“For today,” She replied with a smile, “I’ll work on my tan lines tomorrow.”

Before she had said it she had known exactly what Will would say, it was obvious why she would work on them tomorrow and not right then, and sure enough, she was proven correct.

“No need for you to stop on my account Zo’.” Will remarked right on cue to which Kevin shook his head as he smiled amusedly.

“You never give up do ya man?” Zoe’s loving fiancée said with amusement and Will simply shrugged with a grin as he leaned back.

“Just a little light-hearted fun, you know that Kev.” Will replied, however his not-so-hidden glance back at Zoe in her bikini gave away the, if not lie then certainly obvious lack of complete truth to that statement.

Shaking her head as she smiled, Zoe made her way passed the two as they sat on the chairs opposite each other and towards the lounge door.

“I’m going to have a shower and get changed, save me a cold one too, I’ll be down in about half-an-hour.” Zoe said as she opened the door and turned to look at the pair who had obviously been watching her ass sway as she walked passed them.

“Alright babe, see you in a bit.” Kevin replied lovingly.

“Aww, that’s a shame, I like what you’re wearing.” Will added, his eyes still watching her with that same appreciation.

Rolling her eyes, Zoe shook her head as she smiled faintly at her fiancée’s best friend.

“How do you ever get so many girls with lines like that Will?” She asked jestingly; although she had always wondered.

Will was well-known as being a ladies-man and getting a lot of girls, usually for either one night stands or simply casual sex. He had never had a girlfriend in the whole time Zoe had known him, by his choice admittedly, as he said he liked being single and the opportunities it afforded him to be with whoever he wanted. He was good looking, there was no doubt in that, but the lines he came out with to her were just terrible, or incredibly cheesy. How he managed to get any woman, let alone so many, was always a mystery to Zoe.

“Oh, if the lines don’t work my secret ‘weapon’ always does.” Will answered with a broad grin and amused laugh.

The emphasis he put on the word ‘weapon’ was enough for anyone to tell what he was implying. Will’s answer however made Zoe laugh, despite its implication.

“Oh, that was so cheesy, only an airhead would fall for that.” Zoe laughed amusedly before leaning down to kiss Kevin on the head lightly and ruffle his hair lovingly. “You have a strange friend baby.”

Both guys laughed at the jest and Zoe smiled amusedly before she straightened and turned to walk out of the room.

“Have fun boys, remember to keep me a cold one.” She added as she walked out of the room, hearing both of the guys reply that they would.

Smiling to herself and feeling content, Zoe made her way upstairs and in to the bathroom. She was going to look forward to this shower, she loved the feel of water running down her body.

As she peeled the bikini from her luscious body, Zoe felt perfectly happy. The day simply couldn’t get better.

Kevin McReea smiled to himself as he watched his hot 23-year-old girlfriend turn to walk up the stairs. Watching her always made him feel proud, either due to her indescribable beauty or because of one of the countless things that she did, big or small, Kadıköy Escort that just made her the girl he wanted to marry.

Turning back to his friend, Kevin took a swig from his beer as he laughed inside. Will was still staring at the door Zoe had gone through. Will had always had a thing for beautiful women, well, for women in general, and he had always had a good way with them too. It was not very often that Will couldn’t seduce a girl to give into him, even those who weren’t available. Kevin and his friends knew that Will had even managed to work his charm on women who no one would have thought would have been unfaithful, even the women themselves.

Those who resisted the good looks and charm, not to mention the ‘secret weapon’ Will was always so proud about, were few and far between, however Zoe was one of them. All of the guys were always careful having their girlfriends around Will, but Kevin had never really been worried about his friend being around Zoe. Zoe was strong-willed and while she was very sexual, she was completely faithful. Oh, she would play around and joke of course, but Kevin had seen Will try his charm on Zoe but she simply didn’t respond to any of them, as if Will had said or done nothing at all. That thought made Kevin laugh inside again; it always got Will irritated when he couldn’t succeed with women, and Zoe had never battered an eyelid at anything he did at all.

“Damn Kev, you have got one fine piece of ass there.” Will whistled before he looked back to Kevin, swigging from his bottle.

Kevin smiled, half-amusedly and half-proudly.

“I bet she’s one hell of a fuck too ah?” His friend jested and Kevin laughed out loud this time.

“You ask me that every time you see her Will.” Kevin replied as he shook his head, his friend would never change. “What do you think?” He added rhetorically.

“Damn man, I think she’s the kind of girl who loves cock and can’t get enough of it man. Always makes me wonder why she’s with you and not with the ‘weapon’.” Will replied with a grin as he indicated his crotch.

Kevin took another drink of his beer, smiling amusedly at his friend. This was perhaps the thousandth time they had had this exact same conversation; Will really wouldn’t change.

“Perhaps because she loves me man, and it ain’t all about your ‘weapon’.” Kevin replied as he leaned back in his chair.

“Shit man, I bet that’s not what Zoe would say if I gave her the ‘secret weapon’ man.” Will answered back, eyeing the door and shaking his head as if he was still amazed at just how hot Zoe looked. No doubt he actually was at that.

Kevin laughed again, if there was one thing he knew, it was that Zoe was completely satisfied with him. They had sex at least twice a day, every day, and Zoe always told him how good he made her feel.

“I doubt that mate, she is a completely satisfied woman.” He replied proudly.

Will turned to regard him once more with that big grin of his.

“That’s ’cause I have never tried with her man, you’re my best friend and she’s your girl.” He said in return confidently.

While Kevin trusted Will as his best friend in most everything, he knew that if he ever had a chance with Zoe he would take it. Luckily there was no doubt in Kevin’s mind that Zoe would never even entertain the thought of being unfaithful, let alone cheating on him, no matter what.

“Shit Will, I’ve seen you try your moves on her, it was like water off a duck’s back.” Kevin replied amusedly, taking another swig from his bottle. His friend really was too overconfident, not every woman he had tried to seduce had succumbed to his charms.

“Yeah, but that’s ’cause I wasn’t trying hard man, as I said, she’s your girl, and I wouldn’t do that to my main man. But, if I did unleash the moves, Zoe would be begging for it like all the rest.” Will said, nodding triumphantly as if he had already succeeded in screwing her.

“Unleash the moves?” Kevin replied and almost choked on his beer as he tried not to laugh out loud. “Damn man, even if you had any more moves to try on her, I know she wouldn’t go for it. She’s not like the others you’ve aimed at.”

Will grinned deeper as he leaned forward to obviously emphasise what he was about to say.

“I have some more moves, ones I usually reserve for special cases that prove more difficult to hunt.” His friend said sounding completely confident, despite the fact that Kevin knew there were women who he had tried everything to bed and they had still turned him down. “I just haven’t used them ’cause you were there. Women are more resistant around their men.”

This time Kevin did laugh loudly.

“I thought the reason was because you’re my best friend?” Kevin replied amusedly. His friend’s overconfidence despite the facts was hilarious.

“Yeah, but I meant if I was gonna try, you know.” Will answered as he leaned back, swigging his beer.

Kevin watched his friend as he raised his own bottle to his lips. His friend truly Göztepe Escort wouldn’t change his mind. He was adamant he could get Zoe under him despite the fact he had tried his charms on her before and received not even an irritated frown, just simply as if he had done nothing. Kevin was so certain no matter what Will or anyone else tried, Zoe simply would never give in to them, that was just not her.

“You’re so full of shit Will, man, you crack me up.” Kevin replied as he drank the last of his beer and placed the empty bottle on the table in front of him.

“No shitting man, she’d be totally begging me for it.” Will stated adamantly in reply.

How the guy could be so seriously sure, Kevin would never know.

“There’s no way you’d seduce her, I’m telling you man, there’s no way at all.” He replied as he grabbed the last bottle from this case. There was more in the refrigerator for later though.

Will shook his head, his expression becoming more determined and competitive.

“Nah man, I’m telling ya Kev, if I didn’t hold back, Zoe would be riding this bad boy in an hour, tops, your fiancée or not.” His friend retorted sounding as if he had no doubts.

“An hour, now you are full of shit.” Kevin replied, cracking open the beer and swigging from it calmly. He was as confident as Will appeared to be.

“I totally bet you I could! An hour, two at most man, and she’d have her legs wrapped around me clawing my back.” Will said in reply before adding, “But as I said, I wouldn’t unleash the moves on your girl, ’cause you’re my main man.”

Kevin sipped from his beer as he watched his friend for a moment. How he could be so confident when he was just so obviously wrong, Kevin could just not understand. There was obviously only one way to deal with this; call his bluff and prove him wrong. Of course, he could just leave it, but then Will would take that as he was conceding he was right, and then he would believe he really could have Zoe if he wanted her, which Kevin knew was absolutely wrong. No, Will needed to be shown that he really couldn’t have any woman he wanted, even if he should have learned from those he had failed to charm.

“Alright, I bet you couldn’t.” Kevin replied and almost laughed again as Will was suddenly taken aback.

“What? You bet I couldn’t what?” Will said, blinking due to his shocked confusion.

“I bet you couldn’t seduce Zoe if I left you to it for an hour or two.” Kevin replied, sipping his beer calmly.

“You really bet that I couldn’t get her to have sex with me? Are you serious, ’cause you know I totally could.” Will replied, sounding less sure than he had moments earlier, though he did try to seem as confident.

Kevin nodded calmly.

“You think you can charm her, I know you couldn’t. There seems no other way to solve it than a simple bet.” He said calm and confident.

Will watched him a moment, obviously trying to gauge whether he was being serious or not.

“Alright Kev, what would the terms be?” Will said carefully definitely not as certain as he had been but too proud to back down. He had to know now that he had no chance.

“Well, if you win, you get to have sex with Zoe, if I win, you have to firstly admit to the guys that you really aren’t such a ladies man, that there are some women who don’t want you, and you give me a hundred.” Kevin answered calmly. While he didn’t want anyone but him having sex with Zoe, he knew that there was no way she would ever be charmed by Will in a whole lifetime, let alone in an hour or two, so he knew he had already won.

Will’s eyes bulged at mention that he could have Zoe if he won, though Kevin could still tell he was unsure he could actually win.

Kevin took another swig of his beer as he watched his friend debate in his head what to do. He obviously had doubts he could succeed now, so he either lost face by losing the bet, or lost face by admitting he was wrong. His pride wouldn’t let him do the latter however.

“Alright, you’re on.” He said after a few moments, before he stood up to offer Kevin his hand.

Kevin couldn’t help but smile a touch. Will really wouldn’t change, even if he wasn’t confident he was still proud.

Standing, Kevin took his friend’s hand and shook it, sealing the bet. This was going to be the easiest bet he had ever won he thought smugly.

Will couldn’t stop himself from feeling several emotions at once. Mostly though he felt a mix of shock, that Kevin would make such a bet, concern, because he knew why Kevin made that bet, and excitement, that he would get to try it on with Zoe. The only problem was of course, as Kevin obviously knew all too well, Zoe had never given even the slightest hint that he was trying to charm her, no matter what he had done, and now because he had opened his big mouth, he had an hour or two to try to change that or else he would have to lose face and money. How he was going to manage this, he had no idea, and it was obvious that Kevin was just as confident, damn him for knowing him too well. Why had he been so proud and gotten himself into this mess.

Despite thinking and feeling all of this at once, Will tried to keep his face calm and confident; he thought he managed a respectable job of it.

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