The Festival Ch. 04

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Author’s Note:

Hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. We pick up where the last chapter left off, with Benji reeling from his strange sexual encounter with Dani. Things are going to get wild from here on out, and you’ll need to be familiar with the previous entries to know the characters and context. Look, this isn’t Ulysses, but it does have a lot of moving pieces. Have fun and let me know how you feel in the comments!


We clothed ourselves in silence, only occasionally swapping awkward grins. Amongst Allison’s college peers, Danica was an anomaly. She bored of academic discussions quickly. She was quick to drink, quick to laugh. She spoke her mind and so often found her foot in her mouth. At times she even appeared simple, but Allison loved her because she was, at her core, a simple honest friend. Danica, the motor mouthed blonde, had become a silent enigma now. Was that because she felt guilty? I was too flustered to pry and confront my own guilt. To speak of it, was to make it real, it seemed. I was so very desperate to convince myself that all of this was happening to me, not because of me. But there was a lingering energy and tension between us, something I was perhaps too afraid to unpack.

Dani chose a strappy white top and a pair of flared pink suede trousers. Beneath it, I knew she’d forgone underwear. Wearing my navy shorts, I ventured outside to retrieve my own shirt. It was there we were confronted by the returning Nelly. With those cool blue eyes, she looked us over suspiciously. “She’s pretty steamed,” she said of Macy, “but she said it’s you that has to live with it. Think she still hates Benji, so don’t expect a Christmas card this year.”

“Where is she?” asked Dani.

“At the tropical stage, the music has started and the bar is open.”

“I’ll go talk to her,” sighed Danica. She didn’t so much as glance at me before striding away purposefully. Even in those loose-fitting pants, her bum was prominent. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And about all the things she said.

Nelly elbowed me in the ribs. “So what happened after we left?”

“Nothing,” I lied at once. I didn’t need Nelly being privy to anymore than she already knew. “She, er, told me not to let it happen again.” She told me things about my girlfriend which would curl even your blue hair. My voice got oddly high pitched which might have given hint to my deceit.

But Nelly was satisfied by my answer. I suppose she didn’t expect more. “Ha, she grabbed your baby dick, dude,” she chuckled, “maybe if you weren’t so pathetic, she’d have fucked you. Though I suppose it’s because you’re so pathetic that she let you off the hook. Man, what I’d give to tap that…” she mused while staring after Dani. “Her boyfriend is an oaf, hetero girls have such poor standards.” I stood there uncomfortably while she fawned. “Anyways,” she said at last, “it’s twelve o’clock, let’s get wasted, buddy.” She smacked me on the bottom and set about rummaging through the cooler box for tequila.

“Is that really a good idea?” I asked timidly.

“Well, you could lick my asshole again, if you’d prefer,” she suggested bluntly, offering me the bottle. I snatched it begrudgingly and took a hearty swig to appease her.

The fire in my belly gave me a certain testy courage. “I thought you were gay?” I complained, wondering why she’d taken such an interest in me.

“I thought you were straight!” she shot back, “sure seemed like you liked my brother-in-law’s cock.” She slunk into her camp chair and kicked one out for me. Nelly sipped the tequila and sized me up. “Sexuality isn’t binary, we’re all somewhere along the scale, Benji. But you’ll figure that out in time. Until then…drink.” And I did, anything to keep her from getting other ideas. I’m not gay. Not even bisexual. I wasn’t attracted to men. Maybe, I was bicurious. I did like stroking Robbie’s cock, but I was also very high at the time.

By the time the others returned, Nelly and I were pretty sauced. “Oh my god, seems like you two had a fun afternoon,” Ali laughed fretfully as I struggled to rise from my chair. She turned to Nelly, “why do you insist on corrupting my innocent boyfriend!?”

“I am but a humble servant of the dark lord,” she replied dryly.

“How was your hike?” I slurred. She told me all about it; how they went swimming in a mountain stream, and saw wild goats.

“Where’s Dani?” asked Saul, who had clearly been smoking some weed.

“Somewhere yonder, with Macy,” Nelly gestured toward the stages. Their boyfriends went off in search of them while Jessie and Robbie wanted to shower before partying.

“Come help me get dressed,” Allison proposed, seizing me by the wrist. She led me back into the tent of sins. When we were alone, she broached her concerns. “Are you okay? I’m worried about you.” I’m worried about me. I scoffed, feeling anything but okay.

It was the first time we’d been alone since Bostancı Escort arriving at the festival, and I was wilting. There was nowhere to begin, no way to tell her everything. “I’m fine,” I said instead, “you don’t have to fuss over me.” Ali kissed me on the lips, slipping her tongue tentatively into my mouth.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered. Oh, boy. I knew that expression, a twinkle in those haunting blue pupils. “I wanted you last night, but you were already asleep when I got back.” She ran her hand under my t-shirt and along my skinny stomach, kissing my neck. Instinctively, my fingers danced along her spine and to her waist. She wore only a grey sports bra, tight black spandex shorts, and a pair of sneakers. She smelled naturally feminine, a sweet pleasant fragrance even after an active day. It was a pheromone I found addictive. Any other time I’d have her in a heartbeat. Not here. Not in this tent, not in this bed.

“Someone could come in,” I sighed as she continued to seduce me, “Nelly, she’s outside–“

“Then you’ll just have to be quick,” she winked and bit her lip. There was no plausible reason to refuse her. She removed my t-shirt and quickly kicked off her shoes. “Just relax, I’ll take care of you.” Allison rubbed my crotch, nibbling at my ear and neck. Whether it was the alcohol, the anxiety, or the fact I’d already cum thrice in this godforsaken tent, once inside Jessie and most recently on Danica’s ass, it was apparent I wasn’t going to be so easily stirred. She toyed with my cock, teasing it with her fingertips. “It’s okay,” my girlfriend assured me kindly, “I got this.” After removing my shorts, she perched herself on the edge of our bed. She slipped her arm between my spindly legs and placed her palm on my lower back, drawing me closer to her.

Ali took my flaccid dick into her mouth and began to suck on it. Her mouth was so skilled, and warm, and she knew just how to purse her lips to make up for my thin penis. Yet I could not get hard for her, every time I felt a little flurry, I had a flashback to my infidelities, sending me back to limp square one. “It…uh…must be the tequila,” I mumbled sheepishly. She looked up at me with those deep blue eyes. She’s so goddamn beautiful. Her angelic face was smooth and unblemished, like porcelain. Her hair was a mane of auburn that fell to her waist. And yet here she was with my soft two-inch dick in her mouth. I don’t deserve her.

Or perhaps I didn’t know her. “Let me,” I insisted. I placed my hands on Ali’s shoulders and gently lay her down. I kissed the sheen of sweat on her long swanlike neck, kissed her collarbone, her ribs, her flat tummy. My hands roamed under her sports bra, tweaking her small nipples until they rose. I left it on but tugged her shorts down her tall smooth legs, along with her panties. I loved that she didn’t wax her crotch entirely. She left a furry but groomed patch of fiery copper hair around her groin, only tapered off at her bikini line. Nuzzling my nose into her bush, I smelled her. Having had some other experience now, I found it remarkable how different they all smelled and tasted. But Ali’s bouquet was best of all.

I licked through the soft curly hair and found her mewling womanhood. My nails dug into her hip bones as I carved her cunt with my tongue. She arched her back and moaned softly. “Fuck, yessss, Benji,” she crooned. I could have spent my life right there, but instead I thought about what Nelly and Danica had inferred about my girlfriend. Leaving her clit, my tongue traced down her slit and along her perineum. I budged her legs wider apart and angled her groin upward, giving me access to her immaculate backdoor. “Oh, shit,” she gasped when my tongue wormed into her sphincter. Her tight little butthole was near as flawlessly white as all the rest of her. I could maybe taste a hint of salty sweat, but otherwise it tasted like nothing. Clearly, it didn’t feel like nothing because her breaths became unsteady.

Could Nelly truly have gotten here first, I wondered. This felt so distinctly intimate it was difficult to fathom that devious androgynous bitch anywhere near Allison’s asshole. But it was apparent that my girlfriend liked having her ass licked. I could make her cum with cunnilingus, but with my tongue in her asshole she was getting hot and heavy so much quicker. Why wouldn’t she tell me she was into this? But perhaps she was into it now precisely because it was new. “That feels so fucking gooood,” she moaned, “deeper, deeper, my love.” I did have a long tongue, and I used all of it, dipping it in and out her arse until she was soaking wet and gasping for air. She was playing with herself too. Indeed the wet and warmth from her sex spread over my face, down her crack.

I probed her arse with a heavy dextrous tongue, over-and-over, flicking my tongue deep in her anus. Ripples of fierce pleasure rushed through her. She clenched a fistful of Ümraniye Escort blanket in one hand and covered her mouth with the other, supressing her squealing orgasm. “That was amazing,” she panted at last. I was proud to have given her pleasure, but my curiosity was not yet sated. I have to know. “Anal Queen Allison,” Danica had called her. From Nelly’s lips, I’d have dismissed it.

What her mouth couldn’t do, mine did. I was rock hard now, just from eating her ass for the first time. I had never been the instigator in the bedroom, but I was today. I didn’t ask her permission, I flipped her over and grabbed her by the hips, drawing her onto all fours. “What are you–” she asked, still reeling from her orgasm. But it quickly became apparent as I pressed my cock against her asshole. It may not have been much, my skinny pale dick with its pink helmet, but the sight of it straining arrow straight toward her shapely behind was glorious. She didn’t have an absurdly large round ass like Dani, but it was a pert bum with a tasty hint of jiggle. “Do it, baby,” she encouraged me. Not that I needed any more incentive.

With surprising ease, my cock entered her slippery ass. It was nowhere near as tight as I’d expected, but it felt so fucking good. The way her puckered hole seemed to swallow my manhood was so hot. I pushed forward until my pubic bone came to rest against her cheeks. “Aaaah,” she groaned pleasurably, “careful, stud, I’ve never done this before.” So, Dani lied! She was neither simple, nor loyal, nor a friend. That was oddly disappointing. What we’d shared earlier, however inappropriate, had seemed honest to me, in a sense. Had she just been repeating rumours about her best friend or was she trying to provoke me, as Nelly had? Did Allison have anyone in her life whom she could truly trust? As I slammed my dick into Allison’s ass a second time, I forgot all about Dani’s deceit. I was still drunk, but now I was raging horny, imbued with a sense of slumbering pride. “Do you like fucking my ass, Benji?” she purred between my thrusts.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, causing her spine to arch in a most erotic way. “I love fucking your ass, Ali,” I confirmed. She chuckled and clenched her cheeks tight, wiggling her bottom with me inside her.

“Then fuck me harder,” she demanded. I obliged. I knew she had a certain wildness to her, but our couplings had always been tender. This was a whole other side to Allison and I was intoxicated by it. I felt like a man, I felt powerful for the first time. Perhaps ever. “Stuff that cock up my arse,” she begged obscenely. I smacked her ass and she squirmed. I forgot where we were, nothing else mattered. “Deeper!” she implored. That, I could not do. Petite as her bum was, I only had so much to give. Instead, I fucked her faster, rabidly, drooling and rasping as I thrashed into her. What the anus lacks in natural lubrication, it makes up for with the sensory experience. It was almost like her asshole was sucking on my cock, flexing and pulling on it each time I withdrew.

It couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes but I erupted fiercely into her. “Aroooooooooo!” I howled, driving into her during that final pump. There couldn’t have been much cum left in my balls, but what little there was, I left in her asshole.

“Damn, baby,” she panted. I flopped on top of her, resting against her back, and for a moment we shared one heartbeat.

“Great, can we come in and get dressed now,” we heard Jessie chirp from outside. Had they walked in, or just heard us going at it? Allison laughed, wriggling out from under me she popped her ass off my cock, unbothered.

“Give us a minute, Jess,” Allison hollered back. I was still trying to catch my breath. We locked lips passionately. Even as our bodies cooled, the fire burned brightest. “That was fun,” she said, giving my cock a little squeeze.

“I’m so madly in love with you,” I said, fighting back tears. I knew then that I really would do anything to keep her.


We got ourselves dressed, giggling like lovesick teens as we did. Ali wore a white bandeau top and a pair of denim dungarees, her hair bound in a long braid. I wore a loud print shirt and my now dry jeans. When we emerged, we were met with mock applause from Robbie. Even Ali blushed.

“Gross you guys, we all have to share that tent,” snapped Nelly, half seriously. Was she jealous?

“Oh shush,” chided Jessie, “good for you two.” She didn’t seem phased at all. Jessie remained a baffling puzzle. On the surface she was all whimsy and kindness. But I knew better, and that made me uneasy. There was no ghost of our affair etched upon her face. The whole thing might have been a dream if I didn’t have her depraved sister as a witness. Robbie pressed a tumbler of whiskey into my hand like a proud father, clinking our glasses together. Did he truly not remember? All of it is in the past. Kartal Escort “I’m going to make things right, be the man Allison deserves,” I pledged to myself.

The married couple went to get changed for the evening. “Shall we go find the others?” Ali proposed, accepting a joint from Nelly. And in what sort mood shall we find them? I dreaded the prospect of encountering Macy.

“You two go on,” shrugged Nelly, drunker than I’d left her, “I need to get ready too.” She seemed despondent. Defeated even. I almost felt bad for her. Maybe she was just a lovesick lesbian, and she’d taken her frustration out on me. She meant to break me, but while I fucked the woman of her dreams, she’d been left outside to listen. That, it seemed, had broken her. We left her moping in the setting sun, heading to where music blared and people danced.

We didn’t find the others at either of the first two stages we visited, and after that we stopped looking. I was an awkward dancer at best, and the music was trashy trance, but Allison held me close and we swayed. Drunk, sexually gratified, and in her arms, the carnal misfortunes of the past 24 hours receded from my brain. “Thank you,” she shouted in my ear.

“For what?”

“For embracing this weekend, for being you,” she replied. There it was again, that pang of guilt.

“Why do you love me?” I blurted out.

The question startled her. “Because you’re…good,” she smiled, “and you make me good.” You don’t know what I’ve done. There seemed to be something on the tip of her tongue. “Benjamin…I…just, I’ve got…you have to understand…”

“There you are!” boomed Saul, high as a kite, interrupting our moment. Dani was close behind him, we exchanged unassuming smiles. You’re a liar, Danica Higgs, my girlfriend is perfect. Lucas joined the dancefloor reunion, boogeying in a silly strut, but Macy scowled and went straight to the bar.

“What’s going on with her?” Ali noticed.

“She’s just in one of her moods,” grumbled Lucas, “maybe you could try talking to her?” Allison did just that.

I was worried, but Dani gave me a reassuring look. “It’s fine,” she whispered almost inaudibly. I didn’t know if I could trust her, but I had little choice. As luck would have it, Nelly and Jessie arrived on the scene. The younger sister gave me a psst and inclined her head aside. All my secrets were pivoting about me in that cacophony of noise. I glanced toward Ali–my love, my muse, my soul.

It was time to settle this, and I needed to get on the front foot. “We need to talk,” I demanded.

“Couldn’t agree more,” Nelly replied, turning on her heel and away from the crowd. She’d quaffed her hair neatly back, and wore a sleeveless silvery sequined shirt that shimmered prettily in the night. On her diminutive frame, it was long enough to be a short dress. She might not even have been wearing pants but she did sport a pair of tall burgundy doc martens.

As she lit a joint, I decided to speak first. “I fucked up, I’m an idiot. And a pervert,” I announced. Contrition, that’s what she wants. The tequila in my tummy still burned hot, firing me up. “I am sorry. Nobody forced me to do any of it, not even you. I gave into some…unnatural urges. It was my mistake. But I am going to spend the rest of my life making Allison happy. I’m not innocent, but neither is your sister. We’re going to have to live with what we did, and so are you.”

The end of her joint glowed bright as she drew deeply. She blew smoke in my face, her expression an impassive mask. “What about Macy?”

“She won’t tell on Dani,” I said, hoping it was true. Macy may have little regard for me, but she wouldn’t destroy their friendship.

“But I might, and if one lie comes tumbling loose, all the others will follow,” she flicked the joint at me with menace, showing what little regard she had for me. I will not win her over with words. I couldn’t allow myself to be bullied, but nor could I risk overplaying my hand.

I swallowed the dry lump in my throat. “Anything, I said I’d do anything.” I let that hang in the air between us. In for a penny, in for a pound.

As it happens, she had a solution. “I’m out of molly, help me score,” Nelly shrugged, she walked toward the camps leaving me unable to frame a reply.

With my long legs, I was pacing beside her in a few strides. “Why do you need me for that?” I asked shrewdly.

“I’m out of money,” she replied cooly, “only one place you can barter for it but I need some muscle to back me up.” She punched me in the arm playfully. My arms are as thin and weedy as her own. I sensed a trap, but the only way out was forward.

She escorted me to a line of portable loos near the carpark, as shabby as they were vacant. “The one second from the left,” she pointed. In there? There wasn’t anyone around, it was dark, why couldn’t the big bad drug dealer just handle his business outside the stalls? “One knock means yes, two means no,” Nelly informed me, not that I understood, “and don’t say a fucking word, it’s better if he thinks it’s just a lonesome girl looking to score.” The cramped plastic cubicle smelled strongly of detergent, especially when Nelly closed the door behind us.

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