The First Meeting Pt. 01

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“Well, finally,” she thought as the moving truck pulled away. It had certainly been a long and arduous process, but she hoped and prayed the decision she came to was the right one. A change was as good as a rest they say, and Kansas was sure a change. A new beginning. Knowing no one–well, almost no one. She hadn’t even told him, but he would find out soon enough. First things first, she began to slowly unpack. Monday would come soon enough and then back to the real world and looking for work and all that. Not sure where to even begin, one by one she began to go through the items that were all she had left to call her own.

Taking a break sometime later, she made her way to the front porch and sat to sit and listen, and look and get a feel for her neighbors. Not really anyone around, the weather had everyone snug inside. She was left alone with her thoughts and dreams–if that’s what they were called. Half of her wanted so bad just to march across the street and announce her arrival. But, she knew she couldn’t do that. There was far too much at risk, and hurting him was not on her agenda. Patience. Lots of patience. At the very least she hoped the friendship they had begun long ago online could become something real, something tangible. More than a little afraid his reaction to her moving here would be less than positive, she really didn’t know what to do or what to say, so she decided to just let time deal with it.

Back inside, she figured she would attempt a task she had no clue how to do–hooking up her computer. She knew the computer was her one ‘out,’ her way to leave all the worries and close out the reality of life and all the crap it seemed to dump her way. She also knew he could very well be wondering where she had gone to, as it had been several days since she was online. Sure enough, once it was all hooked up she saw he had emailed and left offline messages. As much as she couldn’t admit to him, she looked forward to hearing from him far more than she should. The somewhat innocent flirting always ended because they both knew there was a line–easy, so easy to cross–but, nonetheless, a line.

She was never sure just where his feelings were or was never sure she wanted to know. The ease and comfort she felt talking with him, she didn’t want to jeopardize for anything. So, once again, the move made her worry that maybe the line was crossed and he wouldn’t be as happy as she was that she was here. Determined not to worry and try her best to let it play out over time, she responded to his mail holding back the urge to fill him in on where she went and where she was.


A few days had passed and their paths hadn’t crossed. All the unpacking and adjusting to all the changes hadn’t been enough to take her mind off of him. And trying to continue with this façade online İstanbul Escort with him felt more and more like a lie. Every time they said goodbye she felt worse and worse for not telling him. Being so close now was beginning to literally hurt inside. She watched from the window as the time neared that he would be driving home from work. She had seen the coming and goings of some of the neighbors and had determined which house was actually his. Going outside to check the mail (again), or to check for something in her car (again), was getting monotonous. Not to mention what the neighbors may be thinking. As he pulled up, she latched on to whatever courage she had and headed straight out the door. Trying to contain her excitement she cautiously called his name. Not hearing her she called a little louder–a little more anxiously too. He turned and looked as she continued to approach him. Nerves started rattling the closer she got, wondering maybe he wouldn’t even have a clue who she was! Refraining herself from embracing him in a zealous hug, she smiled rather shyly and said hello. He looked at her reservedly, staring in her eyes as if they held the answers. All she had to do was nod her head, and finally she got the response she was waiting for: a knowing smile.

” What are you doing here?” he asked. “You didn’t…” She nodded again, this time motioning to her house. He was rather speechless, so she gently took his hand and, with her eyes, beckoned for him to follow.

Closing the door she asked him, “Is she…”

“No, she’s not home,” he replied, knowing exactly what she needed answered. Her hands reached up, touching his hair, his face. Her fingers tracing and committing to memory what until now was only a dream. She felt his hands reach behind her, caressing her back, pulling her closer. Gingerly, he leaned, their lips barely whispered together, each one unsure, trying to hold back. Gently, they tasted, kissing lips, cheeks, necks, never far from letting their eyes lose contact afraid the dream would end. The tears in her eyes came despite every effort to hold them back, tears of joy and relief, sadness and pain all together.

Kissing them away he whispered, “Don’t, please.” With that simple cry they unleashed all that had been building for months–all the untold hunger, the ravenousness to know completely and to finally have. Leading him down the hall, all the while they touched, they tasted, they hungered for more. Looking in his eyes she wanted to know it was ok, an approval of sorts, as she slowly lifted his shirt. The twinkle in his eye as in turn he started to unbutton hers was all the answer she needed.


Her hands explored down his shoulders, over his chest, around his back, while her lips followed. She stared, watching his reaction as she reached down and slowly Anadolu Yakası Escort started to undo his belt. His hands slowly slid up her arms into her hair and, pulling her close, he kissed her with such a craving that any doubts vanished. Feeling his skin against hers, the warmth that was growing, knowing he surely must be able to feel her heart beating so rapidly within her. His hands were so gentle, roaming up and down her sides, his thumbs barely crazing across her covered breasts.

She slowly kissed him as at the same time she eased down his pants. Reaching up she took his hands and placed them fully over her breasts, watching his eyes as she then started to remove the black skirt she had put on in hopes that today would be the day that they met. Reaching around, he unclasped the fabric that hid her breasts from him, and he bent and tasted and nibbled at what had been uncovered. Hearing her sigh, he chuckled.

“I know, I know.” His hands roamed as freely as his mouth, and any hindrance that had been between them disappeared. Stepping away from the puddle of their own clothing, they feasted on one another as if two ravenous animals.

Once again, drawing his eyes to her own, she smiled at him as she slowly began to kneel. Knowing already what awaited her, she rubbed her cheeks against his hardness, let him feel her hair sliding over him. She teasingly mouthed his balls, gently tugging them while her hand stroked, pleased to now hear a sigh from his lips. Her tongue traveled up the length of him, taking her time, enjoying and being enjoyed. Taking just his head into her mouth, he cried out as her tongue circled around and around, her hands cupping him and stroking, her eyes watching the pleasure on his face.

She settled in deep, taking him as far into her mouth as she could, holding him there while her tongue gently massaged his hardness. All the while watching him, trying to pick up cues from this man she knew so well yet had barely met. She began stroking him in and out of her mouth–so gentle, so slow–as much for her pleasure, as for the pleasure she wanted so desperately to give to him. So quietly she almost didn’t hear him, he was whispering for her to stop–please, stop. Fearing what she had done wrong, or that he had reconsidered being here at all, she stopped, and while still on her knees looking up at him, felt a tear slip down her cheek.

“No, don’t,” he whispered. “It’s ok…” He took her hands and gently helped her stand. Leading her to her bed he kissed her tenderly as he lay her down. Her eyes couldn’t unlock from his, her hands reaching for him, wanting to always caress, touch. He grinned slyly as he leaned down to slip her panties off. His kiss left her lips traveling slowly down her neck, over her ear making her shudder with pure joy. Making his way down, he again Üsküdar Escort found her breasts.

Her nipples were ready for him, hard and erect, waiting as his tongue teased around and around before taking them into his mouth, gently sucking as he heard her sigh with pleasure. Rubbing his face over them, feeling their softness, their fullness, his facial hair awakening her senses. Feeling her quivering beneath him, he traveled lower, his mouth never losing contact, down her sides, over her belly, then lower. He felt her hips lifting, and teasingly kissed down her thighs, his hands reaching, rubbing and pinching her breasts, driving her mad. Lifting her legs over his shoulders, he watched her while she was watching him, and leaned in to taste the wetness that was waiting just for him.

His tongue gently parted her, sliding up and down her lips, loving the softness of her skin, taking in her scent that he’d dreamed of for so long. Hearing her quiet moans he gently mouthed her clit, finding it hard and so sensitive. His tongue flicked over her and she gasped, unknowingly making him more excited. Massaging her and nibbling so gently, he unleashed months of desire she had held back, wanting him and having to wait for such a time as this. “Oh, god!” she cried, trying so hard to contain herself.

He slowly slid up, lying beside her now. He gently kissed her, while his hand replaced his mouth on her pussy and kept her just at the brink. Her hand traveled down, finding him hard, he let out a deep moan, her hand knowing just what he liked. Caressing each other, kissing deeply, hungrily, feeding off a frenzy that had been building for so long.

He took her under her arms, gently pulling her on top of him, staring in her eyes, both of them locked to the other as if no one else in the world existed. She slowly lowered, feeling his hardness gliding over her, both of them gasping at the feeling, both of them wanting this so bad. Feeling just his head slowly enter, stretching her apart, her back arched, her hands reached for his, squeezing, trying to harness some of the hunger, trying to savor and enjoy. Leaning down to taste his mouth, she whispered, “I love you,” as she succumbed to their wants and slowly slid down, feeling him fill her, feeling the fullness she’d wanted for so long.

Finally having each other, they could no longer control and hold back–she felt his hips rising, pushing himself deep into her. She cried out as her own hips instinctively moved, riding him so fast, so hard, his hands moved down onto her hips, helping her, keeping her firm against him. Her hands reached back, leaning into his thighs, as he sat up, taking her breasts then her mouth with his own. Feeling her tensing, and not being able to wait much longer, he whispered to her, “Now sweetie, now,” giving her the words she needed to let go, waves of pleasure overtaking her. Feeling her contracting against his hardness, he too was helpless but to let go and release into her, both of their juices mixing, both of them crying out in pleasure, their moans and labored breathing the only sounds to be heard.

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