The Game

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The room is lit with candles placed on every available space, the headboard, the night stands, and dressers…the blinds are closed to make the room very dark and I’m waiting there…waiting for you to come home. I have a very special night planned just for the two of us!

I’m laying on the bed, dressed in nothing but a smile, high heels and rose pedals when I hear the door open. I can hear you drop your keys on the hall table near the door and open the closet to hang your coat. I hear you softly chuckle as you finally notice the rose pedals lining the floor… your soft footfalls finally I hear coming down the hall…

“Finally” I think to myself…starting to squirm on the bed to try to relieve some tension in my cunt…”he’s coming.” I giggle out loud because I know… he may be walking down the hall… but he definitely isn’t cumming yet… just wait.

I lay there, with my legs crossed at the ankle, and wait on the bed for him to reach the room. I can hear his footfalls getting closer and finally, there he is…standing in the doorway… letting his eyes roam around the room and over my naked body…

My nipples peak to attention and my tongue slowly comes out of my mouth to lick my lips.

“Hi honey, welcome home” I purr, slowly uncrossing my legs and getting up on my knees, “why don’t you come and say hello.”

As he walks over to the bed, my hands slid down my body to my cunt and dip inside. I want to show him how turned on I am and how horny I’ve gotten while waiting for him to get home. Slowly I pull my fingers out and lift them up to my lips, my tongue flicks out to taste the juices.

“MMMmmmmm, want a taste, lover” I murmur as I lift my hand to his lips when he gets to the bed; softly moaning as he sucks my fingers into his hot mouth.

“Un un un, just a taste, don’t be greedy now” I whisper. I slip my fingers from his mouth to reach down to untie his tie. “You have to agree Escort Çankaya right now to do anything and everything I want…are you game?”

As I slowly remove his jacket and start to unbutton his shirt, he speaks for the first time since entering the room…”Whatever you want baby, your wish is my command.”

I take a look down to see his cock is definitely at attention and straining against his slacks…”First things first, lets get those pants off.” I slowly work off his shirt and reach down to unzip his pants, rubbing the bulge in the front as I go, “Step out please.”

I pull him onto the bed to lay lengthwise and place a pillow under his head. I let my breasts brush against his mouth as I lean forward to grab first one, then the other arm so that I can wrap the silk ties I had placed there earlier around his wrists. His tongue flicks out to capture a nipple and although it feels really good, I quickly pull away. “You are not allowed to touch me unless I tell you that you can, understand?” I tell him in a stern voice.

He simply smiles and nods his head, wondering what I have in store for him I’m sure.

I reach beside the bed to grab one of the props I had placed there…a blindfold. I place a quick kiss on his eyelids to close both of his eyes and quickly tie the blindfold around his head. I notice that he is about to speak and lean down to close his mouth the best way I know how. I slant my lips sideways, giving him my lips and tongue, I make the kiss last so long that both of us are panting as I come up for air…”no talking either.”

My lips move down the side of his neck, across his chest until I reach his nipples. They are hard little nubs sitting in amongst his hairy chest. I love a hairy chest! My lips search them out until am able to wrap my lips around them and suck hard. My teeth come into play and I feel him arch his back as at the same time I lower my hand to grasp Çankaya Escort his staining cock in my hand, slowly stroking from stem to stern.

I lick his nipples to take away the sting as he moans aloud. My hand starts to move a bit faster on his straining penis. I let my mouth start to wander down to his flat stomach. My tongue dips into his belly button and I breath in deep through my nose…I’m starting to smell the musky scent of his arousal.

I move my lips down to him and slowly suck just the tip into my hot mouth. My tongue licks right at the head to get that first taste of cum… how I love that first taste. As my hand moves up and down him, I start to take more and more of his cock into my mouth. He’s groaning and straining against the bonds, I know, wanting to place his hands onto my head to make me move faster, suck harder… but I want him to suffer just a bit.

Grabbing the other pillow I had placed at the bottom of the bed, I ask him to lift his ass so that I can place it underneath. “Are you hot yet honey,” I say as I move the pillow under his hips, “do you want to come yet?” Knowing how much he loves me to talk to him, especially when he’s blindfolded, I tell him, “do you know what I’m going to do now, huh…what did you say?”

“Oh you think I should play with your ass as I suck your hard cock do you?” I chuckle, “maybe I should make you wait, you haven’t really been home that long or suffered that much yet.”

“Oh, you poor baby,” I giggle as I hear him swear while his hips start to move in rhythm to my strokes on his dick.

“Spread you legs” I demand, “I want to fuck your hot little ass with my tongue.” Leaning down I use my legs to help him spread his legs and trying to keep my hand moving, I slowly take his balls into my mouth, lightly sucking on them and moving my tongue around. His groans are getting louder and I know that he is getting closer to cumming as Çankaya Escort Bayan his balls are moving up closer to his body.

I slowing draw them out of my mouth and slip out my tongue to play with the skin between his bag and his asshole. Moving my way closer to where I want to be, I rim his hole and slowly start to slip it in. Little darts at first, then trying to jam in up there but he is squirming around too much now…and I’m getting too fuckin’ horny to wait any longer.

“I need to taste your cum!” I make my way back to his cock, the head is purple and his hips are moving up and down. Taking his full length to the back of my throat, I suck as hard as I can while fingering his ass. I move my head up and down as fast as I can after saying, “fuck my face, shove your hard dick into my mouth so that I can taste your hot cum.”

“Cum for me sexy, your baby wants to lick up your cream.”

His body arches as his cock explodes into my mouth…his cream leaks out from between my lips…I can’t swallow fast enough to take it all in. I move my mouth to the very top and suck lightly on him, as I know that he will be very sensitive right now. I lick up and down lightly like I would a ice cream cone…making sure I don’t miss any of his lovely cum.

I slowly move my way up his body until again, I can reach his lips. I want to share the taste of his cum. I slowly lick his lips open until I can shove my tongue into his mouth while bringing up my hand to remove the blindfold. “Welcome home baby, I hope you liked your surprise?” I ask.

I remove his wrist restraints quickly so that I can take his hand in mine to move it down my body to my hot, dripping cunt.

“God, can you please take care of this for me…I’ve been waiting for you soooo long to get home and I wanted to save all of my orgasms just for you, so didn’t even masturbate?” I plead.

Growling, his fingers spreading me open, he slowly circles my clit, purposely missing it I’m sure and in a move I wasn’t expecting, flips me over so that I am on the bottom now and quickly grabs my hands and begins to tie them over my head to the posts.

“Turn about if fair play sweetie” he grins, “just you wait your turn….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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