The Gondolier Kept Singing

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Alfredo had promised her that the gondola ride would be the most romantic experience of her life and he had been right. Rosalyn listened to the singing of the Gondolier as she straightened out her skirt. He had been singing (opera, she supposed) from the very start. Not even a pause as she and Alfredo had made love. To be sure, his singing had gotten louder as they achieved climax. That was the only acknowledgement he had made toward the activity going on (quite literally) right under his nose.

Rosalyn looked over to Alfredo only to discover that he had lain back and fallen asleep. Oh well, she thought. Men are men and apparently, having gotten from Rosalyn what HE wanted, HE, apparently felt no reason to stay awake. So much for romance. Then she chided herself. She was in a gondola, plying its way through the canals of Venice. The Gondolier was singing beautifully. She looked around herself and thought that it really was quite romantic.

She looked up at the singing Gondolier and smiled toward him, brushing a stray hair off of her face. He’s quite handsome, she thought, and smiled again. She repositioned herself, stretching out her legs. Escort Keçiören This brought her closer to the singing Gondolier. She again looked up at him and smiled. Again she brushed a stray hair off of her face. On a whim she reached out and placed her hand on the mans crotch. He did not stop singing. She felt a bulge through the fabric of his pants and she thought that the bulge pressed out in response to her touch. She looked down at her date. Alfredo was sleeping soundly.

She turned back to the Gondolier. She looked up at him and licked her lips as she unbuttoned the fly of his trousers. He continued to sing. She reached into his pants and pulled out his semi-erect cock. He kept singing. She caressed the cock and was pleased with the effect her touch had on it. Again she licked her lips and then she licked the big cock-head before her. The Gondolier continued to sing. She let her tongue wander along the Gondolier’s long thick cock. As she licked his cock she compared it with her memory of the cock that minutes ago had been in her pussy. Poor Alfredo, she thought, he really doesn’t compare favorably at all.

Rosalyn Keçiören Escort again reached through the fly of the Gondoliers trousers. This time she got hold of his balls and pulled them out past the fabric of the pants. Her tongue caressed his balls, her hand gripping his hard cock. The Gondolier sang. She wrapped her mouth around his balls, she squeezed and stroked and pulled his cock and the Gondolier sang.

Now she fingered his balls as she again licked the length and girth of his large cock. Then she placed tender kisses up and down his cock. She again pressed her lips to the head of his cock. He kept singing. Her lips parted and Rosalyn took his cock-head into her mouth. She let more and more of his cock slide into her mouth until his big cock-head felt like it was half way down her throat and her nose was buried in his thick pubic hair.

Rosalyn began fucking the Gondolier’s cock with her mouth. As she did so she reached down, pulled her skirt up and began fingering herself.

As Rosalyn fucked the Gondolier’s cock with her mouth he continued to sing. As his cock-head would slide toward the back of her Keçiören Escort Bayan mouth he would sing deeply. As his cock-head would slide out toward her lips his voice went higher.

Rosalyn’s head bobbed forward and back, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The Gondolier kept singing. Suddenly he let out one long sustained note. As he did so his cock twitched, once, twice, and then his cum was spurting into Rosalyn’s mouth .

She swallowed much of it. Some dripped down her chin and fell into her cleavage. She licked the last of the cum off of his cock, put it back in place and buttoned his trousers back up. Then she sat back, reached down, and with one hand she slid a finger in and out of her pussy, with the other hand she vigorously rubbed her clit. In only moments she was climaxing. The Gondolier, anticipating the moment, increased the volume of his song to cover her own passionate outcry.

A little while later Rosalyn awoke Alfredo. “Come Alfredo, the ride has ended,” she said.

As they departed the gondola Alfredo paid the Gondolier. He then looked on puzzled as Rosalyn turned to the Gondolier and said “Thank you so much for the ride and the beautiful singing.” She then reached up, pulled his face down to hers and kissed him.

She then stepped away , took Alfredo by the arm and leading him away said “You were so right Alfredo, the gondola ride was the most romantic experience of my life.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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