The Good Neighbor Ch. 02

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Three years, seven months and twenty-one days after she first came into his life they finally crossed an invisible threshold and became more than writer and editor. He had had many fantasies about her over the years but didn’t want to mess with a good thing. He was now rich enough to be able to what he wanted without the thought of money. This new found freedom had a positive influence on his writing. Maggie had less and less editorial work to do and the results were better than they had ever been. This slight change in rolls had a definite affect on her. She suddenly saw him going off on his own and leaving her with nothing. This scenario she vowed to stop at all costs. She felt that she had a claim to him and his talents; even if it wasn’t yet a strictly legal one.

He had occasionally made sexual overtures toward her but she always countered them with a good natured rebuke; until that fateful day at the cabin by the lake. David went to a cabin he had bought the previous year to put the finishing touches to his latest novel. He had always told her that the trees and cool lake there renewed his inspiration and really got his creative juices flowing. She went there on a Friday afternoon to get him to sign a new three-year extension on his contract. She planned to spend a few hours there; get the contract signed and make it back to the city late that night.

David seemed very happy to see her and immediately stopped work and suggested that they have an afternoon picnic by the lake. They fixed food and packed a couple bottles of wine for the afternoon feast. She’d thought about bringing her briefcase on the picnic but decided, at the last minute, that it could wait until they returned to the cabin.

He picked a beautiful spot and they both spread out an extremely large and colorful blanket and settled down on it. Within a few minutes they had the first bottle of wine open and poured and were enjoying their lakeside feast. David was in a very talkative mood and told her about a new idea that was taking hold of his imagination. The idea sounded great and she immediately saw great potential. As they uncorked the second bottle and enjoyed it and the afterglow of the meal, he took off on another subject. She suddenly became concerned as she could read anther story between the lines of his good natured raillery. For the first time she saw her position threatened. She had been content with just holding on to his shirttails and advancing ever higher in the publishing world. Now, however, she could see that he could possibly rocket to the top; leaving her behind and alone. As he continued to talk, her mind raced over this perceived threat and ways to combat it; she wasn’t really listening to him but did hit on a possible solution.

She had gone to the lake directly from work and was wearing one of her typical smart business suits; not really the most appropriate garb for the sort of activity in which she was now engaged. As he droned on she suddenly removed her shoes. This act didn’t stop his steady flow of words but when she started to reach under her skirt and remove her pantyhose he suddenly stopped and seemed to forget what he had been saying.

“It’s a shame to let all this sunshine go to waste,” she said when he saw the Kartal Escort confusion painted on his face. When the stockings were off she proceeded to loosen the top two buttons on her cotton blouse. The blouse was a bright burgundy and set off the newly exposed flesh, making it look almost milk white. The hem of her skirt had ridden up when she removed her hose and she didn’t bother to pull it down. David could see her exposed thighs almost all the way to her panty covered crotch. She removed a few bobby pins and shook her head. Her red hair, now free, spread over her shoulders.

David’s story was forgotten. He took her new appearance in and he could feel his mouth go dry and the bulge in his pants rise. As he tried to muster enough saliva to speak he saw her nipples grow through her cotton blouse. He reached for the wine bottle and his nose caught a new smell emitting from her. The familiar sweet clean scent of her was now mixed with the definite essence of sex. The smell excited him so much that he looked up at her face as he reached for the bottle.

Maggie sensed the sudden change caused by her actions. She saw a swelling in David’s pants mature and almost take on a life of its own. It had been months since she was last sexually active and that was one of the few times that she serviced herself. She never had a problem in finding a partner but the ritual surrounding sex sometimes frustrated her. She was always careful not to mix sex with work and always looked for a sexual relief instead of a steady relationship. She didn’t have either the time or desire to enter a lasting relationship. She smiled at the sudden thought that often she would have had sex with practically anyone; just to relieve her frustrations. Those very frustrations were now quickly building in her loins. She felt a sudden wetness between her legs. Her string was ill prepared to cope with the flow that cascaded out of her vagina. Her nose registered the pure animal smell of her juices. Would he notice? She thought as he began to reach for the wine bottle. She hoped he would as she knew that her sopping wet underpants were a sign that she didn’t only need him physically at this moment but she needed a firmer hold on him than just his shirttails. Suddenly she knew he was going right to the top and she was damned if she was going to be left behind. When he was stretched toward the bottle she bridged the short gap between them and tentatively flicked her tong in his right ear. “Haven’t we had enough,” she whispered into his ear.

He turned his head toward her and their lips suddenly met. The first meeting was but a mere brush but after parting for a second they reunited again with a renewed force. They leaned into each other as their tongs sought their embrace. The wine was forgotten as David reached for her. His hands went to the back of her neck and grabbed two handfuls of hair and pulled her to him.

She followed suit and put her hands in the hair at the back of his head. Her tong battled with his and then retreated to the top of his mouth; exploring the ridge of his teeth and the roof of his mouth. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she felt the excitement build in her. She had the urge to feel his naked body molded to hers. Pendik Escort The need to shed her clothes was paramount. She reached for the buttons of her blouse and after fumblingly opening two, lost all patients and tore the rest open. She had just dropped away the ruined garment and her arms worked awkwardly behind her back to release her from the bra that held her captive.

While Maggie was stripping, David was certainly not idle. His desire to explore and be explored was every bit as demanding as was hers. He too tore his shirt open but after several unsuccessful attempts at doing the same with his t-shirt, he reluctantly broke his lips away from her for the few seconds it took to pull his clothes over his head. Once they were free of the clothing from their upper bodies, Maggie moved her hands to his back and crushed her breasts into his chest. Without exchanging a word they both started to stand and relieve each other of their remaining attire. Maggie pulled at David’s belt and frantically worked at the button at the top of his pants. Once lose she didn’t bother to unzip them but simply hooked her thumbs in his waist bands and pushed them down. David’s erection almost defied her efforts but with an extra pull she finally managed to get everything to his knees. He managed to undo her skirt and let it drop. He put his hands in the elastic of her panties and worked them down her thighs. She took over and worked the further with her legs until they joined her skirt. The both stepped out of the last of their clothing and she moaned, “fuck me!!”

He guided her down on the blanket and among their discarded clothes he moved between her spread knees. Both of their bodies were in automatic drive. David’s penis found the opening of her leaking hole and a piston action saw him halfway in her. She moved her torso to meet him and he was buried in her to the hilt. They moved together in perfect rhythm; their pubic hair mingling with every slap of their bodies. David put his arms under her thighs and pinned her knees on each side of her head to achieve maximum penetration. He pushed the air out of her lungs with every time he plunge into her accommodating hole. The height of her passion and lack of oxygen made her feel like she was going to pass out. Each of them was selfishly busy with their own passions. David pumped into her; not only to release his passion but also to pay her back for making him wait so long. Maggie wanted everything he could give. She wanted to milk everything he had to offer. She found herself again holding on to him but not by his shirttails.

Her climax came just a few strokes before him. She felt it like a shadow on a cloudy day; there but not really defined. All of a sudden, like a train with its headlight glaring it came and ran over her. She was trying to figure out what had hit her when she felt his seed fill her belly.

His balls seemed to disappear into his scrotum; the dull pain increased slowly and steadily until his sperm erupted like a volcano. His ejaculation didn’t only spurt his seed but all of his energy and strength left with it. He collapsed, still buried into her mound, and they panted together trying to regain their breaths.

It took a full ten minutes before Göztepe Escort he had enough strength to roll off of her. His penis had softened and was forced out of her vagina. It took another five minutes before either felt strong enough to speak. “Do you have any plans for the rest of the weekend?” David asked as his head turned to look at her.

“I can get out of them, ” Maggie answered as she studied the blue cloudless sky beyond the canopy of leaves over them.

“I didn’t plan this but I’m not sorry it happened.”

“I’m not either,” she answered as she turned her face toward him.

He rolled over onto his side and surveyed her body. Her legs were very long; longer than he had imagined. They ended at a red pubic bush that was tastefully trimmed. Her stomach is flat and slightly muscular. Her breasts were not overly large but settled to the outside because of her reclining posture. David was again struck by the beauty of her face. Unlike most natural redheads he couldn’t see many freckles on either her body or face.

Maggie suddenly realized that she had to pee. With a sigh she sat up and then got to her feet. The thought of walking nude and barefoot in the woods wasn’t particularly appealing to her and she thought David had already seen every part of her body so watching her pee is no big deal. She moved a couple of yards from the blanket and squatted. A stream of amber water poured out of her. She remained that way long after the stream had stopped, to let the last drops fall. She got up and went back to David on the blanket. He opened his arms to her and she cuddled into him. He played idly with one of her nipples as she reached for his penis. They talked about his book again but she soon noticed her manipulations were starting to have an effect.

She moved down on him and licked the head of his half hard penis. The touch of her and the hot breath she blew on him made his slightly harder. She opened her mouth and swallowed half of his pulsating meat. Her lips traveled lightly over the ridge of his cock head. She could taste the muskiness of their combined juices. She licked his meat from the base to the tip and then lifted his scrotum and, sticking her nose under his balls, licked the closed bud of his anus. She tried to force the tip of her tong into the hole but his ass’s ring of muscle kept her tong out. She gave temporarily up on that hole and went back to his balls and scepter.

He felt her soft, wet tong lick the head of his dick and then gasped when she covered his penis with her hot mouth and started to suck him off. After she had licked his anus she moved back up to his rod. He grabbed her thigh and got her to move her pussy over his face. As she continued to suck him her breasts were tickling his stomach. He spread her hairy cunt lips and stuck his tong deep into her pink pussy hole. He played with her rosebud clitoris and felt her ass shake as she approached another climax. This time they came together. As he shot his load into her mouth, he was sprayed with her cum.

They spent the rest of the weekend in and out of bed. He didn’t get any writing done but worked himself to exhaustion. She left early Monday morning worn and chaffed and had to go home before she could go to the office; arriving late for the first time ever. Her blouse and pantyhose were ruined and she left her bra and panties as a keepsake to lessen the frustration of her absence. She left David secure in the belief that she had more than just his shirttails.

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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